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  1. The only thing I recall is the speculation that his grandfather was also his father. There was a Bundy show on fairly recently, but I can't remember the name of it. I think it was Reelz or maybe Oxygen, touting all new, shocking, etc. etc. but being the same old stuff. It came on after something I was watching and I wasn't really paying attention to it (I've been Bundied out for like 20 years), but I do remember them saying that DNA had been done and his grandfather was NOT the father.
  2. That was my meaning, that it proved YOUR point. It's people trying to sound like New Orleanians and failing. I'll add to the growing list with St. Looie. I think the only way I could like Yara is if her middle name was Sofia (for the RPDR fans here, I am so excited for the new AS season).
  3. It's funny, that link actually backs that up. The definition said it was imitative of the pronunciation that natives use. In other words, what people say when they're trying to sound like natives. In school I always wore blue on St. Patrick's Day. And dared anyone to pinch me lest I sic my Irish granny on them!
  4. I agree! I love New Orleans, it has a vibe/aura like nowhere else I've ever been. Whenever I'm there I am relaxed and peaceful the entire time. He should have taken her to the Garden District and let her dream. But she probably think it was horrible because it's all OLD and not the McMansions of her dreams. My mother and my birthdays are just a few days apart smack in the middle of Mother's Day territory. But she wouldn't combine her birthday with Mother's Day. Mother's Day always had to be celebrated by itself with different presents, cake and whatnot. I don't know, maybe my grandma always insisting on combining her birthday/Mother's Day so she never had a day to herself. Now that all of us kids are grown, we celebrate both of our birthdays and Mother's Day all in one. As an adult I like it because it gets everything over and done with in one.
  5. The thing that made me think basketball player was the earlier clue with him surrounded by dimes, so I thought it would be someone well known for their assists. So I had to laugh when Nicole guessed Carmelo, who never gets an assist that wasn't accidental.
  6. Hey, there's a prize! Have you forgotten about that swanky mirrorball?? Seriously, though, they get paid a weekly amount and the longer they stay the more money they get so that's kind of like a prize, isn't it? If it was for charity like some celebrities on shows, then that would be different.
  7. No WAY!! Where did you hear this?
  8. I saw that article yesterday morning. Looks like June selected teeth and hair from the Doe-Doe collection. All of us Dr. Pimple Popper fans also got the answer to the Eternal Question regarding Geno: Cyst or lipoma? And the answer is:
  9. There's a book on this case called Lost Girls and a Netflix movie based on the book. It's mostly about the Long Island Serial Killer, but I think this part is also included since the movie has the sisters in the cast.
  10. It was especially horrific when they were waiting to be called safe. Seeing her standing there stock-still, unblinking, in a glittery dress, nylon looking hair and OTT type makeup in odd colors, she looked like an exceptionally creepy doll. And it seemed to get worse every time they showed her! Like Talky Tina and Annabel got together with Alice in Wonderland in some bizarre party wear. Then I find out that next week, she's going to be It's just too much! And, yes, I realize this isn't very nice, but she's an adult and put herself out there. She looked best (and most relaxed) on 80s night when she was dressed age appropriately and actually looked like she was having fun! To end on a compliment, her mother is GORGEOUS!! I'd have rather seen her dance, since I was equally familiar with both. Which is to say, never heard of them. ``````
  11. As some who has only watched sporadically this season and, as much as it pains me to say it, I thought Tyra was doing a lot better tonight. Although I had to laugh at her statement that next week "I'll be in costume!". As opposed to every other week? Remember those guys that had a fit when someone would try to put them in something with a sequin on it or an unmanly color? Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Weir! That boy is up for anything. I could swear that I'd heard before that you're supposed to have a flexed foot with Contemporary because I always think it looks so awkward!
  12. I mentioned in an earlier thread about she would have handled Cristian de la Fuente popping a bicep tendon in front of her. Not well, I expect. Tom would have for sure popped in a 'Steve Harvey handling the results printer' reference in there somewhere. This is the first episode I've actually watched this year and, hoo boy! I didn't think anything could look worse than that opening outfit she was swanning all about in...until she changed into the second one. "Hey costumer, I bet you can't make Miss Banks' hips look any bigger than they actually are." "Challenge accepted. I'll call your hips and throw in a dumpy boob bodice." "Hey, hair and makeup, you want in on this?" "Oh, hell yeah, you're on!" Apparently Randall was one of the cuts. Meanwhile, if there was ever a man born to wear sheer forest green glitter pants with cuban heels, it's Johnny Weir. Damn, those legs of his made me wish I was a guy. Also, I got Sara Gilbert c. late era Roseanne from his hair. Which is not a bad thing, I envied her hair all through out that show.
  13. So is she. So odd to hear a teenager that's not even out of braces and fully developed talk about how she's such a lucky woman to have this man she will love forever. Forever is a long, long time. And it's even longer when you're their age.
  14. Very true. My brother ended up with a woman who was 'estranged' from her husband and supposedly wasn't able to get pregnant, so they found no harm in getting busy. Surprise, surprise! My dad had a fit about my brother insisting it was his and was ready to wash his hands of them. Wouldn't you know it, baby came out looking exactly like my brother and me. So much so that as a kid she'd see old photos of me and get confused because those weren't her clothes. "Those aren't your clothes, that's your aunt and that was 25 years ago." Everybody always said God (or evolution, I guess) must have known what He was doing, because there was no way anybody in the family could deny that was my brother's child. Sidenote: They ended up getting married a few months after my niece was born and stayed together for over 20 years until her passing. So I guess sometimes it all works out. Then again, I think very few babies are actually cute (my brother, niece and I are of course the exceptions!) and none of the Duggars have challenged that opinion. Then again again, I don't think most of them make cute kids and, as adults, are passable at best.
  15. Isn't Disney night traditionally a non-elimination week? Apparently "Nobody goes home on Disney night!" left the building with Tom.
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