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  1. I thought the whole thing was just okay. I loved Dawn French on the long ago sketch comedy with Saunders, but I like her as a comedian much more than as an actress. I thought she was the one wrong note in the wonderful, "Lark Rise to Candleford" and not very convincing here. Or maybe the whole thing wasn't too well written? I just know I expect something better on Sunday night, PBS.
  2. Original, emotional reasons for gaining may go away, but once one's weight gets out of hand it can become a vicious cycle of dieting then gaining back more than you lost, and every new fat cell is yours forever. You can deflate a fat cell, but not lose it, and a deflated fat cell is a hungry one -- ( I hope no scientists or doctors are reading this shaky analogy.) I speak from experience. I was a skinny (110 lb) person until age 45 when I quit smoking and ballooned. I've lost and regained that extra weight (plus more} a dozen times since then. It's even harder for someone like Kate who has had weight problems all her life and is now probably at a point of no return. I don't blame her or her family for not "getting help for her." Food isn't a drug that you can go cold turkey on and never look back. It's a substance that has to be dealt with daily and no one has found a real, permanent solution for the problem. Another criticism of Kate I see, off and on, is that she doesn't have a job. I think taking care of any toddler is enough work for one woman, much less a woman with extra weight to carry and a toddler with a disability. Besides, wouldn't it be hard to find a daycare that would take Jack? That brings me to the adoption which seems like it may be too much extra work for Kate, but I do see how a sibling would be a wonderful addition to Jack's life.
  3. Yes and when Joan asked Lane how Don reacted to Megan's dance he said, "I saw his soul leave his body." That's what I thought I saw when Charles was watching Diana. According to the fact checkers, it wasn't Charles birthday either. Diana called up the dancer and told him her idea to dance with him on stage at the gala to "Uptown Girl" and of course he couldn't say no to a Princess, even though, since he was very short, he knew he would look ridiculous dancing with a 5'11' woman. The "Phantom of the Opera" thing was also arranged and paid for herself, but she danced in that one. too, no singing. Diana really seemed to love to dance on stage. I wonder that people always call her, "shy." I think that was just based on her habit of holding her head down and looking coyly up through her bangs.
  4. They did, but all they got was one fingerprint of Jenae's on the driver's door and one on the stick shift. I just can't imagine ever having enough wipes to do a bloody car interior. We see crime scenes where a mop and bucket isn't enough. Finding out Todd and the nude photos woman were making fun of Jenae was murder motive enough for me. Playing around is bad enough, but ridiculing the wife with the other woman is a whole different level of betrayal. I felt so sorry for Jenae when she first said the police had taken away her glasses and she didn't have her contacts, because being in a crisis without my glasses is a constant fear of mine, -- then I saw her prescription on the contact lens order: 3.50 on one eye and 1.75 on the other. Both of my eyes are 7.5 and I could drive a familiar area if I absolutely had to. She has one eye that's medium bad and the other is in the barely needs correction area. Did any, "This is Us," fans think Jenae looked like old version Rebecca?
  5. "Fair, chaste, and fertile," was such an odd way to state the requirements, because if a woman is chaste there's no way to know if she's fertile. Still, as creepy as the virgin requirement was, I understand the need to make sure the first born, at least, carries the DNA of the Prince and not some recent boyfriend. Because carrying that bloodline is absolutely the one and only thing that sets them apart from the scullery maid in the basement and qualifies them for all that prestige and perks. It's so weird to think that all the living in palaces and being curtsied to and prime ministers having to suck up to, is based on one of their very distant ancestors doing well in war a thousand years ago. I get a kick out of the monarchy in a celebrity watching way, but it goes against everything I believe regarding visiting the sins (or virtues) of the fathers on the sons. Imagine if we Americans met someone at a party who could prove he was a direct descendant of George Washington and we all started bowing and scarping and set him up in the White House with a huge allowance for life. No. We would say, "Really? Cool," and go back to our conversation. Someone like Princess Margaret, who thinks she deserves all that deference based on being someone's sister, would never understand that.
