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  1. This is Ashley Wood, Lily's former UK teammate. Looks like she auditioned again this year but didn't make it to finals like last year.
  2. Yes, that's who she is. Interestingly apparently there were two women in that outfit. There's a pic of both in the list thread. The other woman (a blonde) is very pretty too.
  3. That girl Shaina (identified by Tootie in the list thread) is really pretty. It's not a terrible idea to show up as a redhead at DCC auditions (not that she went red specifically for the audition), but I would be shocked if Kelli lets her stay strawberry blonde (if she makes it to training camp). In looking at all three hair colors, I like her as a blonde. So probably Kelli would make her a brunette, lol. ETA: I think this her natural color.
  4. I think you are assuming that there was no good reason for cutting those vets. We can see if a vet has gained weight or isn't keeping up with the dance. But there are a hundred other things that go into being a DCC that we have no visibility to and we know that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Kelli is not without fault, but I don't think she ever cuts anyone without a good reason for doing so. They invest a lot of hours into turning out a quality veteran. They're not going to throw any of them out on a whim.
  5. I have yet to read any solid information about the reasons why either of them left. However, in the case of Kalyssa, whether she left voluntarily or was terminated for engaging in behavior prohibited by her contract, I would argue that both of those scenarios were her deciding it wasn't worth it, and making the choice to do something else that was more important to her than being a DCC.
  6. It always puzzles me when I see speculation that a vet in good standing might be cut because she doesn't have the right look. If she's on the team, TPTB think she has the DCC look, no? She may not appeal to everyone equally, but she is attractive and she was chosen because her look appeals to a segment of the fan base. Sure, there are women on the team who will never be the face of the group, front of the formation, or a month in the calendar, but that's a different standard than just making the team. We've seen veterans cut for attitude, weight, bad behavior, and poor performance. I don't think I've ever caught a whiff of is "let's cut this perfectly good vet we've had no problems with and replace her with someone prettier." I mean, that rookie would have to be stunning. It's been a good long while since we've seen a DCC that just about everyone thinks is gorgeous. Abigail Kleins are few and far between. I'm not saying that they haven't had women on the team who are as pretty, but Abigail was a standout because she is amazingly photogenic in addition to being beautiful. There hasn't been anyone since her whose beauty translates so well on camera.
  7. I agree. She was more candid than I expected she would be. She confirmed some things and has me rethinking other things. Random thoughts as I was listening: It's pronounced "Brainy." I had no idea. I always thought her last name rhymed with Johnny. In light of the scene where they called out Milan's gpa, while behind the scenes giving her crap for prioritizing school, it makes me wonder if the same thing happened with Daphne's "graduation." I'm sure Daphne felt like she had no choice but to skip her graduation in L.A. but then to have a fake one and be praised for it on-camera...all of that must've felt like such a farce. I always assumed being a DCC was easier for college girls because of the flexibility in their schedules and relative lack of other commitments. I realize now it's just as hard for them. Or at least the ones who are actually trying to get a quality education. However, I wonder even more how the ones with day jobs are able to do everything that is required during training camp. And I also wonder how or why anyone would want to be a DCC for more than a couple of years. I mean, I guess if you don't have to worry about supporting yourself financially, and/or you are pursuing a career in dance/cheer, the sacrifices seem worth it. But otherwise, I don't get it. This has me thinking about my past critiques of the women going through the DCC program and how the experience must make them feel. Constantly stressed, exhausted, envious of the girls who get the perks, questioning their own value to the team. People here frequently say "no worse is said in this forum than is said by Kelli/Judy." They also say "the DCC signed up for this, they should expect to be criticized by the public." Be that as it may, and even though opinions here don't have the weight that Kelli/Judy's comments do, I'll be thinking about that before every post. These women take a lot from K/J as it is. If the only feedback they get from their employers is negative, do I need to add to it? Particularly given how uninformed my opinion is. I feel sillier than ever now, making criticisms based on a tv show that I know isn't reality. The DCC are an iceberg and I'm only seeing the sliver of it that's visible above the waves. Below the water it's dark, and there are sharks and sharp edges, and all kinds of hazards I couldn't even imagine. I felt bad for Milan. Her story is so relatable - working hard to reach