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  1. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    True that the choice of words sucks. Also true that it represents Jill's level of maturity and social awareness. She was introduced to those missioncations in developing countries by her dad - who smugly bragged to everyone he encountered about how many children he had. Including, IIRC, at least one woman who had survived several of her own young children. To this day, I believe that when Jill married Derick, her "dream" of being a missionary was an adolescent fairytale image of Jill the White Missionary delivering babies for the incredibly grateful brown people in some developing country, and bringing souls to Jesus. After all, in her world view, the point of those mission trips is to spread the Word about the Correct Jesus and convince "those people" there to worship him, thus saving their souls from the fires of hell. So the remark about "bringing one back" is totally in line with the especially insensitive self-centered views of her parents + the theology that's been pounded in to her all her life. Which she spent, until her marriage, cloistered in the filtered, recirculated, and hermetically sealed atmosphere of the Duggar family house. ETA: Minus the "famous white midwife missionary" fantasy, the above IMO is true of the attitudes of all the Duggarlings including Jessa. Some of them may be more savvy, or at least more guarded, about how they speak, though.
  2. Nope. She specifically said those desires to do things were childish dreams which would be gone quickly. Not goals to be attained later in life.
  3. Jeeves

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    A relative by marriage had an uncle Chester, an aunt Faith, and his mom was named Hope. Yep. In birth order, those siblings were Hope, Faith - and Chester. Born more than 100 years ago. Maybe their mother just expected to have only girls and Chester was her best plan B alternate for Charity? Anyway, ever since I heard about that, I sometimes think “hope, faith, and Chester” instead of “hope, faith, and charity.” 🤣
  4. OMG you're so right. How absolutely tragic that a desire to be a business owner, pilot, astronaut, etc., are dismissed as "childhood moments . . . [that] all too quickly . . . will be gone." Instead of being treated as personal interests. To be respected, cultivated, and encouraged as the kids grow up. And if the interests continue into late adolescence, to be set as goals to be educated and trained for. Obviously JD got a pilot's license, and JB is a small biz owner, so I suppose the BOYS may be allowed to realize a few of those early interests. But still it's such a parent-limited horizon for all the kids.
  5. Jeeves

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Yep. Those defrauding skin tight fur coats and all . . .
  6. Jeeves

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Go for it, @Jynnan tonnix! Maybe your hubs could rig up something for you that would suspend the painting overhead and you could lie down while painting. Like Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. . . although I've always idly wondered how much paint dropped into his face . . . 😁 Anyway, I'm glad you're resting and recuperating.
  7. Jeeves

    Good Bones

    Word. (Former owner of bungalow built in 1910. Had to have wiring updated when I bought it c. 1990. Fortunately found an electrician who was a genius at running conduit discreetly along exterior walls, and an artist at placing/painting boxes for outlets on said walls. Not to mention getting conduit through interior lathe and plaster walls.) Based on my experience (see above) I have absolutely zero nostalgia for lathe and plaster walls and appreciate that Mina and Karen start fresh with the framing and wall buildouts in their renos. I'm still scratching my head over that sloping floor in the recent episode because as I mentioned above, they usually get the foundation taken care of right at the start.
  8. Jeeves

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I'm really sorry for all of you experiencing the discomfort of high temps + high humidity. Been there, done that, aka living in Houston. Aargh!!! Denver's getting crowded and real estate prices are nutz and I hate winter. That said, this low humidity climate feels good enough that I'm still here 40+ years after arrival. After yesterday's sizzle of 101F, it's now just after 6:30 am and a nice 65F outdoors. Relative humidity's above average at 35%. I have the condo windows/sliding door open and fans blowing the cool air in. Later on I'll shut the windows and turn on the a/c. We're getting a break, high of about 90F today. ETA: I do sleep with the a/c on in the bedroom. Mostly because I have seasonal allergies and too much of the tiny little nasties float in through the windows at night for my comfort.
  9. That's possible, but I wonder if they were in contact with People and got the brush-off, so then posted their own pics. Jessa's had People exclusives before, so you'd think she'd know how that works. I also wonder if the Bates, who if they have any Joshgate-sized skeletons in the family closet have so far kept them locked up, have succeeded the Duggars as People's fave fundies. If they haven't totally shoved the Duggs aside, they seem to have joined the party.
  10. And, a People Exclusive photo. Nice. Jessa must be livid with envy. IIRC she didn't get a People Exclusive deal for her third delivery. People merely reposted the Seewalds' own Insta pic(s).
  11. Jeeves

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I've been indoors today too. It hit 101 here (Denver), I think a new record. At least it tends to cool off at night. I binge-watched (on Demand) a new-ish HGTV series, Unspouse My House, which was a hoot. I caught an episode last night and liked it.
  12. Jeeves

    Dr. Pimple Popper

    I agree that his mother should have been - and should now be - more aggressive in having that condition monitored and - as appropriate - treated by a doctor. However, it's a giant congenital nevus, and it's not so simple (if even possible) to "have it gone." I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet, but just a simple search brought up articles that indicate the complexities and difficulties of this. For instance: https://www.healthline.com/health/congenital-nevus and https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001453.htm. This patient is still growing, and that may also factor in to what a doctor would think advisable or beneficial to do - or not - at this point. But, to reiterate, I think his mother needs to be sure he's seen at least annually by a competent physician to monitor and assess the nevus and figure out a treatment/management plan going forward. And probably to do biopsies as indicated. I hope she does and I fear she won't. 😨
  13. Jeeves

    Design Shows

    I watched Episode 2 - Dolphin-ately Bad Taste - last night. I really enjoyed it. I've missed the other episodes but will try to get the DVR to catch them. The homeowner in this case - a guy - seemed easy-going and interacted well with Orlando. Lord, that man's ex had horrific taste, as in "the early 90's called and they want their sh*t back." Not to mention, she's pursuing a modeling career. And she'd put mirrors *everywhere!* in that house, lol. I also like that Orlando was respectful and appreciative of his contractor in several scenes. Oh, and the intro - cracked me up!
  14. I know some people who are suspicious about and hostile to the idea of their kids being exposed to *anything* they don't personally endorse, just as described above. It makes me sad and a little mad. I really wonder if they think that just by controlling their kids' lives to the nth degree, they are protecting them from evil. Or they're so fear-driven they convince themselves that's the case? I still remember reading interviews in which Boob and Michelle rattled on about how they were keeping their kids from being exposed to music with a backbeat that would be bad for them, etc. I don't know what's worse: that they never set foot into a public library, or that they go in and pitch a hissy fit when they see anything they don't approve of. Sigh. About porn: I used to volunteer at our public library's central branch in the technology center - where there are 120+ computers set up available for library patrons to use (for up to 2 hours per day each). The PCs are set up at several round tables out in the middle of a large area, with the staff desk in the center. Obviously we didn't monitor all usage all the time but if we saw - or got a complaint about - a patron viewing porn, we alerted the staff and they took care of it. It happened occasionally. The library's policy is no porn on its public computers (the policy sez there's a limited number of computers where "adult" content can be viewed but I know they aren't out in the general open area).