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  1. Jeremy is also a big snob. I'm pretty sure he thinks the Duggars are beneath him, but they're famous so he bares it.
  2. Why is Ivy wearing a long sleeve sweater? Just put your kids in a bathing suits FFS. And if you don't want perverts sexualizing your kids, to put their pics on SM for the pedophiles to see.
  3. We saw what happened with Josh... That's one thing that angers me with this kind of religion, they can do the most horrible things but everything is forgiven if you believe in the right Jesus.
  4. I could see him not wanting her to touch his fancy clothes.
  5. That’s because they’re supposed to be candid pictures. We’re supposed to believe that they’re just living their lives and a photographer just happen to capture those special moments.
  6. How the hell could they afford a nanny? I'm sure they would love to have one, but I really doubt they do.
  7. Well, I thinks that's because Jeremy didn't want gross bodily fluids stains on his couch/bed. It kind of ruins the look.
  8. Yeah, those are professionally done pictures. There nothing «real» about them. All of their instagram pics are staged and look like stock photos.
  9. Putting your filthy mask on the table is pretty gross. Some people are so careless with their masks. The cashier at the grocery store touch her mask with her hands and then continued to process people’s items.
  10. Styrofoam plates for breakfast? You don’t have jobs and have a dishwasher. You can afford to wash two bowls.
  11. It seems that God made Jill a brunette. Why is she changing the way God made her?
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