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  1. Whats hilarious about this is for YEARS those shorts WERE extremely short, frontal side and then Yuko's rookie year, some of the girls like Yuko, where their shorts (frontal side) was LONGER than the others like Jenna or Danielle whose shorts were really really really short that it was practically almost showing a gap in the groin area between the let and their vulva/private parts
  2. Does Gina uses apps on her pics or is it DCC that does it? Because her body is skinnier than Kelsey Bond's rookie year (the second year she tried out after she had to bail out her first year due to health probs that had her hospitalised) and Kelli pulled her into the office to tell her she was anorexic and she was too skinny and Gina is skinnier than Kelsey's rookie year is my opinion. But her pics on the gram is a little diff to the dcc's exact same pic of her. So assuming DCC uses some sort of face tune app or photo shop
  3. LOL is Tara throwing shades to DCC? Cos if so I love it!!!! She looks good tho. But mind you I thought it was her cameo from Mavs Dancers before it disbanded ... till I remmebered what the new team uniform looked like
  4. To be fair none of us on here judges a book by its book even if its "nasty" comment. but when it comes to her partner ... he sounds like he HATES her dancing ... whether its good or bad. So just say your opinion.
  5. Guys is this https://www.instagram.com/kalyssaalynn_/ ? If so looks like she got a new instagram. Wonder what happened to her old one. Did anyone still follow her when she got really "risky" (thats not how you spell that "naughty" word is it? ha, I think its time for bed!!! lol)? I ask because wonder what happened to her account!!! (not that I don't kinda know. Just wondered what her "last ig post" was before it "disappeared")
  6. I wonder how long Lily would be wit hthe DBC for. Also does anyone know. Is Hannah classed as a "vet" with the Chicago luv a bulls (or whatever their name is)? Being that she did what? One year, left to go with the cowboys for 3 years, went back etc. I would laugh if Lily does a few years with DBC and then get pro bowl with them. Also guys. Caila Sims. Where is she from? I thought she was born and bred Texan. But just looked at her Insta and she has on it "aussie mom" Is she living in Australia now or from Australia? I am confused. Someone please correct me.
  7. Nope that wine wasn't in Kelli's head. IT was in a certain "fatty" Chelsea Chaney's head and body!!!! LOL
  8. Hell no. I knew you werent implying that. I just couldn't remember Jennifer (too many Jennifer) that I made up things that reminds me of who was who!!! Paige? Paige Caverliera (spelling?) and blonde Hannah? The blonde Hannah who was entering her second year the same year that Veronica was entering her fourth and Kelli yanked them both into the office and had a talk about their weight? But we all know that Veronica wasn't going to get cut because her face and body was all over Nike as their "face" of that year and Kelli wouldn't want to go ring them up telling them to physically "remov
  9. Ye I never thought she was. Just cannont remember who Jennifer Alexis was. I thought it was the florida girl with the studio, jennifer colvin, didnt not remember her middle name as Alexis LOL. Tho none of the girls who goes into training camp (whether they make dcc or not) WAS fat. That includes VK and Vivian (well the tcc vivian not the current curvy vivian).
  10. Which one is Jennifer Alexis? Im on phone and trying to remember her face to name. Is she the one who is from florida and was a DCC a few years, then went back to jacksonvile, florida and now has a successful dance company and does those powerclasses there was was on a tc show in america a few years ago? Kelli is basically the "queen bee" when it comes to nastyness on the girls body shapes.
  11. You know talking about legacies.Theres a part of me that DREAMS about Sam Finglass trying out at the same time as VK (even tho I know and believe Sam would never try out for DCC maybe because she know she can dance but not like DCC) and then what would happen? would both get in? Or is Kelli going to choose her best friend's daughter over her own daughter. Same as Cassie's daughter. What if for example Cassie's daughter is now the "legal" age to try for DCC and who all three (Lennon, Sam, VK) all tried out at the same time. Whose going to make it. Don't ask why I dreamt of that
  12. IF Lisa comes back that is. How many girls have we heard (since the show started) that said "I''ll take a year out and then come back the next year"? Didn't Kaitlyn Le Grande (btw can someone tell me what her "full name" in the year she got cut or the year before was? Because in one of those year Kelli called her name as "kaitlyn legrand le grande" (prounced it as kaitlyn le GRAND le grun-DAY, vaguely remember Kelli saying it like that) Courtney, (one of the courtney that made it) that was a one and one got either got cut or retired and said she would take a year out and then come
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