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  1. Uhm, i’m not a huge christina fan, but if you’re referring to what she showed during her take over as her wfh station, i’d hardly call that a shrink. She had what it looked like fan made pictures and only 2 or 3. And Sarah I guess is quite popular and she sure is a good dancer, but not really great looking. I know it sounds hard but she wouldn’t stand a chance with the current standards, so i’m sure she will cherish her dcc pictures forever. Most girls seem normal enough to either not have a huge shrink of their faces (pictures of your dcc years with friends during appearances etc is one thing, pictures of your face is... a whole different story) or at least they know not to advertise it.
  2. Kinda random but I saw Savannah’s insta takeover and good lord, she looks like a completely different person as a blonde! Red suits her more I think.
  3. Oh i’d love that! But they should pair her with someone who has an actual job or is a student and who takes no bullshit. That would be hilarious!
  4. Well... she’s not an only child so I sure hope it’s not her parents’ doing. Also, you need to have friends outside of dcc leadership to post about hanging out with friends, just sayin’. She really needs to go out in the real world to see that there are more (and better) things in life than dcc.
  5. It would be certainly interesting... I’m not sure everyone can follow if they only have a video to go by and they won’t be getting any corrections. I’m sure they have figured out other options as well, but I’m thinking that they would prefer to go with a vets only squad if it wasn’t for the show. Although, I’m sure we would all appreciate getting to know the other vets a bit and seeing new sections: what they do outside of dcc (they did 2-3 sections of this), group leaders leading practice, first game, calendar shoot if and wherever that happens. I don’t know, i think it would be good for the show actually.
  6. So only one spot on the triangle? I mean, it’s going to VK anyway but a girl can dream. I have to say, i’m loving this idea of the takeovers and the videos the girls are making with exercise ideas. Not sure if these are Kashara’s ideas too or if they got someone competent to run their social media at last? sadly, i missed Heather’s 😞 but Tess answered the most questions I think so far and gave the best answers. Aand posted a solo!
  7. They’d never do it as Kelli won’t be able to say that hundreds have been gathered for the auditions. Although if it goes well, she might switch to tapes precisely because we won’t be able to see how many actually attended.
  8. Not sure where to post this, but for those on the same timezone, JenK will be doing an ig live class. The choreo is easy enough soo for anyone interested:
  9. There is a difference between being pushed by your mom to be a dcc from the moment you were born and just auditioning at 18. VK just admitted she’s been attended dcc programs before she even hit the required age, that’s a bit too much. Lacey was extremely mature and poised at 18, VK was not. Jinelle is such a professional that she got a position with dcc. There is no comparison. VK isn’t talented enough to become a pro dancer, so she needs other options and that mainly requires going to college. Eh, there were many deserving upper vets who could have gotten gina’s spot as well... I’m sorry but I don’t see it. Yes she’s having fun and I’ll give her that, she always looks happy when she dances. She’s still not that great, check amber’s sharp movements in the back and try ti compare them with what VK is doing. Amber’s kicks are effortless, VK’s...well she struggles. She’s not awful, but still not good technique wise and all these moves are dcc recycled moves so she should be amazing. Uhm, what the hell is wrong with them? Their confidence and especially CLASS radiates thanks to the perfect waxes they’re getting? Really? Really?
  10. Good news is that her teeth/inability to close her mouth/way too obvious mouth breathing is quite distracting, I wouldn’t even check below the teeth level had you not posted it. in other news, Caroline’s new hair colour is aging her. What is going on?
  11. While I agree that Dayton isn’t a good fit, I don’t think it’s fair to compare her to Judy. During Judy/Kelli’s time on the team the routines were extremely basic and they didn’t have the jumbotron nor the show. Dayton would for sure have made it back then too.
  12. I’m sorry but this isn’t something i’d wish on anyone. She is obsessed with making her daughter a dcc and VK ended up having no other goal or skill in her life. A normal parent would realize that she’s not talented enough to become a pro dancer, so at the very least she should be going to college in hopes of having an actual career. It’s 2020, if your only goal in life is to be a cheerleader and then a trophy wife, then something went seriously wrong.
  13. That’s why I like Jenn’s classes. Her choreo looks kinda weird but she’s incorporating all signature moves and they’re great to build stamina. Out of all the former dccs doing prep classes i think hers are the most relevant. Most probably they feel pressured to go, as I doubt they’d give a chance to a dallas dancer who hasn’t spent money on their prep classes. But some of the prep classes like the mock auditions seem useful in the sense that you can go through all the rounds and get critiques so that you’re more at ease on the actual day.
  14. Check Heather’s story. At the end of the clip VK is going past her to ehm join the fun and well, i just want to say that heels aren’t for everyone and she needs help with her hair and outfits. We’re giving Maddie a hard time for looking “frumpy” but at least she doesn’t go out looking like she just rolled out of her bed. Miranda looks amazing. Loved the doggos!
  15. I’m only going to quote 2 things, which are enough I believe to prove why we’ve been screaming nepotism for years. "I went to every single one of them. I believe the minimum age was 16, but I snuck in when I was 15. "The minimum age was six, but I slid in when I was five, so I snuck in a year early by accident. ....right
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