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  1. Great episode ... it tied everything up. It felt a lot like a series finale!
  2. This was a powerful episode! I hope someone was filming the bad cops for evidence. Looking forward to the return of Station 19 and Grey's -- March is a long wait!
  3. This was a fun, light (until the last episode!) series. They had to have known they were renewed for season 2 before they filmed that cliffhanger -- it was a doozy! I think that it will be Annie as the passenger in the car because that makes the most drama between the three lead characters. I liked Joanna Garcia Swisher a lot in The Astronaut Wives Club and thought she was really good as Maddie. I also liked Heather Headley as Helen (and I thought she had the best wardrobe!). I hope endgame is Maddie with Cal and Helen with Erik. Erik is an interesting character and I hope they go more
  4. I love everything about the season 7 you described and hope you are right! And it has to end with Grace and Frankie happy on the beach.
  5. Our long national clomping around the ballroom nightmare is OVER!! Also, the judges were pretty tough on James. I thought he deserved better scores.
  6. I really love this idea and think it would be a great way to get the show back on track!
  7. And this is why I watch This Is Us. I absolutely loved this episode, especially the pool montage at the end. Other favorite moment: Randall and family running up the Rocky steps!
  8. I thought Pasha Kovalev was wonderful years back on SYTYCD and have often wondered why DWTS hasn't snapped him up as a pro!
  9. I agree completely. I thought they were going to get "big name" contestants this season! There are several I really like - James Van Der Beek, Mary Wilson, Christie Brinkley - but this is not shaping up to be the season that was promised by ABC teaser quotes.
  10. I loved the opening with Sidney chasing the criminal on the run. With the song and the smile on his face, that scene conveyed more joy than anything I can remember from the past season. I like Violet and think she is a strong, positive match for Sidney ... but I agree with what others have written here. Much too fast! They should have stretched the storyline out over the season.
  11. My favorite TV news site, TVLine, wrote a really nice article advocating for the show: https://tvline.com/2019/05/28/the-kids-are-alright-abc-should-reverse-cancellation-renew-season-2/
  12. Bummer! TVLine is reporting that the show is fully cancelled -- no un-cancellation in the talks now: https://tvline.com/2019/05/24/whiskey-cavalier-cancelled-abc-season-2-not-renewed/
  13. It is interesting we all had different favorites. I liked Timmy because he was just a couple of years older than me, and I was a "gotta act!" type personality as a little girl, so I found him very relateable. I really liked Eddie and Wendy too!
  14. TVLine is reporting that ABC may UN-cancel the show: https://tvline.com/2019/05/23/whiskey-cavalier-renewed-season-2-abc-cancellation/ I hope, I hope!)
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