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  1. I’m not a participant in any FB group and only a member/fan of the official DCC page, so maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds as if you cannot say anything even remotely negative or constructive without being considered snide, thoughtless, inconsiderate or inappropriate. I have been a member of this group and before that, TWoP, for a long time and this group is thoughtful in its critiques for the most part. We have our moments, but we are by far, i think, one of the most ... (can’t think of the right word) thoughtful groups. We agree to disagree, we admit when we’re wrong, we clear up misunderstandings and we have fun. So I just don’t see our group going to FB stirring up trouble. But if you can’t say anything less than positive, then anything and everything can stir the pot, I guess.
  2. Wow. That was impressive and fun to watch. THAT is what I consider to be world class. They were precise. I’m not a dancer but I loved watching the turns all in unison. Can you imagine DCC that that so precisely? Even show group? No, DCC could take a lesson from them. Maybe their director can take over for Judy and Kelly.
  3. I LOVE Face Off! If I ever met her, I’d ask her more about her time on Face Off than being a DCC!
  4. According to Kelli, IIRC, the issue wasn’t the tackling itself, it was because the cheerleader posted something on social media about the player not being as tough as she thought or something like that.
  5. I will say more later but I need an angry face emoji. Sad doesn’t do it.
  6. I feel the same way. Just don’t see the draw at all.
  7. I initially thought that myself. I’m guessing they told them they had all these safety precautions, their health was their first priority, blah, blah blah. Once they got there, I think Hannah saw it for what it was. Somewhere upthread it was talked about that they wore masks and distanced for the cameras, but once the cameras went off, so did the masks, etc. So she probably started saying something about it. And we all know you can’t say shit or have real concerns. So they cut her. Now I’m even madder. So proud of you Hanna for speaking up and out. Love you!
  8. I can’t even imagine what made them think cutting MY BRENNAN and MY HANNAH from the team was a good idea. I figure they will try to spin it in such a way that they did this for Brennan’s health, blah, blah, blah. Not buying it. You don’t give a shit about these girls’ health. If you did, you would have just kept the veterans, did socially distanced appearances, found different ways to promote online. As someone upthread said, Brennan could have been your ambassador this year. She is the epitome of class and perseverance. What you would not have done is have girls come to Texas for a reality show. And now that they are all now going back home? Way to burst the bubble. And Hannah. Seriously? She was in my triangle with Gina as point and she and Ashlee on the sides. Hannah is Fire! i don’t care how fierce the TCC candidates are this year, there is NO WAY that Hannah got outdanced by 36 other people because I can name multiple people on the squad now that cannot outdance her. So what is her story going to be because I’m NOT buying that she was outdanced by 36 other women. Sorry, not buying it. For Lily and Meredith, I’m not as invested, but I still think that in this crazy ass year, you should have kept the veterans and just did a different show. All the ladies bring different attributes to the team. Keep your head up ladies and keep it moving. Remember your year, your friendships, your experiences and go do your thing. I’m so pissed I can barely think. When I first heard, I mentally put my fingers in my ears and said, “La la la, I can’t hear you” because it just seemed ridiculous. Even if I could wrap my mind around Brennan not having good stamina from Covid, if you can keep a vet during a normal year with a season ending injury, and even if you were concerned that Brennan may be a spreader because we don’t know everything yet about Covid, you could have kept her to do online interviews with the girls or something. And nothing you tell me regarding Hannah is going to fly unless she gained, I don’t know, 15 pounds in a short amount of time ... oh wait ... never mind. That won’t fly either since a rookie candidate was “given the respect she deserved” to lose the weight. I’ll tell you what is world class, your bullshit
  9. This is my first year watching so .... but didn’t the owner/landlord of the restaurant allow Emmit and Dom to take over the lease because Sonny wasn’t pulling the rent or something like that? It was after they catered his affair and right after that, he and Dim had sex.
  10. Not that unpopular. I love Gina. Gina for point with Ashlee and Hanna flanking her. Blonde, brunette and redhead.
  11. Or maybe she was exposed to Covid through a family member
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