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  1. I think she says they mostly need to change the way they appear on the screen. She acknowledges the cheerleaders aren’t going anywhere.
  2. I haven’t seen anything about the Mavs dancers. I didn’t read anything in her article as being a feminist crusade. Guess we just see it differently.
  3. I haven’t watched at all this season and I haven’t missed it. Last season killed any interest I had - and I had watched every year before. i agree with the writer saying the uniform is outdated. We’ve all said that- they look frozen in time, not iconic. They could at least update them. I agree with her too that displaying the girls for perverts to photograph on a huge screen could be reconsidered. I didn’t like the way the screen became “in some ways, the only judge”as Charlotte said one time. The way a girl looks on the screen at tryouts can get her cut despite her being a great ad
  4. Like you said she’s young and immature. I thought the issue with her was the obvious special treatment she received and better dancers being cut before her. Veterans have been called out and cut for falling out of pirouettes. She got “ bless her heart.” As for how much she was featured, the editors loved making her look ridiculous. I’m not sure that she should want that treatment again. I found her to be spoiled and entitled. Other girls her age have been on the show and not had her obnoxious personality of pushing to the front, etc. Even that wouldn’t be quite so bad if she wasn’t
  5. Victoria won’t stick to a 90 day strict diet. She’s not capable of it and my guess is that she like many people uses food to deal with stress. She needs those milkshakes! I doubt they learned anything from last year. I feel they blamed Kelli. My sad assessment is that Victoria will never move outside her comfort zone and her super controlling mom won’t allow her, even if she wants to do so. It’s hard to tell how much Victoria does just to please her Mom and how much she does for her own self.
  6. I’m going to miss Lacey. She had an appeal from the firstseason when she kicked herself in the nose. I have just always liked her and I too have enjoyed watching her grow. She was 18 when she auditioned right? If so she’s one of the few arguments in favor of keeping the age limit at 18.
  7. My opinion about Angela was that she was rightfully disappointed with not making show group. Was she assuming too much ? Yes, but her reaction was understandable. It was mean and petty to call her out for having a bad day and embarrass her on the show. I have issues with the lack of support they give girls and veterans instead of helping them recover they get berated for feeling down like a normal person. Then they act like they don’t want to “break a girl’s spirit.” I understand the girls shouldn’t let it show in their performance but I feel there are more positive and less abusi
  8. I have an overwhelming urge to call this year’s training camp the traveling circus or maybe the Texas circus. Other ideas for the initials TC? tearful cuts is lame
  9. You can still have the same experiences but it’s definitely become more upscale in the past 10 years. The gorgeous outdoors and the lake remain the same. There is a lot of tradition there and they are celebrating the 150th anniversary this year. It was never the same as shown at the Borscht Belt resorts in the sense of everyone joining in group activities.
  10. Mohonk has changed dramatically since then. It has a world class spa now with an indoor pool, bar/lounge and tv rooms for watching- though not in rooms. Air conditioning too. Ice skating rink as well with a massive stone fire place. Still primarily focuses on outdoors and nature. It an amazing spot and possibly my favorite place to go outside of NYC. It’s all inclusive so all meals, tips and almost all activities are included as well as children’s activities. also Mohonk was founded by the Smiley brothers who were Quakers. It was decidedly different from the Borscht Belt Jewish
  11. Oh I forgot - everything about Chelsea getting cut- to the girls in the parking lot “The fatties, the fatties are still on the team.” to Kelli that night “my friends were hurting and I just wanted them to know we were going to be ok.” Kelli “bs” next practice - Kitty thinks Chelsea is “pissy” and Chelsea is shown dancing like a clunky kindergartener wearing their shoes on the wrong feet to Kelli the next night ”I just want to be a good veteran. I can’t begin to tell you how much this team has changed my life in just one year.I wanted to tell you face to face.” K
  12. “My paper is blank. I have no names on my paper.” - something like that - that was my favorite squad reveal Malena’s meltdown was epic in a sad way. Jasmine getting up after falling and then singing the national anthem perfectly.
  13. I’m pretty sure that was “I’m a stripper. I’m a slut.” I think it was Christina. i remember #grandmamoses to Pittsburgh Shannon and the bitchy girl from the old salon who said “she couldn’t get the look.” Shannon is in reality gorgeous. The girl from the salon was a terrible judge. My favorite is when the weather guy was saying Victoria dances out of control and got the death stares from the group. Charlotte to Kelli “what are you feeding these veterans in the off season.”
  14. But Kelli told her she didn’t see any reason why she might not make the team. It was when Malena told them she was quitting her job.
  15. Does anyone think Malena was trying to get screen time by her actions because she came across as mentally unstable? Or maybe that’s just her real self? I hope she doesn’t return. I felt she was used by Kelli and the show but they didn’t expect the complete breakdown she had when cut. Maybe she’s just very used to always getting what she wants? I don’t think she can ever make the team with her memory issues, possibly a psychologist or cognitive therapist could help her. I don’t understand why she would want to come back but a lack of self awareness could easily be the reas
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