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  1. I don’t think Kourtney ever wanted to marry Scott. Oh gosh I hope these two don’t have a child together.
  2. Aww Little Evy is a cutie and so happy 🙂 I love this photo.
  3. Do you know something we don’t? Is Justin a daddy now? 😉
  4. I was thinking it was fake, I mean isn’t the new Mrs Keller going to live in a trailer? How would that even fit?
  5. Of course Khloe & Tristan were there, I wonder what it’s like for Khloe to see her sister in love while she’s back with trash can again.
  6. Yeah they read the bible every day unlike those HEATHENS in public school who probably don’t even know what a bible is. It’s a MIRACLE! PRAISE JESUS! She is CURED!
  7. But he isn’t guilty, don’t you know it was Satan 🙄
  8. I watched Carlin and Evans video and Carlin did say she was thinking it’s a boy Evan, a girl but then Evan says it could be a boy because she’s been sicker this time than with Layla, that he’d love a son and also Carlin did say it would be cute to see Layla with a sister. Also Evan did say they would be happy either way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do want a boy though because I honestly don’t see them wanting to have loads of kids? @cereality Did we watch the same video? Or do you think they added an edit?
  9. Claire was introduced on the last episode of Counting on they said that her and Justin were courting, then there was a TLC clip online of Justin talking about asking Claire to marry him, the rest is history all the stuff about pest came out and the Duggars are gone. Here’s a clip it’s backwards though shows the engagement clip first and then the courtship announcement after:
  10. Why is Jessa wearing a Jean skirt to a conference? Or is not really a dress up thing? Ferns looks adorable.
  11. I wonder if Jill has heard that the 80s hair is supposed to be coming back into fashion, followed by the clothes (probably) what will she do when she’s walking down the street and she doesn’t stand out she actually blends in? Duh she’s Gods chosen one don’t you know.
  12. Hasn’t Porsha got a spin off show? So we will still see her relationship with Simon.
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