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  1. The owner of the junkyard was listed as Paul Lazar but his existence seemed to be strictly on paper. The police (Gil) referred to it as the "Paul Lazar case" when he was talking about the Feds taking over. I knew Jin was going to break up after discovering the surgery footage, but I can't figure out why. That goes viral and he could make some serious bank from interviews, a book, maybe even a straight to video (haha) movie. Good episode, but the lack of Sheen was a bummer since he was the reason I started watching in the first place.
  2. Sile

    S01.E07: Q&A

    It came from the medical kit that the guard brought into the cell.
  3. Any time somebody carries on about how HOT and SMOKING somebody's dance was, I want to tell them to get back to me on that after they've checked out Gilles and Cheryl's Argentine Tango. My second favorite was the Kryptonite Quickstep. You can blame Emmitt Smith for the Gilles and Peta pairing. The deal was to be that the runners up got their original partners and all of the champions got a new one. Until Emmitt pulled a prima donna move and refused to do the show unless he got Cheryl. I really do think that's part of what led to his ouster, people really wanted to see G&C back together and he couldn't go along with the plan like everybody else. That, plus the level of dancing had grown by leaps and bounds from his season to all stars. I loved Carson on this show, he totally "got it" and Anna was the perfect partner for him.
  4. I hated Erin and Maks' freestyle for the same reason you loved it. I think my favorite freestyle was Donald Driver and Peta. He is also probably my favorite winner. I also really liked Donny Osmond and Kym's freestyle. I didn't necessarily care for Donny, but I loved the Old Hollywood/Broadway concept and choreography that Kym put into that one.
  5. Did anyone manage to match up all of the last names on Dina's roster with their respective owners? I got (forgive some of the spellings) Jonah (Simms), Garrett (McNeill), Justine (Sizowicz), Sandra (Kalaukaloni). I thought that Cheyenne's husband's name was Bo Derek Jackson, but I didn't hear a Jackson. And I just realized that Cheyenne Jackson makes both of them a celebrity twin! I don't get her reasoning on that. She think he's going to move in an apartment with Mateo, Marcus and Tita? I'm assuming that she kept the house in the divorce (are they actually divorced already?), so staying with Amy, Jonah and Emma seems like a better deal. Put him on child care duty with Parker to earn his keep.
  6. My interest plummeted with the departure of Royce Lovett. Although I like Wake Me Up and enjoyed his performance, Gwen seemed particularly unenthusiastic about him during rehearsal. He should have stuck with reggae until the lives. Gwen might talk about how she loves the changing of genres, but I don't think she's ever not chosen a reggae performance.
  7. I have to think that Sheen's character was given the name Martin as a nod to him getting confused with Martin Sheen all the time. "Michael Sheen? Yeah, he's that guy from West Wing." It's just too good to not be intentional.
  8. I would have liked Emily or Emilia.
  9. I think they might be duochrome material. I have a nail polish that goes from gold to green like that. I could only wish for boney hips...
  10. I think that after all of the other judges made over Injoy (isn't that a creamer/sugar brand that caters to offices?) Kelly thought she would be stolen and that way both of them could remain. She seemed really surprised that nobody used a steal.
  11. DaWeeze It says something about Katey Sagal as an actress that I don't even think of her as Peg Bundy any more. To me, she's Gemma from Sons of Anarchy.
  12. Remeny I always look for Amy's name of the week. It cracks me up that she continues to do it even after getting the manager job.
  13. It's pretty much impossible for me to find him scary or creepy because all I can do is think about the mouse from The Green Mile and be amused.
  14. Elize Azkoul is the Lebanese-American whose grandfather wrote Last Dance and It's Raining Men. (I think she said it was her grandfather, although that was disco producer Paul Jabara and he was a gay man who died of AIDS at a relatively young age.) Kyndal Inskeep was the Nashville nanny who sang Never Been to Spain. Will Breman was the guy that did the Ordinary People duet with John.
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