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  1. Not sure they really LOVE him when posting that picture with his 'summer teeth' front and center.
  2. Please, please put this on her Insta Or I will (plagiarize).
  3. Anna banned me from her Instagram, just for asking how they could afford the trip. Tolerance.
  4. Oh, so now Jill tells me I can wait to do my dishes on Tuesday. That is why her brand new kitchen looks like that, family of four dishes piled in the sink all week. And I do not understand #sickkids eating corndogs.
  5. Izzy's does that same phony smile picture face that Josie and Meridith do. Sam is starting to do it sometimes as well. So rehearsed for the cameras at such young ages.
  6. Looks like Jilly wrote the encouraging last 3 lines in his notebook: #DerickandJill are good.
  7. I think Hannie is wearing stone-colored lace-up booties I recently splurged $79 on for my "foot stopped growing, still working" self and felt badly about it in this season of giving. Jennie looks to have some dark boots on. The rest, flip-flops no doubt. They could have gone to Ross or TJ Maxx and got nicer outfits for all. My Christmas dress from Ross, a black lace Adrianna Papell, was $25.
  8. Maybe we are supposed to feel sorry for The Miracle. That is truly a spectacle.
  9. I think the very witty and talented mynextmistake has left us.
  10. Only SamSam gets close to Jill. It is so obvious it drives me insane.
  11. Adding Jon Bon Jovi to the bad tippers list. Stiffed my college-student daughter at a restaurant. Gives singles to guys for huge pizza deliveries and other take-outs.
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