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  1. lisalionheart

    S03.E07: Epic Grand Gesture

    I think it's probably in the neighborhood of $5k-$6k per month, if it's first, last, and broker's fee. The broker's fee is something like 15% of the yearly rent total.
  2. Better questions would be great, but they'll still need to coach people not to say, "I do think," "I definitely think," "It is possible." I don't like it when the production questions are so obvious. It's better when it can feel like the person being interviewed was having a real conversation with the producer.
  3. I really just want the producers to do a better job of coaching everyone on how to answer questions. (I'm sure they are trying!) I hate it when you can tell that person on screen is restating the question--"A girl definitely could get cut tonight." "I do think a girl could get cut tonight." "It is possible a girl could get cut tonight." Kelsey Lowrance was really good at making her on-the-fly interviews seem natural and candid.
  4. lisalionheart

    S03.E03: Firework Starter

    But it was a great reality TV question. I also loved that she stayed in to eat the leftover pizza. Every time I watch this show, I marvel at the fact that no one ever seems to need some alone time. It was nice to see someone say "I can't be around people anymore today." So: I think I like her. I'm not really into Kyle's new business as a storyline. But I would be interested to know how the summer house situation (and the stress of filming) is affecting Paige, Hannah, and Jordan at work. Would love to hear from an insider at Betches what's going on between them and how their co-workers are reacting to seeing the show. ETA: Jordan saying that Danielle is the "rental" and Paige is the "Lamborghini" is so, so gross. I don't like how Danielle has treated Amanda, but I also don't like how Jordan is treating Danielle (who in all honesty should be out of his league).
  5. lisalionheart

    S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I'm going to give him a bit of a pass. His father *just* died. When my mother died, I handled it pretty well--but the biggest thing was that my patience was just a lot thinner than usual. If we saw him do this stuff again a year from now, yeah, I'd agree. But when you're grieving and in a high-stress environment, the things that would already rub you the wrong way become even more grating. And he doesn't have much ability to retreat and recharge himself, given where they work. When Caroline first started talking about her parents as narcissists, I had a hunch that she was part of the online world of armchair diagnosing people you don't like as narcissists. Her saying last night that she is "the scapegoat" seemed to confirm it--she's using all the lingo they use. It's a kind of bizarre subculture. Of course, lots of people truly are narcissists--but there's a bit of a subculture in which people constantly affirm each other that they receive bad treatment. Her parents may be truly awful, but her own behavior makes it hard to gauge. And I do think that Kate and Josiah were unnecessarily awful by doing the speaker thing. They weren't the best to her, but they were pretty good, and they gave away some of the moral high ground here.
  6. lisalionheart

    S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Eh, everyone on this show is on it for the TV exposure, even if they are yachties at heart. There are other jobs on yachts, and other kinds of boats. They don't need to do Below Deck if they don't want to be on TV. Tahiti is hard to get to from the mainland US--much harder than the Caribbean. Also, it's the rainy season in Tahiti--probably not when most guests want to spend the time and money to venture there. I'd bet that return Below Deck guests get a bigger discount than new guests. I was all set to dislike Rhylee, but I agree that she's facing some pretty misogynistic and condescending treatment from her co-workers. Any workplace where people give you shit for asking questions so you can do your job is not healthy. Now, if we had indication that she was asking the same question over and over again, that would be different. But they keep reminding us she is 4th on the totem pole. The greenest person is supposed to be asking questions and getting trained. If Chandler isn't giving her instruction from the get-go, the responsible thing for her to do is ask questions and make sure she's doing things right, not just hope that she understands. That's one way people get hurt. (There was a great episode of the podcast Invisibilia about how an oil rig increased safety by creating an atmosphere in which the tough-guy crew could ask questions and admit mistakes.)
  7. lisalionheart

    S03.E09: Panic at the Deck-O

    That's what she said before she went to the doctor, I think. People always think they have the flu when they feel crummy!
  8. lisalionheart

    S03.E09: Panic at the Deck-O

    Strong agree with this. Also, many white Zimbabweans moved there only after World War II--the white population doubled between 1950 and 1965, and as far as I understand, at least some of the newcomers were people from other African countries who saw Zimbabwe/Southern Rhodesia as a place where white rule would last longer than in other countries. White rule in Southern Rhodesia was brutal. I don't condone the violence against people like Joao's family, and some of the government's decisions, like kicking white farmers off of their land, had devastating effects on the country's economy. But I can't stop thinking that one way or another, most white families moved there in the first place *because* of white rule.
  9. lisalionheart

    S03.E08: Bizarre Love Triangle

    I'd bet he means "all of white Zimbabwe," which is still a self-centered exaggeration, of course.
  10. lisalionheart

    S05.E07: Kat's Got Your Tongue

    Your exact comment was that she was "just masking the crazy with heavy psych meds." I was explaining that "heavy psych meds" are not an easy out--there is no "just" about it. They are really rough on your body. I know some very smart people who have gone off of psychiatric medications because of things like weight gain. What she is doing now is hard, and I give her credit for that. And if she is on "heavy psych meds" and was an addict, then while it does not excuse her treatment of her kids, it does go a long way toward explaining it. If you're really interested in her kids, then you should be celebrating her for being on the right path right now.
  11. lisalionheart

    S05.E07: Kat's Got Your Tongue

    If this is true (and I have no idea whether it is), it is exactly what we want people with mental health problems that contributed to addition to do: take prescribed medication and be sober. Those are hard things. We know she is self-conscious about her body, and lots of psychiatric medications cause weight gain. She's behaved badly in the past, but I don't think we can fault her for taking care of herself--and needing to take medication isn't a moral failing. She also doesn't seem overmedicated to me, given that she seems engaged with her colleagues and is making some pretty self-aware jokes.
  12. lisalionheart

    Season 13 Anticipation

    I would like the production team to do a better job coaching everyone on the on-camera interviews. Every time I hear someone say, "I definitely think tonight could be a cut night," it's clear that they are responding to the question, "Do you think tonight could be a cut night?" "I definitely," "I do think"--those are cues that they are paraphrasing someone else's words, and it drives me nuts. I much prefer the natural interview bites.
  13. lisalionheart

    S17.E03: Joshua B.

    Aw, I thought Sylvia looked radiant. The difference between her episode and now remains jaw-dropping to me. She was so warm and kind to Josh. I have long wanted to spend an hour with Candy so she can tell me how to fix my life. Now my Intervention fantasy also includes an hour with Sylvia so she can give me a pep talk and a hug.
  14. lisalionheart

    S17.E03: Joshua B.

    They definitely cared for each other, but it still creeped me out. I'm 33. There is no way I could date a 19-year-old boy right now, no matter how mature he might seem. Whether it's an older man or an older woman, a person in their 30s dating a teenager feels predatory to me.
  15. I'm happy to see that the micromanagement story line seems to have gone away, at least for now. I think Sandy is fantastic. She calls to mind the idea that any given task is important and urgent, unimportant but urgent, important but nonurgent, or unimportant and nonurgent. It's really easy to get caught up in the unimportant and urgent (getting the guests to the beach within the next 10 minutes is, in the scheme of a two-day charter, not that important), at the expense of the important and nonurgent (making sure a member of the deck crew is comfortable driving the tender). Same with her insistence on putting aside certain jobs for now so the crew can get some sleep. She thinks longer-term in a smart way, even if it goes against Hannah (queen of urgent but unimportant)'s instincts. And I do like Hannah! She can just get caught up in the immediate stress, without thinking about the bigger picture. I'm currently midcareer in a very fast-paced job, and I constantly struggle to balance the important and nonurgent with the urgent and unimportant.