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  1. I’ve never seen any videos of the girls doing stuff like that during that part of the game and it didnt look like anyone else in the row didnt anything other than shake their poms. Considering that Savanah started doing the same thing then stopped, it doesnt look like they get to do whatever they want.
  2. Look at you, such an optimist... Sam was already gifted a position, even if it’s not directly with dcc but in mtt -we know she got it thanks to her last name. Hayley got already her position so why would VK be left out? I mean, of course they would hire the first dcc to have cheered for 10 years straight, if only to get her out of the squad. Honestly at first I thought it was a dig, as in calling the current dccs her former teammates as you know, she isn’t a dcc anymore. No matter what she says, almost all current dccs commented on both posts and considering that normally they’d keep their distance to appease Kelli, I think it speaks volumes. I didn’t want to be first to comment on this... that was hilarious. poor Caroline turned around and looked at her and then stepped back but VK didn’t even notice. And looks like Savannah was going to follow but stopped immediately. I’m sure that any other girls would get away with doing something like that... and no it couldn’t be a mistake considering all girls were just chilling and normally the GLs/2GLs would go first.
  3. The funniest part with this angle is that they would practically have to admit that they were so dumb they didn’t realize they had on freaking SG for TWO years someone who isn’t good with pom style. You know, the only style SG performs nowadays. And the only style they perform in every game. Wow Kelli getting a but slower with age huh? Taking you two whole years to catch this mistake, daaamn!
  4. Not a scandal, not trying to start rumors! I absolutely love her and she seems mature, but she’s one of the few dcc guests I’m sure doesn’t live in Texas anymore, so I’m not happy she went. I’m not judging her as harshly as Danielle because well I don’t know whether she decided to make a road trip out of it instead of flying in and she’s one of the very few dccs who doesn’t post nights out etc. Either she legit stays at home with her partner or she’s smart enough not to flaunt it on social media. True, but I think that’s more of the vibe nowadays. They all wear colorful dresses that are a bit too short and skin tight for interviews. Eh exactly, and unless they’ve quarantined for 2 weeks before taking the tests, even a negative test isn’t worth anything. I understand some posters on the forum might consider this excessive,but this is such an unusual moment in history so I can’t understand those who act like nothing has changed. Especially when so many people have had to make drastic changes in their lives, lost their jobs or loved ones etc. And well yes I’m furious that we got into another lockdown after months of following state-mandated rules (so not exactly the same situation as in the us where you don’t have federally imposed laws on covid), just because a smaller part of the population just don’t get it. And I mean, we have the internet, we have more entertainment options at home than ever before... no susan it’s not that terrible to spend even a year limiting social interactions, parties etc when you can have chill nights at home with select people, go outside in non-crowded areas etc. We’re not exactly battling black death during the middle ages here, get it together for the sake of everyone else if not for yourself. and to move on from this happy talk, WHY havent they asked Mary yet to choreograph for dcc? She’s amazing: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHbNzDZlOEr/?igshid=1d3qn0ismeh0x Not sure if her account is public?
  5. the ceremony looks kinda ok, but even there you can see hella lots of people there. You don’t catch covid or any illness only if you stand around x number of people. Just by looking at the wedding party you have like 20 people right next to each other and of course all of them got dressed together etc and Danielle had apparently some kind of pre party yesterday. Is that really following the rules? The venue seemed more crowded, they were inside without masks, they danced together, they ate together. So no, that’s not social distancing. Especially when you consider that people travelled there and will travel back to their hometowns now. At least Lacey’s ceremony and reception were both outside if im not mistaken. There’s no social distancing in a party held indoors, it’s that simple.
