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  1. Thinking about it I can sort of agree. I had to remind myself that the show really only cares about ratings, if they cared about advancing society they wouldn't have started a show where 25 women vie for the love of one man in the first place. Yet they want their fans to think the show is relevant, so we have little bones tossed our way, like mixed couples and (gasp) lesbians kissing. But when it comes to picking their lead, it's all about who they think will pull in viewers --Juan Pablo and farmer Chris both had a huge fan base after we first saw them. Women couldn't say Juan Pablo's name without fanning themselves and because of some little stabs at peace making Chris had made during his first appearance on the Bachelorette, we all mistook him for the salt of the earth. Soft spoken Nick had a ton of fans who thought Andi should have picked him. So then along came Mike with his twinkling eyes and bright smile and I think they would really have liked to have him as their first black bachelor, but he wasn't getting the fan approval they hoped for. Is it that the show is holding black men to a higher standard or was it that the buzz from the fans wasn't good enough for them to think ratings will stay high? I think we just need a lot more African American men to chose from in the next B'ette crop.
  2. I love that picture with the story. This show has had lots of pretty girls and a few beautiful ones but Katie is just the cutest one to me.
  3. I know I wouldn't have looked forward to hearing Mike tell 25 different women, "I have two queens in my life, my mother and my sister and now I'm searching for my third queen." Blerk. Kenny the wrestler would be my pick for first black Bachelor, but I'm sure he wouldn't fit the standard mold enough. Kenny has so much charism to me, he just sparkles.
  4. To be fair, he only has one chubby cheek. I think he looks like a faded Ken doll that some little girl left on it's side on the radiator.
  5. Sometimes typos are just the best things ever! Now we know why we end up with so many goofy women on this show. It may be like the chicken who picks the basketball brackets. LBS found the perfect meme to go with it!
  6. I agree so much about the "hard work," part. I heard Chris say he had been trying so hard and he knew relationships took work, and I thought, "Really? All ready?" Katie is adorable and his family is so much fun, they should be dancing, kissing and laughing at this point. I was a little shocked, last week, when Katie was saying to him, "What's wrong baby, what do you need, tell me what you need?" and Chris sort of snapped something at her through gritted teeth. It was such an odd scene to me, just as the conversation on the couch was odd. Is Chris too distant and snippy or does Katie get too clingy and smothering, which causes him to get distant and snippy? It's a shame because I really like them both and want them to be happy, but I'm pretty sure they will never be happy with each other. They each need to find a partner who is less of an extreme opposite.
  7. This show. Chris Harrison has the official mantra down pat, "The women are always right and the men are always wrong." Stick with that and Bachelor Nation (exemplified by that ridiculous audience) will stay loyal. Caelyn is a liar. If she can straight up lie about Blake, and then, after the lie is exposed, still make him the bad guy for defending himself and hand-waving her lie as okay because "I was feeling sad." Then I can't believe a single word she says. I'm just done with looking at her snot covered upper lip. I'm also wondering when Mike was elected the official Bachelor Nation judge. He has now ruled on several cases. He has declared Blake the guilty party in Caelyn vs Blake, and he declared Luke P as so guilty in the Luke P vs Hannah case that his apology could not be accepted. I don't remember his ruling on Jordan vs Christian but I was kind of hoping Jordan would punch him. I'm going to watch The Bachelor for the fun of watching 25 women fight over a guy with zero sex appeal. This should be a good test of the Stockholm syndrome effect. I just hope the show buys him a suit that fits so he can give that one back to his little brother.
  8. The trouble is Peter the pilot was into the short tight pants and no socks thing, too, by the end of the season. He might have been copying Tyler.
  9. Looks like JoJo has leaned out with age. Too bad, I always liked her smooth, creamy look.
  10. I just now noticed the finale is on tomorrow night and not tonight so that the network can almost force us to watch Dancing With the Stars by accident. Not going to work for me, I'll just watch part 2 of the Ken Burns documentary on PBS and might get so caught up I watch part 3 on Tuesday night. I'm already forgetting who these people are.
  11. Allright! If this keeps up we might get better quality men on the show hoping some star will see them and give them a call.
  12. And now we have a new hit movie with J-Lo showing all the girls how cool it is to sell your body for money or just drug the guy's drink and roll him for his credit cards. What would Josh say to J-Lo?
  13. You know who I'd really like to see as the next Bachelor? LUKE P! Yes I said that. I would love watching him be his weird unpredictable, say it, deny it, back track and flip, self. He would have all the women crazy, vying for which ones wanted to tell him off and which ones wanted to be His Person who truly "understands" him. Plus I think he's purty.
  14. Something about that local station's opening photo of a huge gun and the word, "SHOOTING," made me laugh. Why beat around the bush, huh? Yeah, four years for smothering your wife and throwing her in a sewer. This is why I get upset over people who take part in a murder at a very young age and never ever get paroled, while others do four years.
  15. Yes, and If all she talks about is modeling then what else could he know about her besides she's a model and he likes the way she looks? The whole thing just seemed weird to me, she turned down Luke's rose, accepted Matt's, then turned down Matt all in a matter of minutes. Why not just turn down Matt's rose too and give Luke some company in humiliation.
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