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  1. I beleive the ONLY reason VK was cut last year is because they were days away from the first game and there was NO WAY IN HELL Kelli could put VK in a uniform with an 11+ weight gain. That's the only reason she was cut last year. Didn't have anything to do with VK's toxicity, her throwing Jinelle under the bus, blowing off an appointment and wasting a doctor's time, among a zillion other things, including dance technique. Let's face it, VK was guaranteed a spot on the team last year come hell or high water but she COULD NOT fit into the uniform. Period.
  2. Screenshots from Hannah’s instastories:
  3. I saw VK bobble too. VK also annoyingly kept lifting up her skirt when the other dancers did not.
  4. Another episode, another display of spending, spending spending! When I think of barbecue, I think of hot dogs and hamburgers - NOT 50 whole lobsters and 12 pounds of shrimp! These two have become the biggest show-offs on reality TV. And the kids are nothing but spoiled brats. Again, with the taste test in the fish market, Zoey grabbing the cooked shrimp before she is even told she could have one. Then when she is allowed, insist on having two, then begs for more to the point where the staff felt forced to feed her more. Why didn't Bill just say give me a plate and put it on my tab - or feed the kids BEFORE you show up! ugh.
  5. Because Jalyn’s name was crossed out and VIC written next to it.
  6. Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Hit With Another Lawsuit In Sale Of $32 Million Malibu Estate https://www.realitytea.com/2019/09/16/kyle-richards-husband-mauricio-umansky-hit-with-another-lawsuit-in-sale-of-32-million-malibu-estate/
  7. To me, ever since Victoria step foot on the DCC dance floor s*it has hit the fan and the entire team and management has been one big clusterf*ck. Seriously, if they just get rid of Victoria and Kelli, that team (and the show) will go back to normal and those who actually have some dance technique will make the team.
  8. Exactly. We all saw it with out own eyes that Jalyn was NOT outdanced. And if Kelli wants us to believe that, she didn't say it to Jalyn's face when Jalyn so politely asked what was the reason she did not make SG again. This all makes me sick. I hate this show, I hate the nepotism and nothing seems fair here AT ALL. It is not a pleasure to watch anymore .
  9. That's what I don't understand as to why VIctoria was taken into showgroup over Jalyn (clearly Jalyn's name was crossed out and VIC put in next to it). Jalyn comes from years as a NY Jets professional NFL cheerleader and prior to that spent 4 years obtaining a dance degree at college. Now I hear Jalyn has a dance studio in the Dallas area. Now in comes Victoria, fresh out of high school, not technically or college trained, NO prior cheerleading or dance group experience... AND YOU TAKE VICTORIA OVER JALYN!?!? How does that compute? That adds up to the fact that you KELLI chose to put your best friend's daughter on a team that she is not technically ready for over a very seasoned veteran (prior NFL experience), with a 4 year degree in dance and a dance studio (read DANCE INSTRUCTOR) to boot! WOW. There is some explaining needed!!!
  10. I am done with this show. Season 13 was painful enough to watch with the blatant VK favoritism. I see it now in Season 14 but it’s backhanded favoritism. No way VK should have made SG over Jalyn.
  11. It bothered me that Bill said he needed to get a boat because “people come over and comment that he lives on the water and has no boat.” What a jerk. I really hate how this family wishes for something and POOF they get it. It happens with everything, candy, toys and what not for the kids too.
  12. I watched season 1 and 2 last night in Pluto. They just started season 4 now so we are going into the “Cassie” years. 😏 I missed season 3 overnight, her rookie year.
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