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  1. For the life of me I can't remember where, but I remember reading something from an anonymous former DCC in the late eighties that mentioned (quoting best as I can from memory) a very favored five year vet hopping into a player's car and leaving the stadium. Always wondered if that was Kelli but would Kelli be a rule breaker?
  2. I think if she had been a former Kilgore Rangerette, it would have been listed because it's less prestigious than the DCC. But since it's the Rockettes, they're keeping it on the down low because they don't want to call attention to the fact that there ARE more important dance companies (did I use the right word?) out there!
  3. I feel like an idiot because I had no idea Nicole Bulcher was a woman of color. I just thought she had beautiful, curly hair!
  4. I'm honestly not quite sure how I ended up in this forum but it sucked me in. First off, why do these people have such ridiculous, misspelled names? I feel like I'm reading a transcript from kindergartners with speech impediments. Then...why would anyone want a butt that big? Seriously, it looks deformed.
  5. On VK's Instagram, she posted a picture of her and Mrs. T (Pity the fool who cuts my daughter from training camp) and Mrs. T was wearing one of those alumna cheerleader football jerseys. I mean, Heaven Forbid we forget for a second that SHE WAS A DCC TOO!!! You know, Tina was really lucky to be on the escalator with Kelli that day back in 1984. She sure found the right person to hitch her wagon to.
  6. That reminds me of when I asked my sister if she was interested in doing an Ancestry DNA test and she said, "Why? So I can see how many different kinds of white I am??"
  7. Seriously, it took me years to figure out that Jason Wiles and Shawn Hatosy were not the same person so don't feel bad! In the flashbacks when they showed Smurf interacting with the babies, little Andrew got all the lines and we never heard a peep from Julia. I wonder if it ends up that she was mentally disabled her whole life? That's just the vibe I'm getting.
  8. Help me please. I've always had CMT but now I've changed up my tv package and I no longer do. I thought I would be satisfied just reading about the shows but....I'm not. I wanna see! How do you ladies without CMT packages manage to watch MTT? *I know this has been discussed before but I arrogantly thought that I would never have to worry about it. Sniff.
  9. I agree. I always felt the same way about Jinelle. Finals? Time to whip out the Rio Carnivale costume yet again.
  10. I was disappointed because I really wanted to learn at least some of Julia's backstory. I was, however, unreasonably excited to see the dollhouse I had as a kid in the living room of the now-Smurf house! So THAT'S where I know him from! And I just put it together with the fact that Ren named the baby Niklaus (or at least it sounded like that) so what I think will happen next is the vampires will descend on Oceanside. Not the sparkly ones, though.
  11. Wow! That's pretty gutsy of her. Does anyone think the melt down will hurt her chances of being chosen?
  12. Is Malena the girl who had the embarrassing scene in Kelli's office last season? (I don't have CMT any more so I can't see what she looks like)
  13. Oh my gosh, at first glance I thought you'd drawn in a stripper pole!
  14. @scorpio1031 and @LincolnCentMe, you say that as if dance ability is more important than who your friends and family are!
  15. I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere or other, but why was Cassie never point? I mean, we'll never know the actual why but what do y'all think?
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