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  1. New pics on PDC. Can anyone identify her? She looks like Raegan Schmotzer.
  2. Does anyone know who these are?
  3. Nicole's is from 2011, Danielle's is from 2015. Emma's is from 2013. For everyone else it is their most recent cameo.
  4. This is the same photographer who did that photo of Kelli Sullivan in a tutu squatting on the stairs. It's certainly a non-traditional approach to photographing dancers. The first one, "dancer in a tutu painting a canvas" seems to be one of the photographer's favorite ideas. That's Alanna, by the way.
  5. I'm sure what you meant was "I get all the cheerleaders confused, there are so many of them," but when you point out two of the Black women with a comment like this, it reads in a way you probably don't intend for it to be read.
  6. A few pics from makeovers on instagram. I noticed Tobie (Percival) Huff isn't part of the group this year. I'm so curious to see what they did with Shaina.
  7. Co-sign. I have high hopes for the calendar this year. Terrific pic of Hannah - FINALLY they've captured her beauty. Christina's bikini top is really...odd. Not a fan of that style.
  8. Thank you for posting these, @Kees080
  9. Phenomenal pic of Ashlee. She's a funny one for me, I thought she was kind of "regular pretty girl" during auditions last year. Now she looks amazing. One thing you can say about Kelli is she does know how to enhance someone's beauty. (Excluding those occasional misfires where she chooses some weirdly unflattering hair color, but that usually gets corrected over time, if a girl sticks around long enough.)
  10. https://prodancecheer.com/nfl/cowboys/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-finals-auditions-solos-photo-gallery-no-1/nggallery/page/1
  11. LOL, I fell down the Bridget rabbit hole. Someone was asking about her age upthread, and off I went to find out. I stumbled across her mom's Facebook along the way. (For anyone who cares, she graduated from high school in 2013, which would make her about 24 now.) I also found an old YouTube channel of Bridget's with a handful of dance videos from her high school days. There's one called "my epic halftime fail" where she completely wipes out on the football field in the middle of a performance. This ability to poke fun at herself is one of the reasons I'm a fan of hers. (Along with the fact that she seems to be a joyful dancer, an animal lover, and an overall nice person.) Also, another piece of useless trivia: Bridget and Mary Kate Domino went to high school together in San Diego. They were teammates on the Rosary Academy varsity dance team (along with Bridget's sister Kelly, I believe) and Mary Kate went on to become a Dallas Stars Ice Girl. Mary Kate is best known around here for deleting her Instagram a few years ago in the middle of the DCC audition process, allegedly due to criticism from this forum. It's crazy all the little nuggets of info you can find out there on the interwebs.
  12. Speaking of Bridget, her audition solo in rehearsal:
  13. @ShellyB another question for you, if you don't mind. We know that 36 is the traditional/desired number for the team, but it has varied between 34 and 39 during the course of the tv show. I'm wondering if the 36 is driven at all by budget concerns, and if the years when the team was larger happened because the budget was bigger during those years, or if it was strictly due to the talent pool or other factors? You may have seen the rumors here that as of a couple of years go, that 36 was set in stone and deviations are no longer allowed. Do you know if that is true? Last year especially, there was a rumor that Kelli "begged" Charlotte to expand the team to 38 but Charlotte said no, 36 is a hard cap. (Sorry...I know I'm probably getting deeper into this than other people care about, but I'm so curious about how everything works.)