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  1. I lost track of who are Hannah and Brennan's "close friends" still on DCC? I was thinking just now of, wouldn't it be funny those close to the two of them, still on the team next year, have their "my cause my boots" dedicated to them. and be along the lines of "mental health issues, dedicated to former DCC's Brennan and/or Hannah, who was SACKED a year ago" etc. I would be sitting here doing my Wicked Witch from the west (wizard of Oz movie reference) laugh
  2. Well her abs may not be perfect, but its better than my beer belly that I gained from this "boring covid 19"!!!!!
  3. Right I will start a cheerleading group just for Hannah and Brennan. Everyone from this board is welcomed and everyone outside this board is welcomed too. Except the following people: 1) DEMENTIA KELLI FINGLASS, "I CANNOT STICK UP FORMYSELF ANYMORE" JUDY TRAMMELL, DUMBASS CHARLOTTE, and all of their families 2) Those snide "I can't handle other people's opinions" people in all the other facebook groups that is (and to put it nicely), against people this forum, for speaking the truth/having an opinion etc 3) CMT and all everyone else that agrees with the editing and promotion of that show .... etc
  4. And the fact that Kelli love love LOVES to compare their kicks to Rockettes kicks because she also (in her eyes) knows that if they can do the Rockettes kick then the girl can kick. Esp Judy whose eyes I see light up (a little) when she said she was a Rockette because Judy is just like "right so she can kick and the difference is she just got to adjust it to our kick length and that can be taught and adjusted" over a girl who can't kick and Judy has to be "forced" to teach her to kick from the start because of Kelli and Charlotte etc. Which is why Judy has "shrunk" into herself and basically allowed those two to practically "walk all over and bully her" and as shes near to retirement age you can see she just waiting till she retires and then bow out gracefully.
  5. And thats you being nice. If shes on the roof she can cling on to the roof and try to survive if you then drive at a high speed lol. I'd put her under the car and have her try cling on that way, whilst driving away .... lol
  6. Wheres on instagram is this vision board she posted? I don't follow her on instagram
  7. Even if she was a Rockette for 1 year she would have met Alora Rose because they auditioned the same year but the difference was Jacie made it her first try and Alora Rose didn't but I seem to read her insta that she made it a second year and someone asked if she was still a Rockette and she said no because she was taking a year out for personal stuff. Which I assumed was maybe she had too much going on and was getting a little burnt out
  8. Watching Alora-Rose, what I wanted to know was how much Jacie influenced Dementia Kelli and "I cant be bothered to use my voice anymore to Kelli and Charlotte" Judy. From what I seen Alora Rose tried out for the Rockettes the same year as Jacie's rookie year on Rockettes but didn't make it but actually made it the following year, assuming that Jacie did make it back for a second year (wasn't Jacie on Rockettes for 3 years? I vaguely remember her taking a break for 2019/2020 year for personal reasons eg engagement etc but looks like they broke up judgin by her insta?) Also pretty much doesnt Kelli and Judy "help" their favorites past and present etc ... how many girls who shouldn't really have got into the team but did because of their favorites eg Stephanie hayman been besties with Brooke since 2/3 grade figures if Jacie helped because Jacie still helps out at prelims and sometimes in TCC
  9. Well good to know, because the screenshot on her instagram says swim suit, thats why I didn't know it was 60 years of cowboys etc. Thanks
  10. Any one have the current 2020/2021 calendars? Just seen Cassie's insta stories and it seems that former DCC's are put in the current 2020/2021 calendars too by the looks. Looks like girls from about 5 to 10 years ago are actually featured in the swim suit calendar of 2020/2021 calender. So does anyone have it to see what current vets from 19/20 season is in all of the current calendars. I found it weird that Kelli actually put in old/former DCC I know that people who don't follow the team/show would not know that they are not current DCC's anymore I can't seem to add the pictures on here, the files are too big, (thanks phone LOL) but looks like the 2020/2021 swim suit has Cassie, Sasha agent, Kelsi Reich and another girl who I don't recognise, judging by Cassie's insta stories
  11. But you can forgive Jen K for that tho, she was pregnant and pregancy can "balloon" you up, I know a girl who was like that, always a uk size 6 and then she got pregnant and was a 14/16 during pregnancy and her kid was one of the "lightest" kid at birth that, the team (at the hospital she gave birth) saw. So would she really count in weight gain due to pregnancy in terms of that question.
  12. Guys anyone saw Jasmine's insta story the other day. Just wondering, unless I was blind looks like she kept one of her old DCC boots, didn't look like it was one of the My boots my cause boots because that started after she was cut for her 4th year.
  13. Do you know whats weird? They did a different entrance for one of the christmas shows a few years ago, where they were coming in from 4 corners and I loved that and and I said I liked that and that they should do that routine with thunderstruck to the video on youtube and some idiot told me off for saying it and for not understanding that the thunderstruck performance was their signature routine and had me flaming them for (them) not understanding that they used to do different routine to thunderstruck when the show first started and now they been doing it for 10 years lol But damn that squad photon, I actually cannot undo seeing Cici's arms (if that is Cici, the first person to our left on the second row) And who does that remind you of? If VK did it? That Amy or Robin making the comment that Gina did the same thing in TCC her rookie season .... LOL. Its VK she thinks she is an entitled child. Was it Madeline Salter, the other legacy that tried out the year Dayton first tried out, who said her mother was a DCC and she didn't consider herself a legacy until she made the team herself and I was like "GIRL I LIKE HOW YOU THINK and give that to info to VK too". I mean wasn't VK also the one who had the twitter handle "dcc_victoria" LONG before she even tried out and made the team? (and this was after Victoria the dentist retired?
  14. Erm I guess it was this pic https://www.instagram.com/p/CHWOtKBlLpZ/ I was talking about, from the other week. The shorts looked as tight as when the last time Jen Amburn had to fill in and she had a ladder in her tights too etc Because Dementia Kelli doesn't like or want Judy to have a voice anymore thats why.
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