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  1. I can't even watch repeat episodes of Season 13 because of the whole VK mess. I've never ever been disappointed in any season in ANY television show ever!
  2. JerseyGirl

    S31.E02 Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    I liked Nicole during both her Big Brother seasons and poor Victor was so over the moon about her that he finally caught her (well after BB 18 ended). I liked Victor during his season too and the limited amount of time I saw him on The Challenge. He's a good guy, glad they finally both found each other. What I was surprised was Nicole saying she hasn't travelled much. With winning the $500,000 prize for BB18, I'm glad she didn't splurge it on travel and plastic surgery, etc. Rachel was back to her old bitchy self again last night when she snapped at her sister during one of the rounds. Wishing these two get eliminated next week!
  3. Exactly. This is in comparison to Lori Loughlin paying to have her daughters attend USC. VK making the team is not fair whatsoever, even based on what I've seen of her this year.
  4. JerseyGirl

    S31.E02 Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    My daughter spent a month in Thailand and researched an ethical elephant sanctuary that even riding "bareback" these lovely creatures is unethical. If anyone is interested, here is the website: http://maerimelephantsanctuary.com/ NO HOOK, NO RIDE & WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OUR DAY HAD BEEN DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE WITHOUT RIDING, HURTING, OR EXPLOITING THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS. “ MAERIM ELEPHANT SANCTUARY CHIANG MAI, THAILAND.
  5. VK can spend all the money in the world or as little money on a solo. She'll still make it to prelmins and finals. What a joke to flaunt having to fly out to finalize the solo. Girl, (VK), get real. I do not want to see her on the team this year. It is clear that she makes it based on connection only and I'm not an advocate of that shit, whether it is on a dance team or applying for college. There is nothing more hurtful than to not be selected because the other person who was selected (with less credentials) was a friend or family member. NO VKMTT!
  6. JerseyGirl

    S31.E02 Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    So happy to see Rupert and Laura go. I could not stand another minute of Rupert on my screen. Loved Rupert in his first season of Survivor but after that he became obnoxious and annoying, including this installment of TAR. Goodbye! On that note, I hope the next elimination is Rachel and Elissa - both extremely annoying and petty. Again, I liked Rachel on her first season of BB, but could not take her whining and crying in her follow-up BB and her last round at TAR with Brandon. Elissa's lips, didn't care for her on her gifted appearance on BB (nice to have a sister in the business) look like UFOs. Get rid of these two!
  7. JerseyGirl

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I liiked Tori and Zach but this season they seem entitled (Tory especially). She quit her job and is now too busy to care for a baby and a puppy and leaves Zach to handle money management. In the meantime, Zach has sleepness nights because Tori insists on spending money they don't have. I still can't get over how she insisted on adopting Murphy even though they were in financial distress and in the process of selling the house (why bring a dog into a house being sold is ridiculous. Tori's becoming quite the diva lately, in my opinion.
  8. JerseyGirl

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

  9. JerseyGirl

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I swear within the first 10 minutes of the show last night I wanted to punch Matt through the TV screen. His bitching and whining over Amy and what she does or doesn't do was so out of hand and uncalled for. And Caryn pretending to be Suzy homemaker putting bacon in a small pan and using a fork on Teflon, making snide remarks. Girl, get out of here.
  10. JerseyGirl

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Rooting for afghanimals, Janelle and Britney, and Becca and Floyd. Loved Janelle and Britney on their seasons on Big Brother. Loved the cat connection with the Afghanimals. Loved Becca and Floyd from the past TAR season. Also rooting for the 2 Survivor females, whatever their names are (and I watch Survivor!) The cattiness is what I liked about them, statements made by them of the competition was so true. GET RACHEL AND HER SISTER ELLISSA OFF MY SCREEN! UGH! I loved Rachel in her first season of Big Brother, was a huge fan! When she played on TAR and returned to BB another season she was so cringy crying and needy. Cannot stand her now! Her sister too, watched her season of BB. Both can GO! Same with Rupert and his wife. Loved Rupert his first season of Survivor, disliked him every other time I saw him after that. GO!
  11. JerseyGirl


