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  1. I’m over this season. Meredith and her crying has to stop. Don’t say your future is in Kelli’s hand. ( I can’t believe Kelli bought that ) It’s in your hands. If you want to make the squad get your act together and work for it. Ask vets for help, practice more but stop the whining. Kelli, I’m sorry but crying because of what Meredith said is ridiculous you don’t hold her future in your hands, she does and needs to work hard to earn her spot this was also weird to me The spa scene was ridiculous. I could care less to see this, show me more dancing and stop advertising the companies who provide freebies to the girls and organization. It was a big waste of time and I’m glad I could zip through it. I truly got the impression that K & J don’t like Madeline S or want her on the squad. I found the office visit condescending and very rude towards Madeline. It reminded me of Dayton’s visit to the office last season. Madeline deserves better. The girl is beautiful, talented and has great maturity for her age. This is a young lady who said right from the beginning she didn’t consider herself a legacy until she made the squad. There is more to this story about why K doesn’t like her. To be honest before the show I knew nothing about DCC but after watching the show for 14 seasons, I believe this TV show has brought out much about the organization and not in a favorable way.
  2. I found Kelli rude in her questions to Madeline S. I think she is a beautiful, talented young lady but for some reason Kelli doesn’t want her on the squad. The office visit reminded me of Dayton last year, very uncaring and I'm ready to send you packing. Maybe there isn’t room for two blonde legacies on the squad. 😂 There is more to this that we aren’t seeing. Its all for the drama to show she has a heart. She doesn’t hold Merediths future in her hands. That’s all on Meredith to get her act together and step up.
  3. Probably because they are showing VK getting a spa treatment on tonight’s episode. There is only room for so much, so they have to get her front and center as much as they can.
  4. I responded and yes I still need it. Thank you
  5. @ShellyB is there anyway to get a squad photo if you don’t live in Texas?
  6. Anyone else would have been cut that night and not invited back to TC.
  7. I bet Kelli or Tina made those signs up and passed them out for girls hold them. I sort of like Victoria but these are creepy
  8. Do you have to watch the episodes live? I know when they were on cmt app, I could watch at my leisure but it doesn’t seem that way on Pluto
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