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  1. I want to hit the road for at least a three week road trip, using my minivan as a camper, staying in campgrounds as a less expensive alternative to hotels. I'm assuming this won't happen until Spring has brought warmer weather to us. I'm not gonna be into camping out in winter temps, lol.
  2. Okay, I know it's 2020 and there are bigger things to be concerned about than TV entertainment. But. This weekend my DVR picked up a an allegedly "new" episode of this series, but it was all recycled material. Now I see they are running some promos saying there will be a "new season" next month. It's probably a strange symptom of pandemic fatigue, but lately I can't tolerate a lot of the polyglot assortment of TV shows I used to watch, or at least have on as background noise. For whatever reason, this series is still tolerable, and I often have it on during the weekdays when they usually show a few old episodes back to back. Although if I never see another cow with prolapse or stalled labor? My life will be no less well-lived, lol.
  3. Oh, I meant that the Weather Channel reporters were excited about the snow. Being weather geeks and all. I'm rarely excited about snow, either, especially if I have to drive to and from work in it. I'm glad you don't have a long hairy commute, anyway. Yes, it's always fun to hear from @Westiepeach - whether about the weather, or anything else.
  4. Good morning, friends. I'm sitting here drinking my first two cups of coffee and working up the oomph to go get on the company laptop in my home office for another workday. Had a restless night's sleep because of pesky back pain, mostly it's like a muscle cramp. I probably shoulda gotten up and taken some Tylenol, but I have a nice heating pad that I was able to put under the achy area. Naturally now that I'm up and about it's not hurting like it did all night. And, @Scarlett45, I'm also 72 and ate some junk food yesterday, and I think my restless sleep was due in part to that. Imma have to finally break up with potato chips for good, so damn. Bless you for taking good care of your mom and yay for your strength and common sense! I'm not up for the hard news this morning, and my TV is on the Weather Channel. Where they are reporting on the snow from Cleveland, so of course I thought of @doodlebug. *waving hi!* They're all excited about five inches of snowfall with more to come. And then they are reporting that that the South is having a cold snap, and when they checked in from Georgia I thought of @Happyfatchick. *also waving hi!* Stay warm and safe, friends. Somehow I got on the Transport for London email list - I think when I was last in London in late 2018 and registered my Oyster Card online. I've unsubscribed from most blast emails but not from that one. Today they sent out an update on their operations and policies in light of London's going to a different level of COVID restrictions tomorrow. I like their graphic about masks, and the slogan: I'm wondering if I'm going to stick with this temp assignment much longer. I used to enjoy signing on and starting work but not so much these days. I'm hoping to finish out the month (and year) and then maybe be done.
  5. Those are great points. Diana's warm gestures were genuine to her nature. That scene where Charles berated her, IMO was meant to show the gulf between those actions and the way the rest of the senior royals behaved. And to show that, at least at that point, Charles really hadn't grasped that Diana wasn't performing a phony "stunt" for the cameras. She had an almost uncanny gift of empathy for people who were suffering in any way. That kind of behavior probably *would* have been a stunt if Anne or HM or Charles had tried it. I've read that the Queen has a horror of what she calls public "stunts," inauthentic public behavior performed for the benefit of polishing the PR image. There are degrees of it of course, but this series does IMO accurately show that HM is by nature a reserved and somewhat serious person. That's not at odds with the cultural "stiff upper lip" reserve of the British ruling/aristo classes so it's worked pretty well for her as head of state. I suspect that until Diana came along and demonstrated warmer behavior, that reserve displayed by HM was ingrained and ossified as the expected and appropriate royal public behavior, with of course everyone in the BRF taking their cue from the boss at the top. As you put it, "a chilly remove." I don't snark on Anne for refusing to hug kids just for the benefit of a photo opp; it wasn't authentic for her. She did her bit for her chosen charities, including many non-glam trips to Africa and behind the scenes service on boards, etc. And I think it was an honest response that respected the kids she didn't want to hug for the cameras. I hate the assumption that any random child would welcome a hug from a stranger. I assume that Diana could read the room, and didn't force her hugs on kids who didn't want them. If any of those kids who were present when the photogs asked Anne to hug one of them, understood what the photos were asking, they might have been rather relieved not to be grabbed for such an embrace by a stranger. Sheesh. Those kids were people, not props. Yes, I believe that over time, the BRF learned lessons from Diana's style of public appearances. But in the maelstrom of the first decade of Diana's marriage, I doubt that any of the senior royals understood that her warmth was as genuine as their public reticence, and they were increasingly frightened by the implications of the huge public response to her press coverage. That may have been Charles screaming in her face after her NY trip in this show, but IMO it well represented the fears and frustrations of the BRF in reaction to Diana's tsunami of press coverage and public fandom.
  6. LOL! Although in all fairness, I think JillR's peak goal is still to marry at least one of her kids into the DUGGAR FAMILY. Having Turkey Day in the company of Sex Pest is probably one of her consolation goals.
  7. @SunnyBeBe, I'm sorry for your loss. I've been through one situation where the loved one was gone from us mentally before her body passed, and it was (for me anyway) grief plus a strange bunch of other feelings. @lookeyloo, thanks for coming here and letting us know how you're doing. I hope we are a bit of distraction for you right now. In COVID news, I got a call yesterday from my chiropractor. He's tested positive for COVID although not sick, and we rescheduled my next appointment. I see him once a month and it's been more than 3 weeks since the last time, so I'm not personally worried. But I'm sorry that despite what seemed to be strict protocols in his office, he got the dang virus anyway. I mentioned last week that three young adults in my local family are sick with COVID, not bad enough to be hospitalized, but still, that sucks. (They weren't reckless; one of them is a first responder and they are sure he contracted it from someone at work.)
