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  1. Well, I started last year's thread almost exactly one year ago, so I guess it's time to start the 2019 thread. (For reference, here are the complete lists of last year's finalists and TCCs). I will be very interested to see what becomes of last year's eliminated TCCs. I believe this was the order of their elimination: Jasmin Ammons Lindsay Brady Dayton Bramhall - definitely will not audition Taylor Tauss Kristin Dodd Victoria Kalina - definitely will audition Malena Brown Lily Johnson Prep classes are underway! With Michelle Keys out of the picture, I wonder who most of of the women will flock to for class. Sarah Idziak and Jenn Amburn? Jasmin Ammons and Taylor Tauss attended Jenn Amburn's first 2019 prep class. Also in attendance were Kali Mikelson (2017 finalist, 2018 semifinalist) and Kylee Wideman (2016 finalist). I will be interested to see if they audition this year. A few other women commented on the post below that they were also there for the class, but it's hard to tell who is prepping for tryouts and who is just taking class for fun. Someone else I have an eye on is Kelly Porazzo, who has been auditioning for a few years. She's made it to semis a couple times but never as far as finals. She's always been a blonde for auditions, but she just went brunette and moved to NYC to spend the next several months preparing for auditions (DCC auditions, I assume, although all she said was "NFL auditions.") Moving to NYC is an interesting strategy. While I'm sure there is a wide variety of classes and coaches available, I hadn't heard that NYC is a mecca for power pom, high kick, and competition-style hip-hop dance styles needed for DCC. And finally, I just have to say a little "woohoo" for Hannah Prosser, aka "Road to DCC girl" who I've been keeping an eye out for since discovering her. Hannah is the girl who as on her college dance team in Wisconsin and dreaming of (and working toward) auditioning for DCC for years. She missed last year's audition but now she's finally in the right place at the right time. She's moved to Dallas, is enrolled in graduate school and is teaching dance on the side. She's all signed up for prep classes and I am excited to see how she does. Just getting to audition is a huge deal for her.
  2. There is a lot of discussion about this in the former DCCs thread.
  3. She isn't. Leslie Ezelle is gay, but probably was not out when when she was on the team in 1989. Statistically speaking, I'm sure there are others.
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    Past Seasons

    This is what shelly posted in "DCC Q&A: Mysteries of the DCC World" pg 16:
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    Past Seasons

