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  1. I respect Lisa’s commitment, tenacity, Latinx identity, bilingualism, and dancing; but, the issues identified upthread and the fact that not one group leader gave her a sticker last season make me question the selection. If being a locker room favorite can help you on the squad, being a locker room tyrant should keep you off it.
  2. What did Tasty Oreo (Tyce Diorio) day? “Hannah is a bullet. Bang! Bang!” I’ve said before that she’s blue collar hot, but that with impeccable technique is a f***ing lot.
  3. Agreed. It’s not a popular opinion here, but I believe Alexandria took Brennan’s spot three years ago and Brennan took Lily’s spot two years ago. Last year, they expanded the team to make it right. This year, they cut them both.
  4. There are not enough serenity prayers I can say to ease my anger about Brennan’s dismissal. Ridiculous.
  5. Terrific episode of a wonderful series. Discount Luke Wilson is my favorite cut down this installment. Did it bother anyone else that Devi left her scooter in the middle of the street?
  6. Maybe someone’s said it before, but I’ll say it here. Holly could have been perfect in the role of Nomi Malone in Showgirls. She has the blend of talent and sultriness that Elizabeth Berkeley only scratched at.
  7. I find it interesting that Fabiola is the best dancer of the three in the TikTok. Eleanor is trying to be fierce or gangster. Devi is sweet. But it’s Fabiola who exhibits perfect choreography and control. Her head never loses its position on the pivot. The performance seems as precise as the character, but it also seems too smooth. Yes, I’ve watched it 100+ times. Best 15 seconds of TV in a while. Devi’s mom is my favorite character. “Tell me more, Dr. HPV Infection.”
  8. This audition process has its merits. I like that each judge is watching each candidate perform on their own. The added scrutiny should yield fairer results. It’s clear to me that traditional auditions with five candidates dancing at the same time allows judges to form wildly different opinions as they catch different parts of performances. Also, TCCs will be the ladies that TPTB are serious about. I like that Kelli mentioned there would be no courtesy invites this year. I don’t recall ever hearing that stated previously. Moreover, I bet some candidates will learn better from tape. Perfect it at home and then bring it to the studio. Obviously, this format means TPTB will not have a sense of a lady’s memory, ability to perform under pressure and to stand out. I imagine first cuts will be swift.
  9. Nope. That was 2011. Some may argue a straight blowout is optimal Cassie, but I prefer 2010 and 2012.
  10. Given the format this year, I’d have a preference for the past TCCs. They already have muscle memory for Thunder, Power, and other perennial dances. Of course, they could go out with 28 to 30 during early games and blend the new girls in if more time is needed.
  11. This. It’s so annoying that the show had Lily/ Meredith as bubble gals when it was Meredith and Kat who shared a spot. As per WOC in this year’s selection, I speculate that any increase in representation would come from the forum of video submission. Being able to compete without expensive travel certainly opens up the field. Of course, the same structural barriers exist and there is even less time to mold someone this year. My Pluto binges have shown me that they’ve tried bringing WOC strugglers into camp only to have them be the last cuts. They seem to have their hearts in the right place.
  12. So true. I also found the judges deliberation in Season 1 funny. The tables were set up into a U shape without skirting and they crammed 2.5 to 3 people per table. I would’ve been so uncomfortable sitting there. The evolution of deliberations would be interesting to see. Brooke Sorensen comes up a lot in this thread. I found it interesting that Judy called her a great technical dancer. Then, cut to Brooke doing a truncated leap in her solo while being very tight. So, the bar was lower then (or the editing worse). Just as it was even lower in the 70s and 80s. Although she is a bit more reserved than KaShara, I think of Brooke as the life of a party. The sort of girl you want to have a beer with. Sexier than beautiful and approachable. I can see how she became the star in her later seasons. Judy talks. Some of the most insightful and raw moments were hers in the early years. Now, we barely get any Judy comments. I miss the old Judy. Cassie. She has strange features, and bangs didn’t help matters. In her fifth season, they were able to optimize her— body, hair, makeup, etc. She looks downright sexy in the fifth year team photo. But still, she’s a strange looking girl. No way she’d make it without nepotism, but she did well with what she has. As a mother now, she’s just not trying as hard and god bless her—it’s her right. DCC you didn’t see. There is so much unused footage over 14 years, I’d love to see CMT put together clips of stuff that didn’t make the show for one reason or another. They did some of this in recent years, but it is limited. For example, run the full Vivian poem in split screen with Kelli and Judy’s reactions. Extended cuts of the cuts. Every girl’s fitting and their conversations with Kelli. Erica existing in Season 12.
  13. I did, and I simultaneously thought, “I’d love to wine dog walk with you” AND “Damn girl, is that legal?”
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