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  1. I found this information - it's a public television show: https://www.aptonline.org/catalog/LEGACY-LIST-WITH-MATT-PAXTON Thanks for the heads-up. Here's an article about the show: https://www.nextavenue.org/legacy-list-downsizing/
  2. OMG, @AZChristian and @JudyObscure, I'm just back at my hotel after a day over there at her house. In some ways it was horrible but we visited and concentrated on a few things and that went very well. I sat down here to look at these forums and almost got teary when I saw your nice supportive posts. At the moment I've detached from the idea of doing anything to tidy up her house which is hthe only reason I'm not stark raving screaming insane right now. We're concentrating on dealing with some issues regarding her pets, who were alone a lot during her absence from home in hospital, rehab, etc. That's where my focus is. There are a few things I'm going to do, at her request, to make it easier for her to do some things around the house. In the process I hope to deep clean at least one bathroom. I can't believe she let her house get in that cluttered and dirty (UNDERSTATEMENT!) condition but I am absolutely not going to lecture, plead, etc. I'm just there to help her do whatever she wants help with. At this time the place isn't stuffed to the gills and she can safely walk around. We both watch junk reality tv shows, including My 600 Pound Life. I have not. asked her about the hoarding shows. Not going there. Thanks again for your support. It means a lot.
  3. OMG, ya'll. I don't want to put all the deets out here, but I figure my Hoarders discussions peeps will understand. I've arrived in a city far from home, a road trip to a place I grew up but haven't visited for many years. I came to visit a step-relation who has been ill and is now back home. I just got here last night, and will go see her today. I've just learned from a member of her family that she's a hoarder. He used the word "borderline," and it's not Stage 5 or whatever the worst is. But still. The details he shared could have come out of these shows, including not letting him throw away a baggie with holes in it when he was trying to help her clean up a few years ago. Oy! I'm glad I've been warned, and I'm glad that I paid attention to these shows and even read a couple of books about hoarding. I feel a tiny bit prepared for this now. I'd thought, oh good we can visit and maybe I can help her sort out her house. I think she does need things arranged so she has an easier time doing things because of her new physical limitations. But now I know that as to doing anything about her house, I'm entering a minefield, and I'm prepare to tiptoe through it instead of just marching in. Wish me well!
  4. The Amish also run puppy mills. There are unproven claims that the Amish run a certain percentage of US puppy mills. I really don't care what share of that slimy industry they control; I do believe reports that an Amish puppy mill isn't an isolated thing and I wouldn't be surprised if they treat their women badly too.
  5. ^^My thoughts exactly. Back when Joshgate hit, and TLC pulled the repeats of 19K&C off the air, I posted about this. I'm sure the beancounters at TLC were crying in their lattes over the lost revenue from all the Duggar show repeats sitting in the TLC vault that suddenly could no longer be used in the schedule rotation to generate ad revenue. Remember, there are no "residuals" paid to anyone for repeat airings of reality TV shows. Once TLC pays the production company for an episode, it belongs to TLC forever and they can air it a zillion times, without paying the production company or the people on the show another dime. It's all profit for the network. Ever since Joshgate, not only are the pre-"Counting On" episodes not being seen again, TLC has shown "Counting On" in a limited way. For awhile, each episode aired only once. Recently they seem to show the episode a time or two after the premiere. The episodes are available on demand. But unlike SYTTD, M600PL, Sister Wives, etc., Counting On isn't in the TLC daily lineup of repeats. I'm sure TLC would LOVE IT if Josh could somehow be rehabilitated and they could haul those old episodes out of the vault and get some ad revenue from them. Not that JB would see another dime directly from that. But of course since Josh is the Duggar Crown Prince, and Michelle's favorite child, I'm sure JB spends some of his time thinking of how to rehabilitate Josh's wider reputation. And it might bump up the value of their future shows and help JB get more money for having his family appear in those, including more air time for JB and Meech.
  6. I ain't got time to read her blog. She's currently on probation, got a ten year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to felonies: https://www.ok.gov/triton/modules/newsroom/newsroom_article.php?id=258&article_id=15745 Oh, and she owes $100K in restitution. As noted above by @ShortyMac, she also lost her counseling license. I kept wondering during the episode how her legal/financial situation affects her mental and emotional state. Seems to me that would be a big thing, but the show totally ignores it and talks about a long ago suicide attempt by her mother.
  7. The weight loss surgery isn't working like she expected. So she's quitting Dr. Now's program. She's so screwed up.
  8. Protein bar and cheese. I just got to my hotel room and tuned in. Is this her version of grapes and yogurt?
  9. @beckie and @Nysha, I wish I had better words but I'm so sorry for your losses and sending good thoughts to you and your families.
  10. They can’t be old. Jill’s hair isn’t as long as it used to be.
  11. Yeah. I just watched it. I'm done with this show. There are about a million things that will be a better use of my time. Including cleaning out ear wax, cleaning out the sock drawer, and removing those nasty calluses from my feet. Just saying.
  12. OMG. This is the bomb. Seriously! I may have to print it out and have it on hand for the next episode. Thank you!!
  13. @Porkchop! How cool! I've been following the Vandwellers forum. That book (Nomadland) featured Bob Wells and his story, so I started reading at cheaprvliving.com. I think my next step may be to trade in my car for a minivan because I think it would suit me to a T to have a cot and my stuff in the back of a minivan, and hit the road. However, I just paid for the 75K mile service on the car so I'm not trading vehicles soon. (It's a small SUV and yes I can sleep in the back, it's just not as roomy and comfy as a minivan would be.)
  14. @zoomama, I've had occasion to think about that issue a lot over the last year or so. And I'm also one of the fortunate ones - I have a home, a comfy bed, and can fall asleep feeling warm and safe. It started when I read an excellent book, Nomadland, (by Jessica Bruder). She spent a lot of time with people who live in their vehicles full time. Many/most of them are older, and are living their vans/RVs/cars (but mostly vans and some RVs) after suffering financial setbacks that left them unable to afford "sticks and bricks" housing. Many of them travel the country and work seasonal jobs to get by. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. There are more "homeless" (and certainly "houseless") people than we realize. In my city, the cost of housing (purchase prices and rental rates) has shot up in recent years, not quite to California levels but still it's a shock. No way people with modest incomes can easily afford to buy in, or even to rent. I think that plenty of people we encounter around town may be homeless and we don't have a clue. Some people have embraced the mobile/nomad life and say they wouldn't go back to sticks and bricks. But a lot of people are sleeping in their cars because, well, they don't have anywhere else. You can find lots of posts like this: http://mywilddreams.net/2017/10/27/vanlife-how-to-where-to-park-and-sleep-in-cities/ - the author seems to have chosen his nomadic life vs. doing it as a last resort. I'm not sure why I've become so fascinated with all this. I don't see myself deciding to go live full time in a van, lol. OTOH I may well try some car-sleeping on extended road trips later this year when the weather gets warmer. I don't fancy sleeping in my car in cold weather. Yikes.
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