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  1. No way she takes ballet and jazz considering she’s only ever posted lyrical choreos from her studio. But she can’t put that on her description. Which says a lot considering that her dancing looks spastic.
  2. And I mean, Kalyssa was cut, Holly was pretty much forced to resign and Milan chose school over dcc and gave us all the tea, so I’ll give them all a pass.
  3. While i’m glad we got a new video without VK, what’s the point of dccinmotion? I thought it was to highlight their talents outside of cheerleading but this is just another choreo with literally the same moves they always do.
  4. Dear god, if Tess, Madie, Miranda and Alexis all return, next year’s leadership will be a snoozefest.
  5. Well, you can’t sell a heels class with a choreo expressing sorrow or love...
  6. I guess since we got confirmation for Molly, the Bridget “spoiler” must be true as well. Great, more room for VK up front!
  7. Honestly, the funniest part is that someone who is dancing like crazy (literally) for avg. 4 hours per day apparently needs to walk 4-5 miles per day to remain lean. 4-5 miles. Of walking. Right.
  8. Happy birthday! That’s something I don’t understand. In Europe (at least in a lot of countries, haven’t researched all of them), you can’t possibly go into lyrical or contemporary without going into ballet first and in order to advance you need to pass your exams even if you’re not going pro. Maddie and Kashara were never going into that style so of course they won’t be that interested in ballet. But Lacey and Caroline have obviously had a lot of training in ballet... i don’t know, it just looks to me like competition studios aren’t that much about actually being a good dancer, but more about how you can win competitions with tricks etc.
  9. I get what you mean, I don’t think I would want to honor a tradition from a team that cut me. I guess it’s not such a big deal for them. Wonder if Raylee would do it, she seemed quite pissed off and rightfully so. While i have mixed feelings about weddings that fall on holidays, it looked beautiful. The bridesmaids dresses were amazing as well as the whole venue. Well done!
  10. The best part is that the count she messed up is the same for all groups. Tess made a similar mistake in one of the pre season games but she was indeed going with the wrong group. It was a big one as well, but at least it’s understandable. I think i gave you the wrong idea! We’re actually in total agreement. I’m just saying that even if we agree with kelli’s worldview and both girls deserve some punishment, the one whose nudes were leaked didn’t get one until she was retired and the other one who didn’t cause trouble got it worse. But what Kelli did to Holly is the definition of pettiness-it was fine for her to be point for 2 seasons plus PB, so punishing her 3 years after the fact is plain stupid. You said the same thing, you just didn’t spin it into something positive. Yeah great we got confirmation that she wasn’t a studio hopper as we were saying, but that’s actually even worse. Supposedly she was training since she was a kid to become dcc. She gets 121 time with one of the coaches (and not only her) who’s telling her that ballet is important. So what does she do? No ballet! No high school cheerleading/dance team and no power pom/hip hop classes. She gets cut and is told to work on her technique and to control her power. So what does she do? Lyrical!!! Contrast that to Erin who was a mess her first TC, was cut early on and came back and killed it.
  11. This! I mean it’s the only one confirmed and not confirmed dcc leadership-appointed insiders have defended and most of her fans act like she’s god’s gift to dance. Same with K&J finding her mistakes endearing. She’s not the first blender on the team, nor the only one who makes mistakes. She’s the only rookie ever placed in a coveted spot and the only one who is even applauded for her mistakes. That’s what pisses people off.
  12. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like such a big punishment. She was point for 2 years plus PB, that’s still better than occasionally making appearances as an all star. Heather’s nudes weren’t even leaked and she was demoted (hasn’t happened ever before) and was refused pretty much everything one of the only 4 upper vets deserved. I’m sorry but had this not happened, there’s no way Amy and Tess would have gotten the spots they did. They punished Jenna for not being honest and then punished Heather for being extremely honest and upfront. Riiight... I love how we can’t possibly judge VK’s technique from photos and clips showing her out of sync or not completing her moves repeatedly, yet we can tell that Bridget is depressed from these photos were she’s smiling brightly. I guess it’s true these girls can’t win
  13. I guess (and hope for) a shared point formation again. 3 years of Maddie in the triangle is way too much, so hopefully we will see someone else up there even for a few seconds. btw, their insistence of keeping the same girls in the triangle if they don’t retire is why I think tess will come back. She is the worst choice for triangle and looks really awkward and out of place, a position she wouldn’t have gotten in any other year (and if Heather wasn’t in the doghouse). Why give it up when you’re already in year 4? which btw would be Kelli’s excuse for placing VK in the triangle.she needs to balance out Tess, not that it mattered to them this year but next season it will suddenly become important again. Caroline has technique 🙂 No, Caroline was also supposed to be doing a half assed leap, but she’s extra and trying to overshadow poor VK. #duh
  14. Well there’s always a chance they’re going to break the mold and start sending the same outstanding vet to pb every year. A new tradition starting and ending with VK of course.
  15. The good news with all the amazing and beautiful dancers on the front, she really disappears. Unless you follow the teeth and the crazy bush on her head. What makes you think they will include the other girls in the first place? This is really sad. I don’t get why she stayed after that, although it might be that she wanted to get back the year that was effectively stolen from her. Kelli should stop idolizing an immature 19 y.o as the perfect dcc and notice the girl that accepted the absurd punishment, came back stronger and did it all with grace.
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