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  1. Based on the rest of this year and how seniority has taken over best dancer... Amy will get pro bowl. Maddie will get VOTY. Who I want: ROTY: Amanda VOTY: Jaylyn Pro bowl: Heather
  2. I love Alanna! I think she is extremely underrated!! Her glow up from her rookie year is amazing. And a tan does her all kind of favours. She's a strong reliable dancer and seems like fun! Her and Bridget are super cute together. From an Aussie girl's perspective, Cali girls look like they have more fun 😉 (Bridget, Alanna, Maggie, Molly etc)
  3. Also can't remember if we ever established if any other DCC were going to be Miranda's bridesmaid other than Caroline. Looks like Gina is another!
  4. I hope for the exact same people to return.. I just don't know if they will. I see Madeline returning and maybe Julia since she was so well loved. But I think Shaina is bitter. She died her hair back to blonde as soon as she left. I feel like it's a FU to Kelli. And rightly so. I'd be too. Kelli can be downright cold and heartless when she doesn't like someone.
  5. Just looked at photos and videos of them doing the kickline to try and figure out who it is. I think it might be Bridget! But I could be completely wrong. They always post the kickline from a hard angle so it's hard to see
  6. Ummmm Jalyn's boyfriend is hot AF!!!!!!!!! Yes girl!!!!!!
  7. Photos from last game https://www.dallascowboys.com/photos/dcc-week-3-game-day-gallery-miavsdal-2019? Cianna is show group but Jaylyn has a better spot than her in TS..? Rookie Taylor has to be on weight watch To the people who though that Gina didn't edit her photos to look skinnier and it was the TPTB doing the opposite to make her look less anorexic, take a look at the pic of her in here.. Victoria is still slim but she is definitely not too thin.. Amber is my girl crush. Can't wait for the 2nd yr vets to take over. It's going to be stacked!! #MaddiePleaseRetire
  8. Ok now that someone has pointed it out, it's become so obvious! I can't believe I didn't notice it before. It's very sad. Her waist in this photo looks very deformed. Especially with Daphne in the background..
  9. It's such a shame. Heather really stepped it up this year and she's been hidden in TS. At least she's GL. Christina looks good in this too. Maybe she stepped it up too being in the same group as Bridget, Amber and Jaylyn!
  10. Group triangle placement has always gone by seniority. Looks has nothing to do it. This is the 1st year that I know of that a 2nd year has been in front of a 3rd year (Savannah). I'm guessing because Savannah can't be trusted up front without messing up. If it was based on looks, she would be in the triangle. I just wish they had done the same thing and put Jaylyn in front of Christina. I don't think Christina messes up though. She's just a stiff, boring dancer with no power.
  11. I'm pretty sure when VK is talking legacies she means herself, Sam, Dayton, Cassie & now Lennon. They always take pics together even before they started trying out and we're young calling themselves the legacies. This is the mindset of VK - born into it, already a legacy even if I'm on the team or not!
  12. The shorts look way better now that they come up the hips more. Those teeny tiny ones that gave them muffin tops from 2005-2010ish era are bloody terrible. I'm all for the shorts having a bit more coverage if it flatters their bodies more. Except I don't think it's possible.. not with this style. I always thought Tasha's shorts looked too nappy like. Made her look frumpy. I wondered if they made hers slightly higher to cover a possible cesarean scar..? I know they weren't very popular but I always thought the 90s shorts that had the v cut were very flattering!
  13. Well this has been an eye opener. I'm pretty much the same height as Briana at 5'2 🤣 I thought she would've been like 4'10-5'0 based on how much shorter she is than everyone else in the photos. Wow I'm short.. In other news, would someone like to fund a trip to Dallas for me and get me into a game. Kthanksbye. (P.s I only fly first class)
  14. Random thoughts... Amber and Carolines rise is great, but surprising. I've always loved Amber since before she even made the team and posted videos at Jenns prep class. But I thought she got shunted a little last year even though she made show group. But now she is in front of Bridget in their groups and all! Caroline is going to be a star. I don't think Gina will retire after this year. I think she is a fighter and will continue to stay and fight for point. But I don't think they will ever give it to her.. Amber, Bridget and Caroline are being setup as next year's triangle in my opinion. #MaddiePleaseRetire Still cannot fathom Amy and Tess in the triangle. I don't like Maddie there either but I knew she would be there. VK looks great. I hate Kats hair. Can't believe Alexis was made 2nd GL.. especially over Molly. I think Alexis is beautiful but I hate her faces when she dances. Girl close your mouth. When others do the open mouth thing, it looks smiley, she just looks like a fish out of water.. and they put it in the new jumbotron intro 🙄
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