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  1. Thank you, I thought I was the only one who saw it that way. I was looking at some of the information on it's home site yesterday and it's just crazy stuff. When the idea of exercising for fitness first began the term was derived from the idea of being "fit" for emergency situations like suddenly having to run to catch a bus. Every winter sedentary middle aged men die because they go out and shovel the driveway. Crossfit seems to take those middle aged men and put them into the emergency situation for no good reason. I'd rather be a golf widow at least I wouldn't be worried every second that this would be the day someone put one too many weights on that rack. I just Googled on Crossfit deaths, geeze.
  2. It don't know if it was one of her Godfather moments exactly, but a few weeks ago, before I got mad at Missy I was laughing at her "cheer leading" while her tribe mates were working one of those big puzzles. She was jumping up and down screaming in rage the entire time while her co-cheerleader Tommy was making big Hulk muscles and growling. I told my husband then that Missy didn't so much cheer people on as threaten them with death if they didn't win. Foreshadowing to the Elaine mincing I guess.
  3. You and me, Special K. I shudder over comments like Missy's one about looking in the mirror and liking everything she sees. I'm not sure when being disgustingly conceited became having high self-esteem but I missed the change over. Yes, lets not forget how upset Karishma was at people for not calling medical over her cut hand. That was back when her husband was a dud her parents had saddled her with. I am glad she appreciates him now but I hope he wasn't watching that other episode.
  4. I don't see why it's so much more realistic that Cassidy would be the fiance and not someone he met soon after Thanksgiving. It would only be a difference of knowing Cassidy a few months longer than the second woman. If he dated the new woman for nine months and she is three months (most common morning sickness month) pregnant at the birthday party he might have proposed after they found out she was pregnant. That all seems pretty normal to me.
  5. I hope not, she was such a pushy fan girl type, wanting to jump in bed with Kevin the minute she saw his muscles. I want Kevin to thunderbolt over a nice woman and then pursue her the way his father did over his mother. This show needs more romance and less sadness! That's what I was thinking. Poor Rebecca, she really should have phone numbers on a bracelet or necklace as well as tucked into her purse. Of course she might forget she's not speaking to Randall and call him, which would be good. I just hate the not speaking business. Both of my brothers and my father were prone to that. One brother hadn't spoken to my father in thirty years and didn't go to either of my parents funerals because of that. Then by the time he himself died he and my other brother weren't speaking and there was no funeral at all. I wont go along with such childish behavior and just pick up the phone and call them all (even after they've said awful things to me) and talk about the other ones like they still care (which I know they do.) It made for some skimpy Christmas dinners at my house when each one refused to come if the other was coming and it looks like the Pearsons are headed that way. I can not imagine anything Randall will do that will deserve being shut out of the birthday celebration.
  6. Yes, I think that suits her better than"bully." The bullying is just sort of a an accidental byproduct of Missy thrashing her way through life as she gets her own way about everything. I've always been such a vocal supporter of sports for girls and now Missy and Elisabeth have burst my bubble and shown me there can be a downside to that. Just as with the boys (I should have looked at the stereotypical, obnoxious jock) those girls who are gifted at sports just might become so spoiled by the popularity that goes with being the school's star athlete that they never have to develop people skills like tact, honesty and respect for others. Missy accidentally reminded us that not only has she always been showered with praise for being the best player in the game she's also used to getting a second trophy for being the best African American in the game.
  7. Or grown-up Jack was doing what the director told him to do and this was the fourth take. I can see a blind person having a good feel for how many steps from his sink to his table but I would also expect him to have to do a little feeling with one hand to know for sure that he wasn't setting the edge of the shrimp platter over the edge of something else. I think the truth lies somewhere in between, "blind people are incompetent " and "blind people have developed compensating super powers." I know my house really well and without my glasses things are only very blurry, not totally dark, but I still bang into door frames and counter tops getting from my bed to the bathroom if I don't put my glasses on for the trip -- which I don't always do because I tend to knock them off the nightstand while feeling for them. I think the timeline for Thanksgiving-Rebecca wasn't too odd if you think that she and Miguel were staying at Randall's (probably had to make their own beds) and so Rebecca had been up real early making the cranberry sauce. She saw that Randall was still a little angry when he got up so she thought she could get out of the way, take in a movie and still be back in plenty of time for the others to arrive, if dinner wasn't planned until two or three. It seems like everyone said they were early so maybe she didn't think she was missing anything. I liked the sisterly sharing between Kate and Beth. Yes I wanted Kate to tell Beth that what she was feeling was only natural and nobody could ever replace Beth in Deja's heart, but then that wouldn't be the Kate we know. At least, "That is evil," was followed by Kate's confession that was supposed to be even more evil, "I hate Cross Fit Toby!" If anything I thought Kate might have felt a little rebuffed by Beth when she implied she shouldn't be talking to her about it. At first, I was on Toby's side about losing weight and taking time to workout for his health, but it seems like this Cross Fit thing has become a very time consuming religion and I'm starting to understand Kate's resentment. A thirty minute a day home work out is about all that's needed for good health, anything more than that is just a vanity thing. Which is fine if that's all you have to do but Toby has other things. My husband has heart problems and his doctor recommends daily brisk walking. Those stunts like jumping from the floor to a four foot high block look like suicide to me. eh. I cross-posted (no calories burned, unfortunately ) with Tennisgirl who said some of the same things only better, but I'll leave it.
