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  1. I think anything but homeschooling is completely off the radar for a Duggar. Ben was homeschooled, IIRC, although I think his parents signed him up for some kind of coop/league so he could play sports. Ben did have some community college credits, so I assume he actually attended class and mixed with the ungodly heathens you find in public education at all levels. Jill's probably pushing the envelope, for a Duggar, by having play dates for the kids at the public library with friends from (I think) her church.
  2. I don’t feel sorry for Anna about the show. Jill’s off the show completely and she’s not even married to a child molester. Actually I don’t feel sorry for Anna at all. She’s the reigning queen as to popping out Duggar grandkids, her creepoid husband wasn’t kicked to the curb by his indulgent parents after his adulterous antics were outed, and she’s living a nice life in a nice house and still breeding for the glory of Jesus and Jim Bob.
  3. Well, a widowed fundie nutjob in search of a wife will have plenty of single female fundie nutjobs to choose from, and the ones that are getting long in the tooth may have fathers who are looking to offload them to another headship. I have no idea who those people are, I'm sorry that woman died so horribly (and stupidly), but if he moves in fundie circles he's likely to remarry soon to get some help with the kids and teh sex on the regular.
  4. Note to self: program the DVR to record the new episodes of Dateline on NBC Friday nights. I didn't, and decided after reading here that I'd like to see this episode. So I pulled it up On Demand. And, urgh. They've disabled the FF function for this episode On Demand. And the pace was so . . . crawly. I gave up. At least if I've DVR'd it, I can FF through the commercials, and recaps, and fluff. Because IMO Dateline usually dragggsss out a story into twice the time it should take. Sigh.
  5. If not old, practical. A few years ago a young cousin and his wife bought a lovely spacious house out on acreage in the country. Absolutely perfect for their family. I love the place! And, as I took the introductory tour? I swear, I counted up the total number of toilets and thought how glad I was not to be responsible for cleaning them. 🤣
  6. If this helps: I figured out from the context, that you meant audiobooks. 😊
  7. I started listening to audiobooks almost 20 years ago, when I had a daily 55-mile round trip work commute. By the time I got in the car in the morning I'd already had the news from TV or radio, at the end of the workday I needed distraction from reality, and I'd tired of listening to music in the car all the time. I usually checked out public library audiobooks on cassette tape (remember those?) or, as they became more common, CDs. I learned that the sweet spot for me, books that neither lulled me to sleep or demanded too much attention (I was driving, after all!), were crime fiction or mystery books. Not gory ones, and in fact I've happily listened to unabridged audiobooks of most of my "classic" favorites that I'd already read more than once (Dorothy L. Sayers, Robert Barnard, M. C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth series), and then I found E. F. Benson's Mapp and Lucia books which are incredibly fun. These days I look for that kind of sweet spot in the content of audiobooks I buy or borrow from the public library. Not too heavy, but interesting and with a lively narrator's voice. I no longer have that commute, but still have an audiobook habit when in the car. I probably need to stop my Audible subscription, but I've discovered some good books that way. Of course, these days I just load my Audible books on my phone, then play them in the car via Bluetooth through the car sound system. Who would have thunk it, back in 2000 when I was hoping the public library's well-used tapes and CDs would play all the way through and not leave me frustrated near the end of a good story? I've also discovered the Libby app. I use it to manage and play ebooks and audio e-books that I've checked out from my public library. Works flawlessly on my phone to play audiobooks in the car and in the house through a bluetooth speaker. @Ohiopirate02, is that the app you use? Dang, I love technology. I have my entire music library - mostly burned from CDs I own but also some digital music purchases - in iTunes and loaded via iTunes onto a ten year old iPod touch which lives in the closed armrest/console of my car, plugged into the car's audio system. Remember having to keep all those tapes or CDs corralled somewhere in the car if you wanted to bring music along? (Apple's next system upgrade, Catalina, is here. It does away with iTunes in favor of putting all your music into "Music" and all your audiobooks into the "Books" app which is gonna be a PITA for me and my old iPod which I don't think can load the current Books app. We'll see. I'll figure it out somehow. I still much prefer Apple computers to PCs for my personal tech. Although I'm equally fond of my Android phone, so there's that. And I use Libby on the phone for borrowed audiobooks, and the Audible app on the phone for purchased audiobooks, so I'm probably okay.)
