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  1. I don’t really get why they’re not using masks in closed spaces but they do in open spaces? Where they could also keep further distances than they do? Well I mean, what you post or like on social media is stuff you have no problem publicly claiming. If she’s ok with announcing to the world that marriage is only for a man and a woman, then yes she’s homophobic and proud of it. Now, she might be able to peacefully co-exist with gay people, but you can’t really be friends with someone who doesn’t think you have a right to love and marry your same sex partner. Doesn’t mean she goes out of her way to harass gay people, but I think those are just a loud minority. The worst people are all those who think they have the right to impose laws and choose what others can and can’t do like it personally affects them (be it “gay people can’t marry”, “women shouldn’t work”, “women can’t choose to abort” or anything like that). I still don’t care about her personal beliefs, she does her job as a pretty cheerleader and that’s all she needs to do as a dcc. Eh, VK is probably the most featured dcc ever and she had 2 years front and center, when most girls barely get a few talking heads during their rookie season. Of course she has a bigger following. Rachel was popular before becoming a dcc. I’m surprised that Maddie got such a big following, but she’s the only one that did it on her own. I just want to say that Danielle practically stole “someone else’s spot”, as when vets get cut during finals it literally opens up one spot on the squad. Buut I’m still glad they changed their minds, I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to get rid of a proven vet not because she wasn’t good, but for an injury that would heal in the first few weeks of tc. Although, I’m pretty sure that was a storyline they’ve agreed upon beforehand and not an actual last minute change. I mean no offense to the fans, but I assume that you get to pick your seat when you buy tickets. So I wouldn’t really expect normal people to choose a position right behind the girls if they actually want to watch the game. From the videos i’ve seen, you really can’t help but stare right at their asses if you have these seats.
  2. She got some media attention in the beginning and it suddenly stopped right before we got confirmation that it was settled. So I assume she has an NDA in place. Looks like Kat isn’t wearing a mask and Cianna (?) is pulling it down to talk to whoever is next to her.p
  3. I don’t think she was ever point? There’s a video of her sharing with Whitney once because the third person was missing. and I think that was from her second year at the triangle,but it’s been a while! She is a blender, much like about 30 other girls every year. It’s a team so you get a few stars but you aim for girls who are good enough, can blend in to create a team and can bring other things to the table (leadership, team spirit, bomb swimsuit pictures and so on). It really doesn’t make sense to trade one blender who has proven themselves for another, newer model. Kelli of course needs to do that for the show and to be able to say that no one is safe. Exactly. Miranda even got a leadership position so there is a place for blenders who can bring some maturity on the team. And when girls who are still behind the beat after years of performing the same basic routines or girls who mess up are still on the team or get prime spots, Kelli can’t say she’s kicking the blenders/underperformers off the team. It’s her team, she can do whatever she wants. She just shouldn’t try to claim that this is an objective process and girls win their places and awards solely based on merit.
  4. I’m blanking on who was the 3rd person in the triangle that year but it was also a 2nd year. Kashara got triangle as a 3rd year too (before Erica and Jenna both messed up). Cersten got triangle for the HoF game as a 2nd year. So yeah it’s never been about seniority, until last year that it. I don’t think it’s fair to say that the woc in this team only got their position due to their skin color, but I haven’t really seen that argument. I do believe that they were going to hire more woc this year just because of the current climate and with such a small rookie class, it was inevitable that they’d cut veterans to do so -and they went with the most ‘controversial’ option just to create a storyline. But in general, I think the opposite is true -if you’re white, you will make the team even if you’re weak as long as Kelli likes you. The few woc they have selected are completely amazing. They have to be the best of the best when so many weak girls are given a pass. So yes every woc in this team has earned her spot, but this season they were lucky that Kelli didn’t want to find reasons to cut them. The thing, there’s no single clip out there where Brennan looks weak. There are clips of Savannah, Meredith, VK, Amy and Tess messing up (just some examples from last year that I can recall, there are others for sure). So maybe she wasn’t Holly P., but she was much better than other dccs.
