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  1. So what’s the tea on Tess? All I have read is the recent news about the lake trip... I’ve never had a strong opinion on Amber, but I agree she is a knockout in that photo.
  2. Report and block, Taylor. Report and block. And I hope she finds away to ice out this person IRL because I agree it comes across as someone who knows her personally. That's very disturbing. I'm getting Keri Russell vibes from Madeline Massingill in this photo which has never occurred to me before!
  3. Me too. I think she's be a good second leader. Instead we have group leaders (1st and 2nd) who have to sit out games for "unintentionally" breaking the rules. Y'all, at my socially distanced fitness class this morning the instructor played Thunderstruck. What a sight it would have been if I dropped my weights and went into the DCC routine!
  4. There are elections at every level of government this year in the U.S. Civic engagement is a good message for the DCC to jump on. Voting is the cornerstone of our form of government.
  5. Agreed. He really rose in my esteem when I saw how he cared for those foster babies. That's to me a pretty selfless thing to do. So I have no kick with Marshall. I have no doubt he is close with many on the team and I think it's kind of unfortunate to see him defending Kelli's unprofessionalism on social media.
  6. Maybe. But as we all know, these decisions are highly subjective. We've seen candidates be given the benefit of the doubt many times before. So the fact that Brennan is a veteran and she's recovering from a serious illness, she deserves a bit of grace IMHO. However, we may never know if she was keeping up with the dances or not. What is aired will be what TPTB want us to see.
  7. Maggie has psoriasis. I also have it also so that made me love Maggie even more than I already did!
  8. My spidey sense went up when Marshall, just a couple of weeks after Cassie spoke up about something she had zero involvement in, chimed in. It seems like they are channeling information they want out there through him and it's just quite transparent. They know they have a PR problem, but they aren't sophisticated or competent enough to deal with it directly so they send these non-spokespeople out to try to tamp things down on social media.
  9. This sounds like something I would say. 😄 I've been on a real "no one appreciates what I do to keep this household running!" kick lately. I guess the toll of home isolation since early March, overseeing online learning for two kids, and working full time from home has taken its toll!
  10. Sure, but her answer was far from simple. A simple and truthful answer would be "I can't speak to this, I wasn't there."
  11. There is no less reliable narrator than Cassie and absolutely no value in her sharing the "behind the scenes" story. I don't believe a word of it and frankly it's pathetic that she's out here trying to do damage control/carry TPTB's water.
  12. So this harkens back to something I think Smplsimon posted about how Lexie and her mom had positioned themselves well in the eyes of TPTB. What in the world? Lexie is a grown ass woman, why oh why would her mother be lurking around her job? What am I missing? Is this just part of the weird DCC culture or does her mom have some kind of role in the Cowboy universe or link to it professionally?
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