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  1. So of these TCCs left I am really pulling for Amanda, Chandi, Julia, Kat, Kelcey, Kristin, and Lily. I'm undecided on the rest. And I will abstain for offering any further opinion on one in particular.
  2. This would not surprise me in the least. Once again, VK getting every possible hurdle cleared for her so she'll make the team. What I'm curious about now is how this will all be edited for us viewers. I imagine VK will get the "overcoming adversity" edit, but the blatant favoritism that was on full display last year will not be shown as heavily. They want us to forget all that and only see the amazing growth and redemption journey VK has been on over the last year.
  3. Don't you think Jayln has "earned the respect" (to quote Kitty) of an explanation from K&J as to why she, as a veteran show group member, was not selected again?
  4. I'm a Brene Brown stan too. I got to see her speak here in D.C. awhile ago and it was phenomenal. Better than watching the Netflix special, the DCC organization should pay all the money to get her in there to do her magic with the team leadership. She'd say no probably as I bet she's a Houston Texans fan. Haha.
  5. Great point. I think I've said this before, the favoritism toward one at the expense of the greater group is going to lead to a toxic team environment. The other 35 members of the squad and rookie candidates in particular deserve better.
  6. The most glaring thing that was "handed to her" was a astonishingly high level of benefit of the doubt from Kelli and Kitty most notably. Meaning she was given multiple chances to correct things that would have sent another TCC packing. She was given a pass on mistakes, weight gain, entitlement, dishonesty, and sloppiness with the ludicrous assertion from Kitty that she "had earned some respect." How had she earned that when other TCCs hadn't? The answer is simply they know her and they know her mom. That's favoritism. I still can't get past how she was called into the office to discuss the troubles she was having and she whined and pouted about not making Show Group. AS A TCC. To express that to Kelli was immature and entitled. Look, as I have said before, I am not rooting against VK making the team. I am however highly skeptical and people need to stop blaming watchers of the show for not jumping on the VK bandwagon. CMT, Kelli, etc. got us into this. It's now up to VK to get us out of it by proving she deserves a spot.
  7. Kelcey is emerging as my rookie fave. She's a really great dancer and I also like that she comes from a college squad a little different from the usual Louisiana/Texas breeding ground (Univ. of Nebraska). She is also the spitting image of my son's former pre-school teacher who is just beyond gorgeous so there's that.
  8. This makes so much sense now that you've enumerated it. Miranda and Jinelle have a lot in common personality wise...super positive, mature, reliable.
  9. I know right? In DC that will get you a small but decent condo, a house that needs to be completely gutted, or a townhouse in the outer suburbs.
  10. Well, that really depends on 1) VK's behavior in TC both in terms of how much she keeps her head down and does the work and her level of entitlement and 2) How the CMT editors chose to showcase her. I don't see how it's up to us the viewers to blindly accept her given all we saw last year. They made this bed. I'm not out here with pitchforks for her. I have a high degree of skepticism because I really don't think that any other TCC who pulled any of the stunts she did last year would ever be invited back. I've accepted that she is back, but it's up to her to prove she deserves a spot on the team. She's coming in at a deficit in my opinion.
  11. I'm sure that's true, but it takes a complete lack of self awareness to put $500 candles on your registry. If you have rich friends who feel they must throw money at you for your wedding, I'd rather see them set up a travel fund or furniture fund or even a charity donation option (not that I'd expect Kelsey to do that, but I have seen very wealthy couples set up a donation option for a charity close to them or their families). These exorbitantly priced luxury items on a registry just look ridiculous.
  12. I agree. Miranda gives off kind of a classic, mature vibe that some people seem to read as "old" but I don't see it that way. She strikes me as poised, intelligent, and authentic.
  13. I agree, Kelsey is just beyond gorgeous. I had my first "encounter" with her husband recently! My 10 year old son has gotten into Dude Perfect videos on YouTube. Brodie Smith was featured on one of the ones he watched the other day. I was all "I know him! He's married to one of my DCCs!" My son's reaction was basically "Ok mom, you're weird."
  14. She was an icon for sure. My fave performance is her portrayal of Diane Downs in the miniseries adaptation of Small Sacrifices.
  15. The blue check mark means Twitter. IIRC, she was doing live tweeting of one of the episodes last season.