  5. I don’t think seniority ever mattered. When Ashton got her position in the triangle, she was in her second season. If they could put a 2nd year up there, they could’ve picked a better point girl this past season. That’s not a photo with them, it’s a game day photo that shows VK in all her glory. The nice thing to do is either put up an actual picture you took together as friends do, or find a cute picture of the bd girl. I’ve never seen any other girl do the same thing, apart from some girls who would put multiple pictures of them with the bd girl along with some ‘on duty’. In that context it’s fine, because it’s one of many and it shows how long they’ve been dancing together. Exactly.... and as I said, if you don’t have a picture of both you, then go with a very flattering picture of the bday girl. It’s not really appropriate to use someone’s birthday to showcase yourself.... Soo does that mean we have 4 groups as every year? It would make sense to have them alternate and have only 2 groups per game, or maybe alternate even during the game?
  6. So true... they had so many great dancers up front in the previous seasons and yet, they only did the sharing point last season? As for having less “stellar” dancers around point, it makes sense. You can’t put a Bridget next to Amy or Maddie as point. Lexie was more photogenic and closer to the usual dcc look, but still isn’t the best dance wise. I know most consider Heather too vanilla, but I think she’d outshine any of them in the triangle. She definitely did during the Queen performance imo.
  7. But “she doesn’t want to accuse anyone of dishonesty”!!
  8. Soo looks like Danielle postponed her wedding. Strange that she would go through all the parties and then postpone the wedding.
  9. Erin did 20 minutes ago... i’m sure others will follow now.
  10. Brooke was injured during tc. And Danielle was basically cut, don’t forget that. Judges said she should get cut and Kelli didn’t overrule them during deliberations. Kelli & Charlotte didn’t change their minds during their private meeting either. Kelli just changed her mind literally on the last minute so yes they’d absolutely cut a veteran for an injury -and not even a serious injury like CAssie’s. Danielle’s was going to heal very quickly. I second this statement. #Heatherwasrobbed Reeeally? Heather was good enough to recruit new dccs but not to be anywhere near the triangle. When literally all the other Gls were part of the triangle. #Heatherwasrobbed Oh yes because Kelli has never done that before... I don’t think homophobic is a ‘strong word’. If you grow up in an uber religious community, yes you will be homophobic. That doesn’t mean you’re automatically a hateful person that can’t grow out of it. But if someone is taught that ‘marriage is between a man and a wife’ and being gay is a sin, then what do you call them? No one said that Rachel goes out of her way to harass gay people, but if you believe that what they’re doing is wrong or that they’ve chosen this and therefore chose to be ‘sinners’ then yes you’re homophobic. That must be the worst triangle ever. They just look so disjointed... or actually it gets even worse once Amy goes behind Maddie and is completely hidden and then Tess who’s so noticeably taller ends up in the triangle. And to think we could’ve had Bridget up there... Because she’s one of the best dancer she has. Kelli is an asshole, not completely stupid. I definitely agree with this. I don’t think Gina has point girl looks, but Amy and Maddie didn’t either. At least Gina is a better dancer. That’s exactly it. It’s not really an it factor when you need to add extra stuff to be ‘seen’. I think she has a wow factor as a soloist and will drawn you in, BUT she doesn’t have it in a group setting. You need to be doing the exact same moves as everyone else and still capturing attention, which Bridget imo nailed. Just imagine Gina adding her extra hairflips at point -it will make everyone else look like they messed up. People are dying. They still get paid whatever they make from this part time job. I won’t really feel bad that they won’t get their faces shown on tv when the whole world is in flames. Eh, i think they overdid it but she said what she said. I do think she wasn’t used to being a teammate so she had to go through this process. But I don’t believe she’s still like that. Still, she said that other people get jealous of her etc and Lacey said she was correcting others as a rookie, which is unacceptable in normal jobs let alone dcc and their toxic mentality. that alone makes it look like she thought she had it in the bag, which even if true, you never let your leaders know that. And the pink blush applied all over her cheek for some reason. That’s the one thing i hate the most. And I still can’t believe they gave Gina’s spot to a rookie. They just took it to another level.
