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  1. Maybe Nurie and Nathan are having the baby shower now because their not coming back until the babies born? Can I hope? If Jills Dad wasn’t in the picture I’d assume she was calling Shrek Daddy 🤮
  2. I never realised how much these two look like each other until they’re standing next to each other. Poor Jed, Poor Katey 😂
  3. Are you sure that’s not Khloe? She’s building a house right next to her mom, or have they all decided they want to be neighbours now?
  4. Gosh that’s sad. So do you think Jinger would still be at the big house now? Or Jessa would’ve found someone else for her?
  5. I actually went back and watched the first and second episode of counting on the other day (I know what’s wrong with me), when Anna was interviewed she said something like: People had every right to think she should leave him but she vowed to God first, then Josh, for better for worse in sicknesses and in health etc and that was basically why she was standing by him. By that statement I don’t think she’ll ever leave him. Maybe when he’s behind bars it may make her rethink her marriage who knows.
  6. I always wonder if TLC wasn’t filming Counting On would Jeremy even be interested in Jinger?
  7. His mere presence is what he contributes, you know how like the Duggar’s seem to think their mere presence is contributing something 🙄.
  8. She wasn’t alone silly,Jesus was there 🙄 I haven’t watched the gender reveal but boy does it sound shitty, Jill and co could’ve done that over video chat.
  9. If you go on the monsters and critics site it also says that pickles was the source! Where does she or he get their sources from? A few weeks ago, Tyler Hutchins became a big brother to a little boy named Timothy. According to Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray on Facebook, the little boy passed away before celebrating his one-month birthday. There are no details about the cause of death, but the Duggar family hosted a reception following the funeral on October 14. https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/the-duggar-family-mourns-another-loss-as-tyler-h
  10. Even though I love Heather this does seem like a bit of a shitty cast, sorry.
  11. I agree with you but this is Jessa we’re talking about she’s lazy. Also with the best discipline and supervision some things can still go unnoticed especially with toddlers. Lol she would be so offended. She was raised by Mother of the year! who let her kids do whatever the hell they wanted e.g the howlers.
  12. Don’t you know that wine is the Devils nectar you heathen! 😜 Yes it’s crazy.
  13. I have to say that sandwich does look good, I’d eat that 😋 Jinger and her eating disorder is sad you can’t pray it away otherwise there wouldn’t be such thing as eating disorder clinics. I feel sorry for any fan who bought that book sounds like a whole load of nonsense with bad advice,re the eating disorder, (I’m sure there’s other bad advice in it too) but surely they must know their fans are young impressionable girls.
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