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  1. Syd is insufferable and I'm not sure I can take another episode of David being incredibly stupid and getting people killed by trusting a mass murderer. This show is teetering on the edge of being on the scrap heap.
  2. Apparently there isn't much anticipation for this. I just found out that this was going to be a show today... When is it supposed to come out ?
  3. Personally I love the fact that the Merpeople are capable of fighting back on par with a navy ship/fishing boat. It's so unusual for the 'victim class' being oppressed to actually get their act together and devastate their enemies. I floved Decker's response to the admiral trying to shift blame by saying "WE didn't underestimate YOU DID." total mic drop moment. Honestly I'm confused by the Afro American mermen and mermaids since from an evolutionary point of view those merpeople should be albinos if they live in the ocean with little to no light. Oh well I'm just going to pretend that a Afro American man knocked up a mermaid and she laid a whole bunch of eggs. I'm really hoping we get some more mermen action. All this polyamorous femaleness is so 90's, bring on some polyamorous mermen to the party and this might seem more sexually progressive than the average lesbian teasing stuff. As for possible racial subtext, we've seen 3 merpeople and other than that time Rin was trying to murder Ben in the water that one time, they've had pretty good reason to attack humans, 'Donna' murdered a whole bunch of people that had imprisoned and 'experimented' on her, Merman was attacking the people he thought were involved with starving and trying to capture other merpeople and Rin murdered one guy who was trying to rape her. Frankly all the merpeople violence seems pretty well justified to me so I don't see any negative racial subtext.
  4. The charge was "being a mama's boy". I was kinda hoping they'd dance for some much needed levity.
  5. I'm getting tired of all the straight white man digs, it's not clever or funny and the gay kid is mostly obnoxious and unbearable.
  6. Presumably throwing off the local ecosystem is considered worth the effort if they A) find a way of copying the mermaids musculature for military usage or their regeneration and or B) to control a potential anthromorphic threat to the country. I vaguely remember something about them using rats and it doing something impressive to them but I can't remember what it was.
  7. I gave up on this show after this episode. House mate is still watching because there's a chicken in it.
  8. So far the only characters I like are 1 Chicken, 2 Robot (even if it's Iron Giant amnesia plot is tedious), I find the family reckless and annoying.
  9. That was a pretty mediocre start, I'm not a fan of deus ex machina solutions or flashbacks and the fractured family dynamics were predictable and annoying. Jude is the most confusing of all the characters so far.
  10. There's also the fact that Jessica didn't make a great first impression when she had a previous run in with the cops, plus the semi well known murder of Killgrave and the fact that Jessica had the means (super strength), motive (he was stealing from her and working for her competition) and opportunity (he was murdered outside her place) so I'd doubt the cops would give her that much benefit of the doubt considering her tendency to violently assault people and destroy property every other episode.
  11. Listening to Jessica whine and using her powers to try and bully people is getting old.
  12. I'm not sure what it says about the show that the hookers were the MVP's for professionalism. I'd imagine they're used to clients whose personalities change when they sober up, have someone in their real life interrupt the party or when they 'finish'. Jerri and her drama is boring.
  13. Woops my bad, I meant Calvin, I guess I should learn the character's name or use descriptors. ITA on all the points you bring up.
  14. I do wonder if the Fairy Queen has a successor, were there a fairy prince or princess loitering in the Fairy Realm or do the fairies have to wait some unknown time for one of those fairy egg babies to mature into a Queen. Perhaps Margo's fairy eye gives her standing in the Fairy community.
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