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  1. Sile

    General True Crime Shows

    For those interested in Once Upon a TIme in Hollywood, I think if you read too many reviews it will give away too much and kind of spoil the experience. If you've seen Inglourious Basterds (my personal Tarantino favorite) it's a lot like that, taking actual historical events and people and interweaving fictional people and events with them. A lot of movies do that type of thing, but Tarantino always somehow put a different spin on things. It (Basterds) is also a good example of the "how can it be a both a comedy and drama at the same time" question. Some parts are laugh out loud funny, while others are absolutely horrific.
  2. I just happened to catch the last 25 minutes or so of Hollywood Game Night last night and one team was from Superstore (Dunn, Ash, Feldman). I've never seen this show before, but just happened to be flipping channels and the Superstore gang plus Donald Faison made me stop. Wow! If I wasn't already in love with Lauren Ash, this would have sealed the deal. She's like the new Tony Randall of game show celebrities, amazing play and can really think on her feet. Also, Ben Feldman is a pretty good tap dancer...
  3. Sile

    S12. E08. Pins and No Needles

    No, you’ve got them flipped around — Fon is the one that went home last night, Pon is the one who did the wizard. Easy mistake to make because their names are similar. Was it a wizard? I thought it was supposed to be Krampus because of the lights strung around the horns. I really wish they would cut a few minutes out of the cloak and dagger stuff in the Loft of Chicanery and let us hear what all of the canvases want. I really wasn't sure of Laura's, I think Janelle's might have been some Audrey type creature and I would have liked to hear the original idea for Alexis' sasquatch, especially since it won TotD. I really thought Jake was going, after he should have gone week before last and with the foreshadowing of his general assholery during the Lite Brite flash challenge. And how did they work out leaving out the fighting sushi? This is the kind of stuff we want to see, PTB!
  4. Sile

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    I was just going to post that I would actually expect them to have several of them, I know they do in Los Angeles. The poor people that bought the house that was once the vacant lot where Elizabeth Short was found must have people traipsing over their lawn constantly. Damn you, DirecTv! My signal cut out on the DVR and it jumped from Sherlock getting the attorney card out of his pocket while talking to Conrad straight to Marcus and Sherlock talking about who knew about the elevator. What? And CBS shows aren't On Demand, so I had to come here to get some hint of what the hell was going on. Sounds like I missed the best part of the episode!
  5. Sile

    S12. E07. Sabotage

    A couple of the winners seems off to me (Janelle and, to a lesser extent, Ash), but then when I noticed that the six standing on the runners for the elimination tattoo were three men and three women, it all made sense. Cam's win wasn't a WTF like Fon's was, but he called the shot and then didn't follow through. Yes, his rose was better, but not by that much and certainly not enough to allow to not do a mandala so much as a frame for the rose. He said a mandala with a rose, which made it sound like the mandala was the main part of the subject, like how Janelle's main subject was a dog with roses. I don't particularly like Ash and I do like Cam, but nothing bugs me more than cheating the subject (especially when it was his choice!). It bring back bad memories of Krusemann, who might be my least favorite inktestant ever.
  6. Sile

    S12. E06. Art of War

    Now that right there is just crazy talk!
  7. Sile

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    Even better: Whistle as he enters a room and doesn't even mention The Wire...
  8. Sile

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    I was disappointed that he must've left his librarian glasses with the beaded chain at home, because that would have really capped off his ensemble beautifully.
  9. Sile

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    I think it bites them in the ass sometimes as well. Rule 1: Don't try to show up the judges Rule 2: Especially if it's Dave Ladies: Thanks for the win, you dumbass! (Even though I thought the women's was better, Mr. Big Mouth sealed the deal for them. I am still stunned every time I see Katie since she's lost weight. I'm never quite sure it's her until she's starts talking. Although I think not having the big glasses with the bangs has something to do with it as well. I was also figured she'd be in for the win, since it was the girl's turn to lose somebody, but then I realized they weren't going to let DJ go any more than they would Ryan. He is one of my most hated inktestants, I almost didn't get through the coaches' season. But he surprised me last night in that I didn't hate him, maybe he's gained a bit of self-awareness in the last couple years?
  10. Sile

    S12. E03. Down to the Wire.

    I think he probably took (traced?) it directly off of a reference of Our Lady. It seems the hands are always positioned like that in religious art, particularly in the Renaissance.
  11. Sile

    S12. E02. A Storm Is Brewin'

    I felt bad for Joey, because he lost on a voluntary self-elimination. Sure, she might have gone home, anyway, but I think she had a shot of staying because Big Jaz' piece looked like a prison tat. Hers could be reworked to look a lot better, but I don't think anything short of a Tommy Helms cover up could save his.
  12. Sile

    The Voice in the Media

    You know, now that I think about it, I kinda wish Adam hadn't quit...
  13. Sile

    Good Omens

    Ouch! That's like asking a woman if she's pregnant; don't do it unless she's crowning. And, even then, think twice before actually doing it. Sheen, Tennant and Hamm were on some show the week before where Sheen said that he and Gaiman had been friends for years and Gaiman had always had him in mind for Crowley. How is it that one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite authors have been friends for so long and I didn't know about it?? I think maybe Sheen aged out of it. Back in the Underworld days I can see him being a really good Crowley!
  14. Sile

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I'm not sure if Alana was even on the pageant circuit before her T&T episode. I seem to remember reading somewhere (maybe on TWoP) that June had tried to pitch herself for some extreme couponing show and TLC thought the family would be better suited for T&T. Her stockpile of condiments and dry goods were probably window dressing when she was trying to present herself as a couponer, because outside of maybe one shopping trip and the comments about "Mama's (whatever they called the stockpile)", that was pretty much dropped from the storylines.
  15. Sile

    The Voice in the Media

    I'm sure that Adam quit (and apparently didn't care that he left them hanging on short notice) once he got slapped in the face by the fans refusing to vote for his contestants this season. He knows that all of the auditioners next season will not only be aware of his treatment of Deandre, they've also seen the public's rejection of him. I don't think he could stand the humiliation of not getting a single contestant that wasn't a one chair turn.