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  1. She seemed very happy and active in high school, lots of friends, teammates and was active in student leadership. She was in shape and very pretty. She graduated in 2014 with a student athlete leadership award. Started Westminster fall 2014 and was immediately playing on several teams and in student government. Several guys comment how hot she is, and she is. She came out to her family October 2015 and it seemed acceptable. In February 2016 she wrote one year prior she was in the worst downturn in her life which coincided with the passing of her childhood pet at 17. By June 2015 she is
  2. I have been sick with Lower Resp Infection and bored so I checked out Auj’s insta. She is dealing with deep depression right now poor thing. So I went way back through her pictures and she was so pretty and in good shape during her high school years, a good athlete and a joiner. Her life looks pretty isolated now. I will not call her any mean nicknames but her fiancée will always be Princess Pudge the Spoiled.
  3. The three girls front and center look absolutely ridiculous. Josie still wearing leggings under dresses, the old apron dress in Jordyn and then Meredith with the insane clown posse tights.
  4. I guess they scored free American Girl dolls, very pricey.
  5. I think it says “Monday’s require extra chocolate”. You know, like extra wine.
  6. “Auj and I”. Double Masters candidate, summa cum laude graduate, National Honor Society. WTF?
  7. The French Tuck! Jill is so trendy. Actually she looks good here.
  8. Jenilane6


    Mykelti hired an assistant who did not send paid for merchandise during her vacation. Sorry all, being an entrepreneur is haaard!
  9. Just watched her IG story where she and Audge are walking to coffee the day after the birthday sob/celebration. Totally out of breath.
  10. Bin’s Christian rapper friend Flame just won a huge court case against Katy Perry for song plagerism!
  11. Poor Dithy looks and smiles just like Joshly.
  12. The courtship pictures were taken at The Crescent in Valdosta, Georgia. That is primarily a wedding venue. Pushing, pushing...
  13. Had my first Duggar dream that Jessa yelled at me for “allowing” a funeral procession for two young boys to interrupt her walk with Bin. And she was gorgeous, angry and nasty in her hissy fit. Then she goes and has a girl in real life. Weird. I am still shaking.
  14. Kody sitting between the two favorites.
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