  6. I love Danielle, but I can’t stand incredibly selfish people so... and she had out of town guests like Heather (whom I also used to love but...). In any case, she seems like a lovely person otherwise and well liked by her teammates. In general I agree with you. Your wedding should be a cherished memory so you should be able to have it the way you want -whether that means save up for years in order to have a huge party or take 5 of your closest friends and get married on the beach. BUT, I don’t think that having to postpone your wedding due to a pandemic is the end of the world. It’s a (hopefully) once in a lifetime thing and something that we need to accept and endure for a little longer. Selfish actions like that is what makes us all suffer. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but we’re entering a second lockdown in my area precisely because people can’t sit their butts down and follow the rules. And it was announced that they are looking into the possibility that there is a mutation already and that’s why the cases have risen so fast, which would make the vaccines currently under testing useless AND mean that we would have to start over. So yes I’m hella pissed because I’ve spent 7 months of my life like this and I hate that so many people decided that having the time of their lives during a pandemic is more important than the common good. You have family and friends and the love of your life next to you? Suck it up, stay home and marry them next year, it’s not gonna destroy your life or change much really. Getting people sick or under another lockdown does destroy their lives though.
  7. Eh, I doubt she would stay just so she gets Group 1. She’s already a GL and she hasn’t gotten point so... I guess she stayed just for the GL title because honestly, the fact that she was on the same position last year as the year before when Lexie and Tess got triangle and the two miss vanillas got point should’ve been enough to send her back to cali. It doesn’t make them better in general, it makes them better for the team. And i wouldn’t count the times they auditioned, just how many times they had to go through TC to get on the team. The thing is, VK didn’t “manage” to move up. She was given a position that no rookie ever had or will ever have. Rookies shouldn’t be getting an upper vet’s position any way, especially not in a team where rookies are treated as second class citizens until they complete their year. So yeah of course we expect her to be given yet another position she hasn’t earned.
  8. There’s just no way she was really performing on pointe. Shelly said she taught VK ballet back when we were saying that she needed ballet training and I can’t see Shelly asking her to go on pointe. Yeah i mean i dont see how it’s soo difficult to coordinate with the dj. It’s not like the poor fella just goes with the flow, of course he’s done some preparation before the game. Just ask him for his set list and choose some choreo to perform. That was so weird.... wth is wrong with kelli. I mean... she’s been gone for almost a decade and its been two years since this segment has aired. There was seriously no reason for her to go on fb to find fan pages to post her rant to. If you worry about stalkers, you can post on your social media about the dangers of being in the public eye or whatever. She has no proof that someone specifically from this board tracked her down and I have no idea why she had to include the “15 pages about the mole” (which I really dont recall) and all the poor me details. Just like Cassie, stop trying to make fetch happen. You’re both irrelevant, sure you’ll encounter a few weirdos since you chose to go on reality tv but give it a rest, nobody cares anymore. Yes it’s unbelievable... i remember that during the GL segment they said that Alanna never makes a mistake. She’s strong enough so I don’t get how struggler Savvanah got a spot on the outside of the triangle and Alanna was buried with the rookies.
  9. No i don’t think what Judy does is cute or healthy. Once or twice over the years? Sure. But i doubt any of us were brought around our parents’ jobs when we were little apart from emergencies or parties or whatever. They may look more like a cult but this is still a professional environment. Which is why i also think cassie needs to back off and stop commenting on everything. Judy would’ve been fired just for discussing workplace drama with outsiders in any other, normal job. And imho, Cassie brings the hate on herself. She knows she was mostly hated, she knows she needs to back off but she loves the drama. She’s posted sooo many stories “making fun of herself” for her mtt storylines and just wants to remind people she was a (very much unwanted) dcc. I personally feel bad for VK getting hate even though I dislike her, because she was still a teenager and still now a dcc so she can’t really get away from all these. But Cassie is a grown ass woman who just can’t let it go. There, I said it. Oh and for the record, I really do think thar VK is far better as dcc than cassie was even as a 5th year and that says a lot coming from me lol. Not really... Kelli exaggerates as usual. Thunderstruck and halftimes are full on choreos but nothing that a trained dancer can’t pull off. But from all the videos i’ve seen, they just do 2-3 8counts dances at most and then stop. You don’t need that much stamina to last through this with all the breaks... in a real dance job you either have multiple numbers back to back as well as costume changes (so no time for a break) or so many numbers over the show that at the end every muscle on your body hurts. That’s stamina. Preach it! Well at least that would explain how she ended up in the triangle last year. At least it looks much more balanced with caroline and rachel this year. I agree actually. She deserves all star more than point imo. Which was weird because I think it was almost all positive. The only negatives I recall were more like well their relationship was rocky so she should’ve left him a long time ago. So while not really helpful at that moment, i wouldn’t call it trash talk or whatever either. And a question, why are the all stars doing this appearance? They have 36 girls on the team, none of them could go to a store opening? also, good lord VK posted a picture of “all her pointe shoes over the years” and all i could think of was: what kind of asshole allowed someone with poor technique and no core strength to put on point shoes and multiple of them too? It’s a miracle VK hasn’t had a severe injury yet. And that’s not even snark, this is just so unbelievably risky.
