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  1. Rachel A is missing from the triangle? Not an error on your part @dccfan204, i paused the preview video and couldn't see her anywhere.. There also looked like there was a vet in blue walking past Claire W in the video? I couldn't make out who it was...
  2. Just because Hannah is struggling with the pandemic, doesn't mean she isn't game ready. She looked better than a few others in the room that didn't get cut! Also, if you were employed/ contracted and were unfairly treated/ dismissed, would you stay quiet because it's the "professional" thing to do. F*CK that! I'd be very vocal about what has gone down to shine a spotlight on the bullshit treatment and to warn others. Sure, life isn't fair, but if I can call someone out for bullshit treatment, i will. Screw professionalism, I'm standing up for myself!!!
  3. Alanna is one of my faves. I think she has the same bright and bubbly charisma that Bridget had and don't understand why she is always pushed to the back.... I will never understand Daphne.. don't think she's that great or special. Jaylyn outshines her always. Claire W is cute and a fantastic dancer, but her face does not look cute on the show... Not sure why. Hopefully her makeover helps...
  4. Yeah and Jenn K got it over Sydney, Danielle & Jessica.. it's so obvious K&J choose who goes... As if the girls didn't choose Danielle!
  5. I don't know what they fed the girls at LSU Tigers Girls but Erica, Cersten & Keyra acted like their shit don't stink. They came across stuck up to me. Never got the hype around them..
  6. Totally! Showgroup is so irrelevant now anyway. They don't learn showgroup-only routines anymore to entertain the troops and wherever else they would perform. Just use whatever girls are free when you need to do an appearance. If to get on the squad you are "world-class", then what do you need to be to make showgroup? A+++ Victoria??
  7. That, swimsuit cover 2 years in a row, centre stage at the Queen performance... girl was always going to point the minute Kelly laid eyes on her! If Maddie had retired, Rachel would definitely be point (in a non-covid world). Even over Tess, Lexie, Gina, Caroline. Dare I say, Rachel is the 1 person I think could win point over Victoria if they both stay on for a couple more years. Not saying I agree with it... Point should Bridget (still rooting for her even in her retirement). Amber is the next strongest who I think could take it. Gina's face costs her point.
  8. I think it's this girl Lindsey https://www.instagram.com/lindseycwaldrop/ Has tried out for DCC for what seems like the last 20 years... danced on the Spurs for a year I feel bad for all the girls that retired at the end of last season. They are obviously told not to post about it and the DCC don't post it on their socials either ,as they want to show it on the show but with no show this year, it's just like they've been forgotten...
  9. Could Caroline, Daphne & Tess be the golden children that Kat threatened to bring down with her if she was cut from the team due to fraternization? I had noticed them hanging out previously and thought it was an off combo of people. Also, pandemic aside, is anyone really surprised that the girls go out and get drunk. They are pretty girls all in their 20s.. I'm sure it's been happening for years and years. I even think today's DCCs are better behaved than the girls of the noughties. Let them have fun!!!
  10. Doesn't surprise me. Allie (in my opinion) seems like a disgusting human being. The filth that she spouts and likes on Twitter is vile (to me, an Australian who is the furthest from conservative as you could get and doesn't understand religion). I will never understand how people like Maggie can be friends with her. I find it so hard to be friends with people who don't share the same values as me. I know some people love it, and get in heated friendly debates about politics and values and religion, but that is not me. I really wonder how girls like Hannah, Molly, Bridget, can get along with the girls like Rachel W, Allie etc. And omg, yes!! Kelli would be soooo pissed that another cheer coach from Texas stole her thunder (pun intended) hahahahah. I actually wonder if that's why she turned into mega bitch this season so she can justify higher ratings to compete with Monica Aldama.
  11. I had Tori pegged as a definite in making the team. She is such a strong dancer and really good friends with Rachel A.
  12. Wow DCC not having a good PR week 😂 Meagan Pravden has just released an interview on her body image trauma after Kelli made the infamous thut comment. Love her! https://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/meagan-pravden-reflects-on-body-shaming-from-cmts-dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-making-the-team-11921926
  13. Haven't you heard? DCC are so elite, that if you've cheered for them in the last 10 years, it gives you immunity against COVID-19.
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