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  1. I can't speak for everyone but I thought someone had said that Lauren had taken a break from the nursing career to try out for the team. Does anyone know if she is actually working full-time shifts as a nurse??
  2. Sorry I forgot about Daphne. She didn't get much attention on the show this year. She reminds me a lot of former DCC Hannah. She seems like s very solid dancer. She needs to glam up a little. She has that fine thin hair that doesn't seem to be doing much for her yet. Hopefully she will figure out her look and be able to stay for several years.
  3. People have posted Amy Tasha Christina Miranda Maddie Lexie (possibly)
  4. Just weighing in with my thoughts regarding some of the rookies and vets. Some of these may be unpopular opinions!! Gabby-- she has definitely not gotten enough screen time. She was one of my favorites from auditions. She has a more unique look than some of the other girls. Sorry to hear she might be on WW already. Madeline-- i'm definitely getting the mean girl vibe from her. I know it's already been discussed but moving the locker is really rude. If I had been next to her that would've hurt my feelings.The fact that she didn't understand how that would make someone else feel bothered me a lot. For some reason she just doesn't photograph as well as she ought to considering how pretty she is. I personally think she's in it for the contacts/recognition Rachel W-- she seems to have her own opinions which may not be conducive to being a long-term DCC. They are sending her out on a lot of appearances so they must really like her. Cianna-- I've seen pictures of her with straight hair and I personally think she looks a lot better with the straight hair rather than the curly hair. For some reason Kelli really likes that look and loves to have one or two girls with curly hair (Courtney Cook etc). Her curly hair ages her. Another one that looks old is Kelli Q Jalynn--One of my favorites from auditions--really a powerhouse dancer. She doesn't seem to have come from as privileged a background of some of the other girls so good for her. Alanna and another brunette(?) I still can't tell them apart. Bridget-- A real girl next-door kind of look. I hope she sticks around for a while-she's adorable Brennan--I have respect for her persistence but don't think she has the DCC look at all. Maddie from Utah--same thing. In my wildest dreams I would not have ever expected her to be in the triangle or for Brennan to make the team. At least other weak dancers in the past were beautiful (Ashley Pro) Erin--she made the team the old-fashioned way. She realized that she didn't have enough technique and power, and she went out and took more classes and came back much better. Good for her. Caroline-- still haven't made up my mind about her. I really didn't think she had the DCC look (no upper lip/big forehead) However some recent pictures I've seen of her she looks a lot better. vet Jessika--She gets a lot of hate. Maybe she deserves it I don't know. However I think most guys would probably find her very attractive; that's why they keep her on the squad Yuko is so cute. I think they'll keep her as long as she wants to stay. Some guys really just go for Asian girls. Christina--definitely a butter face. Never have seen her appeal Jinelle--she fills in so often it's almost like she's still on the squad. Her look has improved over the years. I still don't think that she photographs as well as some of the other girls but she definitely has the real heart and soul of a DCC so she has won me over. Her lean body type is what they're looking for now. It's really hard for most women to achieve that. I think this year's rookie class came in very lean and disciplined. There are a lot of DCC in the past who were very good who wouldn't be chosen now because they cannot get the lean look. Kashara-- she has really been made over since her rookie year when she was slightly pudgy (for a DCC) to someone who is confident and glamorous. However she reminds me a lot of former DCC Kandi Harris who also had a lot of pop and power. However Kandi was never at the point of the triangle because there were other girls who were better dancers than she was. This to me just shows a bit of how different the DCC is now from the first five or six seasons when they had a lot of powerhouse girls. By putting Kashara at point for two years TPTB are saying that she is the best they have which is too bad. Gina--She wants point really badly. I don't think she can photograph well enough to get that spot but she is going to kill herself trying for it. Khalyn--probably the most attractive girl on the squad--off the charts gorgeous. She looks mad all the time though Tara--please get your mojo back and re audition Lexie-what's under all that makeup?? Yikes Alexis--really beautiful more naturally beautiful than most women Lacey--really beautiful and classy. Has always stayed out of the drama. No more Botox, fillers or plastic surgery please--you are way too young for all that Vets Rachel & Molly are way back in the triangle Get better or retire before you are cut Tess--does not seem confident but anxious all the time. Does not photograph well Is this the best we can do for next year's leadership?? K and J need to figure out how to keep the better girls for more than one or two years. It is almost impossible for girls now to work full time and do DCC. Paying them a living wage which they deserve would allow them to stay longer. Erica said she made about $15000 her last full year when she was an assistant group leader and between practices, appearances, show group, and teaching you know she worked 40+ hrs per week. You cannot pay your rent with a pair of UGG boots (their Christmas present one year). Advocating for fair pay for work done is a no brainer. Men would not even debate this point. Has anyone ever heard a man say he got paid too much for work done?? Between the low pay and constant fear of being cut now ( as a vet) it's no wonder girls are on edge all the time (vet Miranda for example) and get out as soon as they can. I can see them having several second years as assistant group leaders next year and/or new group leaders as so many experienced girls are retiring. A real lack of leadership IMO Sorry for the long post!!