  10. I didnt need that to tell me savannah is not that good. She seems to be genuinely well liked and can do appearances so im fine with her being on the team but yeah she’s struggling a lot. I mean... Angela, a 5th year vet was ridiculed to death for assuming she’d get SG. I can’t imagine another rookie hopeful getting a second chance after whining for not getting SG.... while on WW and struggling. They’d have been cut right there and then. I sincerely hope that was done on purpose by someone who got just as pissed as we did. But how unprofessional by this so called world class organization. Wait wait... we know that MTT crew is checking these boards... so dear whomever, kindly note that every single poster here (well the vast majority) would pay lots of money to buy the whole season if and only if you agree to air this. Only way to get us to buy the season!
  11. It’s a team, they’re supposed to blend in. We just need two different words to describe them -there are blenders like Rachel who is powerful and clearly strong enough to be SG so she keeps up good without being center of attention. Then there are “blenders” like Savvanah who is struggling with the choreo and will never be front and center because of that. No hate, we need different types in the team but yeah.
  12. I’m glad they switched up the triangle, although I still wouldn’t put Tess in the triangle. And they kinda demoted Maddie by giving her the smaller section, then lexie too considering she could’ve been point (looks like they went for blonde point & 2 brunettes for the second part) after being in the triangle, but she only got the smaller part in the triangle. And also, I doubt they can recreate this change of formations, so if all of them come back next year, I’m wondering how they’re going to make it work.
  13. So uhm, I’m trying to be mean because I’m glad they have a website again... but the GL/2GL section looks sloppy and I don’t think they’ve chosen the best photos of these girls...
  14. Honestly, that made me think... how are leaders calling out the dances now? Since they are in the center of the line, it’s not like the girls can look at them to see what choreo they’ve picked and the girls at the end certainly can’t hear them. So how does it work this season? It’s a dcc forum, dcc will be called out. I personally don’t know of any companies or celebrities/influencers in my part of the world that don’t actually follow the rules, and that’s because we get fines when we don’t follow the rules. I understand the US doesn’t have the same rules but honestly? Yes please hold EVERYONE accountable. That includes dcc. This is a pandemic, if you know anyone or any company that is blatantly disregarding the rules, call them out. It’s not something you do just to keep up appearances, it’s a literal matter of life and death. Just because others may be doing the same thing doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be called out on it. Ok I’m sorry but what the hell is that??? Why can’t anyone just gift her a brush?!? And teach her how to use it? I don’t think they cut her head by accident. That’s just awful. To give her some credit, if there’s no photoshop involved giiiirl well done. Hopefully she did this with a healthy diet, but it certainly wasn’t easy.
  15. I just saw the dcc stories and they proved my point regarding masks. There’s no reason to have them dance for hours in these masks (do they even get to change them out on game day??) when they are standing right next to each other for cameo day without wearing masks and in a studio, which most probably isn’t an open space.
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