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  1. Some people are more private than others. Some people don't know how to indicate their sexual orientation. Texas is "traditional" .
  2. Refreshing to know that even Cassie is openminded.
  3. I meant, is Jinelle, Ellen or Sarah? People are not the same and do things on there own timeline. There's no instruction booklet on coming out. There's no celebrity guide to coming out.
  4. May I also add, some people are shocked because for them homosexuality is not the norm. And people don't understand the emotional process of coming out to family and especially the public. It not like "I got bangs!" It a sensitive, delicate, and intimate decision , NOT A PUBLIC RELATIONS OPPORTUNITY.
  5. Is her sexual orientation any of our business? Is she one of those celebrities? Does it matter who she's attracted too? Is there a timeframe for which one should divulge their personal business? And how does one publicly indicated what/who they are attracted too?
  6. I'm not shocked. Why are you shocked?
  7. I don't like the fact that a lot of the girls dumb themselves down for the bikini shoot. Gina sounded like a wannabe Paris Hilton, I know she's smarter than that. It's NOT hot.
  8. I respectfully disagree. Employment policies can be rewritten to match the changing times. And it's up to the supervisors/managers/directors to implement them. Perhaps Kelli approved and/or turned a blind eye.
  9. *GASP* They are LESBIANS and they are CO-WORKERS. GET. OVER. IT.
  10. IMO. I think Katy and Jinelle are taking a break from the DCC world. Jinelle has been away from her family for several years and Katy is probably up for a great adventure with her beloved partner in a new country. I also think that the VK drama was the straw that broke the camel ... Watching Kelli kowtow to Tina and VK was probably an eye opener and they don't want to witness another repeat. Also, the way VK treated Jinelle probably influenced Katy to get her lady the hell out of DCC dodge. They can always come back after VKs tenure ;)
  11. I agree, but I can picture VK/TK creating drama from the secrecy of the relationship, be it a gay and/or co-worker relationship.
  12. I agree. Let's not drag Kelli's dysfunctional leadership skills into this ... Let's just celebrate that Jinelle found LOVE (in crazy-ass DCC world). I'm so over the moon for Jinelle and Katy!!!