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  1. Is that Alanna in front of Jalyn? Whoever that is, she’s good!
  2. I don’t think the DCCs are the best because of Kelli or Judy and how much they practice. Girls are going to other squads because they don’t really want to make a career out of it, so they’re choosing a less demanding squad just to be able to perform. Some of these girls are at dcc level (recent ex: Lauren, the Dolphins are objectively pretty bad otherwise), most are not. The DCCs are good because talented girls still think they can get something out of it so they still audition. I have said it again, but I would love to see how Kelli would build a ‘world class’ squad with only girls like Morgan, Christina,Savannah and VK.
  3. This is exactly why I don’t get why she is supposedly better than Christina. Christina is a blender but she’s never that noticeably bad. And Savannah’s issue isn’t power or showmanship. She’s legit always either behind or ahead of the count so working with Gina who while an amazing dancer (i’ll admit that), is a lot of times ahead or behind the other girls, won’t help her. Christina might benefit from a little 121 with Gina though.
  4. I thought we figured out Savannah is in group 1 with Amy? Am I imagining things?
  5. Someone needs to give us a definite answer! For what it’s worth, I remember this convo before Kelsey L. made the team and remember that it was used to show that Kelsey is really generous-something about her inviting other dccs on the private jet? I don’t think this has happened lately.
  6. This Kelsey’s dad is a multimillionaire. Not sure what Kelsey L’s background is.
  7. I really don’t need to see Heather’s nipples, even though she’s one of my all time faves. This picture should be enough even for “hungry” dc fans.
  8. I certainly think they’re stupid enough to do so. Thank you for this. They have SO many talented girls so VK making the squad or SG “on her own merit” is laughable. Then again, Cassie made SG and GL and triangle....
  9. I agree SO much. If you’re that rich that you can buy yourself these candles, then you should ask for cheap stuff as a symbolic gesture, or try to benefit a charity. She doesn’t need to “get back the money she gave for the wedding”, and doesn’t need anyone else to be able to buy those things.... I sincerely doubt this.
  10. I just don’t understand why the woman is the home wrecker when it’s the man who destroys his family. That would make her an asshole for sure, but she’s not the one breaking her vows.... Can we go back to #Heatherforpoint then? I don’t know why they ever did. They were practically asked to shake their butts literally in front of the fans’ faces. That was sooo classy!
  11. To be honest she doesn’t have that many options considering that she can’t even dance for a living any more.
  12. I guess that’s an unpopular opinion and I don’t know her so i don’t really care whether she makes the team or not. Despite her actions, it’s sad being blackmailed. She’s not the first one being cut because someone else tipped Kelli off and threaten them with “evidence”. I hope at least if all that is true, she will take this as an opportunty to start fresh. Also, re: christina, ashley, abigail and whomever else “stealing” boyfriends: blame the cheaters, not the girls.
  13. I would say judging her appearance is subjective as I’m sure some people think she’s a goddess. Her dancing is objectively bad, she just has a lot of power and confidence and she can confuse some people. But that’s exactly why she looks so out of control. Which Rachel?
  14. Even those who dislike her think she brings something to the team, unlike certain someones... The difference is that Ashley got burned for her actions (that she did while on a different team). VK never did and never will. Khalyn was made a 2nd leader even though she had a time consuming job (that kept her out of a whole game) and an injury. I doubt that would keep Lauren out of consideration unless she herself said she doesn’t want it. There are 6 vacant spots right? I think half of them will go to rookies. I can see Caroline, Rachel and Erin on SG from the vets. Isn’t it strange though that her reputation kept her out of tc but Ashley got invited into tc and then was cut?
  15. I actually think Alexis or Gina were promoted in her place. Looks like they are trying to showcase their more stable dancers these past few years-Maddie going straight to GL and part of the triangle is a great example imo. So Miranda becoming a leader makes sense to me.