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  1. I liked Victoria this year and was happy she made the squad. Now, it’s a different story because 8 out of 10 cheerleader photos or videos she is front and center. Is she the only one on the squad of value? You can’t tell me she is the only one available for these appearances and videos. If she is, then she needs a life outside of DCC because being a cheerleader isn’t going to pay the bills when she needs to be an adult and fend for herself. After reading her article where she told the world how is basically cheated the system at an early age( she is a media risk IMO because that’s nothing to share with the world ) and all these videos, I could care less if I ever see her again. If TPTB think this is going to make others like her, it’s backfiring because I know many VK fans who feel the same as I do. Show us the other 36 girls on the squad!
  2. I agree with you. I have been a Victoria defender also and at times took a lot of heat for it and now I read this and think to myself was I wrong in defending her all along. I have also said from the beginning that if they would stop showcasing her, she might grow on people but they couldn’t do that, they kept shoving her in everyone’s face with lots of individual and group videos of her dancing. Then comes this article where she destroyed herself. 😢 Whoever let that article get published was an idiot because she is now telling the world that she got special treatment back in the day and this is reinforcing some people’s opinions that she got special treatment at tryouts this season. I will say she was very prepared at media day and interviews during the season. Did she get questions ahead of time? We will never know that answer. This was a foolish mistake and it just goes to show how horrible her media skills are, something that Kelli and Judy put emphasis on each year that a girl has to be media ready at all times. I now have my doubts about her and I won’t be defending her anytime soon which is sad because I was genuinely happy she made the squad. 😢
  3. Someone asked Victoria about her thyroid on IG and Victoria herself responded that she does have this condition, but that she stopped taking her medication because it made her sick. We got the thyroid info right from her mouth, so here is the verification.
  4. I totally agree with you on this. I think they brought her back for an easy cut for the show. I actually loved how she defended herself when she was cut.
  5. You seem to know a lot about the family from this comment and some of your past comments. Are you guys friends?
  6. She deleted her Instagram. I’m not sure if she was sick of all the comments or TPTB had her take it down for content.
  7. It doesn’t take a whole day if you do your research about what you need and where you need to go. I think that’s why it took her all day because she wasn’t prepared.
  8. Based on some of the comments on Heathers post, it looks like she is retiring. This was one response as she made to a fan plus Kristen made a comment referring to Heather retiring
  9. At the end of the season Kelli said that the girls would have to do an internal audition to see what 36 would be on the field. With Gina out with injuries, I would think they are all performing. From others posting on various sites Rachel ( missed practice), Briana& Kat all sat out one game. I then heard Meredith sat out a couple of games also.
  10. This was a conversation I had with Victoria. She is a very friendly young lady and I enjoy chatting with her. I guess I need to watch what I post on Facebook. I don’t understand all the hate about her cause. Body Image Disorders are more widespread than people know. It happens with children, teenagers and adults. I personally have experience with it. To be honest I believe TPTB participate in this type of behavior when they criticize girls about their weight publicly. Victoria was on the receiving end of this the first year she tried out and because of this she got a lot of social media hate. I applaud her for taking on this cause and telling others that it’s okay to talk about it and you aren’t alone if you are experiencing this. So now I will put on my shield because I know many don’t agree with me and the arrows will start flying my way. 🤣🤣
  11. Last year Maddie auctioned both of her boots off for her cause. She did it through the organization and found out because I follow her on IG. I did some bidding myself for them, but they went close to a $1000 which was to pricey for me. I had to stop halfway through the bidding and was sad because they were my size. I only saw one other girl where there was bidding for one of the boots on twitter through breast cancer I believe. The girls do Put out there causes with a little video on twitter on DCC site. It’s very interesting to watch.
  12. Exactly! If I was a veteran I would be pissed off that they moved her so far forward to replace Gina. Favoritism at its best!
  13. I believe everything she said. I believe she was set up to be the “ character “ that would make us all dislike her for the shows rating. To be honest when CMT, K & J put out that video this season making fun of her writing the poem,( also bringing up Malena’s cut) I found it disgusting and they both came across as two mean, nasty ladies. Yes, she made a mistake by writing the poem, and took the heat and some hate from fans ( which is sad ) but there was no reason to bring it back up years later and humiliate Vivian once again, all for ratings. I’m glad Vivian is at a place where she can discuss bullying openly.
  14. Cruisegirl

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Oops, sorry I chose a incorrect word. Geez!!!
  15. Cruisegirl

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I am somewhat confused on this 36/37 girl making the team. I saw a video where Kelli was explaining how they would choose the girls that dance each week. I watched the show and it looked like all 37 made the team. Kelli made no mention of this alternate thing aka extra girl who would sit out ( obviously from a comment I used the wrong word so rephrased) I’m not a Cowboys fan so I really don’t know how many girls are on the field during sideline, triangle, and kick line at the games. I would think that swapping a girl in and out each game could affect the performance especially if they are in a different spots then they normally are. @ShellyB, did they take all 37 girls but are only having 36 cheer at each game? If that’s the case do all 37 come to the game and if so what do they do?
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