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  1. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, 53 years old. I’m always pegged from the Midwest due to Fargo-isms and friendliness. “You’re not from here, are you?”
  2. I’m sorry you ran into that. The lack of common courtesy everywhere these days is appalling. Not ready for the weekend to be over. Was off Th-Fri for college visits with my son, picking up daughter at last stop. Had DD home for the weekend, the boyfriend here one night, grand-kitty here, just a joyful chaos. I need to catch up on work and prep for another trip to CA Tuesday. This is my fifth flight west in seven weeks and I’m pretty much over it.
  3. When I was in college, I worked at a chiropractic clinic. There were several young interns there who would play practical jokes on us. One memorable time they had electrical pulse set up on acupuncture needles on a larger person’s lower back/buttock line. The pulse was such that the rather uh, generous buttocks were pulsing with alternating current in the most surprising way. One intern called me in under the guise of providing some equipment. It was all I could do not to howl with laughter since I’m truly a twelve-year-old boy inside. Hipaa be damned!
  4. Also, someone posted a baked oatmeal recipe about a year ago that the search feature isn’t turning up. Does anyone have a tried and true recipe they like?
  5. Thanks ladies. I’ve added the vax to tomorrow’s task list.
  6. Does anyone have experience with the shingles vaccine? I had an outbreak two years ago which were caught early and addressed with steroids. I’d prefer not experiencing that again! There was a shortage of the Shingrex vax last year so I was unable to get it. It is now readily available but I have a ton of 4th quarter travel. Curious of reactions anyone may have had with the first dose, as I’ll strategize timing.
  7. I missed something. RFP = Jeremy, but what does RFP mean? In my work world, it is request for proposal.
  8. My ex husband died of bile duct cancer in January. Less than a month from DX to death.
  9. Why yes, yes I did! I creeped him on the Internet a few years ago. No bueno. Dodged a lifetime of chaos with that one.
  10. How is everyone? I took a break, busy summer. We move DD back to college this weekend, funny how much easier it is this year. The boy-child made Varsity soccer, so that’s all sorts of exciting. We’re working with contractors to replace roof, siding and some windows after a recent hail storm. Still haggling with insurance on damage to DH’s truck. New doggie is a hoot. Almost ten months old, darling and naughty. Life is good! Congrats to Christina on the new job!
  11. I bought tickets to see Page and Plant for an old boyfriend, front row. He decided to sell them to an undercover cop and we were detained and forfeited tickets. I made him pay me back. 1995. Oy.
  12. Happy Easter or Passover to those who observe. College girl came home Thursday for the extended weekend. HS boy has had soccer wrap up for indoor winter season. New puppy is naughty and adorable. Spent Easter with in-laws. MIL & FIL are back in the state after doing the snow bird thing. They essentially left without telling three-of their four kids just before Christmas. Same thing upon return. Very glad we set firm boundaries with them 20+ years ago, but am saddened by the situation. MIL is either quite mentally ill or toxic, likely both. Back to work tomorrow.
  13. Where were they playing pool? Isn’t pool ungodly? Trouble? With a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool...oh no! 😆. I’ll show myself out.
  14. My pictures are too large to upload, so you’ll have to trust that my Stella-cat is darling and clever. We’re meeting her new dog brother tomorrow and I suspect her world will be rocked. We’ve been dogless six months and it is time. I need a walking buddy and this guy needs a home.
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