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  1. I'm still loving it, too. Yes, I think Margaret's speech about why she is marrying Mr. Wilcox, ending with "only connect" is one of Forster's most famous lines. I really have to get the book now so I can compare it with this and the Emma Thompson film. Last week's scenes in the hallway between Mrs. Bast and Meg, Helen and Tibby and then later with just Helen and Leonard Bast were so intense and emotional they almost brought me to tears. This week it was the Basts at the wedding that had me cringing for all concerned. I'm off to watch it again on the PBS site.
  2. That all makes for a nice tear-jerking romance, Scarlett! I'd watch that story.
  3. You know who might have been in Pittsburgh at the funeral? That woman who was at the big high school reunion Kevin went to, the one he had a one night stand with and at first she wouldn't give back Jack's necklace. Huh? Huh? No, I don't think so either.
  4. I think the stigma of mental illness goes across the world to some extent. It rears it's ugly head in the old movies I watch on TCM. In the classic film noir, "Double Indemnity" the older wiser boss is giving advice to his younger employee about the importance of checking a woman's background. He says he once almost married a beautiful young woman and then found out, "her brother had schizophrenia." I'm not mad at Randall for the way he's acting. The incident is still fresh and he's sleep deprived. We can never really compare getting help for a bleeding leg or broken arm with getting help for a mental illness, because the part that makes those appointments is the part that's sick. Randall's muddled brain is thinking he doesn't need therapy because; he will be fine once he gets the alarm system set-up, he'll be fine after he gets some sleep, fine once he's had a few good long runs, fine once he's had a talk with his brother, once a few weeks has passed .... Also lets not forget that in this country where insurance companies like to pretend mental illness isn't real or that pre-existing conditions should not be covered, therapy can cost a lot of money.
  5. I agree, poor Jack who tries so hard to be the very best father/husband for all of them at all times. If there's any one thing this show teaches us, it's that everything that happens to you as a child colors your whole future -- and that means parents have to be perfect every second of every day and that's just impossible. I was once a young hippy-type mother, open and encouraging to all things original and creative, and yet my son has a memory of the two of us walking up to a Dairy Queen when he was about four: He said he wanted green ice cream and according to him I said, "They don't have green ice cream here," in a tone of voice that made him feel stupid. I don't know if I was, tired, distracted, or just a down right terrible mother, but there it is. He remembered it forever. You can't win. Little Kevin popping up and scaring his dad was the cutest moment ever.
  6. Love your whole analysis, Tinkerbell. I only follow two reality shows, this one and Survivor and in both cases it's for that social experiment view. I agree the chance to make big bucks on Instagram has messed up the dynamics. Your post reminded me of how dumb it was for Peter to listen to Victoria cast suspicion toward another woman based on, "She's thinking about the money to be made afterward," when they all must be thinking about that to some degree.
  7. That little tiny one? Who knows what horrible thing she did to be so shunned. Maybe somebody told Peter she was a bully.
  8. I think you answered your own question with the beauty queens. Alayah (Miss Texas) and Victoria P (Miss Louisiana contestant) would have probably met at some pageant or other. Alayah tried 4 times for Miss Texas before she won. Sometimes they try in a neighboring state. Last year Hannah B, who had tried 3 times for Miss Alabama was in the same pageant with little Hannah G. and in Miss USA with Miss North Carolina (I forget her name.) So that was three who knew each other last year. Why would Victoria and Alayah have ever thought they wouldn't be allowed on the same Bachelor show after that? Yes pageants are expensive and it sounds like it's just the same group of shallow girls giving each other bragging rights about their number of little tiaras and ribbons.
  9. Oooh. Now I really don't know what to think. Would she be more likely to imagine Annette was saying, "I'm sorry I killed you, Corey," after hearing people speculate about it for a few days? Maybe she just heard her sobbing and saying Corey's name but added a little in her head. It's always hard to understand what people are saying when they're crying. If someone connected to that family had just been murdered would you let your little girl stay there overnight?
  10. If Alayah had an ounce of self-respect she would have got straight up and walked out to the limos after Sydney made her middle-school accusation of "she's fake" and Peter went along with it. Every woman there is being fake and anyone human is going to sit up a little straighter when the cameras roll in. But sadly Alayah does not have any self-respect or she wouldn't be devoting her young life to paying entry fees to beauty contests so she can walk in her bikini and heels on a wooden stage at the county fair while the judges inspect her thighs for cellulite. And she worries we'll think she's too prim and proper. Line dancing? Really? I thought that was for the groups of girls who don't get asked to dance but want a chance to get up and show off their outfits. Peter is just the worst. Absolutely no swagger, conversation or even ordinary kindness. He has nothing nice to say after the requisite sob stories, just a perfunctory "thanks for sharing," then a kiss. I know the producers encourage the women to tell their most personal stuff but Peter clearly wants an uncomplicated girl from a perfect family who will be just like his mommy. Why aren't we getting any final comments from the women who are cut? I wanted to hear Alexa say how boring she thought he was, you could see it in her face a few times.
  11. So sorry about your father. I have read that children have a capacity to make themselves go to sleep during or just after traumatic experiences. Thank God for that.
  12. Aw, Saber, that's so sad, he must have been very young to have a stroke. Do you have any good memories of him?
  13. And all without getting a drop of dirt or blood on her long white dress. It's Charlotte's wide rubbery lips that seem most out of place, to me, in the era that so esteemed the tiny rosebud mouth. I've concluded that Charlotte and Miss Lambe must have both attended finishing school in the San Fernado Valley of California. It would be there that they learned to smirk in derision at religious people, frown in mock question, squint their eyes in anger and roll them with disdain. Their advanced feminist leanings and eagerness to buck against the patriarchy must have come from some very early underground pamphlets that historians have yet to discover. I am still enjoying the scenery and some of the older actors like Anne Reid whose craggy face and crackling voice have always amused me.
  14. Ahhhh. I thought she stopped by his house with her sister the next day and he didn't answer the door because she had already killed him, early that morning, after the bank teller had gone to work. I AM SO CONFUSED!
  15. The candles were not a big thing with me, I think they just made a good title for the story. Jessie said Annette was a favorite person for her and Kayla, partly because she allowed them to watch scary movies. Horror movies and even TV shows about witches might feature black candles in spooky scenes. Lets say the girls had watched such a movie, then, later, gone downstairs and saw Annette crying on the couch, then gone upstairs to sleep -- Jessie might have conflated it all in a dream. It matters to me that Kayla remembers none of this, even at the time. But that's just my defense side. My prosecutor side says: What the heck was Annette talking about when she said she had sex at "her house" with Corey that night before he took off for the new girl's place? Is she saying she had sex with Corey at Kayla's house while the little girls were there and awake? Why didn't they see or hear anything? Crossposted with you TVBitch. At his house? How could they have sex at his house at night while his fiance the bank teller would have been there?
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