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  1. I took away his point when he said he could chant the Hare Krishna mantra 108 times in 10 minutes. Something tells me that he didn't major in math. Back to square one, Brandon!
  2. Brandon and Julia aren't that bad. I actually laughed at Brandon calling Bini and Leandro "brother husbands". Point for Brandon!
  3. I'm willing to give them a chance. Several couples that I didn't like on their season have become some of my favorites. I didn't like Robert and didn't have an opinion one way or the other on Anny and now I love both of them! Libby still does nothing for me, but Andrei is surprisingly insightful at times.
  4. When I was a kid I thought they were called Hare (pronounced like hair) Krishnas because they were always at O'Hare.
  5. I posted a while back that they were basically in the same league, but neither one of them would even give the other one a look. Ed crying about worrying that he might end up alone. Well, if you limit your pool to attractive young women half your age or less, yeah, you probably will.
  6. Rigin. On 90 Day Diaries, Dean pronounced it like Regina without the a. I just realized that sometimes Regina is pronounced with a long i (like in Saskatchewan). To clarify, it sounds like Re-jean-a without the a.
  7. As much as I hate to give Brittany a pass (and that's a lot!), after watching, I must give her one on this. Assuming that she is right handed, it's really tough to feed yourself with your non-dominant hand, not even taking into account being loopy on pain meds. I had some arm surgeries that left me with my left arm casted from shoulder to wrist. The family was highly entertained watching me try to use my right hand to hit my mouth with a soup spoon and constantly missing. Finger food would have been much easier for her to handle herself. Of course, she probably requested food that
  8. These shows would be so much better if they were narrated by Keith Morrison.
  9. Where's Marcia Brady when you need her? Co-hosts!! Meanwhile, Ed and Danielle would be approximately in each others' league, but neither one of them would even consider it!
  10. Re the grass being greener: Angela has no grass, green or otherwise. Just dirt and a few prickle weeds. Angela might be 55, but she has the back of a 78 year old. Kolini in her red jumpsuit actually looked like what Angela thought she looked like in hers. She is a really beautiful woman. Yara dropping the anniversary bomb. Damn, Jovi you know you've accomplished something when Andrei thinks it was a dick move! Loved Natalie's dress and especially her shoes, I wish she would have been on the upper level so I could have gotten a better look at them. Mike said she had his b
  11. They must have Black Bear Diners in Florida, because I instantly recognized Loren's back scratcher! I don't know why that tickled me so much, but it did. It is seriously the best $5.00 back scratcher ever. I keep it on the table next to the 'tv watching' chair and, just like Alexei, I'm constantly extending, collapsing and otherwise fiddling with it while watching television. I really didn't care for Robert much during their season, but I have really come around on him since. He and Anny are one of my favorite PT couples and Bryson is like the most adorable child ever (sorry, Shai)
  12. So my totally genuine in real life boyfriend Tom Daley wanted to bring something home from the Tokyo Olympics, so he decided to knit a cardigan! He's been showing progress pics on his stories, but he just revealed the completed piece. And, not for nothing, but take a gander at those quads! Tom modeling his new jumper
  13. I always thought I couldn't love Tom Daley more than I already did... And then I found out he knits and crochets. In his pajamas. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPOgoZ0Fj2J/ And then I found out he has an entire IG dedicated to his projects And then I found out that he not only crocheted a couch for his cats, but he made a miniature granny square afghan to go over the back of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJg8QYF34q/ And then I found out that he made a blanket for a little boy with CH. https://www.instagram.com/p/COAt5HTF0cb/ And then found out he knit
  14. Sile

    The NBA

    Yay Bucks! I'm in the Western Conference so I don't see that much of the Bucks, but I"ve always like the Freak and Brook is my favorite of the Lopi, but I'm the happiest for their fans. Did you see that crowd outside the stadium? They've got some great fans and the city itself really deserves this! And that little Antetokounmpo Giannis is carrying around is an absolute doll!
  15. I remember posting about this a long time ago in the Voice forum when people were questioning Blake calling the females on his team Sis. My grandpa, who was from the Missouri Ozarks, called all of the girls Sis and all of the boys Butch. Not sure if he called my grandma that, but definitely my mom and the grandkids (he sadly passed before there were any greats). Of course, it's also become a standard endearment among drag queens, but I doubt Jessa is aware of that.
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