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  1. Define dodgy? I have a website that is streaming fine as long as you don't mind having to put up with the boring adverts at the beginning but BUT once you get past that its streams and plays fine. If you want to try that, that is. The other option is if you have apple and have a "spare" apple device that you "do not care" (if that make sense) that you can't play movies from another country for 3 months each time then you could do what I do and make a US iTunes account and put a us address eg a hotel etc as address and just buy us gift cards and redeem that and buy the season pass
  2. Ok so I know you guys are not nasty for even the "stupidest" questions. But what is NRL? National Rugby league? Who is this? Looking at this on my phone so don't fancy going on pompedia and trolling it Correct me ion this but I was under the impression that Stephanie Di-Biase just ask who she wanted to be on the squad and that there wasn't "any" audition for that team. I always found it weird that when Mavs disbanded the dance team they had that massive announcement on their instagram that there were audition for this new team and that they would po
  3. JInelle said something like that too, her rookie season, when Kelli asked her how the Melbourne Storm came on the football field and Jinelle was like "just running on and shaking the poms"
  4. I could say the exact same about the girl to our right of Gina her left under boob looks like its poping out a little
  5. Thanks guys. I wasn't sure when she was on that team, whether it was last year after she was cut or some time before she was a DCC
  6. Can someone tell me when Hannah's rookie season for the Chicago luvabulls? Was it before DCC? I wonder why she left that for DCC when she clearly seems to love them a bit more than DCC judging by that ig post.
  7. Sorry to bring this up again. I had nothing to do the last 2 days since I somehow managed to fracture my ankle and is staying at home doing nothing but rest and not work (worked banned me from going in till its healed, I work as a Chef) so watched the show on itunes. But that picture on her website in that link I believe it is definitely Mandy. I know it is small on the website and hard to tell but I'm currently watching season 11 episode 2 at the 22.50 mark Mandy is on talking about her Raiderrettes experience and there is a picture of her in the studio in the same top as that pic
  8. I think Karissa's mum raised her and her siblings as a single parent. So I wouldn't call it selfish, there was a choice there, put them into care or have your eldest help whilst you work. Being single parent is not easy and hard if you have no support from others eg your parents (the kids grand parents) other family members/friends. I know people who are raised in single parent household and some who have both parents and some (not all but some) of my friends who were raised with both parents are (as brutal as this is to say) "useless" once they move out of their parents house and
  9. The thing is the crosses stand out a lot more on the practise outfit because of the dark colour. Where as those hip hop outfit they use for game day, yes it is there too but the difference is the colours make it blend and not stick out like a sore thumb. Also those hip hop outfits, the shorts also have other patterns on it so your eye doesn’t fully jump to the fact there’s crosses where their privates are. The practise outfits is just plain dark blue or pink with 3 crosses so your eye does jump there
  10. I will say it again. Kelli's getting old and forgetful and prob having dementia setting in ... How can you forget your rookie sisters? The year that Lexie got married the day before pe lims Kelli opened the show talking to the girls with "the girls you are sitting with will be your best friends, bridesmaid etc for the rest of your lives. Just a few hours ago (assuming that this was at like 7-8am in the morning when the prelims start meaning it was the day before) we had a wedding" and the scene was then cut to Lexie on the big board with a few DCC bridesmaids talking about her dcc bridesmaids.
  11. Ha thanks I knew I needed to watch the show again lol those shorts were horrible like this year's tops!!! No other way to describe those shorts .... lol
  12. I’ve seen those training tops before. I could’ve sworn they used that top a few years ago but the bottom was all pink or blue but had a white cross on their private parts maybe it’s an upgraded version of it …. Maybe the bottom was for a different top i think I need to rewatch what season it was in.
  13. Alyssa Sarasani? the one who got cut her first try when it was still texas stadium then came back 2 or 3 years later at at+t stadium first year and was then a one and done? The rest have had a few years as a DCC under their belt so prob knows the drill and was a bit more relaxed by then the rookies I can understand but yea she needs to relax but prob was nerves on the rookie year was my assumption
  14. A few girls have leap frogged to 1st leader without getting any 2gl experience over the years. I doubt Kelli fully "follows" her own rules on how DCC should and do things. She promotes double standards on national tv the best ....
  15. Because when you look at the actual picture it looks like there is a "blurb" of either a vet or tcc on their hands and knees (hard to tell because I see blue shorts but it could be a vet or tcc because they are all wearing blue shorts with either pink or blue strips depending on vet or tcc) UNDER A TABLE (or what looks like a table) with someone else sitting on the table and that vet or tcc in a questionable pose whilst on their hands and knees (which I won't say because it is pretty explicit and I am pretty sure the mods will give me a slap on the wrist if I said it) so I had to zoom in to
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