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  1. My neck hurts just looking at them. Maybe they don't talk?
  2. So he's quoting songs in a notebook? Is he 12? And he's tagging famous rock stars now?
  3. She's so young. Can they just read her a story about cute animals or something.
  4. I never would’ve figured out the baby was his new niece without that arrow. Thank you Jase for pointing it out.
  5. Marjorie not marrying Josiah is a very good thing. She would be stuck with two kids right now instead of having her own independant life. I think that she realised dating Josiah meant getting married and becoming pregnant in the next year. The Duggars boys are too dependant on JB to make it on their own. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but Josh got the DC job because it was offered to him and not because he pursued it. I don’t think the boys have the guts or interest to get an independant job.
  6. Why is there a toilet paper holder next to that chair? It should be next to the actual toilet or is the bucket used as another toilet?
  7. Well, I was not looking at their contenances. Those pictures are like a fundie Playboy spread. It also looks like a "Virgins for sale" ad.
  8. What does grow physically mean? You'll get taller? Gain weight? Grow some muscles? They don't mention growing mentally or intellectually, so I guess you'll still be dumb after this program.
  9. Maybe we’ll get a video! After all, the easiest way to get famous and have a reality show is to have a sex tape.
  10. Is Nurie sending Jill pics of everything she does? At least she didn’t post the wedding night pics.
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