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  1. I didn't think Paris was a sob story, but if she was supposed to be I like how they presented it. It wasn't "omg I want to be a DCC for my dead mom and daughter." It was "Hey I've been through some crap but this is how I got out of it and I've been successful in dance, and I want to reach MY dream of being a DCC". I absolutely hate the "I want to be a DCC for my kid/because my dad left me/for a dead relative" stories. I totally sympathize that a lot of these girls have been through some crap, but wanting to be a DCC doesn't need to have some deeper meaning. I like Tasha for example, but her I'
  2. I rewatched seasons 1-3 on demand last week, and now I don't even know what to think lol. I guess I didn't realize how many actors were leaving. Honestly, I'm kind of unsure of why they went for a 4th season instead of just ending it where it was, but whatever. Jude and Zero were my favorite! I hate that they broke up, I agree with atlanticslide, I'm not sure I believe that Zero would leave after everything they went through. I love Kyle, but I think her being director and captain is strange. I follow a few pro dance/cheer teams and AFAIK they all have a proper director (I can't think of one
  3. I don't really like the lead. I think I would maybe buy her as the "strong female lead" she's supposed to be if it wasn't for the nepotism, I'm not crazy about Dad handing her the position. Love Grey Damon but not a fan of whiney Jack - who carries around an engagement ring at 6 months? especially without discussing it with her and I'm not excited for this love triangle. Both of her boyfriends are pretty, but boring. Maybe they'll develop personalities in a few episodes. I try not to get caught up in how unrealistic these shows are, but that 14 year old pregnant girl storyline was dumb.
  4. Agreed. He has his moments where he's funny, but for the most part he's an ass and I wish they would tone him down. I'm am happy they got back together though, that ending was sweet. I'm super tired of the back and forth with Amy and Jonah and I'm not excited for this love triangle. I hope Kelly dumps him soon lol. I don't even mind the idea of them together but the "will they/wont they" is making me care less and less about them. This season has been kinda weak imo, but I think this was one of the better episodes. Sandra was hilarious and some of the confessions were great.
  5. I always wondered this about Lexie (I know the actress wanted out) but she could have just moved after the plane crash. I loved Lexie. Sad about April and Arizona. I was hoping if one of Japril had to leave it would be Jackson. I loved Arizona in the beginning and I really grew to like (and dislike and like again lol) April, and I love the actresses. I really hope neither gets killed off but it is Grey's soooo
  6. Superstore more like superFOUR, they got picked up for another season.
  7. Same. I'm 20 and I'm over the whole love triangle thing ugh. Not a fan of the hooking up with the boss thing either. I was excited for this show despite being annoyed grey's (I've been obsessed with fire dramas lately) but idk. I'm getting mary sue vibes from the main character too.
  8. That look Bobby had when he saw Abby for the first time ? I don’t mind Buck (although I think I would like him better if he could keep it in his pants) but I like the idea of Bobby and Abby. Only thing that sucks is if that happens there will probably be a love triangle and I wouldn't be excited for that.
  9. I didn't think her video was that touching.
  10. I dislike the eagles uniforms, they look like practice ware. I'm not a fan of the bra and short sleeves in general, I think the 3/4 and long sleeve uniforms look SO much better. I'd love for my HTC to get an updated uniform with some cowboy boots (I know they call them the #legendairyredboots, but I hate the go go style so much) Kash looks great. That redskins boot is a legit high heal, that's not what they dance in, is it?
  11. I know Kris is semi - religious (and she has/had? that church) but Khloe is a surprise. Idc that she's pregnant, but it doesn't seem to be part of God's plan to be pregnant by a guy she's not married to. A guy that already has a kid he doesn't take care of. I remember a few years ago she was calling out her sisters for having kids before getting married.
  12. I like both Danielle and pre-bachelor Jasmine (though I think Danielle is overrated) but Kelli seemed to just love Danielle and I think they like the two bffs moving from one pro team to another story line. Savannah's hair looks better in that JFC picture. Maybe her just doesn't hold red well.
  13. Everybody raves about her hair, I thought I was the only one who disliked it. It looks totally dull and washed out and she's channeling Kitty with those inch wide yellow highlights. I wish they would giver her a better shade of red/orange. After seeing her dance next to vets I'm convinced now more than ever she only made the team because Kelli sees her and Tara as Jasmine and Danielle 2.0.
  14. I hate that back pose with any cheerleader. Lauren and Kalyssa are both absolutely beautiful girls but the shorts are just not very flattering at that angle. I also think there's too much white with that pose. I guess they do it for variety but tbh I'd rather see a bunch of arm-glued-to-head poses than that, or at least save it for girls who are looking thick, not 8 pack Lauren.
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