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  1. Based on the podcast I've referred to above - available here on YouTube - I have something to add to the timeline. The narrator is a couple of years younger than Josh. When he was a teenager his parents were fundies and started attending the Duggars' church. He witnessed what happened after Jim Holt lost his Senate race and then was tipped off that Josh, a campaign volunteer, had viewed porn on campaign computers. This would have been in late 2004 or early 2005, when Josh was 16 - 17 years old. The narrator said that Holt lost the race mostly likely because his politics were just not pala
  2. I think "slug" is a great word choice! Josh has been handed opportunity after opportunity to develop skills, create a business, run a business, help a political movement - and he seems to have done f*ck-all except laze around, browse porn, preen in public for photo opps with politicians and VIPs, cruise for adultery partners, and worse. His disinterest in running that car lot was obvious from the TV series. He probably liked being up in front of people and schmoozing when he was at FRC, but I wonder how long he'd have lasted if he hadn't blown it up with the Ashley Madison scandal. I doub
  3. I wonder just how strongly, if at all, JB now believes in Josh's God-given special destiny. IIRC at the time the teenaged (16 or 17) Josh was busted (not by the law but by Jim Holt) for looking at porn on campaign computers, the Duggars may still have been running The Church of Jim Bob Duggar in the Duggar house. So the men of the church (the ones who get a voice, don't forget that wimmen preaching in church is a traditional no-no for Baptists) would have already been aligned with JB's views on things. And ready to give the Most Favored Eldest Son the benefit of the doubt and their protection.
  4. So Josh's parents pretty much handed him, on a plate, the opportunity to develop a video production business, and it went nowhere. Did Josh even try? Did he try a little and not find instant success and give it up? I wonder. Because when JB gave him that car lot to run it seemed that Josh had no enthusiasm for it. IIRC that was clear from the footage on the show at the time.
  5. Yes, that was mentioned in his podcast that I listened to and mentioned in my post. He described that scene, where Josh visibly gulped. He (the narrator) said that afterward he and his dad talked about Josh's reaction since it was so odd, although Josh had gone on to explain the filter stuff on the computer. What really struck me in that part of his podcast, was the contrast between Josh's workstation with the shiny new iMac and the mess of junky old computers his siblings had to use. The narrator said that JB said that the local college was going to discard a bunch of old computers so
  6. Oh Lord. I have mixed feelings about Amy, and her being all friendly with that waste-of-bandwidth twit on WOACB definitely doesn't move the needle to the positive side of the meter. Sigh.
  7. He only has to pass the bar exam. There's no additional work/study requirement to be admitted to practice. In the US, lawyers are licensed at the state level. if he passes the Arkansas bar exam he will be admitted/licensed to practice law in Arkansas. Most states have continuing legal education requirements for lawyers. A quick look at Arkansas shows that a lawyer has to complete 12 hours of accredited CLE per year which must include at least 1 hour of ethics CLE.
  8. I don't think Josh was ever as sheltered or monitored as the Duggars claimed their kids were. I suppose the younger kids and especially the girls may have been more confined, i.e. "sheltered," with limited outside exposure, but not Josh. Josh was already of elementary school age when his parents went all fundie/Gothard. He'd been to school (I think kindergarten if not first grade). He was old enough to notice differences in their life. Also, Josh was JB's "accountability partner" when JB served in the legislature from 1999 - 2002. Josh would have been 11 to 13 years old then, and JB
  9. Izzy enrolled in public school last fall and has apparently enjoyed it. The whole family seems much more relaxed with each other in the content they post on social media these days. I've been particularly happy to see how much more relaxed and happy Izzy appears to be. The kid is often shown smiling, not a fakey grimace for the camera, but real smiles.
  10. Is that the large house on a large lot?
  11. Thanks for the update. My experience with bar review (and I did it in two states) was long long ago!
  12. Thanks. I do have a Fire Stick but I took it off the TV and haven't had a chance to put it back on and try it with YTTV. Thanks for letting me know it will work.
  13. I also went from Cable to YouTube TV, and also pretty much don't care if they know what I watch. However, right now Roku and YTTV are disagreeing over how much information YTTV wants to be able to track from Roku users. If they don't resolve it, I'll have to either quit YTTV or figure out how to watch YTTV on my actual TV sets without buying anything I don't already own. Sigh.
  14. @BitterApple nailed it - Jerm's hanging onto the nice LA house as long as he can. He seems to be majoring in food and clothes. Oh, and, I think he may be enrolled in a seminary? But it doesn't seem to take much of his time or attention away from his dogged pursuit of fame. The bar exam is July 1. I expect Derick will be settling in to bar review course work pretty soon. I'm glad he graduated.
  15. Bringing this over from another topic. I was contacted twice last year by Neilsen, inviting me to sign up. They actually sent me five or ten bucks in cash for me to keep whether I signed up or not. I think their tech has moved along from just a set top box. IIRC they way they explained it, it seemed that there would be a gadget that I would wear on my belt or something at home, that would allow them to track not only my cable/broadcast TV viewing but my streaming stuff as well. Apparently it would pick up coded sounds in the audio of the shows. That sounded kind of creepy to me and I neve
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