  6. I'm in total agreement with Neurochick! With or without mental illness going on I thought Fagan was heartbreaking. He was unable to get his usual painting jobs because the economy was so bad, so his wife left him for a guy with deeper pockets. She got custody of the kids, so she got their apartment. He couldn't afford a decent apartment on his own, so his kids couldn't come to visit. He couldn't go to his usual pub for the small comforts of a pint and a smoke, because that's where she and the new guy liked to hang out. No, he shouldn't have been rude to the woman at the unemployment line, but I think when they kept showing him riding the bus around town and watching his kids from a distance, they were showing us how his depression was worsening so that when he broke into the palace, I saw it as a desperate suicide by cop situation.
  7. There's so much in that scene! Mrs. Elton bragging on herself by saying, "My friends say I'm the (most whatever.) I've known people who do that, "Everyone tells me I have great legs," was one I once heard. The whole "Badly done, Emma" chapter is my favorite bit of Jane Austen, Mr. Knightly is my Darcy. Am I the only one who saw the Balmoral tests and thought of Nancy Mitford's 1955 article telling the world what the aristocrats considered "U" and "Non-U." Mrs Thatcher should have researched that. https://www.tatler.com/article/nancy-mitford-u-and-non-u-language
  8. Re the dance, "She had approached him herself," about doing it. I expected as much. The few times she's been shown dancing she seemed rather awkward, but who could have said no to the Princess if she wanted the stage? I imagine Charles is just embarrassed for her when she dances. Re, the stairs. Diana is dangerous to herself and others when she gets close to a staircase. She once pushed her step-mother down the stairs in a fit of temper. Funny how the show depicts Charles as the bad tempered monster when Diana was the one famous for screaming and acting out . In Kitty Kelly's book about the royals she said Diana had dozens of servants fired for things like pointing her shoes in the wrong directions. She and Princess Margaret were the original examples of entitled privilege.
  9. I agree, and Miss Manners suggests, "I beg your pardon," as the perfect thing to say when someone is being rude to you. Far better than what I would have said to Princess Margaret if I had been Thatcher.
  10. Yes, and the price Diana was asked to pay for marrying the most eligible bachelor in the world, becoming one of the richest women in the world with fabulous gowns, houses and jewels, and someday being the queen, was "princess school" and having the occasional lunch with the Queen. She certainly wasn't the first woman to get married and soon learn that her husband wasn't as devoted as she thought and marriage wasn't all it was cracked up to be. When I got married it was at the height of the Vietnam war and quite a few women found out they were being used to provide their husband with a "father" draft deferment. There are all sort of broodmares.
  11. His cast of women are just gorgeous. This may be the year the Bachelor goes all Ben Higgins and tells each one in the final six he's in love with them.
  12. I think he looks like the Geico caveman.
  13. Well, all the evidence against Charles, "they had an opportunity at a hunt so they must have done it," or "they keep denying they did it so they must have done it," sounds pretty darn weak to me. It's always going to be a he said/she said thing, but it's Charles who is receiving so much hatred (and Diana the usual worshipful adoration)) on social media so I'm going to lean my benefit of the doubt his way. Charles, in spite of zero witnesses, has been portrayed in this widely seen show as a man who screams at his wife and was having a physical affair from the moment of marriage. And, yes, Diana isn't here to defend herself, but Diana isn't here to receive all the boos, hate mail and death threats either. Diana defended herself quite well before she died in her Andrew Morton book. Charles has never been able to defend himself at all without seeming like a cad and a bad father.
  14. Everything I've been reading is saying The Crown really strayed too far from the truth this season. Vanity Fair has an article quoting Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith who is outraged at how Charles is being portrayed. She can't believe they didn't show any of the impressive things he did or the Prince's Trust charity he started and she claims that Diana was the one always mocking the Prince and shouting abuse while he never responded in kind: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/11/the-crown-season-4-prince-charles I haven't minded the liberties the show took in the past seasons, but, unlike say Edward VIII, Charles and Camilla are still trying to live their lives in public in spite of all the hatred they've received for the past 30 years, so it does seem harsh.
  15. I had to FF through the baby crying. The "let them cry it out" thing always seemed cruel to me. Just how is baby Kevin going to learn to "self-sooth?" Read? Watch nature shows? Count sheep? All the baby is going to learn is that life sucks and nobody cares. Now, Malik, on the other hand, must have had way too much coddling, because he can screw up big time and yet clearly expect instant forgiveness plus a job offer, after a quick, "I have a child and I had to get up early" story.
