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  1. Yeah, I’m sure Kelli was considering it for a while, because it takes years to give such a huge amount of pay rise to your employees. It was just a coincidence that she finally worked the details right about the time Erica sued them. I checked the wikipedia page and the last edit was 8 days ago by someone who has made most of the changes and looks like most of the recent changes have nothing to do with point/lawsuit. I doubt it’s them honestly.
  2. A little late in the game 🙂 but i soo agree with this. Intelligence is supposed to be an elite squad and suddenly half the team is officers right out of patrol or the even worse, the academy with no other experience. They’ve lost the two most experienced detectives and they were replaced by young detectives who don’t bring anything new to the squad. And Voight was always adamant that he needs to pick his own people so that he knows he can trust them, but he chose to keep Rojas even though he said he can’t trust her on the field? Riight I know they’re trying to appeal to a younger audience, but they need to bring someone more experienced for a change. Maybe that will stop them from hooking up everyone.
  3. Yeah at least now hopefully she will never dare to say something this stupid again. Although I can see her even forcing a confirmed covid case to be there unless she wants to get cut. But yeah, who the hell does she think she is? Forcing a sick person to doll up and get there is stupid and delaying recovery AND risk infecting the rest of the team. Don’t get me started on the mono incident, her pathetic apology after the fact didn’t help at all.
  4. Soo I decided to start watching CPD again... it feels like a whole different show and soon they will replace all original characters it seems. I’m not trying to be rude and I’m glad that they’re going for at least some representation, even if it’s forced. I’m not sure if they’re doing it on purpose, but did they seriously bring in a latina actress to replace the previous latino actor? I don’t know it feels a bit icky in a way, like they’re just trying to fill a quota instead of genuinely hiring for talent and writing real characters. They could’ve brought in a poc for Hayley’s character but they didn’t, they had to wait for one of the two poc already on the show to leave?
  5. Tess was in the triangle, they won’t demote her but I doubt she will take over point unless they rotate with all leaders or something. Personally, while it would be considered a demotion I guess, I think she should go behind point. Otherwise, no matter who replaces Amy, it will still look unbalanced with a short girl behind point and a very tall girl next to her.
  6. Nah, of course they wouldn’t. Like they wouldn’t put a ROOKIE on a coveted spot to replace Gina, a 3rd year? Ahead of a group leader? To be fair to Meredith, given that you need to be photogenic too I’d rather see her at point that ms horsemouth.
  7. Yes thank you, that’s exactly what I mean. Just because there are people willing to do it, doesn’t mean that companies/organizations don’t have the responsibility to act in a certain way. Maybe all 21 of them are willing to stay in dallas (or already do) whether they make the team or not. of course it’s their choice. They didn’t have a saying in how many girls they’re going to take though. And yes without the show, they wouldn’t even bring in the extra girls. Or rather there is a chance they would because Kelli needs to be able to say that vets aren’t safe even during a crisis. But when there is a great chance there won’t be a team, stick with the 30 girls you already have -they are more than enough and you can cut down to the very best or bring in all stars if needed.
  8. Yes, but they do so in good faith. K&J know that they may not even need these 7 candidates and it is their choice to bring 21. They could bring in a much smaller tcc class knowing that they won’t need over half of them. I wouldn’t expect the girls to say hmm I don’t have that many chances so I’m not coming! That’s a lifelong ban.
  9. That’s not the point though. They’re still making them travel to Dallas (when traveling is a great way to risk getting sick) even though more than even half of them will have to be cut. So they will either have to travel back or stay in dallas and try to find a job during a pandemic.
  10. I mean, they already did. When the situation is still unclear and there’s very much a possibility of not even having a team on the field or at least have a very small team, you don’t invite people to TCC. Especially those who have to move, putting them into a new area with presumably no network and unemployed during a pandemic. There was no reason to have 21 girls for what would be 7-10 positions. And they have enough vets to even make some cuts and have a much smaller team. However, they’d have to accept not having a show even if the situation was getting better, so of course they wouldn’t go with the safe option.
  11. I know Kelli is a fan of this shade of blonde, but I wish they could start toning the barbie girl vibes down a little bit. It doesn’t look good, especially when the girl isn’t even a natural blond. Eh, if she plays her cards right, she’s a shoo in just because they can’t upset VK by cutting her project!
  12. Eh, not to stir up drama again, but the point is exactly that: no other girl would ever be invited back after that disastrous season. So yes, whether she came back stronger or not, it doesn’t even matter because she only got a 2nd shot thanks to her relationship with the boss. Yeah that’s the main issue with that. It doesn’t matter whether she was misquoted or you know, it’s normal to be excited. Kelli doesn’t want her girls to show any kind of ambition or make her think that they’re using dcc as a stepping stone. Which well makes sense for professional jobs, but if you think that shaking it up in underwear should be a woman’s only ambition in life, then you need to get your head checked. Yeah those pictures are interesting. I don’t see how Kelli would be happy with them and I doubt they didn’t check social media. If they’re planning to use her as an easy cut/lesson for the other girls well... i’ll be nice and say I hope they reconsider. It’s not the best time to move people around needlessly.
  13. Well the story we got was that she was demoted in case they were leaked, as in they’d fire her if they did and it would be easier to kick out a regular team member. Like demoting a 2GL for the first time ever wasn’t noticed... in any case, they never leaked so yeah she got punished for being a victim of a crime and for being responsible enough to bring it up proactively. So yeah apparently being the victim of a crime is more severe than being openly racist. And again, before someone says that she broke the rules. Well, this exact scenario did happen to someone and that someone remained a point so yeah Heather deserved better.
  14. Right @UK-Fan, how they treated Whitney who brought attention to the team by doing something blatantly racist vs Heather for being a victim of a crime just because there was a chance it could “shame” the dcc is honestly disgusting and it shows where her priorities lie. She even made Whitney the point girl but she demoted Heather? And what’s worse, there was an actual case on the team where what could happen with heather did actual happen and again, widely different treatment. For me that was the last straw, she really doesn’t know what she’s doing as a coach and should probably stick to behind the scenes stuff.
  15. Eh, I think Kelli is great at marketing the team. The problem is that her role is to be both the director and the coach. They should let her run the operations, but she’s definitely not a good coach. Separate the 2 roles and have the coach choosing the girls and support them and then let Kelli make the money. To be fair, the UK is the prime example of a European country trying the same approach as the US, so I get that many people will break the rules precisely because their own prime minister initially told them they should. But in general, their approach to the lockdown was much better and it’s not fair to compare the few cases here in Europe with whatever is going on in the US. Mainly, because we got good instructions here, we had to suffer through a much longer lockdown and the few countries that got the most deaths still did better than the US. You need to rely mainly on the citizens’ goodwill and critical thinking, so for me someone who chose to be on the spotlight and be a “local celebrity” should absolutely be held on a higher standard.
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