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  1. I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on VK anymore, but jesus christ. We know they’re only asked 2 questions and all VK got was a question on social media which they wouldn’t have known to ask her about had she not confided into auntie Kelli. True hard hitting question would be even a simple what would you say to the people claiming you’re only here because of your mom, not tell us about how hard is to get negative dms which we assume you get because of reasons. And what was that crap about who would you cut? That was completely random and she would have to be a complete moron to not find an answer on that. Other girls have gotten actually tricky questions or were more or less attacked and yet we should praise VK for saying miss charlotte i haven’t seen you dance. And let’s not forget she’s been around these women all her life. Any other candidate getting that question would be scared to death of offending miss Charlotte (which ain’t that hard to do apparently).The bar is set too low this year for VK. And on a positive note, Ashlee was great! I can see improvement and I hope she sticks around.
  2. dreamcatcher


    I liked this season, but I was too attached to the original cast and I still can’t accept they chose to leave things open. They should have done one short season to end the original and then move on to this installment.
  3. Don’t know if she actually quit, but considering that she was right next to the triangle last year and yet lost out to 2 girls who were behind her, I highly doubt she will get triangle and especially point after that.
  4. I don’t understand why if it’s such a weak rookie class (and it definitely looks weak), why do they drag these last cuts out? I don’t see “drama”, I see a director who clearly needs to retire if she needs over 2 months to figure out that Malena won’t suddenly fix her memory issues or that VK can’t possibly get back into shape in one week and keep the weight off during the season. If she wants to play up the drama, she might as well try to invite truly good dancers into tc instead of a handful rockstars (if any) and multiple obvious cuts. Just saying.
  5. Thanks for sharing this but for the record, you had me at ‘turns’.
  6. In general I agree, but in this case I just think that seniority is another plus in Heather’s column. And they did seem to go with seniority for point, so it would make sense to do the same for the 3rd person.
  7. Ok as someone who has been quite openly anti-Gina for point, i owe her an apology. I understand why they chose not to have her in the triangle-watch the Oxnard clip and it’s pretty obvious she looks out of place next to Maddie and Amy. Problem is, she looks out of place because she’s stronger than both of them. Plus, my main argument against was that I consider her unphotogenic but yeah, she still photographs better than both points. I hope she retires this year because honestly, if she didn’t get into this year’s triangle, no way she will next year when all current 2nd years will be up for point/triangle. Best case scenario she will have the exact same spot she had last year, so what’s the point for her? That being said, why did they pick Lexie over Heather? Heather is more senior, more natural looking, a GL and much more powerful than Lexie.
  8. I don’t think the show is damaging to the dcc. It brings in a lot of money and while yes, a lot of girls will shy away from the team solely because of that, we’ve seen an increase in quality even if less people try out. So what? Less than 200 girls tried out last year and the group of rookies was amazing. This year they cut again stronger girls throughout the show and during finals. I don’t blame the show for that-we get to see how biased Kelli is in her decisions, but i’m sure dcc hopefuls would be able to figure that out without the show as well. And just my two cents; without the show, VK would have made it last year despite everything. At least having everything literally on tape means that they try to keep up appearances to a certain extent.
  9. Totally agree! Just think back a few years; how many GLs were hidden away in the formation? You can’t just suddenly move them upfront without changing all formations and there must be a reason why they were placed there. I would probably go with rotating the girls in the triangle at best.
  10. I was quite vocal about not wanting Gina for point, but daamn she was robbed. I believe the same for Heather-she is one of the most senior girls, photogenic, powerful even if not consistent enough and a great spokesperson. Then you get Gina who is stronger than both points and on the same level looks wise. How on earth do you end up with Amy and Maddie on point then? And for those who called Heather too vanilla for point, what would you call these two then? That’s because the upper vets are extremely weak (all 4 of them) and would never get chosen ahead of girls like Melissa/Kashara/Jenna/Erica/Holly. They got lucky and stayed longer than the rest. Then you have the third years who are nice but none of them is the total package. Then you have the amazing 2nd years who probably won’t get their chance to shine and we will lose most of them any way in the next 2 years. And then you have the new rookie class. Sooo is it really a coincidence that the last cuts are all blondes (plus redhead Shaina)? We don’t need competition for VK, right? That would show people that there are other blondes in tc who could dance without risking injuring themselves or teammates.
  11. I honestly don’t see how that was snarky or the mean girl vibes. I just think that since 99,9% of the girls do drink the dcc kool aid, any girl that doesn’t yes ma’am them non stop sounds snarky disrespectful or whatever. I liked her answer because she seemed to understand that cutting people so close to the end must be awful for K&J as well. I’d rather have real humans on the team instead of all these yes ma’am robots. Also random, but daamn Erin’s glow up is amazing. She looks so poised even when she’s in the background of a photo minding her own business. Tess on the other hand looks scary-worse than Daphne. Her head looks huge on her tiny body now.
  12. No offense to Marshall, but I think he implied he’s VK’s hairdresser when he said she has matured so much this year and blahblahblah. Anyway, why the hell is her hair just like a wig then? I know he’s a good stylist so I suppose it’s another case of no one being able to get through to her?
  13. Exactly... in this case, she would deserve the respect to sit on her butt and heal while being given a spot on the team just to make her feel better. She could focus on appearances after all since I assume she finally found her words this year. I hate when K&J (and the guests) bring up them not picking up a completely random style. If they do more than fine in dcc style, who gives a damn about how quickly they pick up contemporary? It’s not like SG ever do anything new and yeah, the dcc moves are basically just about 8 different counts mixed and matched together. Not exactly rocket science.
  14. Yes actually that’s it, but I can’t find it. It was a bit longer than the halloween deer in headlights moment and it was quite obvious. I don’t think Breelan was terrible but my point stands: when a girl spends the whole tc making the same mistake (for breelan, it was the deer in headlights face), you can’t expect her to overcome it once she puts the uniform on. If anything, moving from a studio to a turf and being constantly ‘on’ without knowing when you might end up on the jumbotron is a recipe for disaster. To be fair though, most other teams have mainly amateurs who aren’t going to spend all their spare time practicing for a low paid part time job. Dcc get trained dancers (for the most part) who agree on treating this as a full time job. Yes, they attract good candidates because of the dcc reputation, but the only reason the dcc are any good is that these girls are insanely talented. Say what you will Kelli, but try making a dcc out of all these other cheerleaders you’re laughing at.
  15. You can spot some of the uhm not-dcc-looking girls making their way to their seats, so it is definitely filmed during the first round. I think one of the best examples of them putting someone unsuitable on the field is Breelan’s incident. She got cut on the jumbotron freaking the f out, you know, as she would routinely do during rehearsal. I actually like her and I think she looks amazing now, but she should have been cut that year. So yeah, kelli will absolutely put someone on the team just because she likes them, but it doesn’t always lead to public embarrassment for her (I’m sure Breelan got grounded after that incident). I’m not really sure... i’m on the fence as a loud and proud anti-Cassie person, but she wasn’t glaringly bad. I actually think that she was too much of a gymnast cheerleader for dcc, but she was never that noticeable as she wasn’t out of control and glaringly bad. VK looks prettier, but Cassie never had a weight issue. And VK’s personality is much closer to the peppy cheerleader (even if a bit maniac) than ms you don’t need to smile to be a cheerleader. Oh, i’m with you! I hope they get it on screen just like with Breelan... let’s see how Ms. kelli deals with that then.