    How many years was she on the team and I swear I never saw that birthmark on her hand before. Was she covering it or did I just miss it completely?
  6. Shannon is going for her 7th attempt this year. I'm curious about her dance background. I wonder if she is also trying out for other teams and not getting chosen, or if she has focused solely on the DCC.
  7. Looks like this girl Emily Shymkiw will be auditioning.
  8. She might just be doing it for fun. A bucket list kind of thing. I think a lot of women used to audition for DCC for fun too, just to see what would happen. That was back when hundreds of women would show up for tryouts every year. I think the tv show weeded out a lot of them. People don't care to be embarrassed on national television.
  9. I was very interested in the thing with the HTC last year. The cheerleaders always seemed to *like* their coach. I think the DCC fear/respect/admire Kelli, but it doesn't seem like they'd hang out with her. The HTC seemed to like Coach Alto as a friend as well as a coach, so when that whole scandal went down, I was shocked. Especially since they're one of the more conservative teams in the league. But it just goes to show, you never really know what goes on. I have no idea what the story was with Lauren, but I suspect she's trying out again because of the change in leadership. She made it to HTC finals. But I don't think Kelli would look on her favorably if she auditioned for DCC again, because Lauren's loyalties seem to be in Houston.
  10. I saw someone reported Gina Ligi's sister is leaving Texas and will not audition for DCC this year. We can strike Eden Greenhouse (Mia's sister) off the list as well. She is going on an extended mission trip this Spring/Summer. I'd be shocked if Cami Branson auditioned. I think we're 0 for 3 for potential legacies. This year anyway.
  11. I think this is Lauren Chapman at Texans Cheerleader tryouts yesterday. She was a Texans Cheerleader (their pro bowl rep) last year, then got cut and went on to be a finalist for DCC last spring. I wondered if she would try again this year. Even though she went back to Texans, If she gets cut by HTC, I will be curious if she auditions for DCC again. Sidenote: there were two guys at HTC auditions. I doubt Len Jackson will be the only guy at DCC auditions this year. https://www.houstonpress.com/slideshow/scenes-from-2019-texans-cheerleaders-tryouts-11277312/42
  12. I have very mixed feelings about VK. I don't think she's the worst and I don't think she's the best, as a human being or as a dancer. My impression is that she's young and immature and probably a bit spoiled, and she eff-ed up for sure with Jinelle, but I don't harbor or even understand the intense levels of dislike here, which often read as outright hatred of her as a person. (I know criticism isn't the same as hatred, but I'm getting some straight vitriolic vibes off of some of these posts. It goes beyond not liking her looks or her dance ability.) I can't help but feel for Victoria. I shudder to contemplate my screw ups at that age being televised. I think of what it would be like to have that snapshot of my life interpreted as a reflection of my entire character, and every breath thereafter interpreted as further evidence of what a horrible person I am. Yes, yes, I know, she signed up to be a public figure. It still sucks to be on the receiving end of it. And it sucks that it started years before she ever auditioned. I have no idea whether she is a complete brat in real life, but it makes me uncomfortable how one-sided the discussion is. She's a teenager, possibly a Mean Girl, but is she a villain? It prods at my sense of unfairness, and makes me want to give her the benefit of the doubt.
  13. IIRC Kelli also said in one episode that surgery isn't necessary, as they have other ways of making mountains out of molehills. I don't think she encourages any of these women to get breast enhancement. She chooses plenty of small busted women for the team.
  14. No. I'm referring to the modeling agency that is part of the DCC organization. These are opportunities available while a DCC is an active member of the team.
  15. No, I'm talking about money. Paid modeling opportunities. Better and more frequent appearances, which both pay more and offer valuable intangible benefits for those who know how to take advantage of networking opportunities and know that "DCC" on your resume pays much greater dividends for future opportunities than "DC R&B." I also suspect the DCC put in a lot more hours than the R&B so overall they make more money that way as well. The R&B aren't rehearsing 5 nights a week all season long, plus occasional Saturday practice and show group rehearsal. I do see the calendar trip as an amazing perk, and they very well could take the guys with them. The Baltimore Ravens include their guys on the calendar trip, even though the guys aren't in the calendar.
  16. Did we get studio shots of all the groups this year? This is the only one I could find.
  17. I suppose you could argue that "separate but equal" isn't truly equal. The DCC have access to opportunities, compensation, perks, and benefits that the R&B do not have. Which isn't to say the R&B are some kind of JV squad, but the DCC are the BMOC and everyone knows that. I agree that they would have to change a LOT, but other teams have done so. The DCC could do it too, but I'm sure they don't want to. We know how the DCC are about their traditions and how special and unique everything they do is. We know they'd hate the idea of following in other teams' footsteps in any way. One thing they would definitely have to modify is their choreography. The women look silly enough doing "sexy hips." A man would look ridiculous. And I really do not want to contemplate any man doing jump splits. I know they wouldn't just slam down on the twig and berries, but just the thought of it makes me cringe.
  18. A guy auditioned for Chiefs and got cut. Another guy auditioned for the Patriots and made the team. Looks like every team is going to have dudes show up for tryouts this year. (EDIT: There were actually 2 guys that made it to pats bootcamp. Only one was chosen) At this point I'd be surprised if only that one guy Len Jackson (aka turningtrickssince96) shows up to DCC auditions. I'd like to see what they'd do if 3-4 of them are there. You'd think the media would have to cover it, but IIRC, there wasn't much media coverage at all last year. I remember thinking that was pretty weird at the time. You can usually count at least on dfw.com. On a related note, he also has a side business jazzing up dance costumes.
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    Past Seasons

    Alexandria's younger sister Victoria was chosen for the Patriots Cheerleaders this year. I wonder how she would be received if she ever decided to audition for DCC.
  20. I always like to look through the prior year's finalists and speculate on who will try out again. Whelp, we can strike Joi Smith off the list (finalist 2017 and 2018). She auditioned for the Chiefs this year and made the team. (Side note, the Chiefs also had a guy audition this year. He's #71 in their semifinalist gallery. He didn't make it to finals.)
  21. Much less than that! I'd be surprised if it was even half that. These are photos of everyone before the open call last year. They've had to get creative about where they shoot Kelli's welcome speech each year. Last year they tucked them into one of the corner sections to make the group look bigger. It's difficult to count - I tried a few times. 15 women per row, and maybe 10-12 rows total. Definitely under 200.