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  1. I got the impression last season Meredith was simply calm and a little more laid back than some other girls. However she now is starting to seem vapid 😕 Kelsey L was at least bubbly to make up for it instead of having low energy as well
  2. I agree. Looks much better. More curvy/sexy instead of simply distracting
  3. All three ladies look very beautiful in these cameos and I am happy for them. But I have to admit part of me is disappointed we won't get to laugh at how hilariously bad they are like last year 😉
  4. It is so sad the retiring vets post doesn't include Gabby. Must be so upsetting to be cut as a vet.
  5. Yes! I was so excited to hear these speeches but in the end they were kind of generic
  6. Some people are saying Lily seems really vapid, but I'm not so sure about that. I think she might actually be smart and just more reserved. Watching Kyndall get cut after two full summers of TC was so awful. I really hope they wouldn't do that again.
  7. The thing is, a lot of girls on the team or formerly on the team probably do a lot of this stuff to maintain their look. At least she is being honest about what procedures she does. BUT of course I wish women weren't held to such high standards and it wasn't necessary for anyone to dedicate so much time and money to these things.
  8. The way Neil said "Oh?" when VK fell out of her turn 😂
  9. Agreed - figure is good and hair is normal for a DCC flip
  10. Interesting take. I genuinely didn't know how to feel about her last season so I'll try to view her as "not plastering on a huge fake smile" and see if she seems more likable. Now I am a HUGE Alexis fan. I think she is so gorgeous and photogenic. But even I can see she is a blender when it comes to dance. I'm Team #GinaforPoint and Lexie or Maddie or Heather or Amy should probably get it over Alexis....
  11. What's everyone's impression of Meredith? She seems very photogenic, but last year Kelli remarked she seemed disinterested or sleepy during her interview which I agreed with.
  12. Lol at "shaking her ta-tas" 😂 I like having someone super sexy like Kalyssa then balanced with also having senior vet Maddie who has more of the cutesy look
  13. Yes! Totally stuck out on post with their names that had their former affiliations. Really shows VK doesn't even want to dance for any other team? Other women have to take it more seriously and dance on other teams to help their skills...
  14. ty and sorry for not checking that thread earlier!
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