    Kylie in another car crash Thursday night causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to her brand new Range Rover. : http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/15/kylie-jenner-car-accident-crash-range-rover-again/#ixzz3AYTxDmvW
  12. With her blow off and nasty attitude towards Jinelle last year who offered to help her with weight last year, I can only imagine her saying to you she doesn't need your help, that Kitty and Mommy give her all the help she needs.
  13. i just came here to say the same thing! Funny how WE all noticed it! Erica's rendition looks smooth and strong. VK is not ready for the team this year, after spending ALL YEAR getting ready!?!? Of course she's at Kitty's ... getting bad advise again.
  14. So true. If a vet is cut, most likely it is so VK can fill the spot. There is NO WAY that VK is a top 7 performer out of what, 400 last year Kelli? Puhleease, don't pull that shit this season. I don't think I can handle another season of DCC ... errr ... VKMTT. If she is put on the show, please Kelli, Judi and/or CMT make it a quiet entrance because I swear I will throw a fit. VK is not DCC material and has no background in other performance jobs in dance or media. VK, go to school, be a pom girl, get an internship in media, do something! On that note, I also hope that Kitty keeps quiet this year, I will throw another fit if I have to hear her say again this year that VK deserves a spot.
  15. JerseyGirl

    RHoBH in the Media

    Paris Hilton Desperate To Join 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills': 'She Wants A Million Bucks!' https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/03/paris-hilton-desperate-to-join-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-she-wants-a-million-bucks/ “Paris’ aunt Kyle Richards is encouraging Paris to join her as a ‘Housewives’ cast member,”
  16. Also, the house was filmed for the Great Gatsby themed party at the end of Season 7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6810101/Kyle-Richards-husband-Mauricio-Umansky-sued-fraud-32m-Malibu-mansion-deal.html I wondered during that episode why a real estate broker would have a party in a client's house. Little did we know that Mauricio technically owned a share.
  17. JerseyGirl

    S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    To me, Leah still looks and acts like she's still on the pillses.
  18. Happy with the Sky/JT Win. I also agreed that they were just a wee bit better over Ari/Arty, who I also wouldn't have mind winning. Miles was good too but didn't stand out to me. MacKenzie I'm all too familiar with through Dance Moms and was insulted as a viewer that she tried to hide her dance skills but not even mentioning her connection to that and her book she published last year about her dance years. PUHLEASE Girl, Sit down, you are not a beginnner dancer and I don't know how you slimed your way on to the show.
  19. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    Yes, that's what I've been saying all along. Zoey is NOT CUTE in her actions and words, that is a major discipline problem that seems to be getting more and more out of hand, between the swatting and the talk back - I don't see cuteness at all! And then I watch Jen and Bill, both just look over by the cameras and laugh or say something lame to the kids, such as "that's not nice".
  20. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    How did Bill and family pay for NYU? It's a very expensive private university, not a State university where I could see him getting scholarships and State aid. The tuition alone is over $40,000 a year!
  21. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    Exactly. If flying from the east coast, the flight patterns take you north to Alaska where the curvature of the world is less, thenturn south and come down along the coast of China. Beijing would be first and then another 1200 miles down the coast would be Hong Kong which is further south. Again, it was ridiculous but I assume maybe this way ensured them enough first class seats to China, but why put those kids through multiple flights and a flight to Dulles that was not needed.
  22. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    My daughter flew nonstop from Newark to Hong Kong. It was a 15 hour flight. There are no stopovers on the west coast. Again, why they went north with 2 small children and 6 or 8 adults to pick up 2 or 4 more adults was ridiculous. Why keep the kids on the plane even longer. Those 2 or 3 hours to get to Dulles could have had them 2 or 3 hours closer to the 15 hours it takes to go non-stop to China from the east coast.
  23. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    The flights seemed strange too. His one parents (I forget which one) was flying out of Newark and flew to Dulles. So The Florida crew flew from Orlando to Dulles, then to Beijing? It made no sense. Why didn't they fly to Orlando, then everyone go to Beijing from Orlando? Or fly to the west coast, meet up, and fly to Beijing. Why they had to do a separate trip north to Dulles made no sense. If they had to do that, why not fly to Newark and then all fly out from there.
  24. JerseyGirl

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    To me, it looked like Zoey was over the filming and this show. She looked like she was play sleeping at one point just to get out of the dog-and-pony show that the Klein's have mastered. It will be interesting to see how Bill and Jen handle her when she's 16. They think the mean looks, slapping, and talk back is cute now - with no discipline. Just wait.
  25. JerseyGirl

    S01.E08: The Semi-Finals

    Good thing I DVR'ed last night and watched it later. I was able to fast forward through Kenzie, the critique, only to find out NO ONE GOES HOME. WTF! What a waste of a night.