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  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. Just revolting. Heather, you deserved so much better.
  2. I get what you are saying. I don’t think it is a good thing that the show is selecting such polarizing contestants. Like, this isn’t Big Brother. I’m not watching for drama, fights, and crazy personalities. Something is off with casting. Maybe the show is just at a level of popularity now where it’s attracting folks who see it as a stepping stone to an on-air Food Network career. On a side note, my husband and I refer to Sarah as Kimmy Schmidt.
  3. I was very happy Melissa won. She's very talented and comes across as very genuine. I loved Jennifer too, but I also noticed she seemed to be doubting herself toward the end and lost some of her spark. Sarah...I mean, I can't. I hardly ever actively dislike anyone on these shows, but she just pressed all my buttons in the wrong way. I could tell Melissa and Jennifer were over her too. I think she deliberately gave Jennifer the worst options two weeks in a row (the oat crust and black/white cake). Which I mean, okay, play the game how you want. But it came across to me as unnecessarily pointed and mean. And then to have her go on this week about her Scottish heritage when last week we had to hear her opine about her six percent Jewish ancestry. Obnoxious.
  4. I cannot think of anything more pathetic. You are on the damn team. How about start acting like a teammate and give the self-promotion a rest?
  5. I just assumed Pete was LDS because of a couple of the factors he mentioned in the piece...he has multiple young kids and lives in Provo! He does seem like a very nice and genuine person. My husband and I were saying that in any other season he would have been the runaway champion, but competing against Karl he just fell ever so slightly short for me. I think Karl is perhaps one of the most talented bakers who has ever been on the show. His designs, flavors, and attention to detail just slayed me.
  6. veronicamers

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Well, I can now say that I have watched this season twice...the first and the last time. All in all, just a big disappointment. I had to write myself a note to remember to even watch the finale. I was very happy to see Lily make the team. Kristen too. Two comeback girls who I think really deserved it. Thanks to all the commenters here who made this whole mess worth watching. You kept me laughing at least.
  7. As it should be (a growing concern, that is). I just read this article about the diversity of the new crop of Rockettes (multiple women of color and a dancer born without a left hand). It is really striking when you compare a group like this to the homogenous DCC. I have to imagine representation is on their minds (again, as it should be). https://nypost.com/2019/10/19/meet-the-new-diverse-faces-of-the-rockettes/?fbclid=IwAR2YB5rjNrD6Sx5A9qTT2wSRwX-2XthlNeiiqPck_o8b0yCdoA8ENYcgZ_A
  8. He really is. Is he an underwear model?!?! Dang.
  9. Motives don't matter that much to me honestly in this context. This was a wrong that needed to be righted and Erica's lawsuit pushed the organization a little closer to that goal. She doesn't have to be Mother Theresa to have a valid claim. The fact is, the DCC have been underpaid for a very, very long time. It was beyond time to address it.
  10. I've taken a lot of these too. I'm an "S" DISC, INFP Myers Briggs, 9 Enneagram. Just took the Core and I am Merchant-Innovator. Astrology sign is Cancer. I actually am fascinated by personality and how little it changes over time. Behavior we can change, but the essence of who we are, what motivates us, etc. does not really fluctuate.
  11. What is an "exotic" car? Is that a new term that I somehow missed? Note, I am not a car person.
  12. Thank you. All the research shows that personality does not change much over the course of our lifetimes. Behavior, however, can change. So while we may be seeing VK make better choices when it comes to behavior, I do not buy into the theory that she had a 180 degree turnaround in her personality over the last year.
  13. I think it's irrelevant because "the best" is subjective and we've seen plenty of questionable decisions from Kelli over the years. Other factors obviously come into play (looks, personality, likeability) and so I'm under no illusion that this is an egalitarian process. Lack of diversity on the team is a systemic problem and one that the leadership doesn't seem to want to address so they rest of the laurels of "hair color diversity" which I'm sorry is only a thing in DCC world.
  14. So I have no allegiance to any team and don't really care about sports (football or otherwise) at all. I'm purely here for the dancing. I actually have a lot of issues with the NFL and my hometown franchise (Washington) so I do sometimes feel hypocritical for being so into a show that's wrapped up in all that. Like, am I part of the problem? Long story short, it's complicated.
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