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  1. I’m still reading through all the comments and since I’m not watching the show I only get my info from social media... I just wanted to point out how terrible and stuck in the early 2000s miss “i have a degree in marketing so i’m smart i swear” finglass is. All other companies and organizations in the world are trying hella hard to create semi organic opportunities to appear “woke” and responsible. And here we have an example of a so called marketing professional who literally had gold on her hands and threw it away. Both with having a covid survivor, a mental health champion AND someone who w
  2. I wouldn’t call Alexis well spoken, and I definitely put her in the airhead category after that weird tik tok with VK, but ymmv. Still, it’s not like they ever had multiple girls on the team who are both well spoken and genuine. That’s what I meant -For example, we can all agree Rachel id well spoken and knows what to say, but she seems robotic to most of us so i wouldn’t put her in the “well spoken” category It was hacked. It’s now called ceoxmami and claims to be a graphic designer. True🤣and it’s still more classy than heavily editing scenes to the point no one can follow Kel
  3. Honestly, how did she not infect anyone else? They are practicing everyday, so she most certainly went into practice before she had a chance to get tested/be alarmed. Considering they are legit doing the same dances again and again, the fact that she was messing up even in year 2 is just beyond me, but year at year 4 it’s just inexcusable. I will never understand how she made triangle. GL eh, there was no other option literally. But we could’ve had Bridget or Heather up there...or any other girl really. I actually disagree... She said in her last office visit that she
  4. Also to keep this more about the current social media faux pas, I’m wondering why whoever hacked into VK’s insta just deleted everything and changed the name. In any case, I may not like her but I feel sorry for her.
  5. Well it could be that it was her facebook or whatever that got hacked and she was afraid they found photos to send her long distance boyfriend or whatever. I doubt someone hacked her phone, found the pictures and then said eh never mind i’m not gonna use them. And I’m sorry but when Kelli is ok with the girls acting like strippers for the swimsuit, the random catwalks and the legit stripperish SG number, but the hard line is drawn on their private pictures that no one will probably see or care about. And well no offense, but based on what Kelli considers to be their fan base, they would p
  6. 😂😂😂 that last sentence just killed me Well, maybe they don’t want to give these opportunities to deserving girls with less seasons under their belts to kinda force them to come back. But that’s how you lose the opportunity to put a star like Bridget upfront before they retire. Sorry not sorry, but no sane person would put Lexie, Amy, Maddie or Tess up there ahead of Bridget if you consider talent and potential only and not seniority. Savannah is one of the most senior girls atm, that doesn’t make her point or triangle material. But I also think that they haven’t faces this issue b
  7. I’m with you on that one. And everytime I think about it I get even more upset -how is that even a good excuse for cutting Hannah? It’s like kelli would rather admit that she’s such an idiot she put twice Hanna on SG, as a rookie too, even though she’s a weak dancer....than accepting that people are allowed to have opinions? Especially when said opinions are objectively correct? Ok Brianna is stunning but but but... That suit is awful and well it looks inappropriate to me, especially when her boobs are ready to make a surprise appearance. When I think how Kelli treated Heather for bein
  8. I don’t think they’ve used someone with less than 3 years before, which would practically mean someone fresh out of their rookie year would be leading the team next season. So I don’t think they will ever have that issue as especially lately, point girl gets everything else as well: GL, PBC, VOTY, maybe even calendar. So kashara got pbc in her third year and still came back for a 4th for example, why would she come back other than getting the 5 year ring and status? Maybe if she didn’t struggle with weight she would’ve come back. Also, I don’t consider what happened to Maddie a demotion,
  9. I absolutely believe she was supposed to have a “struggler” editing in order to make her more likable, make sure people don’t accuse Kelli of handing the position to her AND to give her screentime -if she was as amaaaaazing as Kelli claims, she wouldn’t even be shown. We all know the actual good dancers are always hidden away because there is no drama there. However, I think it backfired when mtt saw how much of a trainwreck she was and there was no way around it. Still, she was absolutely going to make the team that year, had she not managed to gain so much weight that even kelli couldn’
  10. That’s fair enough and you can like anyone for any reason! But at least for Marissa, if you take away the personal stuff (social media etc), on screen she hasn’t done much to be disliked. I don’t like er look but it’s not the first dcc I don’t find attractive. However, when someone gets the same criticism for so many different people, I think there might be some truth there. It’s not like we decided to conspire to persuade everyone that hunching over and bending your supporting knee isn’t proper technique, that has been true for longer than any of us had been on this earth! for VK, I just
  11. Good lord... I’m sorry but anyone who sees this mess, with VK hunching over and again almost falling back from the sheer effort, plus the fact that she always bends her knee, and still insists that she’s a veeery technical dancer... we need to stage an intervention. And i can’t believe Shelly claimed she herself taught her ballet. If she reached her 20s and she still can’t kick properly, as a teacher at least i’d be ashamed to admit I was her teacher. Why, have you ever seen any non heavy kicks from her? In fact she’s lucky she hasn’t injured herself yet, so there’s that at least.
  12. I’m with you on that one. I don’t know how many others joined us, but I decided that I wouldn’t give them any revenue -can’t force others to join me to have bigger impact but i guess i’m doing my part. To be fair though, the VK train wreck was enough to keep me from purchasing the show last season and this season just proved i was right. Why are you trying to find logic in Kelli’s actions? Ok so, I’m with you about keeping the masks even in a bubble -because yes if it was done right they wouldn’t need the masks but considering that girls were flying in and out of states just be
  13. Ok i’m sorry, but how stupid can they be? The whole wearing masks within a bubble is definitely stupid and just to look responsible. But if you decide to wear masks to look good, wear the damn masks when it’s appropriate. No point in wearing them when you’re walking in and out of rooms on your own if you’re going to take them off to speak. That’s when you’re supposed to wear them, just saying.
  14. Oh no they definitely do. We had some girls commenting as well, but the latest case in point is Marissa’s videos being taken down when we started criticizing them. And it wasnt the first time this has happened. Well let’s be real, they are only there to be eye candies. It’s easy to find good (and even great) dancers with good looks. But when you have a top notch dancer like Gina and you sideline her due to her looks but put Lexie and Rachel upfront... Yeah the team isn’t about dancing obviously. And I have nothing against Rachel as a dcc (as a person, well...) BUT as much as she improv
  15. I’ve never seen any videos of the girls doing stuff like that during that part of the game and it didnt look like anyone else in the row didnt anything other than shake their poms. Considering that Savanah started doing the same thing then stopped, it doesnt look like they get to do whatever they want.
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