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  1. IIRC the Felon's defense team argued I think in pretrial motions, that the computer was in a BUSINESS where the PUBLIC could come and go, not like a PRIVATE SPACE such as a room in a home. Yeah, I'm sure that tiny shed was just bustling with people wandering in and out, so that just anybody off the street could sit down and use that computer unobserved. Unobserved because the very busy proprietor of Wholesale. Motorcars would have been busy out on the lot with the enormous inventory of vehicles. /sarcasm 🤣 I'm cracking myself up here trying to imagine all the potential foot traffic "throu
  2. I said this somewhere around here, I think shortly after The Felon was convicted: IMO the sanest thing for all the Duggars to do now, is to get the hell off of public social media and just live their lives as privately as they can. I realize they are somewhat famous but it's a Z list kind of celebrity that can wane if not pursued by the "celebrities." I hope that Jill and Derick have decided to let go of monetized social media. Of course, I'll post this comment and within the next hour they'll show that indeed they haven't done that. 😂 This has to be a painful time for them, especially
  3. @Scarlett45 - WOO HOO! Congratulations on your promotion and raise!! Well deserved, I'm sure. And that's great news about your sister's ID situation. BTW, how are the new cats doing? @ozziemom - I am so sorry about the RV fire! I hope you encounter more helpful people in your claims process than you have so far. Fingers crossed!
  4. Thank you. What a contrast - a great example of "why pay someone to take the baby pictures, when we have iPhones and can do it ourselves?" What I find disturbing, is that they *chose* to publicize a photo of the infant crying and looking very red-faced, uncomfortable, and unhappy. (The one in @GeeGolly's post on the prior page, is worse than the one above.) Do fundie parents get so used to screaming babies, what with the blanket training and all, that they don't even realize that's not a good look to put out in public? I remember that years ago Jill Dillard did a similar thing with
  5. Oops! @MargeGunderson - I should have said "former," not latter. My bad. I think it's an established church. Although it seems that those IFB churches don't tend to have huge congregations, so who knows how much Nathan will be paid.
  6. I'm sure it's the latter former or Jilly would have been spouting praises for his greatness in starting a church.
  7. @cereality - no sentencing hearing date yet. I just now looked at the case docket on Court Listener. The latest entry was the filing of defense motion for new trial/acquittal on the 19th. We were discussing upthread the Anna/Carlin rumor. I don't think anybody knows for sure if it's true. I wouldn't be surprised if Anna's still thrashing around looking for someone to blame for the situation, which of course she thinks is not at all the fault of her [At Least I Have A] husband™.
  8. I have the same question. AFAIK the older Duggar kids got GEDs, and then the GED test got more difficult to pass. After that, we started seeing the Duggs posting photos of their kids who "graduated" from "Duggar Academy." Complete with obviously home-printed "diplomas." That's not a high school diploma.
  9. I think that was a reference to the production company making the Amazon Prime documentary about IBLP that's due to drop late this year.
  10. But what if they have decided to NOT hold on to their Z list celebrity status with a death grip, and instead to live their lives without chronicling it publicly on social media and otherwise? In that case, I don't see that a public announcement would give them any "good things" - except some clickbait articles online that mention Josh. They may have already decided that ain't nobody got time for that. If so, good for them. They don't owe the public, including us snarkers, a damned thing. He had no choice in his being put on a TV show when he was a little kid, I don't think she has a robus
  11. Given, that whole fundie world is misogynist and patriarchal, and they blame women for being raped, but I don't see how Josh Duggar's felonies should have an impact on Nathan Keller's job prospects.
  12. Jinger will be okay, unless the MacArthur empire implodes or Jeremee gets expelled from it. Joy and Austin, and Jill and Derick, will be okay. If Justin sticks close to the Spiveys, he probably will be okay too. I don't know much about Pa Spivey, but if he's built a successful business doing construction, vs. the JB type of wheeling and dealing, Justin could learn a lot from him. (Assuming Justin doesn't have the typical Duggarling arrogance that they already know it all and are so much better than everybody else. Big assumption.) I was going to joke about hitting the drive thru lan
  13. Jill said "full time ministry," so I suppose Nathan's no longer doing lawns. As to supporting their inevitably huge brood of kids, Nurie has been raised by a world class grifter (for Jesus!) so she learned how to grift from the best. Nathan's family is well connected in fundie circles. They will get by, with love offerings and all. We really don't know much about Nurie's personality. Before her not-so-long-ago marriage, she lived 24/7/365 under the reign of a raging narcissistic fundie mother. She was good at keeping sweet ,especially for the cameras and church appearances. IMO her life
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