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  1. Ten pair of pants for Spurge? Capsule wardrobe. And I am wondering if she washed the clothing before putting on Ivy. I say this as a person who contracted scabies from new clothes shopping in a department store.
  2. People Mag has an online article of the distasteful remark about testing positive. Of course they wouldn't know Nurthan used that line 6 months ago. Fundie humor. How do they not get it.
  3. Bagels and lox because he was studying Hebrew. Stereotype, Jer. Watched the video and they want to stay in California. I guess they have done enough for JohnnyMac and can keep the house now.
  4. Look, new shoes. Panda Dunks, starting at $120.
  5. This picture. I do want a sitcom about life in a fundie college. And a normal girl who mistakenly goes there (full rid -I mean scholarship or something). A fish out of water story. On topic: the Maxwells are probably only there for Bible certificates.
  6. Stage Mom stage left. History repeats.
  7. According to Mykelti, the pediatrician put Avalon on a diet and she lost 2 pounds in a week. I wish I could do that!
  8. Avalon is really cute. But. Why is a four month old, overweight baby eating a cracker?
  9. Better than Jessa’s “walla”. Maybe Derick will apply to the FBI now.
  10. Only happens if your Bible study leader is rad.
  11. Agree she is an iron woman. Saw the tat but not the dress or wedding pics but what a body! Jessa must be green with envy. Ha
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