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  1. I assume she will participate in “higher-level” pageant or be involved in a pageant in some capacity-it’s a big part of the show. But you’re right, even though Bob realizes that Patty is out of control, I don’t want to see them working against each other. It’s messed up, but the whole show has the same feel to it!
  2. I just finished the whole season and I have to say I liked it. I don’t know how they’re going to continue this story, but I’d hate it to finish with bob in prison for something he hasn’t done. Magnolia was annoying to me in the first season, but she was amazing this season.
  3. To be fair, Maddie has had issues with her weight for a while now. Not sure if she was in ww in her rookie season, but definitely has been ever since.
  4. Gabby got the sideline calendar and posted about it to support her friends. What a class act!
  5. Apart from the teeth that stick out all the time, she always looks SO pink. Marshall made her hair look amazing during the cameo shoot, can’t they get someone to help her with her hair and makeup for games at least? I can’t believe TPTB let them go out in public without makeup. Unbelievable!!! Her hair looks blond-ish here and I actually like the color here. I know it’s just the lighting but it’s nice.
  6. Yeah, Kelli’s response to that disaster was “we need to help her find her words”. ????? Name one girl who has ever gotten such a response instead of a omg she’s such a liability, no way she can chat up a president like all dccs do all the time!!!!
  7. I’d add Erica and JenK too- they’re not very popular anymore, but both have excellent technique, very clean and powerful moves and can dance different styles. But you can’t really fix memory problems! Any girl with memory problems will certainly benefit from extra assistance throughout the season and multiple TCs, but that would always be a struggle for them. Now, someone who is a “take home” learner, or not very clean/sharp or not powerful etc, yes they would benefit tremendously from extra training and support. Even with no extra help, VK (and Lily and Kristen) spend so much time in TC last year so she probably had time to learn all the dances, or at least the majority of them. When you spend months practicing the same moves over and over again, you will “come back stronger” no matter what. That’s why they normally expect the comeback girls to be almost at vet level.
  8. She did the entrance last year as well, so she should have been perfect at this. They always expect comeback girls to be at their top game in everything they’d covered the previous year, so VK should’ve been kept to that standard as well... I don’t understand why Tess made it over Heather. She’s never been that strong, she’s too tall for the spot and has a harsher look than Heather. Tess would have been fine behind the point, but she spends most TS in the triangle.
  9. Honestly, they’ve started placing more emphasis on technique than being fun to watch and ended up with fewer girls with great technique AND very very few who are really exciting to watch. I don’t know how they did this...
  10. Yeah, they are all average at this style, but Gina and Erin especially are truly phenomenal. No idea how they ended up with these four. And say what you want, the first time they highlighted “sideline sweetheart” it just so happened to be when VK would be featured as well. And they couldn’t resist having her go first in this new thing when they have VETS who are much better at this style.
  11. Striking out on her own? She’s ended up with some kind of job with dcc after “interning” with cmt. I’m glad she has bigger dreams than dcc, but she’s hardly an example of an independent young woman finding her own path. No one said tall girls need to be quiet or shoved in the back. But when you tour something you don’t get up front when you know people behind you can’t see anything because of you. Especially when you get a private tour of something you’ve already seen so there’s no reason for you to be up front. It’s common courtesy, whether you’re 6’ or 5’5” with a very petite person behind you. It makes more sense in such an environment. And I bet you don’t have cameras shoved in your face while he’s offering counsel! Aand you’re not forced to talk about your feeling in front of said cameras. Who would dare to correct little miss perfection???
  12. May I note that Abigail is one of the few (only one i’ve ever seen, i’m assuming there are others) former dccs that have 0 mentions of dcc in their profiles? No uniform profile picture, no yay football season is on post, no throwback pictures or “former dcc” in her bio? I thought that would have count against her with Kelli... Yeah, totally not for publicity. That’s why she chose to do this privately or on a non-filming night -oh wait... Jenn was only one year at point and stopped at 4 years. Maddie can easily follow her lead... Thank you for this comment! Sam has Cassie’s tiny lips and VK’s teeth. There’s definitely room for her within dcc as long as Kelli is there, but I’m glad she has bigger dreams than that. Although, she does benefit from mommy’s connections too, she just chose a more discreet path with actual career prospects. I know it’s mean, but no she isn’t conventionally pretty and she doesn’t have to be.
  13. I want Heather to get pbc, but if that’s what it takes to get rid of Maddie, then go Maddie!!!
  14. I know he’s a fan favorite, but he doesn’t seem really mature with his responses, which would explain why he thought VK has matured soo much... And it doesn’t look like he’s actually following the posts, he just searches for mentions of his name... buut I thought our opinions are irrelevant?
  15. They are GLs and 2 out of the 4 senior vets. GLs are always front and center and I think they’ve earned it.
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