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  1. Whew. The Enemy Upstairs was not my favorite episode. I hate it when someone is obviously mentally ill and the police wont see that he's "a danger to himself and others." I expect his sister knew more than she was saying, but she cut out without warning anyone. I do wish Yvette had recognized how dangerous he was and not exacerbated the situation with broom handles and tales to Smitty, but it all might have happened anyway. What I liked was nosy Mary and Ronnie, they were great narrators and they seemed to realize what was going on in Bruce's head long before anyone else did.
  2. [I remember Rhonda and the pee pads. Poor dog] I'm watching Doug, "It's a Rat's Nest." Nice looking older man engaged to a woman who has been living with her grown daughter. Daughter, Suzanne, brings her mom to see the house Doug plans to share with her mom. Of course it's floor to ceiling hoard and Doug is so incredibly mean to the nice daughter who only wants a safe place for her mom. He even threatened to punch her after the mildest expression of shock. He says, "Suzanne doesn't know when to shut up." This little house is right on the beach! It could be a piece of heaven.
  3. I could not believe that he actually thought he could blame his wife for his hoard because she didn't stop him. Does he think we should let all the murderers out of prison and put their wives in for not stopping them? I really wanted Robin to call him on that mess.
  4. I've about decided they are all a waste of tax payer money. Judging from the ones we've seen on Hoarders, they never actually enforce anything. Didn't Tim say he'd had a relationship with them for 30 years? Later he said he knew they weren't going to put him in jail. On other episodes I've heard the hoarder had hundreds of thousands worth of back due fines and I suppose the hoarder also knows they never actually collect. Maybe if the neighbors sued the city for hardship and hazard they would do something. I love that, AZ.
  5. Yes welcome, borealis! You said what I would have said if I hadn't been spluttering with rage. You know a Hoarder's nasty when my husband turns away from his solitaire game and talks to the TV. He paraphrased "Men in Black:" "Leave him! Tim never appreciated you anyway. In fact, you kick HIM out! And once he's gone you're gonna go into town, get your eyelids fixed. And hire a decorator to come in here quick, 'cause... DAMN." I knew Tim was going to be trouble when he had interrupted Robin twice before she had walked through his front door. He was so disrespectful to her throu
  6. I could not believe that woman was playing chicken on her tractor with her little boy on her lap. She was the one with her heels dug in over the gate, while that nice husband of hers ends up dead.
  7. I'm not surprised this series makes FDR look like a buffoon, it's the standard American stereotype in British productions. The only episode of "The Crown," I didn't like was the one in which the JFK visited and acted like he's been raised in a log cabin. Maybe the writers confused him with Lincoln? I take all the historian's speculations about the Roosevelt love life with a grain of salt. Most well to do couples at that time had separate bedrooms and women usually traveled and stayed with other women. The couple may have had an understanding, or that might just be a convenient way to
  8. I just watched the Detroit one yesterday. Who knew you could set up a junkyard/ body shop on your neighbors property and everyone, including the police, would shrug and say, "It's his livelihood." I agree Chaz's girlfriend let him down. That tiny yard couldn't have been that much work to mow. I also don't think giving him a gun was brilliant. It might have saved Chaz's life but I think staying inside might have served him better. It was sad how he felt a "heaviness" now.
  9. I can see the names, it's the big avatars that throw me, my own scares me. Ashley was such a weird piece of work. Ripping off her own family business, burning it down, killing Taylor for her money when the risk of getting caught was so high. What a sad and stupid waste of a young mother's life. I also couldn't understand why a woman who looked like Ashley would be paying some guy for sex in the form of $8000 gifts.
  10. Thanks for starting this @LittleIggy. I just discovered it was back and watched "Hell in Hawaii" yesterday. Not my favorite episode. Yarda was so clearly mentally ill, I don't know why anyone thought restraining orders would stop him, or why the woman who owned the house ever let him move in with her, much less stay after he started screaming at people. I've never understood people who consider smoking The Worst Thing Ever so it irritated me that her last straw was him smoking on the back steps, rather than constant harassment of her neighbors. What a tragedy all around. I
  11. Meryl is the most entitled person I've ever seen. She actually thought her brother's money was something she deserved -- because she was his sister. Until the Zazz made her apologize, I don't even think it had ever occurred to her that she shouldn't have gone shopping with the $12,000 her brother gave her for clean-up. I thought the sister-in-law looked like Rita Moreno, she and her daughter were so kind, intelligent and good looking, it was hard to figure how they came from the same planet as Meryl.
  12. That's hard for me to get my head around, too. If she was manipulative and brazen enough to be stealing from her credit union, writing checks to herself from the old man's account, and telling wild stories to everyone in her orbit, I would think she would believe that she could lie her way out of any charges she would face in the future.
  13. I've never had a cell phone of any kind, the 20 year old land line thing hanging on the kitchen wall is sufficient to my needs. What's more, just today, I put all my throw pillows on the top shelf of the closet and took down the light colored spring and summer ones. Feel free to say, "Okay boomer."
  14. Pete not only lost 13 years of his life, he may well have died earlier because of his years in prison. I expect he smoked more in prison than he would have at home. He inspired me so much with his, "just a speed bump in the road," attitude.
  15. So it wont be on the Tuesdays of April 20th, April 27th, May 4th, or May 18th for pandemic reasons? I guess we're going to have a pandemic reprieve on May 11 and 25.
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