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  1. Are you sure about that? I've heard people on this site say they would prefer an all black cast no "in addition" to it. Do you believe that white people are intrinsically more boring than black people? I don't see white people as chicken and black people as steak, I see people as basically the same and equally likely to be boring or exciting and the amount of pigment in their skin has nothing to do with that.
  2. Yes and I fear ( heck I know) some people are viewing me as racist because I think the cook-out is racist because it discriminates against white people. I'm not denying all the times black people have been discriminated against in the past. and I actually like the cook-out members. I just think if you believe, as I do, that it's is deeply wrong to judge people by skin color, then you ought to admit that its wrong all the time. Example; I taught my son that it was wrong to get in fights or bully people. Because he was the last in his class to go through puberty he was bullied and s
  3. It's also not a requirement that viewers have to look at game rules before forming an opinion. It's probably not a requirement that people get out of bed for a certain number of hours each day but many people have complained about how much Derek F sleeps. Isn't that what the show is about? People are locked in a house and viewers get to watch them and talk about them?
  4. Oh no. Remember how cavalier he was with the girls? Letting Serena fall off the back of his freewheeler, causing Michele to wreck her bike? I pity the pro dancer who has to partner him.
  5. Of course we were talking about race at the time, so I was saying when it comes to race the show tried to represent the population. I'm not going to search the threads for proof, but time after time I've heard shows described as very diverse when all they mean is very few, or no, white people and someone on this BB board recently said their preference would be a cast of all black people. To me "all black" means "no whites." ---------------------------- I don't know, I think if I was a black person and I read someone saying my ideal cast would be all white people it would hurt
  6. My take away from all the confusion of who's kissing who in front of who, who was kissing someone else in front of someone else last week is -- I can not stand Joe! Who died and left him the boss, so that he could make blustering, spluttering speeches through the ugliest mouth in the world, telling other people they must leave his island? To me, the worst part about all that was when Alana walked up and quietly asked if she could say something and was stopped and waved off with a dismissive "You've fine, you're fine." 'Cus the men were talking and had no time for what a woman had to sa
  7. I vote for Sarah Lancashire because I love her and also because I don't know most of the others. I like Keeley Hawes but I just can't picture her in the part.
  8. Agreed, I like all the cast members this year with the exception of Tiffany. I wasn't talking about the Cook Out. People here were speculating about future seasons and what awful reaction white people might have if they aren't in the majority, some even speculating that they wouldn't play at all with out some sort guarantee win. You yourself say you don't see any anger and then go on to list a dozen reasons why POCs in the future might be angry. So I was speculating about future cast members who might hate white people with as much hatred as the hatred I see on the social media this
  9. There will still be a very likely possibility of an all non-white alliance against whites -- united in hatred. It's already started with anger against whites for something they haven't done yet: We sure see a lot of whites trying to play basketball and football even though they don't dominate in those games.
  10. Now people on Instagram are calling for Natasha to be the next (or next after next) Bachelorette. B. Nation loves a woman who's been wronged. That's how Becca got her stint, which must be running low now, which would explain why she's on crab island reminding everyone who she is.
  11. Yes! And he looked so shocked and hurt. Evidently he's one who can dish it out but can't take it. He must be crying right now to see his devoted followers jumping ship. As for Joe and Kendall I think it's good that they know themselves well enough to know they can't be happy away from their families or whatever, but when I was young and in love I would have moved to Calcutta if it meant being with him.
  12. But you see no one in the BB house is actually in an outer space Army. None of them are engaged in purposely taking advantage of any sort of power structure. Clair does not have power over Xavier and he has never been subject to her. You can talk power structures and history all you want but these are just ordinary people being cruel to other people. I grew up in West Virginia and knew people who were part of the Hatfield family still feuding with the McCoys. It was stupid. You can always find an excuse based on someone in the past being mean to someone in the past who looke
  13. That all sounds so creepily like a white supremacist saying, "We don't hate black people we just want to support white people. We're white and we're proud of it. It's not that we don't want black people in our neighborhood we just want to keep property values up." Deja vu the 1950's. Shudder.
  14. Well that certainly was different, Brendon and Piper talking about follower numbers and all the influencer money they think they're going to have right out in the open! I understand that roofing is hard, dangerous work and who wouldn't rather make lots of money sitting home posting pictures of yourself on Instagram, but never did anyone play the fame whore game so poorly. Everyone hates you guys now, you idiots! "Not one person was interested in, Natasha." You cad, Brendon. Brendon has a nice body and from the nose up he looks a little like Tom Hanks in "Forrest Gump," so we sort o
  15. It doesn't. We've gone around about this so much I guess we forgot where it started, LOL, but I began by saying that I wished people would quit calling this the most diverse season ever, when I don't think it's very diverse at all. I used the first season as my idea of diverse partly because it had a wide age group. I think some people really don't want "diverse" so much as just "no white people."
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