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  1. What does his age have to do with anything? Maybe some of those people, "on the cusp of being elderly," have had more experience with society , feelings and discrimination than someone Liana's age who sort of sounded like she had just discovered racism and was quoting a lot of other (gasp!) older people.
  2. These are burdens people put on themselves that I don't think anyone should have to shoulder. No wonder Deshawn was reduced to tears. He's just a nice young man trying to play a game. No one has the right to ask him to represent an entire race at the same time he's trying to win two million dollars. I also don't agree that it's a fact that white people are going to automatically target black players either. Both Xander and Ricard immediately chose a black person to partner with.
  3. I blame that darn durag. That was clearly Jeff's favorite episode ever and I think he's dreamed ever since of an entire season of durag speeches. I thought Liana's speech sounded natural, like it was variation of something she's said many times, but Xander's was so perfect as to make me question if it had been practiced and Heather's little "I want to learn" follow up also sounded false. Heather if you're seriously just now hearing about this let me lend you my radio that's permanently tuned to NPR. Danny's story about his father was so sad. He said something about how he would get an
  4. I agree that most things are just fine a short while after the exp date but I learned a few weeks ago that my baking powder, just three days past due, was powerless. My biscuits were like crackers. They weren't puffy and yet they were bad, Jill!
  5. I just watched it again and heard Shan call Deshawn, "sneaky" at the same time she was calling him smart. It may be an insult to some people, but I think to others it just means the person is clever in a subtle sort of way. Ericka and Deshawn both seem incredibly smart to me now and I wouldn't have said that earlier in the season. They both cover their intelligence with a casual attitude and humor. Ricard is also very smart, but you only have to look at him when he's doing a puzzle to see that lazar focus he throws at problems. I'm hoping he makes it to the family visit, because as
  6. That's just what it made me think of -- the hero has risked his own life carrying someone out of a burning building and now he's slowly taking his last breath. They missed such a good chance to play her cartoon hum at a slow, sad pace.
  7. Finally got to see it and loved every minute. Those beautiful moments of the Turner's story were my favorites. I never admired Judy Parfitt's acting so much as I did while hearing the real actress talk. In real life she is almost the opposite of Sister Monica Joan, down to earth and modern instead of fey and magical. I loved seeing the white deer scene again. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  8. I'm mad at A&E. I fell asleep during the last half of last night's show (their fault for making it two hours long) so this morning I went to their site to watch "latest episode" going through various signing-in shenanigans -- only to find out that "latest episode " was Delores from quite some time ago. However Delores was a good one to see again. This woman had a fabulous big house in a swanky neighborhood completely trashed, tons of money in consumer debt, yet a husband who cried when he talked about how much he loved her. Where do they find these men? Mine wouldn't put up w
  9. Maybe she knew all along that she wanted to move, but the house wouldn't sell unless it was cleaned up. They can be pretty sneaky, our hoarders,
  10. Calories in one whole papaya =119 Calories in grilled cheese sandwich = 460 Calories in 1ounce potato chips =152 The papaya is almost entirely fast burning carbs, while the grilled cheese and chips have carbs, protein and fat. The fat is the most important part for staving off hunger and I imagine Ricard had eaten more than a few chips. He should have just left the papaya strictly alone. If the others have the will power they would be better off not even touching their small portion of papaya. The fruit sugar would set off an insulin response and they would be much hungrie
  11. If only Amy didn't grimace so much while she talks.
  12. It was good to get that out there! One reason I disliked Ricard at first was that I would see the group laughing or smiling about something while he would be perfectly straight faced. I thought it was because he was feeling superior to the crowd, and now I expect he just hadn't heard whatever they were laughing about. He's grown on me every episode and may actually be my favorite now.
  13. I'm so glad Xander got the stew reward. You know a young guy's been starving when he raves about the carrots and onions.
  14. Shan seems to think that so long as she makes people "feel heard" she can then ignore everything they just said. Just as Liane seems to think that if she tells someone she needs their idol to "feel comfortable" they'll quietly hand it over. The two of them are also being way too obvious about how tight they are with each other. Looking forward to their evictions is making this season work for me.
  15. That's how I feel. I love looking at the stuff and wish I could see your mom's set-up, but I doubt if I would want to own it and deal with the getting out, setting up, packing up, storing, every year. Maybe when I get a few years older I'll think it's worth all the trouble, heh. The collectibles guy annoyed me with his remark that only old people wanted it. Our money not good enough for you, buddy? Too wrinkly for you? -------------------- Those of you who don't like the Zas should check out the famous pickle/ Nadene episode. Dr. Zasio comes out on the porch where Nadene
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