  5. I realize I'm chiming in on a conversation that took place a couple weeks ago so I apologize because I am behind on reading the thread and trying to get caught up. However I just wanted to back up Shelly's comment about Victoria, Dayton and any other students who are taking or did take dual credit classes in high school. Those students very definitely have an educational plan for their future. When high school students graduate with 15 to 30 credit hours in college they have worked really hard to get those credits. Most dual credit classes require a certain GPA or an exit test in order for students to earn the credits. Those classes are also much more rigorous than traditional high school classes and they are taught by the most qualified teachers in the schools. Now high school students can graduate with a semester or even two semesters worth of college credits and it gives them a great deal of flexibility in their futures. If they're really on the ball they can graduate in three years, study abroad, or take a gap year and still graduate in four years or less. My daughter had many college credits before she graduated high school, so she was able to add on a minor and also study in the honors college at her school and still graduate in four years. I do think it's helpful for Shelley to come on here and add her personal comments and real world experience to the thread. Sometimes people make an assumption and then just run with it and before you know it it's been repeated so often that it comes off as fact when maybe it's really just someone's interpretation or opinion. In regards to college and the DCC kudos to any of the ladies who can study full-time and do DCC. I do think the attitude toward schooling has changed in the last 10 to 15 years. Most of these ladies do have a plan for their future that doesn't involve just getting married or doing DCC. They might be more public with their plans are they might keep them private but they do have plans. For example I thought I read somewhere that Kashara is wanting to go to occupational or physical therapy school. Generally your undergraduate credits will count for five years and then after that time you may have to retake some of or all of your courses that are required for admittance to graduate school.This is probably why she's only doing four years of DCC instead of five. The same for Cersten who was very upfront about wanting to go to medical school. There is a window of opportunity where they can apply within a certain time after graduating from undergraduate school. It seems like a lot of the ladies now are trying to get their undergraduate degree and then do DCC in between undergraduate school and whatever else they have planned for their future. It does seem to me like being a DCC has become more of a full-time job than it ever has been between the long rehearsals, extra work outs, appearances, games, extra practices, working with new DCC, holding extra positions like group leader or assistant group leader, and travel. I don't really know how anyone does all that plus hold down a full-time job. Regardless I think we should understand that all the girls have their own plans and it's not really up to us what they do and in what order they do the things in their lives .
  6. Regarding Lacey's nose job and overall appearance-- It definitely looks to me like she had her nose done. In the older pictures her nose was a little longer and was angled a little bit toward the right side of her face. The new nose is shorter straighter and just a tiny bit smaller. She's also had a really good haircut with shorter and lighter layers and highlights all around her face which really brightens her up. I also think she's using less liner on the top and just overall better make up. Like a lot of other girls who do multiple years her look is a little more sophisticated now than it was when she first started on the team. Personally I think if a girl wants to get a nose job she should get a nose job. Certainly there is an aesthetic benefit to having a nose that you really like especially if you're in the public eye all the time. Also some people benefit from a rhinoplasty by improving their breathing depending upon how their nose was structured or what sinus problems they might've had.
  7. 13. VK does a talking head interview. 14. VK pretends _____(fill in the blank) is her best friend. 15. The guest choreographer does not have anything good to say about VK.
  8. What about Kaitlin Legrand?? I think she made SG her rookie year then got cut the next year during training camp. Not sure if they had had SG auditions yet the year she got cut.
  9. It's called Botox folks--the fountain of youth for the well-heeled crowd. Add to that microdermabrasion facials and expensive skin care products and voila!! You look ten years younger--sort of anyway.
  10. My understanding is that Christina has a severe hearing impairment. My father is deaf in one ear and he has a really difficult time hearing things or distinguishing who is speaking when he is in a crowded room full of people talking like Christina was in that video. It looked like she wasn't even noticing the kids or hearing them until the last second. I would definitely give her the benefit of the doubt in this situation.
  11. I think it's interesting that you say this. I consider all reality TV mindless entertainment. Not sure what that says about me as I have watched the show since the beginning and I've always enjoyed it. It's not really educational and I don't think I'm bettering myself by watching it. I just enjoy it because it's a nice break from the work that I do and the pressures of every day life. I do become really interested in the girls and their story lines and I like rooting for some of the underdogs. So in that way I don't think it's a whole lot different from watching a favorite sports team. I don't think the girls on the team care if I am watching the show or care what my opinion is about them.
  12. You said exactly what I was thinking in regards to Dayton. Every time I saw her in the background in the first four episodes she looked wonderful--high kicks nice figure beautiful hair good technique. They seemed to put together all the bad footage of her when she was looking confused in dances. I'm guessing they have that kind of footage of most if not all of the girls from training camp. For example Cianna definitely had several spots where she was doing the dance wrong or looking confused during Thursday nights episode, but they didn't focus in on her and give her a bad edit. In regards to rookie Rachel I don't think she's suffering from a lack of confidence. Any girl that has that much pageant experience and who looks like her have to know that she's beautiful. I just think number one she's getting a better edit and number two she's trying really hard not to come off like a diva. Surprisingly I'm enjoying VK. I like her big personality. From what I've seen in pictures and videos it seems like veteran Rachel has a big personality like that also.
  13. Is that Jacie Scott in the catalog or another girl who looks like her?
  14. This was in reference to Tara. I don't often disagree with Kitty, but I think Tara was way too pretty to be a blender. I hope there is a really good reason for her cut as she is so much more attractive than a few of the new rookies IMHO.
  15. I think the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of what you are saying and what Bigskygirl is saying. Making the team is a reality show and all reality shows have storylines. Kelley and Charlotte and Judy are all playing up the storylines, either ones they are helping to script or ones that CMT picks up on and wants to script. They also have producers and people combing through the scenes they shoot to pick up on storylines that they think might be interesting. I don't think in the end they're (DCC) taking girls that they don't want to have on the team, but it doesn't mean they wouldn't put a couple of girls in training camp for the benefit of a story line. They do you make money off of the show and they do want it to be successful. Successful reality shows have storylines that people are interested in and want to follow. They also have to have new drama every year to keep the viewers coming back for more. I do agree that the whole Melissa as a mentor thing is scripted by CMT. However if you look back at the team pictures when Melissa Rycroft was on the team she was certainly very beautiful and they put her in the front row or right up front in both of those team pictures so somebody liked her when she was a DCC. I guess she could be considered successful in a television personality kind of way.