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  1. Loni was a Falcons cheerleader before she auditioned for DCC (not after). Gina Becchetti is the only person I can think of off hand who went to another NFL team after being a DCC.
  2. Kenley was a Mavs dancer (2010-12) and a Falcons cheerleader (2013-14)
  3. According to this article Tasha graduated from High school in 2009, so that would confirm your guess.
  4. Brooke does this every year. The rare times we see her, it's usually just the back of her. She does the same thing after the training camp participants are selected. It's probably helpful to have someone wrangle everyone, give them the rundown, and handle the administrative stuff while Kelli and Judy are being filmed, thanking the judges and everyone who helped out, etc. I'm sure there are a lot of details to manage and it helps to have people to handle these different aspects of the day and keep things running smoothly. Brooke was a very popular cheerleader in the 90s. I believe she was the one who ran the SoDCC newsletter. Brooke Wicker in the 90s. She overlapped with Shelly for a bit.
  5. Random fact: Willa Ford's name is Amanda too. Amanda Williford. They changed her name so she wouldn't be compared to/confused with Mandy Moore a the time. Other than the blonde hair, I don't think she looks much like Amanda Dilks though.
  6. @ShellyB do you know why they stopped taking a group photo of the show group each year? Would love to see those again, even if the girls are in uniform and not in the variety show costumes. And can you tell us if they did photos of each group in uniform this year, like they've done in the past? I would love to see those on social media or the dc website.
  7. There was a time on these boards when every cut that was not mentioned on the show was thought to be suppressed because of legal action. I never bought it (except possibly in the case of Erica) because these girls sign waivers that allow production to portray them any kind of way they want to.
  8. I can think of lots of reasons that don't have anything to do with being an amazing performer. Can't learn/retain choreo fast enough. Had a bad attitude. Did something to turn people off. Turned up late for something. Bad rumors caught up with you. I'm not saying Julia is any of those, I'm talking in general. It's easy to put on your best face during auditions, but true colors come out during the weeks of training camp.
  9. Interesting...DCC finalist Maddie Dillon auditioned for the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders this year and made finals. IIRC she's back in Texas and on the Legends team this year. https://www.neworleanssaints.com/photos/meet-your-2019-saintsations-finalists#976978f0-524d-42c7-96d2-e4adbe55ba01
  10. I have this one too! I'm in uniform, lined up with everyone to take the field, thinking "I wasn't at rehearsal, what am I going to do?" When I'm stressed I get that one, and the one where I have a big college exam I didn't study for. This is one of the things I'm so ambivalent about when it comes to the DCC. Yes they are talented. Yes they work very hard. Yes, some of them are very intelligent and accomplished. Yes, no woman deserves to be reduced to a piece of meat and all should be treated with respect. On the other hand, their purpose is to be sexy dancing girls. They aren't skanky or slutty, but they are purposely enticing. Having an attractive face and body is a job requirement. As is wearing a revealing costume and immodest swim wear. Doing sexy dances is a job requirement. They put on shorts that show their butt cheeks and do that move where they stand with feet far apart, bend at the waist, put their poms on their ankles and slowly slide them up as they stand up straight. It is a very provocative move in a very provocative outfit. They put on a bikini that barely covers their private parts and pose with thumb hooked in the waistband, tugging the bottoms down as if about to give you a peek. If a hetero guy looks at that and makes a comment like "she's hot," it is a direct response to all of that. Is it not hypocritical to call him a pig? I kind of think so. Now, if he tries to touch a cheerleader or makes graphic comments about her body parts or what he'd like to do with her, that's a straight up pig. But calling a girl hot? In this context? I don't find that particularly creepy. The DCC are hot. On purpose. The crazy thing is they are (a tiny bit) bigger now then they were. During the Cassie years the shorts were ridiculous. Look at Brooke and Ally!
  11. Nailed it. I wonder if she is one of those women who can't stand to not be wanted. She doesn't want him, but she will NOT be the one rejected, so will redouble her efforts to land him, just to prove that she can. Now she HAS to have sex with him. That's priority #1. It's the only way she knows how to get a man to stay. In terms of leading men, he's more Hugh Grant than James Bond, that's for sure. The guy has proven over and over that he's a liar and doesn't care that she knows it. She keeps demanding that he change. I wonder exactly what her criteria are for proving that he's no longer a liar. Going how many days exactly, without being caught in a bald-faced lie? This is the first episode of this show I've seen in a long time. (I haven't watched this show regularly since Nicole and Azan made their first appearance.) I don't know the background on Angie and Michael, but this one episode made it glaringly obvious that he does not care for or respect her. He thinks she's a pain in the butt, and every time he hangs up the phone, he laughs his ass off with his boys. Yep. If he's even half the womanizer he claims to be, he knows from experience there is a certain type of woman who will boil your bunny when she doesn't get her way, and for that reason, you never give Crazy the key to your house.
  12. Totally agree. I'm pretty sure she went into it knowing it would only be for one year. She was great while she was there.
  13. Kat's friend is quite beautiful. Seems she was a Honeybee too. She's in law school, so I guess she's done with pro dance, but would've been great for her to audition for DCC too. Kelli doesn't hate that pose. I believe she made that one comment that time because so many girls were doing it that day, and she got sick of seeing the same thing over and over. But she doesn't hate it in a general sense. If she did, we wouldn't still be seeing so many of the women do those poses every year. Especially since we know they give them example poses to practice before the shoot. I don't have a problem with the poses with their arms over their heads. The only time it bothers me is when women on other teams do it and they are wearing costumes that show their armpits. The one don't like is the turn-your-back-to-the-camera-and-look-over-your-shoulder pose. I'm sad to see Bridget got hit with that one this year.
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