  8. I wonder if Jill, assuming they'd be welcome at the Kellers' in FL for Thanksgiving, lined up some church appearances for that planned trip. Then later found out that, oops, all the Kellers were going to be in TX for Turkey Day. And the Rods weren't invited. I don't remember exactly, but weren't they recently at one or more churches out of town? Maybe she decided they would keep those gigs but not go on to FL? We'll never know because she'll never admit to making any mistakes, or to not being the bestest mama and in-law on the Earth.
  9. Oh man, I was tired. I spent more time napping the last two days, than I want to admit. But this morning I feel more energetic and upbeat than I have for a few weeks, so I got no complaints. This week, I treated myself to a new Roku Ultra to replace the old Roku that I use with my bedroom TV. It wasn't the deal of the century, but the price was cut by about a third. It was delivered late yesterday, so I moved my laptop into the bedroom and went through the hassle of getting the new Roku connected, and then getting signed into all my streaming channels. For the most part it wasn't all that hard. I'm glad I upgraded; the new one is really an improvement over the old one which is at least 7 years old. I still had the box for the old one; after I ran a factory reset and deactivated it from my Roku account, it's boxed and ready to go with all my other charity shop donations (today's project). Thanks to the reminder here from @iwantcookies, I was able to jump on the Black Friday Hulu $1.99/month deal (that price is good for a year, vs. the regular $5.99 a month). I heard about that deal from someone who snagged it on Black Friday a year or two ago, and was glad to be reminded in time to get it this year. I may eventually abandon Disney+ - which I got mainly to watch Hamilton and haven't used for much else. TBH, for the duration of winter and pandemic, without movie theaters as an entertainment option for me, I'd rather be spoiled for choice with streaming services than not. I intend to reassess the situation when Spring arrives. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and I'm gonna get up from this here computer and do stuff. Have a good day, everyone!
  10. After the initial flurry of interest of Jill and Jing wearing pants, people figured out it was a fashion choice and not a big declaration of independence or a sign that they were no longer in the cult. Okay, in fairness it's a breakaway from the Bill Gothard Rules of Life as to clothing styles. And for all I know JB and Meech are quietly freaking out that any Duggar/adjacent female wouldn't follow those rules. But they are also hamstrung because those are married wimmen and answer to their own husbands as headships, not JB (backed up by Meech). And yeah, Jill's since then gone more mainstream evangelical than fundie and Jing is doing whatever the hell her headship tells her. But still, I don't think the mere refusal to follow Bill Gothard's fashion dictates from the 1980's means more than that the woman in question has eyes and hasn't been completely living under a rock despite their headships' best efforts to keep them sequestered. ETA: Abbie wears pants (trousers/jeans) too; she also comes from an IBLP family and seems to be sticking with the cult. Also, I'm not a Brit but I am enough of an Anglophile to know that for Brits, the word "pants" means UNDERPANTS. Yep underwear, skivvies, lingerie, lol. And "pants" in slang there means something worthless, or "rubbish." As in, "you're talking pants." Therefore, often when I read that the women who are Duggars or some other flavor of fundie, "don't ever wear pants," my mind goes straight to the obvious joke. Because, I'm 12. Same with Lauren "openly wearing PANTS." (I know, I need to get out more. But there are viruses out there.)
  11. Aww, I'm sorry that I maligned your mother's favorite fruitcake. But it's good to know that somebody liked them! Honestly, nobody I knew cared for those cakes; I tried to "generously" share them without much success. Obviously, tastes do differ! And, I'm still LMAO over the Jill and fruitcake remark!
  12. Urgh. I'm glad I don't have to eat that mess that Jill made. I've never had fruitcake that I liked, and AFAIK few if any of them were cooked with booze. Somehow for a few years long ago, I got on a family's annual gift list to receive a fruitcake from the Collin Street bakery in Corsicana, Texas. (The wife had been a neighbor when we were in elementary school and one of my siblings had stayed in touch with her which was at that point my only connection.) Man, those cakes are AWFUL. I dumped the cakes into the trash, washed the decorative tins they came in, and then the tins went straight into the charity shop donation box. If I had money to burn and a revenge list I'd send those horrible cakes to everybody on the list, every year. Heh. I do think that Jill could indeed be unraveling. She seems more manic than ever. While Nurie OTOH is looking so much better these days. I doubt she's totally escaped the clutches of her mother but at least she's not in her physical presence all the time.
  13. Dodi's father owned the Ritz. And all those guys worked for Mr. Fayed's company, so you bet they did what Dodi wanted.
  14. Not only does Colorado have people on death row who have been there for years - in 2015 a Colorado jury refused to give the death penalty to the evil conniving ruthless POS who meticulously planned and committed the mass shooting in 2012 (12 dead, I forget how many dozens injured, some grievously) at the Aurora movie theater. In addition to booby-trapping his apartment to explode and kill a few dozen more (which luckily didn't go as he planned, thank God.) That was in a county that is typically politically conservative, and IMO the DA did a good job prosecuting the case. As far as I'm concerned, if that guy didn't get death from a jury in that Colorado county? Forget about any jury anywhere else in Colorado giving anybody death. Personally, I'm not 100% anti-death penalty, but I'm also not particularly in favor of it. Theoretically it provides vengeance, and some kind of justice, but in modern-day reality, a case where the jury imposes a death sentence drags on approximately forever. So the victims' families and loved ones end up living with all of that crap and drama and pain for years and years. If Shannan's family just wanted the guy locked up for good, and to be able to try to somehow move on with their lives, I get it.
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