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  1. And they wouldn't get to try to ruin anybody else's fun either.
  2. Ah, great minds. @GeeGolly posted while I was writing this. I thought that Jon had signed an NDA for the show and a later one as part of the divorce settlement. I really don't see JB going to the trouble and expense of getting his own NDA drawn up for Amy to sign. I'd bet a hot dinner that the only NDA she signed was in connection with her appearance on the show. In that case, I assume that the other party to the NDA, the one for whose benefit it exists, is TLC. Not JB. JB could sue to enforce an NDA signed between Amy and TLC, ONLY if JB were a third party beneficiary of the NDA. That's someone who's not a party to the NDA, but is within the scope of the NDA's intended protection. Obviously we don't know what the TLC NDA says, but I'd be surprised if it says that JB is a third party beneficiary, and I doubt that JB would want to fund a lawsuit over the issue if he's not named as a third party beneficiary in the TLC NDA. However, I can see JB doing some sword-rattling at Amy, and Amy deciding that she just doesn't need that bullshit in her life right now. As I think someone upthread has said, she's a new mom, and she and her husband have small businesses which have been slammed hard by the current pandemic. That's enough to be on anyone's plate. Without your skanky uncle stirring the shit over some YouTube video. As to the interview with Amy that got taken down (or set to private, basically the same thing) - I watched a long video where Katie was talking the whole time. It wasn't a live interview with Amy, but rather Katie's recap of her exchange of messages/emails with Amy. Amy had answered questions. And, it was innocuous. I don't remember her talking about a retreat but I may have missed it. Amy made clear that she wouldn't be answering questions about her family, or dissing them. She said she loves her cousins. She specifically said she and Jill are close, that Jill has recently modeled some clothes for Amy's store - and was compensated for that. If that's the video that got taken down, it was innocuous to the point that I was sorry I'd wasted the time on it. Was that the one that got "someone's" shorts in a knot? Jeez. The term "snowflake" comes to mind. @Scarlett45, that was a nice brief statement about NDAs. I believe they are enforceable more in the area of private business dealings, than as to subjects of public interest such as government operations, expenditure of public funds, etc. And of course as you said, you can't cover up crimes, fraud, etc., with an NDA. I probably watch too many true crime shows, but I've just tickled myself by imagining some loony narcissist lawyer or accountant deciding to off someone and having his henchmen sign an NDA. And you KNOW there's someone out there who is evil and nuts enough to try something like that.
  3. I caught a few minutes of the first hour on my phone, then arrived home just as the second hour started. I looked into the live chat and tried to catch up, but Lord what a sad inert guy, and his sad inert brother who was obviously very obese too. They seem to be just drifting along in life. Are they really just not bright enough to manage adult life? Or is it not so much a matter of intelligence as some kink in their psychological makeup? Anyway I don't have it in me to watch this episode in full.
  4. Yes. I was waiting in line at our Micro Center store (they are ON the safe distancing/spacing/cleaning stuff, btw) to pick up my pre-ordered printer when I realized it was 6:15. I pulled up the Xfinity streaming app on my phone, got it tuned to TLC, and FFS there was NOTHING but commercial after commercial - for.ever. I was beginning to wonder if I'd tuned to the correct channel when the show finally resumed. Just about the time I got of the head of the line anyway.
  5. Also he and his wife were tested by the NHS. You can view it as a waste of public resources, or as a show of confidence in the public health service that pretty much everyone uses (vs. going to a private lab which I assume they could have done). It's a matter of perspective. Interesting that it took only a day for the test results. Don't know if that's average for NHS testing for the virus but they seem to have the technology to do a pretty quick turnaround compared to what I've been seeing in the news in the US. Here's what the linked BBC news story said:
  6. @doodlebug, thanks for that informative update - and the funny meme. I always appreciate your posts and the latest are especially valuable. @Scarlett45, bless your mom. She's a few months older than me, and I tip my hat to her! BTW, I mentioned the company making masks above because a few folks with medical conditions were talking about masks here. I'm healthy and have no interest in getting a mask for myself so I haven't looked into the subject very deeply. I've understood pretty much what @doodlebug posted: for healthy people, wearing a cloth mask isn't a preventative. Just a waste of a mask. Story time. Yesterday morning I took advantage of my nearby Whole Foods' "senior hour" for the geezer crowd (7 - 8 am) because (a) a package from Amazon had finally arrived in the locker there to be picked up, and (b) I was down to my last two probiotic capsules and WF sells them. As I was standing - spaced from others by the taped lines on the floor - waiting to check out, a guy walked by me. He had on a mask - which was UNDER his nose. I wonder if he felt my eyes on him because he reached up and put the mask back over his nose. I hope to hell he was healthy and wasting a mask vs. sick and not wearing it properly. Oy. I posted above that I'm an introvert and tend not to go out a lot. But I DO get squirrelly if I stay in too much. We're going to have a nice if windy day today, but snow's on the way tomorrow or tomorrow night. My goal is to get outdoors for a little walk, at least twice today. @PikaScrewChu, I know what you mean, that it's going to be a long few months. Sounds like you have a good grip on things.
