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  1. I think Dawn’s time management issues has more to do with her indecisiveness and lack of structure. In track and field you have a coach and a set time for practice, track meets, etc. The decisions are already made, the parameters are clear and there is no wiggle room. You cross the line, the jump doesn’t count. There is no decision making and you have no time to get lost in your thoughts. You’re either up, on deck or in the hole. You have a set schedule and regimen and that structure is helpful to Dawn. But with cooking and, in particular on Top Chef, Dawn has to make all of the deci
  2. Marylander here! My husband is headed to get some Maryland blue crabs at this very moment.. I LOVE crabs! My favorite way to eat them is straight out of the bag with Old Bay on them. Make a quick sauce and it is ON! Never had Dungeness crabs. Always mean to try one, just never have. It’s on the list.
  3. i think they were going to discuss the dessert round either way since it was the last round.
  4. Loved Gail at Kokoson. She was giddy over the menu and loved her going over it saying “I want that, can’t wait for that, and that is always my F*&#$ing favorite ...”. All of the judges had a great time. They were laughing, smiling and talking. Maria was a great FOH. She was engaging and attentive. It was like you were at her house in Tucson and the judges felt that. The fact that Padma chose to tell her in real time that she was killing it says a lot to me. It was clear to me after their service that Kokoson won. Penny would have to be flawless to beat them. And I was thrilled to s
  5. So I have a question. Could someone explain the progression of a 7 course tasting menu? Never quite understood that. When Parma was dinging Penny for the order I was lost. About all I can figure is an appetizer like dish first, something small and light? And a dessert at the end. Other than that, I’m lost.
  6. I’m guessing the producers are encouraging her to play up the sound effects more than she normally would.
  7. My fantasy is a group of them just refuse to come out of the tunnel for Thunderstruck.
  8. I’m not a participant in any FB group and only a member/fan of the official DCC page, so maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds as if you cannot say anything even remotely negative or constructive without being considered snide, thoughtless, inconsiderate or inappropriate. I have been a member of this group and before that, TWoP, for a long time and this group is thoughtful in its critiques for the most part. We have our moments, but we are by far, i think, one of the most ... (can’t think of the right word) thoughtful groups. We agree to disagree, we admit when we’re wrong, we clear up misundersta
  9. Wow. That was impressive and fun to watch. THAT is what I consider to be world class. They were precise. I’m not a dancer but I loved watching the turns all in unison. Can you imagine DCC that that so precisely? Even show group? No, DCC could take a lesson from them. Maybe their director can take over for Judy and Kelly.
  10. I LOVE Face Off! If I ever met her, I’d ask her more about her time on Face Off than being a DCC!
  11. According to Kelli, IIRC, the issue wasn’t the tackling itself, it was because the cheerleader posted something on social media about the player not being as tough as she thought or something like that.
  12. New title: DCC: Making the Team?
  13. I will say more later but I need an angry face emoji. Sad doesn’t do it.
  14. I feel the same way. Just don’t see the draw at all.
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