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  1. This is the pic I took between that one and the one where they landed. You can see she did get all the way up in the air, she was just a millisecond after the others. The camera shows all of the minute differences in timing, but when watching it live, they all look in sync.
  2. More from The Star, spoilered to take less room.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! A few pics from the Cowboys Christmas show at the Star:
  4. Australia's National Rugby League. Manly Sea Eagles are one of the teams in the league. DCC Angela Nicotera is an alum of their Seabirds dance team. The Seabirds director is a long time admirer of the DCC, as you can see:
  5. I really dislike that song. It makes me physically cringe hard, and I always have my thumb ready to hit mute when the show begins. The lyrics could not more more inane if it was literally "This is the theme song for the DCC, la la la, they dance and have poms 'n stuff, la la la." Kelli wheeled up in front of the group, told the story about Sugar, and then said "welcome to training camp" and explained the women were part of a select group. I thought it was pretty clear.😉 I did not care for her comment about how her solo was an expression of how much love she has for herself. Sh
  6. She does kinda in that pic. Not so much in her uniform photo. Made the team in June, moved to Miami in July, and was back in Dallas by August. IIRC she wrote something about going back to Dallas to pursue other opportunities.
  7. Yay, Kali! Let's talk. Which did you like better, red or white?
  8. I don't have strong feelings about the chaps, just that they look uncomfortable to dance in. I think the skirts are cute, but they haven't changed in almost 20 years and they are long overdue to raise the waistband a couple of inches, if nothing else. In the bottom photo, Lily's skirt looks ok, but the fit seems to differ on different cheerleaders. On the one second from left, the skirt looks like it's just barely hanging on to her hips and could fall down at any moment. I'm also not a fan of the boots. The texture at the bottom makes them look dirty if you're more than a few feet
  9. I know I'm probably one of few here who cares about other NFL teams, but I always love looking at the new unis across the NFL each year. Colts 2020 - skater dress Colts new for 2021- two piece (reveal vid: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTuVjNBDcIQ/) Bengals 2020 - white outfit Bengals - new for 2021 orange and black Falcons 2020 - cold shoulder Falcons 2021 black throwback to the late 90s, early 00s This is also the inaugural season Washington Entertainment Team. These look mo
  10. Random Jinelle retro stuff https://www.melbournestorm.com.au/news/2013/06/20/storm-cheerleader-goes-to-dallas-training-camp2/ https://www.melbournestorm.com.au/news/2011/03/18/storm-cheerleader-of-the-week---jinelle/ Ten years ago, Jinelle loved sweets. Interesting.
  11. Yes, the 2021 Mavs DTown Crew has been chosen. Back row from left: 1. Gerardo Hernández - DTown 2020 2. Brittany Myricks - DTown 2020, Allen Ice Angels, DCC finalist, Laker Girl finalist, Ontario Fury finalist 3. Carlos Hernandez - DC Rhythm & Blue 4. Karla Camacho - Mesquite Outlaws 5. Philip Livingston - DTown 2020 6. Jenna Lowry 7. Brayl'n Crutchfield 8. Madi Allemier - Dallas Stars, Allen Ice Angels, DCC Finalist 9. Hunter Blackwell - Mavs Dancer, DCC Finalist, made the dolphins cheerleaders but resigned almost immediately and returned to DFW Front
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