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  1. Yes, I'll bet the children learn, at a very young age, to downplay everything. Cathy would probably describe her mother's activities, as "Oh that's just my mom, she gets all enthusiastic about things and then drops them." "My mom's staying in bed today, she gets headaches."
  2. That was the first season i\I watched closely and I was riveted by Vienna. She just didn't, er, look like the other women, and I thought the producers had made some sort of mistake. Then she proceeded to be very pushy and made a fool of herself every week so I was sorry and embarrassed for her the whole time. Imagine my surprise at the outcome. Of course Jake himself was idiotic, great big proud smile immediately after every kiss, as though he had accomplished something amazing. Brad had a group of gorgeous women. Chantal was breath taking. My best memory from his season was Brad walking up with a best of date rose while Ashley and some others were sitting in the hot tub. Ashley groaned, and said, "I hate this part," and he got mad and sort of broke the third wall talking about how she knew he had no choice but to do that stuff and she was making it harder. Heh.
  3. Sorry if I spoiled anyone. I could have done without Demi, judging everyone's clothes while wearing an ugly, low cut gown in her living room. True the men in 2002 looked like they were wearing their Daddy's clothes, but now they all look like they're wearing their little brother's suits. We should keep an eye out for which year they hit "normal."
  4. I hadn't seen the Alex nor the Trista seasons so I loved all that. What a contrast in types Alex had, high maintenance Shannon with her "no kissing on the first date" rule, sexy Amanda and classy Trista. Interesting. Trista turned out to be the best B'ette ever as some of you had always said. I really liked her and she obviously made a great choice with her man, they reminded me a little of Ashley and her pick. I'm thinking Instagram ruined this show, now we have men who are models instead of firemen and women who are influencers instead of nurses. No wonder none of it seems sincere.
  5. I think it's chastity he's having trouble with. I imagine that's why he's so eager to get married. Will probably thinks if he can have legal, marital sex every night, he'll be more settled and happy. As St.Paul said, "It's better to marry than to burn." Will is burning right now and it probably would make life a little easier for him if he gets married, but not if it's to a woman who doesn't share his religious beliefs. Paul also warned against being "unequally yoked." Leonard cracked me up with his frustrated, "I wish Paul hadn't written so many letters!"
  6. I hope someday Lori Vallow and Ghislaine Maxwell can be cell mates. They would both be so mortified that we saw them as similar pieces of crusty slime. Ghislaine would be appalled to be connected with such trashy poor folk and Lori would be shocked that she, a leader of the 144,000, would be considered worse than a sleazy procurer of underage sex.
  7. Loved the episode. For the first time, Will started seeming like a real person to me and not just a motorcycle riding, boxing, rough kissing, oh so masculine even though he's a priest, guy. Now we see he has a believable problem with controlling his sexual urges once he lets them off the chain. Interesting! Meanwhile, Geordie shows us how sexy gentleness can be. I thought Kathy's mum's manic-depression, as they called it, was well shown. Bless her heart and Kathy's for having to grow up with it. The men in the white vans situation seems weird now, but it wasn't so bad when you compare it with today's only option -- calling the police to come and get your non-compliant loved one. Mrs C and Leonard will always be my favorites. When he covered her up with the blanket? Pass the tissues.
  8. That's true and I remember reading about one city that had been forcing hoarders to clean up and then had to stop because the hoarders were killing themselves, they felt so exposed and lonely without their stuff. It truly is incurable in lots of cases. I like the shows where they seem to catch people before they are too far gone. Ones who simply became overwhelmed with the mess during a bad period of life. I'd like to see a few things just for fun: A huge yard sale for one of those hoarders who claims all his stuff is worth a lot of money. Someone forced to clean and repair all the junk that just needed to be cleaned or painted or laid out in the sun. Some of the artists or crafters or fabric collectors forced to make things out of all the stuff they've saved for the purpose. Shelves put up through out a house like in a library for one of the hoarders who doesn't want to throw anything out but just wants it all organized. A hoarder emptied out by the show, then followed on speed camera as she re-hoards. All the "gifts" actually given to the friends and family.
  9. Agreed. At least Sidney and Amanda had the excuse of having waited for years. Will pushing a woman up against the bricks with a hand up her dress seemed way too much for a first date. I was afraid we were going to see a dark, brutish side to Will. I miss the early seasons of the show. I guess I find unrequited passion more interesting than what we have now with Leonard taking ridiculous risks and Will being just too much too soon. I am glad Mrs. C will probably be back in the vicarage full time now.
  10. Wow. That article is a fascinating peek into how people can be led to believe so much crappola from one ugly man. They become interested in "end times." Chad writes a few self-published books about it, I guess where certain good people recognize the signs and are later able to say, "I knew it!" to the rest of us, plus they'll have a really impressive stock of canned goods and we wont. Then all these book fans come to his readings. He plans home visits where he tells them all about their past lives. Like most believers in re-incarnation, half used to be Joan of Arc and the other half Napoleon. No one was every a peasant farmer like 95% of the world's population at the time. Next comes special, "energy healing" sessions. That's what I'm going to call my naps from now on. And finally, like catty high school girls, you get to sit down with Chad and rank all your friends and family on whether they have light or dark spirits. There's a desire to feel superior in all this that makes me understand why we, here, saw something unlikable in all those cult members Keith interviewed. I just hope this woman's testimony about how Chad grooms women isn't going to set Lori up with a defense, because according to my own gifts of discernment, Lori has the darkest spirit of the two. Those were her own children!
  11. I made it about halfway through the introductions. I've never missed an episode of Survivor but I'm not definitely not bored enough for this. Hats off to those of you watching it, I'll never call myself a super-fan again.
  12. Don't be silly. That's not until July 23.
  13. I'd like to hear the judge tell them that he and the jury have concluded that the two of them are zombies and they will be given the death penalty as a mercy to release their spirits. Then let them sit and think about it on death row forever. Dateline is having a special about it Monday night.
  14. I know. To me, that's the problem with trying to set a show in the 1950's and still make it relevant to today's woke sensibilities. It's bound to present a conflict between blatant anachronisms and satisfying the audience's sense of outrage. I just wish they wouldn't try. I loved the first season. I liked being a fly on the wall to the 50's. Seeing Leonard's sadness, and Sydney's problem with the woman he loved still being so subject to her father's wishes. I thought Mrs. C was particularly well written, because she presented someone with all the prejudices of the day who was still basically a kindhearted woman. I was glad to see the show come back and I was looking forward to a cozy English mystery set in the past, away from all that's going on in America right now. It just didn't work for me.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Tylee seemed to have entered the park but never exited, so I fear the poor girl is over a hidden cliff or in some off the path grave. I also think they should dig up all of Daybell's property because he and Lori seemed to have met a shocking number of demon possessed folk in need of blood atonement. Yes, please, and I'd like to add a few years to Chad's sentence for that perpetual self-satisfied smile and Lori's for every cute outfit she's worn since her children went missing.
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