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  1. Down and out, Lauren. Down and out. I want to punch Meechelle, down and out!
  2. Jinger did not get Balayage on her hair. She received foil highlights.
  3. Cute, but why am I reminded of Toddlers and Tiaras when I watchthis. I can just see Jessa mouthing the words a la Meechelle.
  4. And all on a Monday night! After work and school, and work again tomorrow....oh, right.
  5. When did Granny Caldwell proclaim no pain meds?
  6. NO PETS! Poor Mosby and Koda. Or will their ESA status nullify the rental requirements? Or is it Meri’s TV star standing?
  7. No, I only hate-read Sister Wives. Mostly Mykelti for laughs, Meri because she is so ridiculous with the LuLaNo life and Mariah because she is so in love with herself.
  8. Castor Oil again Ugh and then she has some foamy drink. And thanks, I could have missed the wet spot on the bed where her water broke. Reminded me of my first, I was in the shower and heard something hit the tub floor. Looked around to see if a shampoo bottle fell or something. Nope, realized a bit later my water had broken right there in the shower. Convienent!
  9. So she doesn't even look at what she is posting. Inept.
  10. Now we know what happened to Paco/Daisy's mother.
  11. I really liked the interesting and informative hints from JimBoob and Meechelle. I definitely want to be a good parent, just like them. Also, so glad someone finally eplained their music choices and it is "jumping for joy" not "jumping for Jesus". For the longest time I thought music and dancing had something to do with S-E-X!
  12. I never got a kid-free weekend until the youngest went away to college. And it wasn't torture. Nor would I have taken toilet pictures, or allowed my kid to put the toilet roll in his mouth. #TwoBoysandAGirlMom
  13. Jim Boob and Meechelle could not contain their glee in being front and center and leading the whole pack in this disgusting episode. I e-mailed TLC about having the unindicted co-conspirators in the starring roles. I am really sick about it, they are no better than felons, pimps and child abusers.
  14. I really do not know where she gets the self-confidence to post those awful pictures of herself and think they are cute.
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