a huge goal, getting there, and then finding it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's difficult when people are telling you how lucky you are and how proud you must be and inside you're sort of disappointed with the whole thing. Makes me think about Alexandria bailing out so early. Makes me wonder if Milan and Kalyssa had any heart-to-hearts about it. I know a lot of people here criticize the path Kalyssa has chosen post-DCC, but I have seen zero sign that she regrets bailing out early, and now I can see why. I wonder if Alexandria's and Kalyssa's experiences with other pro teams were completely different in terms of how they were treated/valued and if the DCC experience hit them like a face full of ice water by comparison. Milan confirmed something that I suspected: Kelli and Judy are extremely removed and distant. It doesn't seem that they interact with the girls much at all, which has to be odd, given how much time they all spend together. Not that I expect Kelli to know everyone's birthday and their boyfriend's name and their career/school goals and all that. But it's like they don't know these women at all. Or care to. Kelli is busy running the DCC "business," and seems to have lost touch with its employees, the women themselves. Judy is busy being the artistic director and not a hands-on choreographer who makes and teaches the dances. I wonder if all of this is a function of how long they have been in the job. I can imagine Kelli being genuinely surprised to hear how everything was impacting Milan. I think Kelli cares about the women in an abstract sense, as a group, but she don't seem all that engaged with the team in general, or with the women as individual human beings with their own personalities, and goals, and struggles. I'm racking my brain thinking of all the speculation that swirled around Milan's departure. IIRC, the prevailing belief was that it was tied up with the whole study abroad thing. Turns out she'd just had enough. I will say, I wasn't inside her head, so I have no idea what she felt during that time, but I have to question whether it was SO bad that she couldn't make it through the last game, to minimize impact on her teammates. I had no idea she was the youngest on the team. The story about changing her hair and changing it back. I really would like to have seen just how dark they went.
  8. Thank you! This was very informative. I had a long list, but not quite that long. Every year I make a point of going to the finalists' college dance team pages to see if there has been a mention of their alumnae making finals or training camp or the team (or other teams like stars or mavs). I don't know that I've ever seen it on the rangerettes IG or Facebook, but I could be wrong about that.
  9. Does anyone know if there is an issue between the DCC and the Kilgore Rangerettes? It seems like every year (just like this year) there are one or two Rangerettes that make finals. Several Rangerettes have gone on to become DCC and I never see any mention of it on the Rangerettes social media. Why aren't the Rangerettes showing their pride in this? I see mentions of other college teams Rangerettes go to, but no mention of the pros. This seems strange.
  10. Well, they didn't specify "last Saturday," now did they? 😉
  11. No way Amy is NOT doing a tap solo. She's done it every year, and she's going to keep doing it.
  12. The hockey team Jenna works for, the Shreveport Mud Bugs, is starting a dance team, the Lady Bugs. Jenna will be co-director with another lady that works for the team. https://ladybugsicegirls.com/ Those who were irritated by her calling herself "captain" in that interview a while back (as opposed to "a" captain or "one of the captains"), prepare to be pleased to see she does it again in her bio, lol. Try not to cringe at the (lack of) proofreading on the directors page.
  13. Bossier City native hopes to make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's Team Brenda Teele KTBS Click the link to watch the video May 20, 2019 ARLINGTON, Texas - A young woman from Bossier City is hoping to be one of the newest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Kelly Brice made it to the semifinals. The auditions were held over the weekend at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Hundreds of beautiful and talented young women from around the world auditioned. This is the 16th year that KTBS-3's Brenda Teele has been invited to help judge. Teele said, "I was excited to hear Kelly announce that she's from Bossier City." Brice said her parents were in Arlington during the audition, "I was like, okay I made it to semifinals. I need help studying and packing please. They brought me dinner. They're a great support. Regardless of what happens today, I know they're going to be really proud of me." The finals are in two weeks. Teele can't announce the winners or tell you if Kelly made it. You'll have to watch, Making the Team on CMT to find out the results. But, in just a few weeks here on KTBS-3, Teele will report on how DCC veteran and Byrd graduate Ashlee Ford is doing and why the cheer leading team continues to thrive. The article didn't have any decent photos of her. This is her:
  14. I guess Shannon got cut and is planning to try again next year.
  15. Nallely Cazares (RGV Snake Charmers) got cut.