  8. This season: We found out baby Jack is profoundly blind. So that when Toby tells him that sweet potatoes are orange we have that punch in the gut feeling knowing that the concept of color will always be meaningless to him. Baby Jack's parents are not getting along and may divorce even though he will need a stable home even more than most children. Randall's family had to move and it seems sad to me to see them all in the new house. Randall is clearly angry at his mother for getting sick although he knows that isn't fair and we know the anger comes from fear. Kate has to live with terrible guilt knowing her baby's blindness might not have happened if she had been able to lose weight first. Nicky's sadness knowing how much he has missed. All because his brother couldn't forgive him for an accident that happened during war, while Nicky was suffering PTSD from all he had seen as a medic. Most of all: Rebecca's terrifying loss of memory. Her fear and confusion was so well acted -- I could barely stand to watch it! I'm going to have to quit the show. This has become too depressing to me and not good tears at all.
  9. Since Rebecca moved, I wonder if Randall ever regretted telling her she should "call first" that time she and Miguel dropped in on the way home from the theater. As for that dreaded "entry level" position, I think TV screen writers tend to view the working world through their own special lens, one that thinks any job that's not artistic and creative would be hell on earth. That's why we have, in one show, two singers, an actor, a dancer and a councilman (sort of show bizish.) so Rebecca having to work in an office is bad enough but entry level with not even a big desk or a secretary of her own. The horror. I think Rebecca should have been job hunting a few weeks after Jack died, telling Randall that she insisted he go on to Howard University, even if she had to lie and say she would recover faster if she was busy and on her own.
  10. I didn't recognize him! How neat! I enjoyed the ending very much, yes it was choppy, but I liked seeing all the happy endings for everyone. I'm grateful for the show, even when things got boring down the pit we still got back up to the beautiful scenery, handsome actors and actresses with their hair blowing in the wind when they were long past the age to wear it that way. Fond memories include Ross coming home from the war and finding Jud and Prudie sleeping in his bed. Demelza lying in the wild flowers dreaming of Ross. All the dog scenes. Demelza beating up Jud after he stole the pie she had made and Demelza screaming as she washes her hair in the cold water from the pump.
  11. You make good points. I think one of the things that has encouraged this on Survivor is that they no longer have to face angry jury members like they once did. Instead of, "You lied to my face and I know that's fair game play, but It's also fair game play for me to vote for someone else to win." The jury is now just compliments and pre-planned questions to set the finalists up for bragging about their big moves. We called the ones who were hurt or angry "bitter" and encouraged them to reward the ruthless.
  12. From the article: There's nothing more suspicious than a man on a cleaning spree. It's a shame he didn't asphyxiate himself mixing the bleach and carpet cleaner.
  13. Well Lake Seminole was my kind of Dateline, one hour with a fairly satisfying conclusion and lots of laughs along the way. We hear, "high school football hero" and see a picture of a skinny, pencil neck boy in a football uniform. We hear, "homecoming queen" and see a gangly, awkward girl. In the vernacular of the area, I'm thinking, "Somethin' don't add up." Then we hear "Christian school" and it adds up. Denise was probably the prettiest of all 12 girls. So we have a young man with a 1.7 million dollar life insurance policy, sold to him by his best friend, and in a short time that friend is married to the widow. Hmmm. But it's seven more years before the police sit Denise down for questioning and she says, "I mean, I just don't feel comfortable talking about this right now." I don't mind that the man got less time than Denise because I just hate people who murder their spouse, rather than divorce, because they don't want to look bad to their fellow church members. Denise honestly thought God wouldn't think it was murder if they made it look like an accident. It just goes to show you can send your kid through 12 years of Christian school and they still don't understand the basics.
  14. I may be wrong, but I didn't think that really happened. They were laughing and doing a sort of comedy sketch of escalating touch, sort of "Is this okay?" then "Is this okay?" until they were exaggerating for comic effect. I thought. I'd like to know for sure, about that. If Dan really puts his hands on women's breasts from behind like that and they don't knock his teeth out with their elbows, I would be very surprised. I know from experience that I would do that, not as as a "strong woman" thing, but as a reflex. I agree and it's a fantasy among a lot of women, too. The idea that a woman has to act like a drunk redneck in a bar, to be strong has always bothered me. I'm getting really tired of the stereotype. Kellee was incredibly strong to look Dan in the eye and tell him calmly that she didn't like to be touched and Janet was even stronger to put her own interests aside and stand up for what was morally right. No one needed to raise her voice or break a rock over Dan's head to be "strong." Not that, that wouldn't have been enjoyable to watch.
  15. I Just found a clip of it and he did admit he did the grinding thing while he was half asleep, and she says he also put his hand in her hair and massaged her hair. Eww. Survivor is the last place I would expect people to be wanting to touch scalps. Maybe this show should start having the tribes make two shelters. I wont quit watching. I quit watching "The Today Show" after it became pretty clear they had all been looking the other way for years while Matt Lauer raped women in his locked office. "Survivor," is the only show I know of (I don't watch Big Brother anymore) to air rather than hide or edit out this sort of thing. Maybe they didn't handle it as well as they should but they tried and I think every person who watched learned something. Were they thinking of ratings? Of course, always, but they couldn't have been sure how it would go down, they took a chance and tried to address an important topic.
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