  8. OMG, I hadn't thought of that. And now that you mention it, I can totally see it. 🤣
  9. I think she is. At least they aren't the black Wicked Witch of the East stockings and clogs she used to wear all the time even at the beach. I don't like her, and hate to pass up a good chance to snark. But, all those pregnancies must have taken a toll on her body, and I wouldn't be surprised if she wears support hose on doctor's advice, if not doctor's orders. I'm no doc but I have read that some women can develop leg vein issues after pregnancy - and heaven knows what all those pregnancies did to Meech's body.
  10. Okay, I did. I was totally loving the side-eye she was getting from one young guy behind her. 🤣 And OMG Jill's awful singing! Right up there with Hyacinth Bucket's off-pitch warbling in its awfulness, volume, and oblivious self-confidence! Who knew, that I'd ever see, and hear, a real-life Hyacinth in action?
  11. Oh, nooo. . . that would be too easy. It's so haaaard being a celebrity and influencer, ya know. Have to keep your fans informed name in front of your followers. Life in the glare of the spotlight, it's relentless. Oh, wait, was that a spotlight, or just the flash of her phone taking the selfie...? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. TLC doesn't seem to be lavishing resources on this show. They haven't provided episode descriptions for the new season to Xfinity except for the upcoming episode next Tuesday night (October 15). For October 22, Xfinity's onscreen guide shows an episode of the show on the schedule but with no information about it save a very outdated blurb about the series (Jill and Derick are in Central America, or just back, and Ben and Jessa are having a baby - seriously, it's way out of date, and the Dillards aren't even on the show anymore). On the TLC website, the schedule runs only through the 23rd, and there are blurbs about both episodes. The October 15 episode is much the same as the Xfinity listing I quoted above. The episode for October 22 stars the Vuolos again, titled "The Vuolos Take LA::
  13. Let's hope that's true and she's not unhappy. She certainly adored her time on TV. Maybe she's over it. This is the biggest photo on the main show page on the TLC website, and look who's not there: Edited to add: She did get two episodes - 19 minutes total - about Ivy's birth, on tlc.com, so there's that:
  14. I think an exclusive People story is now a mark of success in Duggarland. Jessa must have been crushed that she didn't score one for Ivy's birth.
  15. I brought this over from the Jill and Derick discussion. Very good points about Jessa. Of all the Duggar kids she's seemed the one most devoted to being on TV. She seems to absolutely bloom when she's front and center in front of the TV camera. I wonder how much she'll be featured in the new series of Counting On. Maybe she'll get some airtime because, as noted, she really really loves being on camera, vs. some of her sibs who seem to be enduring it and may be harder for the producers to get good footage from. Sure, she's had a baby lately. But it was a third, not notable in the Duggar breeding sweepstakes - while there are *two* SILs expecting their first babies. And I don't know how the show will handle it, but Joy's miscarriage while tragic is more interesting for TV purposes than a young woman having a third child. Not to mention that the Vuolos have moved to HOLLYWOOD!!! Well, LA, which in TV terms is about the same thing. With their adorable baby girl, and they go out to new places and Jeremy's in seminar and hangs out with all these new people. The competition for airtime this season could be brutal. Sitting around the house in Arkansas, being Queen Bee Jessa Seewald, may not cut it for TV time this season. She and Bin haven't traveled, that we know of, or changed 'careers' or developed some new interests. I'm sure that if they had, Jessa would have been discreet enough about them not to wear out their interest before they could be unveiled on the TV show. But the lack of any hints of such things on her social media presence lately, so close to the premiere of the next season, leads me to think they ain't got nothing new except Ivy Spice. And Jessa's second rush to the hospital because of post-delivery bleeding. Which didn't even get a People exclusive, IIRC. Edited to add, this is what my Xfinity onscreen guide says about next Tuesday night's season premiere of Counting On, and nothing about this suggests the Seewalds will be featured:
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