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  1. You nailed it there. I've never been involved with an MLM, but several members of my extended family have been. From Amway back in the 90's, to cosmetics in the 00's, to several of the current ones. Fortunately they have never been pushy with me, and I've quietly resisted all those sales pitches when any were tentatively made to me, so that's all good. Once, in a private conversation, a former banker told me that they'd never seen anybody make money from their MLM activities although they didn't go into detail. It amazes me that these MLMs including LLR, pitch their deal to people as "yo
  2. Thanks for posting that about Roberta. I went back and FF'd through a bit of the series to watch some of Roberta's and Courtney's talking heads again. They present different attitudes and responses to their experiences in LLR. I'm not going to demonize Courtney; it's her personality and her life, which seems to have crashed down around her along with her LLR "business." But it's an interesting contrast. Roberta's had the attitude and energy to focus on others, while at least as presented in the series, Courtney talked about herself. IMO Courtney was very receptive to the "spend big to sh
  3. I thought about that. What I meant when I said she "seems to like [child-rearing] and to be pretty good at it," was that she appears to be good at handling the daily life of her family and seems genuinely interested in her kids' activities and development. Her kids in photos typically look better dressed and put-together than Michelle's younger kids, for instance. I don't know that Anna knew about the CSAM until the charges were filed, so I'm not going to say she knowingly continued to live with a man who did that. She did stick by him after the molestations were publicly disclosed and th
  4. I agree with @Monkeyrocks - I attribute much of the awkwardness in so many of those photos to the happy couple being blitzed by JillR to pose for pictures every. other. bleeding. minute. Kaylee's better at faking the smile for Mama's camera than Nurie was. Kaylee's smile is not quite as painful a rictus as we used to see from Nurie, but it's similar. If Kaylee and Jonathan are destined to getting hitched to each other and pumping out babies for Jesus, I hope that they are attracted to each other. With all their cult rules, even if they are attracted, they won't have a chance to get past the aw
  5. I agree. I was writing a comment along these lines when you posted that^^. Even if all the Duggars and their spouses decided today to go quiet and private on social media - which Jeremy and Jessa would do when pigs fly - they would still be in the public eye at some level, for quite awhile. Bottom-feeding clickbait sites never die. If the bottom feeders turn up a nugget like JB tossing Anna and her seven kids off the TTH, the mags like InTouch and People will pick up the story. JB knows that would tarnish his public image and he won't have that. And about Anna. Yes a couple of her sibs
  6. @ChiCricket - I'll def get the booster when I can. I had my second Moderna shot in late February so my immunity is aging. Today I got an email from my HMO which included this update: I'm in the "seniors" group of the "early vaccinated," so I'm hoping to get a booster shot by early November at the latest. I had zero reactions to the Moderna injections in January and February, so I'm hoping that will also be the case with the booster. I'm planning a road/camping trip for a couple of weeks in mid-November. I will be so happy if I can have the booster shot before I leave. I will be j
  7. I think you've nailed it. I'm not saying she's intellectually incapable of functioning on her own. But as you point out, she was taught (indoctrinated) by her parents that her God-given role in life is as a helpmeet to a man. As far as we know she didn't seriously rebel against that indoctrination, and in late adolescence she married Josh-U-a. She seemed rather starry-eyed about him. I know that one of her sisters did rebel and leave the fundie life. But AFAIK nobody has ever reported that Anna said or did anything to indicate that she wasn't just fine with the Duggar/fundie world she liv
  8. @hathorlive, I'm so sorry about Jake. I was a sobbing mess for quite awhile after my dog died and he was only with me for 11 years. I finally got to the place where my memories of him are a comfort, but sometimes I still miss him. And, don't tell anybody, but sometimes I talk to him even now. Thanks for all the light you've shed on Josh's case. ETA: I think it's interesting to discuss Anna's options if she seeks a divorce. I also think that's astoundingly unlikely to happen.
  9. @lookeyloo - thanks for telling us about your night out at Hamilton. I hit the "sad" reaction emoticon but I wish we had a more nuanced option. Bittersweet? I watched all four episodes of the new Amazon Prime documentary, LuLaRich, this afternoon. I thought it was very well done. To my surprise I didn't use the FF key at all, and I can be a tough customer when streaming video. Start to bore me and we're DONE. I also got a pedicure today, and started the day with an 8:30 am visit to our Zoo. I love it; I'm a member so we can get in at 8:30 before it opens to the public at 10. It's coole
  10. I think she's too deep in the cult to consider divorce. And if she did she would be up against it financially. Josh while in prison won't be earning money to pay child support, although he'd be expected to pay it for any children who are under age 18 when he's released. I assume Anna's lawyer could pierce the Duggar Enterprises shenanigans to locate any assets owned by Josh, and would have them awarded to Anna by the court in light of Josh's inability to pay support. But JB himself wouldn't be under any legal obligation to pay support to Anna or the kids. She's better off by sticking around th
  11. I watched all four episodes this afternoon. Wow. I'm with you on MLMs being exposed. I think the Stidhams are vile, and also loved the editing of their interview and their depositions. Heh. I don't have much to add to the comments already posted here. I did feel sorry for the woman who went so high up in the hierarchy and then lost it all. BTW she didn't have a botched weight loss surgery in Mexico. She chose a different WLS procedure which was performed in her home town but went wrong, and refused DeAnne and DeAnne's sister's pressure to go to their doctor in Mexico for his procedu
  12. Thanks. I was browsing through one of my streaming services and saw Bondi Vet was available, but didn't explore it. It makes sense that "Vets on the Beach" is a padded out rehash. It seemed they were hard put to fill an hour long show with that content.
  13. I was responding based on a photo that Jill captioned referring to the kids listening to a podcast to "wind down" as she and Derick sat in their back yard. Sounds to me like the kids weren't running around the house at that point. TBH even if they were "playing with walkie talkies" it doesn't bother me that their parents were in the back yard with the kids in the house. Because, yes, you can't hover over them every minute of every day - and I'm going to give Jill and Derick the benefit of the doubt here. I don't think they'd be chilling in the back yard if the kids were running around ins
  14. I'm still watching this show, and I like the two newest vets, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Ray. Good for him for spotting that esophagus issue with the handsome standard poodle (or Labradoodle?). I'm glad Dr. Brenda's still on the show too. I love how she talks to the animals she's treating. Dr. Nicole's still fun to watch too. I have mad respect for tiny Beth, who gave birth to a nine-pound baby *and* was a good sport about being filmed getting out of the car when Charles brought them home from the hospital. Last night I watched a few episodes of a vet show from Australia, Vets on the Beach.
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