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  1. Well before I watch that I would like to ask if on July 6 his lawyers request a postponement does he continue to stay at the Rebers?
  2. Way back to the engagement party INSIDE on a lovely fall day I asked where their masks were. Silly me.
  3. Has Hilaria posted anything lately? I am banned and she isn't worth faking up another account.
  4. Hey y’all they hip. See the bodyguard has black nail polish and silver brass knuckles.
  5. Oh dear laws, Craig’s, the place the stars go to see and be seen. How many paps fought their way through the crowd to snap them leaving. The pretentiousness of it all. Meek?
  6. Spoil her fun? Your grandchild is having surgery. Oh your struggles.
  7. He keeps trying to walk this back, explaining its really Christine’s fault. I cannot imagine being Ysabel or Christine after that. His explanations are bs. Divorce him!
  8. I have to take my blood pressure pill right now. Unreal. Asshole making this about Christine. Me me me. Yes it is a failure.
  9. Time with enjoyable Robyn vs time with other children! Swoop, there it is! Well, since Day’un quit NAU, they could move to St George. And Robyn loves St George too. New storyline!
  10. We never saw the Utah presentation, Manson Eyes, so It didn’t happen. I think it’s an act.
  11. I don’t think he believes in his ever-changing religion anymore. His new religion is himself, Robyn and the adoring adoptees, the Little’s and one big house.
  12. Ewww Janelle licked her surgical scar.
  13. “People who want a life of normalcy, should just have two children.” Kody Brown
  14. Does Kody have another new car? In ten years he has had the white Lexus convertible, the bronze Mitsubishi, an SUV and now this dark convertible.
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