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  1. Laura’s presence in the Duggar’s lives is weird. Why is she there? Where does she live? How does she pay for stuff? Where is her family? Is she with them because her family is not religious enough?
  2. To be honest, I want a trial to see what some of the shit that would come out of it.
  3. I guess everything depends on how much JB is willing to pay and save face. Josh may be the client but he doesn’t have the money to pay for these lawyers.
  4. He wants to be paid to exploit his kids. He also doesn't want trans kids on TV.
  5. I want Jill to tell us more about that dark and demonic party. I'm imagining a group of drunk and stoned people having an orgy. Or maybe it really was a satanic ritual with blood and a human sacrifice.
  6. I think Jill is well aware of what the snarkers think of her husband, so she keeps trolling by calling him a hunk .
  7. Isn’t Jana the one that was rumored to be courting a Wissman? Maybe she’s just Jer’s chaperon and that’s why she’s hanging with the family?
  8. I don't know, maybe if they need money and she really works hard to convince him. IMHO, he's still a male Duggar. He's still all about the patriarchy and sexist BS. The Duggars are also adverse to working outside the family. And if she was working , she would be on a schedule and would not be available for parts of the day or for random vacations.
  9. But the real question is would her husband let her work?
  10. They also need to update their designing skills. David can’t possibly get any other printing contracts other than the people who feel sorry for them.
  11. Ben should ask Jessica the name of her divorce lawyer. I wonder if she’s able/willing to tell him to get a divorce since he’s miserable.
  12. When I think Josh and Anna's honeymoon, I imagine something like the Pearls honeymoon. I don't think Josh was all that nice to Anna. He was filmed letting Anna carry their suitcases. He didn't even try to be courteous in front of the cameras, so imagine when no one is watching...
  13. Cathy's views and beliefs are no surprise. I'm pretty sure Derick and Jill feel the same.
  14. I think we should take what the tabloids say with a massive grain of salt. However, it would not be that surprising if Anna (and other Duggars) has become a conspiracy theorist.
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