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  1. 💙 😁 I just started working on exit reason (cut vs retirement) and I also want to add who became an allstar and for how long. Definitely going to need this group's help on all of that. The whole reason I created a spreadsheet is I can't remember anything myself!
  2. Not that anyone cares, but while I have my spreadsheet out, these are the tenure stats 2005-2019: 234 cheerleaders total 1 year: 66 (28%) 2 years: 67 (29%) 3 years: 47 (20%) 4 years: 27 (12%) 5 years: 24 (10%) 6 years: 2 (1%) 7 years: 1 (<1%)
  3. I just want to note that having a team of 37 isn't some crazy unusual thing. While the team aims for 36 every year, it usually ISN'T 36. I don't know how the rumor got started that 36 was a hard line that could never be crossed, but based on the data, that isn't the case. In the 15 years this has been on the air (including the special in 2005), they've had a team of 36 only four times. 34: 2010, 2011, 2015 35: 2006, 2009 36: 2008, 2014, 2017, 2018 37: 2016, 2019 38: 2005, 2007, 2013 39: 2012
  4. Wow, this again. This is one of those rare rumors that was 100% definitively debunked within 24 hours of the first time it was posted and yet it. will. not. die. It gets posted again and again, and every single time, someone else immediately explains that it's not true, but for whatever reason, the rumor sticks and the truth does not. It's like a zombie. You think you've killed it, but every time you turn around, there it is, coming at you again.
  5. It's an interesting theory 🙂 but we know that's not the case because the dcc tweeted the pic below on 5-18, which was the day of the open call. We figured out which section of the stadium they were sitting in and were able to calculate how many seats were filled. It was around 150, if i recall correctly. https://twitter.com/DCCheerleaders/status/1129779210451656704/photo/1
  6. Thank you so much Shelly, really appreciate it. 🙂
  7. @ShellyB can you help us out with names for these six finalists?
  8. You're right! She was the one in the plaid skirt last year. I knew I'd seen her face somewhere. I'll have to look through some previous years for the other girls. Maybe one of them will pop up.
  9. sleepyjean

    Past Seasons

    This is random, but I never noticed this before. Jacie 2012, Cersten 2017
  10. I'm hoping they'll tell us during the semis or finals episodes. I'm keeping an eye out for her. This was her audition outfit:
  11. Hey ladies! Tootie, I just sent you my list, but thought it might be helpful to post the pics here of the ones I'm still missing so we can compare notes. I have everyone except these 7: #7 #39 #47 #60 #65 #72 #73
  12. New pics on PDC. Can anyone identify her? She looks like Raegan Schmotzer.
  13. Does anyone know who these are?