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  1. That's funny. I'd absolutely forgotten those books until I got a notice that you'd quoted me here. Now that I think about it, my interest in the Julia Gray books sputtered out before I finished the series. And I don't think I ended up reading any of the Speedwell books at all. My memory is vague on the deets, but I believe I sampled a bit of the first book and had a similar reaction to the blatant inauthenticity of the thing. Loved your snark. In my case, a literal red flag warning when I'm reading escape fiction (I tend to crime novels and whodunits without big lashings of blood, gore, and torture): red-haired female protagonists. Oh Lord, thinks I, when the Spunky Redhead bookshop/cupcake store/bakery owner is described on page 1. I rarely bother to get past the redhead thing. Reminds me of my favorite MTM bit: I hate spunky redheads unless given a reason not to.
  2. I'm glad @Chicklet and @DC Gal in VA have updated my comments about the criminal law system and prescription shopping for narcotics. As noted, my hands on experience in the criminal system was long ago. In state criminal court we usually saw people charged with possession of heroin, cocaine, and other street drugs. Prescription drugs seemed to appear in criminal cases where, as I mentioned, there were things like theft, forgery, or attempts to illegally sell them. But that was a few generations ago. It's good to learn that there are tracking systems in place for narcotics scrips. I'd like to think that the justice system's first reaction to patients gaming the system for extra drugs, would be treatment vs. incarceration.
  3. Netflix seems to have only a handful of episodes. Last night I started watching the one with Patti (I think), the woman who'd hoarded up THREE houses. But I just couldn't stick with it. I've developed a low tolerance for viewing so much dysfunction. I have to be in the right head space for it, and last night I just wasn't.
  4. Bringing this over from the One Ton Family WATN discussion. My personal/professional involvement with criminal law was at least one geological age ago. But. If the guy didn't forge the scrips, or steal the drugs, or sell the drugs, he's not likely to be on law enforcement radar. In my experience, people get in criminal trouble for (1) forging scrips or committing big time fraud like fraudulent IDs to obtain/fill scrips; (2) stealing the drugs including paying with bad checks or stolen credit cards; or (3) selling the drugs. And, sadly, they tended to be addicts themselves. I'm sure there are exceptions and Assanti may have violated some laws, but AFAIK the law gives doctors a pretty wide berth to write prescriptions. I don't think many prosecutors want to get into a legal fight with a doctor over whether they shoulda written a certain scrip; they have better use for their time and resources. (Docs do get prosecuted for running prescription mills or doing big time insurance fraud, examples of the bigger fish that prosecutors have to fry, than a guy playing the system to get himself a lotta drugs.) This has reminded me of a case from I swear, 40 years ago, that I had as a public defender. My client was a 20-something black man, charged with illegal possession of narcotics. Because? He was at home recovering from a badly broken leg, when the cops executed a search warrant on the place (not aimed at him but someone else there). The cops apparently came up empty on the object(s) of their search, but seized his Tylenol 3 pills, which had been issued to him by the city hospital when he was discharged with his leg in a cast. That was the narcotic drug he was charged with illegally possessing!!! (ETA: I can't remember but I think they may have actually seized it in the prescription bottle. SMH. Anyway he had a copy of the prescription, was in a cast, and that bottle was the only narcotic in the house.) Now, our DA's office was generally more enlightened than that (which is one reason why the case sticks in my memory), but IMO the cops were so frustrated that they hadn't caught their fish, they must have figured they could get somewhere by laying a felony charge on this young man, and the DA played along. Yes, I got the case dismissed pretty fast. Hell, the judge was so conservative it wasn't funny, but he dismissed the case although I could see it pained him to go against the DA. Heh. It was such a textbook case of racial/socioeconomic prejudice (and cop frustration) in action that it's remained in my memory all this time.
  5. Taking my response to small talk.
  6. Oh Pounders, I logged on for the first few minutes of the Live Chat last night. But there was a marathon of Dr. Pol episodes running on Nat Geo Wild, so I never tuned into last night's shitshow on TLC. Seems like I may have preserved brain cells by avoiding it. I mean, I'm sitting there reading along as you're all posting interesting and intelligent comments and thinking, "do I want to watch veterinarians putting their arms up into a cow's rear end and performing bloody surgeries on injured dogs, or do I want to watch three morbidly obese, dysfunctional adults wallow around for two hours whining about "working hard" while they act out severe eating disorders?" Easy peasy. Even with you guys thrown in as viewing companions, I had to go with the animals and functioning human beings. Didn't even stick with the live chat. Yes, I confess: I abandoned you to that awful fate, got comfy on the couch and binged out with my Michigan veterinarian virtual frenz. @FormeryHeavyJ, I'm sorry you got hurt and am sending you all my best thoughts and infidel prayers for a good recovery. @DC Gal in VA, I'm with you about TLC needing to pull the plug on this. And as much as I enjoy the live chats here, I absolutely will not view the Assanti people ever. again. nor participate in any discussions about their shows. I'm a tough old retired lawyer who has seen a lot of sh*t in real life. But I swear to God I was permanently emotionally scarred by the display of sheer evil embodied in one of those brothers, I think it was Steven. Sheer ravening, ravaging, all-consuming narcissistic psychopathic evil.
  7. Good for you! I'm not off all the junk food either though I'm eating healthy stuff too. I'm sorry about your trip. Not being able to travel now - and not knowing when I'll be able to again - has been bringing me down. Speaking of being down, I don't know if I'll join tonight's live chat. I remember this family from their original episode, not with any fondness. If I can find something better to do, I'll pass on the chat. I realize that the episode isn't the reason I participate, it's all of you Pounders who bring such great snark and interesting comments. Decisions, decisions. . .
  8. I've found Autopsy episodes on Amazon. I think there were also some on the Roku channel (yes I have a Roku). I generally like the show, but sometimes I get tired of the straw man stuff. Where they say, "but wait, this happened to the person at X years of age - did it cause their death?" and then after they set it up, they demolish it. Like, a Hollywood star who used uppers back in the 50's but stopped before it did any damage. Or an injury when they were a kid. Stuff like that. For some people IMO they really have to dig to try to create some drah-mah about their cause of death. OTOH I thought they did a good job with the Elvis Presley episode. Even when I get exasperated with it, it's still overall IMO a good show and not generally a waste of bandwidth.
  9. Jeeves

    Design Shows

    Yes, I've been watching it lately. Seems like there's a lot of Sarah Richardson, but that's not so bad. Has she done any shows lately?
  10. So, Charity lost the butt wings and that creepy fiance, so there's that. She's ahead of Teretha for sure.
  11. Wait. Teretha is yakking about all the progress she's made, and she's now on oxygen?
  12. If Teretha is feeling "too ill" to go to a local doctor's office for a weigh in, then how in hell does she think she's going to manage to travel to Houston? She's so delusional.
  13. Teretha: "I'm STILL on the program." "Still?" Since when?
  14. Makes me think of signs at cash registers in the South in summer: "SORRY, BUT DURING THE SUMMER WE DO NOT ACCEPT BRA OR SOCK CASH PAYMENTS."
  15. I hate to say it, but she seems to be aiming for an early death. ☹️
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