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  1. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Oh, definitely there would need to be residency in one of the 47 states that doesn't have covenant marriage laws.
  2. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Joking aside. I couldn't help it. I looked it up and found this info sheet from Arkansas Legal Services about divorce under a covenant marriage. It's indeed awful. Even in cases of sexual or physical abuse of a child by one spouse, the other spouse MUST get "marriage counseling" before they can get a divorce. Damn. ETA: It's good news, if those covenant marriage laws don't carry over into states where they aren't on the books.
  3. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I'm sure that's a typo, but I'm having fun imagining a Covenant Marriage Cook-Off. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. Jeeves

    Zombie House Flipping

    My DVR caught what appears to be a new episode this morning: S3:E9, "The Clinical Disaster." I've just watched it. The team tackles a large mid-century style lakefront home. Good grief. In this episode the product placement is out of control. They can't just say, the HVAC system is going in, but instead, it's the guys from X company are installing the air conditioning. I swear, they can't mention an item or feature without rattling off a brand name or the name of their supplier. I admit, I was doing other things while the episode was running and probably missed their usual lame antics. I was mostly interested to see the before and after. Overall I liked what they did with the property, but I'd hate to watch this live vs. being able to use the FF key to get to the good stuff.
  5. Jeeves

    Good Bones

    Thanks for the tip. I'll look for those. I just watched the first season of this show on Hulu. There were two episodes in which Mina and Karen renovated homes for suburban homeowners. If I saw them before, I'd forgotten them. I liked what they did in both episodes. They respected the homeowners' budgets, goals, tastes, and needs. I thought both the finished renovations were excellent. They talked at times about it being different than their usual process when they're fixing up a house to sell, when they can roll with their own ideas vs. paying attention to what the homeowners like. Come to think of it, I don't think Karen had as much room for her flaky "art" projects, which may be another reason I like those episodes so much. 🤣
  6. Jeeves

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    You're a nicer person than I am, to think that. I'm not very nice, I suppose. To me, he's just another reality TV star, presenting a crafted/edited version of himself on TV and in public media. He's playing the celebrity game in search of fame, power, and wealth. His particular role right now is seminary student and wannabe social media influencer, and very fashionable at that. His value to me is as passing entertainment, which has the added bonus of illuminating the very (IMO) un-salubrious world of his corner of theology.
  7. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    That would be an unimaginable level of authenticity for any Duggar to display. And since Jill is off the show, they wouldn't talk about her anyway. It might be an unimaginable level of authenticity for any reality TV stah to display, come to think of it. IMO they are all professional celebrities, seeking fame and power and money by presenting their carefully crafted personae to the world. They are all there as entertainment, whether on TV or social media. Who was it who said, "Sincerity is very important. When you learn to fake that, you're guaranteed success"? Probably somebody in TV.
  8. Oh. I just noticed that Jill R has a paltry 3100 IG followers. Pretty sad for someone who's worked so relentlessly to be an online presence grifter for Jesus. She must have blogged, what, a million randomly capitalized words and exclamation points by now?
  9. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    The adult Duggars are IMO, *all* dishonest manipulative jerks, who can't even be honest on their TV show or in media interviews, about their slavish devotion to the teachings of Bill Gothard or their continued involvement with IBLP. They will parrot the party line but stop short of full disclosure, and although by now it's no secret they are IBLP stalwarts, TLC lets them soft-pedal that association (actually hide it) on the show. I realize the Dullards aren't on the show anymore, and Derick wasn't raised Gothard and I don't know if Jill still has anything to to with IBLP. Whether she does or not, she absorbed her life lessons growing up as the child of JB and Meech, who still probably think it's Satan's work that unmasked their coverup of Josh's molestations and caused 19K&C to be cancelled. Instead of, you know, some kind of inevitable consequence of their concealment of that in order to get the big TLC bucks and national fame as a devout and righteous Christian family. I think all the Duggars disclose on SM whatever they think makes them look holy and blessed, and nothing else. Who knows what any of them really think, or what they would do in a crisis despite their holier than thou public bullshit? They probably truly believe that they are special and blessed by God; they have lots of nice money thanks to TLC and nobody's having to scrimp and save to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Therefore, it follows, that God loves them best and they're prevailing over Satan.
  10. Good points. I think the whole thing is crazy, as in BSC. But apparently it appealed to some people and generated some buzz in those fundie circles.
  11. I think they care about their kids, as far as those kids are required to fulfill JB's dreams of world domination. By copiously breeding unto the Nth generations. I don't want to go too far down this rabbit hole. But. There was this influential fundie leader Doug Phillips and his organization Vision Forum. They were riding high in the circles in which the Duggars (and Seewalds) move. Michelle was awarded MOTY by the Vision Forum. Then, well, Doug was discovered to be a sexual predator (he got caught using their live-in teenaged nanny as a sex object), and all the wheels fell off and VF shut down. However, while VF was riding high, Phllips and this weirdo named Geoff Botkin came out with this thing called the Two Hundred Year Plan. I think it was mainly Botkin but Phillips was on board. And IIRC JB may have been influenced by this idea. I believe JB had - and may still cherish - some ambitions along those lines. IOW, that his many godly children will marry and multiply and continue to worship the correct Jesus down the generations, and by some year in the future they and all their like-minded people who also worship the correct Jesus, will rule the world. Apparently by sheer weight of numbers, or the power of wealth they've accumulated. Or something. I don't think the plan allows for anyone to leave the family or depart from the accepted religious doctrine. Or be infertile. It's truly a control freak's wet dream, that 200 year plan. I think that back when Jill was courting or engaged, there was a TH on the show or an interview somewhere, in which Jill made a reference to the idea of the Duggars living as this big tribe, maybe on a compound? Anyway, it was IMO a slip of the tongue; that's not something they are supposed to talk about in public. I think JB believes that he can create and maintain a family-centered business model that will support his kids, grandkids, and the next generations too. There's no need for the sons to get secular educations that would just warp their minds and soil their souls. And of course the role of women is to joyfully serve the men. So, IMO JB and Michelle care about their kids. As their legacy. At this time they haven't lost any kids to outright rebellion, but as has been said here, that's probably due to the TLC money keeping things comfortable. I don't know if JB's still on board with Botkin officially but I believe he nurtures some version of that dominion idea in his heart.
  12. Jeeves

