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  1. That's the thing. We have no clue what they really think. Do they finally realize what a POS Josh is, do they think he's being persectuted by the evil liberals or something in between?
  2. I wonder if Jim Bob asked all the kids to attend the trial to show family support.
  3. Exactly! No one was shunned when he molested kids, so I don't see anyone being shun now. They're the good kind of Christians so all is forgiven. Anyone remember the convicted rapist who married the former Duggar's teacher? They had no problem wiht him.
  4. THIS! Starting to date your best friend implies that the person was your best friend before you started dating. These people barely knew each other before they started seeing each other. It awlays annoys the heck out of me. He may have also said that because their spouses are alaways their best friends in their world.
  5. Also wouldn't that be a job? I'm guessing he would have tasks to do, be there at a certain time and also answer to a boss.
  6. I think they want/like a summer wedding but don't want to wait for summer to get married. They always marry so quickly. That wedding is also a 2 for 1, catch COVID and pneumonia at the same time.
  7. That baby has been to more places and seen more people in his short life than I have in the last year.
  8. It’s in quotes, so I doubt he wrote that… But if all ways of life are valid, would that mean that people that live non-conservative non-christian lives have are not wrong and have equal rights? Then why do these conservative christian trying to take their rights away and want everyone to live under their rules? Or maybe, I just don’t understand that quote.
  9. Is he asking her to marry him? All these people with no mask are giving me anxiety. Is the pandemic over in the U.S.?
  10. I think they know he did it. They know about his porn addiction. The real question is if they think it's a big deal or not. They do have the mindset that all sins are equal, that all porn is the same and all is forgiven if you believe in the right Jesus. So even if they know he did it, they may think it's not serious since he didn't actually abuse anyone.
  11. The truth is that we don't know what the Duggars really think about Josh and his arrest. All these articles are from gossip rags who do their reporting by visiting fan sites. They know nothing and I don't believe in any of their "sources".
  12. I think Jessa wanted to move out of her parents house and have her own life. Getting married was the only way to do it. Ben was was her way out. I don’t think she was in love with him. And Ben was not in love either, he was in lust and missed all the red flags. Now they are stuck.
  13. That’s the thing right there. I don’t think Josh cares about Anna and treats her badly, but she just stays. She’s so brainwashed about being a martyr and against divorce that she will never leave.
  14. You know what, I think she wears pants because all her adult sisters are wearing them and her parents probaly don't care all that much. I really don't think there is some big conspiracy here.
  15. As if going to church makes you a good person… I totally agree that the lawyers will want the family to be present to make a good impression. What will be interesting is to see who will not show up.
  16. The doctors prescribing this should be compromised and get fired.
  17. Is any of this legal? She sounds like a drug dealer.
  18. That’s a lot of talking to say Don’t Masturbate. 30 seconds would’ve been enough.
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