  11. Exactly, this is a virus that doesn’t exactly follow the “norms” we’re used to-heat didn’t stop it or at least slow it down, spreads easily, symptoms last forever even in relatively healthy people. We recently had cases where underage people and athletes went into comas and/or died in my area and doctors couldn’t figure out why it hit them so hard since they didn’t have any health issues. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it, is it that people don’t really understand science? Or that some countries are more ‘individualistic’ so people legit don’t care if they impact others because that’s the norm? This is something new and unprecedented, but we know that it can impact your quality of life at least for a while, maybe even longer considering that we KNOW pneumonia can do lasting damage. Why would anyone want to risk it or risk spreading it because they personally are not afraid is beyond me. Especially people who claim that the greatest joy of their jobs as butt shaking, barely dresses dancers is community service and making other people’s lives better. Well then, do your community a service and stay the hell away from people.
  12. But we’re not arguing that the former/current dcc may die from covid? What we’re saying is that these “young and healthy AND reckless people” are the ones who keep spreading covid around and endangering those who are at risk. In real life, outside of the dcc bubble where the girls get to pretend they work, people at risk may not be able to wfh, self isolate or avoid people. It’s a pandemic, it has happened before multiple times in human history but this time we have advanced medicine. If we put effort into this collectively, we can hold out until a vaccine is released. This isn’t the common cold or a flu so we could argue that those at risk should only worry. It’s something relatively rare, it’s not that hard for people to take SOME precautions. It’s a few months of your life you’d be slightly inconvenienced. Other people will have to deal with long term issues, losing people close to them or you know, actually die. This isn’t the right time in history to be all ‘every man for himself’.
  13. Did I miss this? When did she say that she wasn’t tested?
  14. Exactly this. If you want to go lick door knobs, do that. Just stay the hell inside afterwards. Do whatever you want with your life, but spreading a deadly virus doesn’t fall in this category. And yes we know that asymptomatic cases can still infect others, just as it happens with other viruses. And how exactly is a trip where you stay in the same accommodation, share bathrooms, utensils, everything with 7-10 other people “safe havens”? We’ve also had 4 cases in my area where big weddings were allowed to happen and 3/4 of the guests ended up getting infected -more than 100 people at each one of them, most didn’t even have any symptoms. All of them were held in outdoor spaces but guess what, unless all groups are completely separated, there’s no dancing, kissing, touching the same stuff, then no it’s not safe.
  15. And it wasn’t even one of her rookies! Brittany looked shocked in the background. Just imagine a random GL calling out your rookie in front of your boss. Not coming to you, not asking you to speak up or anything. Call out YOUR rookie without giving you the chance to give your feedback, when it’s part of your job. Great teammate y'all! Cassie is part of the group that thought this is such a blessing that they shouldn’t even get paid for it, so of course she won’t see anything bad with it. That’s how the world looks like to you when you never had to actually work for a living. And I don’t really agree that she’s prettier than Amy, although that’s subjective. At least Amy is bubbly and nice (looks nice, don’t know if she actually is) which is cheerleading 101. Cassie looks ugly to me and she always looks miserable/no smile, which was literally her job. I mean, would you really talk to strangers about “company secrets” from your mom’s job? Or a company you used to work for? The appropriate answer to this question is something like I wasn’t involved in the decision making, I wasn’t there when it happened so I can’t possibly offer you any first hand, objective insight. Yes of course, hannah fell from top 13(? How many where in SG last year?) to bottom 37-40. Because EVERYONE else improved THAT much!! It makes sense i tell you! They make temporary arrangements. They’re asking them now to relocate, during a very unstable period, for the off chance they will get this part time job. I’m guessing if they decline at this stage, they won’t be welcomed back next season. Also, we got to the point where the only leaders are Maddie and Tess, bland and blander. Let that sink in...
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