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  1. I'm a please, no, on Katie Couric. When I heard she was on the list I went to Wikipedia to see what she had been doing since her Today show years and saw that she had her own daytime talk show for a short while, but it got terrible ratings due to her "disdain for her core audience." I thought, "Well, duh," you could hear that disdain for women who didn't have impressive jobs and almost everyone who lived in the fly-over states through out her career. I also find it impossible to believe that she could have worked that closely with Matt Lauer all those years and not known what he was doing with young women in his locked office. She was filmed at a roast doing a very "funny" talk about Matt and his sexy ways with the ladies. Just ugh.
  2. I'm not sure what year it was, but college deferrals were only a sure thing until about 1965. After that the boy had to be married and later on he had to be married and have a child. The country kept running out of young men to sacrifice in that no-chance war so that politicians like JFK could be sure of re-election.
  3. My (white) college student, first offence, friend went to jail for two years for a tiny little matchbox of pot in 1968. It's hard to believe it's now legal. The editors really should run these scripts through a test group before filming. I'm sure I'm not the only person who was so angry at Randall for that slap in the face Notebook remark that I couldn't feel any sympathy for him for the rest of the episode.
  4. Models. This is why I was never a Tyler fan and not excited about Matt. Every Bachelor doesn't have to be a neurosurgeon and volunteer fireman, but at least give us a guy who didn't earn his living wearing make up and posing for the camera. It's all honest work of course, but I have more respect for my garbage man who performs a useful service and is amazingly strong.
  5. I'm loving it and realizing that whether it's a baby on, "Call the Midwife," or a wet little calf on this, I'm just a crybaby sucker for the newborn.
  6. Matt's losing me fast. The four wheeler stunt was just wrong. If a guy wants to demonstrate courage through reckless sports when out with the other dudes, okay, but when he has a passenger? Just no. She didn't bargain to break a leg just for the thrill of it. Then the way he took Victoria's word against Marilyn before he even heard her side of it was a very bad look. I've always wanted to see more women leave on this show. The "looking for a spouse" thing is a two way street and I would have loved it if Marilyn had said, "You believed I was a bully, before even talking to me?" Then she could have thrown her arm up in the air the way Tayshia and Zac were doing it and hollered, "Taxi!"
  7. I'm always disappointed when the same people who were so desperate to have cocktail party minutes and dangerous group dates just to spend time with each other, now can barely be bothered. How can they be so in love they're sobbing in the finale, but now it's gone from marriage to dating and even that's not important enough to move anywhere or go stay with the relatives a while. Can't Tayshia find an Instagram beauty space from New York? I don't even give them 50/50, they aren't making being together top priority.
  8. I bet all the women in Brendon's hometown are going to realize their house could use a new roof. Mine's a little wonky next to the flashing.
  9. Nope, just an overwhelming desire for fame at any price. Ben is the guy who interpreted, "Paint a picture that reveals something about yourself," as, "Walk out naked holding your junk in your hand." I hated that! He tried to play it as showing his vulnerability, but that would only make sense if he had a pot belly or was covered in scars or something. He was just showing off. Ben didn't quite make it in the Army. Ben has tried to kill himself twice, most recently last year. Ben once weighed 400 lbs. There's nothing wrong with any of those things except his eagerness to talk about it all in exchange for air time. Now we're seeing that giant ego that thinks the only reason a woman would break up with him is that she just didn't think he loved her.
  10. Okay Crashcourse got it right. I had to remember it all the way from Youtube to here! I still hear "she" on that last line but it doesn't matter because he or she got Bryan's sloppy seconds, he did not in any way call Rachel, sloppy seconds. That's what you call a woman who had sex with someone else just before you and he just did not say that about her even in jest.
  11. I had to go find this. I hadn't seen it. There were about six guys who were going to be on the season there. Ellen said she had heard that one of the guys had already kissed Rachel and Rachel said yes and he was a great kisser. Of course after that Bryan wanted to take credit so he grabbed Ellen's microphone and said, "She's a great kisser!" Crowd goes wild. One of the guys, joking, said "He kissed me first." Crowd laughs Bryan, working the joke, says, "Yeah, she got my sloppy seconds." Crown laughs. Bryan stood out confidently from the others in that clip, Peter with his gapped toothed smile looked like a kid, Rachel sparkled the way only she can do. I've always shipped Rachel and Bryan.
  12. All that is true, but what a shame that people refuse to pay attention unless a fashion icon comes along and says something. Doctors in endless articles in magazines and news articles had been telling us for some time that you couldn't "catch" AIDs through touch. Money came rolling in when Diana showed up for charity events because she happened to be a huge celebrity. Other people worked far harder to raise money for research and educate people, but they just weren't her. Every time she was photographed holding the hand of a sick child in the hospital there was a nurse in the background who had probably washed and changed and sat up all night with that child every day for weeks on end, but she is nothing to the public, all credit goes to Diana sitting there in her pretty outfit. Well we have the Kardashians now to tell us what to think. I know most of Kitty Kelly's work is "unauthorized," it's how she can tell us things off the record, but I trust her at least as much as the magazines who thrived on Diana's worshipful fans, and people like Morton who were simply repeating her own self serving words. Not every gay person adored her. Writer Quentin Crisp has a famous quote about her: "I always thought Diana was such trash and got what she deserved. She was Lady Diana before she was Princess Diana so she knew the racket. She knew that royal marriages have nothing to do with love. You marry a man and you stand beside him on public occasions and you wave and for that you never have a financial worry until the day you die." Crisp believed it was her "fast and shallow" lifestyle that led to her demise: "What disgraceful behavior! Going about saying she wanted to be the queen of hearts. The vulgarity of it is so overpowering."
  13. Agreed. This show, being the strange thing that it is, the people who get cut are constantly told "I think you're amazing, but we just didn't have enough time1" and that must be maddening to go home with. The honest follow up to that is, "The reason we didn't have enough time was I didn't find you that attractive, so I didn't invite you on one-on-ones or seek you out during group dates." Of course that would be mean, but there must be nice ways to say that, like your example.
  14. That's a very common reaction from kids when they're suddenly nervous and fearful. My brothers and I all had a tendency to do that under stress or when we we're being lectured by my father, who would be watching for it so he could shout, "Wipe that silly grin off your face!" It got so the first thought in our heads after getting in trouble or hearing bad news was, "Don't grin whatever you do don't grin." Which of course made us grin. I can picture all of that in Ben's background plus getting punished instead of comforted when he cried. If I had to pick which person had the deepest emotions, Tayshia who fell to her knees sobbing after sending home a man she had barely talked to, or Ben, who looked gray and shattered in that limo -- I'd go with Ben.
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