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  1. In the video she shows a photo of her Ben, Jana,Laura,Jinger,Jeremy,Mechelle and JB and Ivy meeting John McArthur and his wife (I assume) says it was such a blessing or some nonsense. I didn’t know she cared about him and his views.
  2. This is a Duggar we’re talking about, since when did they give a damn about safety? Anyway they have Jesus so everything will be ok.
  3. No she found the cure I’ll tell you it’ll be all over the news soon.
  4. So him being arrested is what changed him? Imagine if he was never arrested we wouldn’t even know this guy. It does make me sad for Jinger and the Duggars though he was allowed to be a “normal” teenager go to college, parties, drink, play soccer, travel. The Duggars weren’t allowed to do any of that except travel but with each other and they still looked down there nose at everyone.
  5. Spurgeon wetting him self when he’s potty training also a highlight of 2019 WTF! Imagine showing that to him in the future, never mind the whole world.
  6. I don’t mean to be mean but she reminds me of The Corpse Bride, I suppose mama encouraged her to not eat at all till she married and then when she married still hardly eat just feed her hubby 🤢
  7. I’m just picturing Ben telling Jessa he’s gonna spank her 😀 I don’t think she’d put up with that, in fact the author of this blog admitted that his wife wouldn’t accept any spankings.
  8. Probably but I like to think she can’t stand him 😄
  9. If TLC want the show to die Josh Duggar will appear 😈 Why does anyone want to be BFFs with Mechelle seriously? Lauren needs to find someone else because Mechelle is seriously checked out and drugged up to the eyeballs with something, she is also extremely selfish, I think Lauren would get more out of talking to a brick wall. This episode was boring I gave up, Dont know who won and I dont care either.
  10. This is sad either she’s had enough of Jeremy with the phone always in her face or she can’t stand him. https://imgur.com/a/Lgq0zkV
  11. I wanted to say Thank you to whoever took this photo because Josh is far far away, then I realised they were trying to get the ark in damn! Also maybe Anna was asked to be a bridesmaid and declined because who the hell is gonna watch Josh? No JB and Mechelle around, Anna busy perfect opportunity for Josh to run away, maybe find himself a prostitute or just go to a bar and get drunk.
  12. I can’t believe people actually pay to here these idiots speak. The first two videos are free if anyone fancies being bored to death, I played the video of Michelle speaking but I couldn’t listen to that baby voice for more than a few seconds, like nails on a chalkboard.
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