  7. Thanks for the correction. So, after putting on her own conference as the pandemic was getting up steam, she went to another one. I wonder whether at that "sanitary" conference, JillR was able to take selfies where she was all smooshed up against other people. I also wonder if even the most diehard fundie evangelical who doesn't believe this virus is a real thing, would jump at a reason to stay six feet away from JillR. Hmm. Maybe that's why she called it "sanitary:" She didn't get to take a bunch of huggy selfies with everyone else in attendance. 😂
  8. I looked at the photos Jill posted from that conference - the one Judy attended. In the photos where Jill was posing with people, she wasn't merely standing next to them, she was hugging them and had her damn face smacked right up next to theirs. Literally cheek to cheek. And now we know one attendee had Influenza B. Sanitary conference, my arse. EDITED later to add: @Sew Sumi, who is a reliable source with a grasp of facts about these folks that I highly admire (and could never achieve), has corrected me. JillR didn't call her own conference - the one Judy attended - "sanitary." (It was a later conference she attended.) I stand corrected. However, since JillR's conference went ahead in early March AFTER the coronavirus was spreading in the US, it bears noting that she apparently took no steps to protect attendees and was apparently out there hugging and mugging for the camera. And, it turns out, one attendee had Influenza B.
  9. A local company which makes sports apparel, has begun making masks using an antimicrobial material normally used in singlets for wrestlers. Story here: https://www.denverpost.com/2020/03/23/rocky-mountain-nationals-wrestling-face-masks/ You can order them on their website: https://www.xpagear.com/Safety-Shield-Face-Masks_c_602.html. I have NO connection to this company, I have not contacted them myself. I have no idea how backordered they are or if they are going to be shipping only to hospitals/medical facilities. I'm truly just passing this on if anyone wants to read the story and/or get in touch with them. I'm an introvert who lives alone and is usually okay with it. I'm grateful to be healthy and even to have a temp job going right now that I can do at home. I'm trying to focus on the positive, and fight my inclination to eat out of boredom. I mean, assuming I survive this pandemic, if I were ever to be featured on a reality TV show? I would NOT choose - or want to be a contender for -My 600 Pound Life. Just saying. 🙄 Sending good thoughts to all of you!
  10. Oh, absolutely. It was a TLC made-for-TV event, 101%. I assume Jessica got a free dress out of it. Jessa got face time in front of the TV cameras, for which she would - and did- trek to Atlanta and interact with non-Duggars. TLC got some crossover footage for the aging SYTTD franchise. Guinn Seewald (Jessica's mom) went all in and appeared on 19K&C when Ben was engaged to Jessa. I wonder if she's now OVER the made-for-TV experiences, and refused to take part in the faux "dress shopping" thing. I wonder if she regrets that she and her husband made it possible for Ben to meet the Duggars and pursue the hot Duggar daughter of his adolescent wet dreams, oh sorry, I mean prayers.
  11. I found some links to information on mortgage relief: An article with a roundup of federal, state, and private lender information from two days ago in Forbes, a legit publication (I'm always wary of obscure click-bait sites): Mortgage Relief Tracker Information from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (note the ".gov" website): Coronavirus Assistance Information Be well, everyone. I'm sitting here with my first cup of coffee of the day doing my best to center myself, think calm and peaceful thoughts, and be grateful for each breath. No worries, soon I'll be back to my usual snarky self.
  12. I doubt she would have gone on the show just for her SIL. I believe she did it only because TLC wanted it and arranged it. She wants TLC to keep her show on the air.
  13. This is from another topic, but I smiled when I read it and had to add this. My former next door neighbor here in the condo building raised 5 kids. She told me about that. She said that the rule was that dinner was on the table at (I think she said) 6 o'clock, and if you wanted to eat you'd better be there then. The only exception was if a kid had a sports team practice. She's a sweetie and I'm sure she wasn't a harsh mom, but she came from a large family herself, and knew that you had to have structure and routines, so you didn't go nuts and have things spin out of control. I hope everyone is hanging in. I'm laughing at myself. I was scheduled to have a haircut this afternoon, and trust me, I NEED one. My short bob is all scraggly because it's been 5 weeks since the last one. And guess what, peeps? YESTERDAY, our governor ordered all hair salons (among some other kinds of businesses) CLOSED immediately through at least April 30. My hair is going to be really stupid looking by the time I can get it cut again. About a dozen times today I have reminded myself that this is NOT a health and welfare issue and if this is the worst that happens to me I am one fucking lucky woman.
  14. Those are good points! It also takes the discipline to stick to a schedule of classes, workshops, etc. I don't think the Duggarlings had a chance to develop that. As some of their spouses mentioned on that marriage retreat episode, the Duggars didn't grow up with any kind of regular daily schedules. IMO that suited JB fine; he could round up the kids to make special appearances whenever that worked for him. This is the guy who BRAGGED that they operate on "Duggar time." I doubt that JB ever worked a job that required him to keep regular hours. He's a wheeler-dealer, buying low and selling high, whether it's real estate or vehicles. I bet that he always had hired help to keep any necessary offices open at stated hours, specifically a used car lot. IMO Josh exemplified the arrogance and indolence with which JB and Meech reared their kids. Especially the boys; we know that the daughters were assigned household "jurisdictions" to take the load off Michelle and keep her rested and joyfully available to breed. It also occurred to me that no way in hell JB would go into a results-oriented business like a construction company. That's a business where you have to work with customers to meet THEIR needs and requirements, and produce an acceptable result within a schedule and a budget.
  15. @BetyBee, I'm sorry. This is such a stressful time and all the bad what-ifs get so much room in our heads. As @Scarlett45 said, this isn't forever. But, it sure sucks for now. @CherryMalotte, what a medical saga! I'm glad it came out like it did but it sounds exhausting. Good luck with the unemployment filing. Here in Colorado the unemployment claims have crashed/clogged the state's website but they're urging people not to give up. I think it was suggested to try filing online at non-peak times like late at night. I'm working at home too. Happy to have something to do. Talking by phone to friends and family, and texting, and checking in on social media. Trying not to go super-squirrelly from the stress. Thanks for being here to talk to, peeps!
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