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    This post was in the Joy/Austin topic, because Joy posted it on IG. I'm bringing my reply over here because my comments are about Jill. This photo has caused me to think again about the television vs. real life issues that this family must live with and how it plays out. We've all known for years now that Smugs is off the show. So, there's a big family photo, suitable for publication on social media and elsewehre, minus Smugs. I get it. Smugs sexually abused children when he was clearly old enough to know better, then doubled down by being exposed as cheating on his wife. So he's not going to be on the show or included in these kinds of family photos. Only his wife features him in her SM posts; at most he may be included in some group shots in other Duggar SM appearances. But, Jill didn't do anything nasty, perverted, or criminal, or show herself to be a hypocritical cheating spouse, like Smugs did. Jill got tossed off the show because her arse of a husband picked a stupid public fight with TLC over another show - involving a minor, no less - and lost. Yet, there's what appears to be a regular "family night" event - and Jill's not in the picture. So, is this just because it's really a made-for-TV photo that just includes the TV show cast (although there's Deanna too)? Are the Dillards and Smuggses there but not in the photo because they're not on the show? I've been wondering how close Jill has remained to her siblings. I know she doesn't live right around the corner from the TTH anymore. And she has two kids to take care of and a busy husband to cling to. So the logistics of hanging out are harder. But still, does she post much on SM involving her own family? I don't follow her on SM and just know what I see re-posted here. Does she now spend as much time with her in-laws as with her own parents and siblings? Maybe she does hang out with her siblings, but all the Duggars' SM accounts are curated to be consisted with the current TLC show cast, and therefore we don't see the show cast mingled with the show outcasts? Just idly wondering what's reality, vs. what's driven by the TV show. And no, Jessa, you're not "just a family on TV." You ARE a TV FAMILY. You don't even want to think what your life would be like now if you weren't in a TV family, and you know it.
  13. Jeeves

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    Man, Lauren must be SO pissed. She didn't get to stand in front in this photo, and therefore we can't see her clutching her crotch to emphasize her baby bump. ☹️ Of course, she did manage to stand where she's next to the Headship and his Breeder in Chief. I wouldn't underestimate her. IMO the girl would cut you in a heartbeat if you tried to steal her place in the spotlight.
  14. Jeeves

    General True Crime Shows

    I believe the movie was based on the excellent book first published in 1988, In Broad Daylight, by Harry MacLean. I read it years ago. As I said, an excellent book. But I found it hard to read all the awful things that man did, and got away with for years. As they might say in Texas, IMO, he needed killin'.
  15. Jeeves

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason and James

    I wonder if Jana does the photoshopping. Her IG photos are not selfies. Someone takes them and someone does a generally decent job editing them. The exception being the recent photoshop fail. (Not only adding those clumsy "skirts" to two women in the background, but *not* removing the woman several feet behind Jana who was shooting the finger. 🤣) I wonder if the photographer also does the photo editing. And if so, who it is. The skirts, BTW, were probably done if not by Jana herself, with her approval or at her request. That's how the Duggars roll, and she's all Duggar.