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  1. I think it's irrelevant because "the best" is subjective and we've seen plenty of questionable decisions from Kelli over the years. Other factors obviously come into play (looks, personality, likeability) and so I'm under no illusion that this is an egalitarian process. Lack of diversity on the team is a systemic problem and one that the leadership doesn't seem to want to address so they rest of the laurels of "hair color diversity" which I'm sorry is only a thing in DCC world.
  2. So I have no allegiance to any team and don't really care about sports (football or otherwise) at all. I'm purely here for the dancing. I actually have a lot of issues with the NFL and my hometown franchise (Washington) so I do sometimes feel hypocritical for being so into a show that's wrapped up in all that. Like, am I part of the problem? Long story short, it's complicated.
  3. I think it is wild that of those 9 only 3 made it to TC (Julia, Ashley, and Lisa) and it appears that only one is left. Julia was my fave of those three. Honestly, as soon as Ashley opened her mouth it was a "no" for me. She just came across as beyond vapid. I feel like I haven't seen enough of Lisa's dancing or personality to make an impression. I guess there is no reason to think that DMD is a natural pipeline to DCC, but still...
  4. Well, they were on the Mavs squad together so I assume they have history which would lead to strife in their current situation,
  5. Yep, Kat has "it" in spades. Imagine my shock when I saw she was originally from Trinity, NC which is only about 30 minutes from where I grew up. Y'all, I did not know we made them this stunning down in the Piedmont Triad! She is just beyond. Other first impressions...last year's TCC Taylor looked lackluster. I'm rooting for Kristen and Lily. Charm was a breath of fresh air.
  6. Yes! Kelli looks beautiful in that dress. It really suits her.
  7. That seems unnecessarily complicated.
  8. Okay, I'm blanking on what TS means...
  9. Hmmm. Thinking it has to be Amy and Maddie.
  10. Refresh my memory? The only time I sensed her getting exasperated with VK was during the meeting after she wasn't doing well in rehearsal with a guest choreographer and it was more of "What's going on with you?" conversation. In other instances, I felt like she treated VK with kid gloves when other TCCs would have been read the riot act.
  11. Well, this is what I am waiting to see. I have my doubts frankly, but maybe (hopefully) I'll be proven wrong.
  12. No doubt. That performance always gives me chills. I adore George Michael and will Stan him forever.
  13. I had to step away from the board for a few days and it looks like I missed another cut (Madeline S.).
  14. So of these TCCs left I am really pulling for Amanda, Chandi, Julia, Kat, Kelcey, Kristin, and Lily. I'm undecided on the rest. And I will abstain for offering any further opinion on one in particular.
  15. This would not surprise me in the least. Once again, VK getting every possible hurdle cleared for her so she'll make the team. What I'm curious about now is how this will all be edited for us viewers. I imagine VK will get the "overcoming adversity" edit, but the blatant favoritism that was on full display last year will not be shown as heavily. They want us to forget all that and only see the amazing growth and redemption journey VK has been on over the last year.