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  1. To be fair, I feel like she did get much more powerful and stronger after she was in TC though. She's a pretty cute, poppy dancer. She's always smiling and is much more interesting than Lilly 🤷🏻‍♀️ P.s I actually like Lilly as a person and it would be sad if she got cut because she's so close to some of the girls but she is pretty vanilla.
  2. It's always sad when a vet is cut.. but they really could get rid of a couple of make room for what looks like some great new potential in the TCCs. Meredith, Lily, Lisa... Kat has wayyy too much charisma and looks to cut! She brings some much needed personality to the squad! Wish Tess, Maddie would retire already eurghh. At least Amy is finally gone. The TCCs look great. Love that Sheridan is back! If Elli doesn't make the team I'll throw a tantrum. Girl is stunning!!!!
  3. GL - Maddie, Tess, Gina, Lexie 2nds - Rachel, Savannah, Caroline, Daphne
  4. I couldn't do it... I couldn't be part of a team/ organisation/ brand etc that makes me feel like I have to juggle my own values with brand perception/ values. I think Bri, Ashley, Kat are going to feel very conflicted if the Cowboys do or say nothing. Such a shit feeling. I noticed Bridget letting her political opinion loose on IG 🙌 what a relief it must be to have a voice and independent opinions again once you've left the team!
  5. Who (I believe) SHOULD be in leadership positions: - Brennan, Bri, Daphne, Taylor, Amber, Caroline Based on maturity, leadership qualities, prior work and dance experience. Who will be leaders instead: Maddie, Lexie, Gina, Tess, maybe Savannah and Rachel if they go for seniority, Victoria..
  6. Well if it's true that only Bridget is retiring from our current 2nd years, then that's a pretty big rookie class going into their 3rd year. Hopefully at least half of them continue on to 4th & 5th years!
  7. Haley has a screenshot of the virtual banquet on her IG stories.. that's the most I've seen so far. It's small and blurry and you can't see a thing, but it's something 😆 https://www.instagram.com/stories/haleyanderson93/
  8. I LOVE Bridget. I think she is a great performer, bright, bubbly etc. But I get the feeling that she might be struggling. I don't know why.. just a gut feeling. I'm not surprised she's retiring actually...
  9. I wonder how many girls will go onto finals/training camp? I've always thought their audition process needed a shake up! Take more girls to training camp, see them all dance for more than 2 minutes each and then make some decisions.
  10. I would've agreed with you before they put Amy at point. Anything is possible if you stay to your 5th year
  11. I had a dream that Caroline retired. But when I woke up I couldn't remember if it was a dream or real so just jumped on here to confirm 🤣 fingers crossed it wasn't a premonition..
  12. It looks like VK may have put on a bit of stomach pudge hence why they posted the other photo cause the balloon and her sleeve are covering her stomach. It's why she's so sucking in so much in the group photo.
  13. Based on the rest of this year and how seniority has taken over best dancer... Amy will get pro bowl. Maddie will get VOTY. Who I want: ROTY: Amanda VOTY: Jaylyn Pro bowl: Heather
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