  16. Too sure of himself too early and it blew up on him. Just before Ed decided to go wrong reasons on Chasen, Chasen sat down with Tayshia and before his rear hit the chair said, "I'm all about family," and it sounded so random and planned. So I thought Ed was right about the phoniness, but by the time the show ended I was thinking Chasen was just dumb and Ed was the worst. How does a guy ever think he's going to attract a woman by whining to her that, "That other guy yelled at me and made me scared!" I like Tayshia for liking Brendon. He's so natural and unassuming. I also like Ivan a bunch and told Tay she had my permission to marry him, he checks all the boxes. Tayshia's boobs are making me jealous, I wish they'd stop.
  17. Thanks for calling it a group home, some have referred to it as an "insane asylum" and I didn't see that at all. In fact the nurses seemed particularly kind and everyone seemed happy together as though they had created a family of their own. I don't fault the parents for placing them there, it may have been safer and happier for them than being at "home" in one of those huge castles.* I only called out Margaret for not visiting because she was the one who was screaming outrage at the rest of the family for putting the girls aside. Margaret has the time, money and interest so why not she to build them a nicer home? *Or all alone down a distant corridor like Philip's mother.
  18. I just wanted to interrupt for a second to say how FUN this has been! All of us binge watching the season together and talking about it here. I picked exactly the right moment in time to sign up for the Netflix 30 days free offer!
  19. That's true and while Diana is the wronged wife in the Charles Camilla Diana triangle, the show conveniently left out the wives of the men with whom Diana had affairs. Diana is said to have stalked one married man with continual phone calls to the point that the wife reported the calls to the police and they were put in a very uncomfortable position when the calls were traced to Diana's phone. Maybe we'll see that next season when the marriage starts to completely blow up.
  20. I agree with your point and I agree that Diana must have wondered how Charles could possibly prefer Camilla when she herself was so much prettier. However, I think the show did a great job with the casting of Camilla. Google Images has some young pictures of Camilla showing a very pretty girl with almost exactly the same profile as the actress. On the other hand, I thought Emma Corrin was far too round faced and snub nosed to play Diana who had a narrow face and long nose. Worse to me was that Corrin never got Diana's constant head down eyes rolled up posture. I was happy with the season and thought we got a much more balanced view of the couple than the usual story that Charles is completely evil and Diana is all that is holy. The queen's last speech to him was well deserved but I'm glad she tacked on the ending bit that said Diana was just as bad and Phillip's last speech to Diana was also spot on, once he realized that while he had leaned that it was ultimately all about the Queen, Diana still thought it was all about her own self and all the "love and admiration I deserve!"
  21. I was so hoping Margaret, who wanted some worth while work to do, would start visiting her cousins regularly. They would have been so thrilled to have her come to their birthday parties "in person" and not just through photos and TV.
  22. Ah, many a truth spoken in jest. I'm beginning to think Charles and Diana totally deserved each other. There's absolutely no excuse for Charles continuing to see Camilla, and whether or not they're just hunting is immaterial. If it makes your wife unhappy -- stop it! Equally there's no excuse for Diana doing that childish not speaking thing. How spoiled and lazy can you be to simply lose interest in decorating your nice new mansion with your unlimited funds, and, honestly, when your mother-in-law comes to visit for the first time, get out of bed, throw on a maternity dress, and go down for lunch, whether you're feeling fabulous or not. I know Diana was young, but she's not fourteen, she's a grown woman out of school for several years. I was married at nineteen, pregnant at 20 and no one thought that meant I wasn't responsible for my actions. Twenty was the average age for brides throughout the fifties and they didn't all make a profession out of pouting.
  23. Even if the Queen's story about Queen Mary and her husband finding love through shared duty to country and crown, she didn't seem to realize that the same could never happen with Charles and Diana because they were two of the most self-pitying people ever.
  24. Exactly. The first rule of good manners is to make the other person feel comfortable and correcting another person's actions or clothing is about the rudest thing you can do. Margaret was horrible. I did have to laugh when the Thatcher's came down too early in black tie and even the Corgi whined at them for such a huge faux pas. Mr. Thatcher said it for me, "Boorish, snobbish and rude."
  25. I caught that too, as well as Sarah Spencer telling him, after Diana had been "caught" in her leggy sprite costume that Diana had known he was coming, had been forbidden to meet him, and could have just as easily gone around the Hall instead of through it. I read in one of the biographies about the royals that one of Diana's teachers had sent her home with a note saying Diana was the most manipulative little girl she had ever met.
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