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  1. That stitch allergy that expanded that poor woman's nose was fascinating. At least her surgeon didn't botch her, she was just a rare case. Her nose looked great afterward. As for the "I want to look like a doll, K-Pop singer, or favorite animal" types, I always fast forward past them. They obviously have issues and I don't like seeing them being treated as "freak of the week". Dubrow's face is going to take awhile to settle in, but Dr. Nassif's lift was done beautifully. If he hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have realized he got something done.
  2. I think that's a shawl collar cardigan over a white T-shirt and shorts, but still they are definitely canoodling.
  3. I've enjoyed The Good Fight. All the seasons, no matter how off the rails it got (especially with Michael Sheen and whatever accent that was). I'll also miss the Maia character, but they did a good wrap of her plotline.
  4. I felt sorry for Gothy Kendoll. So out of her depth from the very beginning. As an American, I didn't understand the badge joke. I thought it stood for "repeater" and still didn't get it. I had to do some internet sleuthing.
  5. I knew Ryan shouldn't have worked with David the moment he bait and switched him by claiming he had two buildings for Ryan to sell and dangled that building of condos in front of him in order to get him to sell his rental building units. He knew there was no other way to get someone of Ryan's position to sell rentals. Then he insults Ryan constantly, and even when the fuck up is his own - like the rentals not being ready in time for Ryan to promote, he glossed over his own mistake to talk about how badly Ryan's doing. "When you walked in the room today, you were fired, but..." Ugh! That guy must have been born into money because that's the only way he could get away without developing a shred of personality or diplomacy and still have connections. Ryan needs to run, not walk away from this guy. I'm sure he's amassed enough savings for his family by now. Brokers in NY must be furious about the recent NYTimes article that exposed how badly the luxury condo market is doing. The title is "One in Four New York Luxury Apartments is Unsold". https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/13/realestate/new-development-new-york.html . I'm wondering if that's not why Frederik is moving out of NY. Maybe LA's market is still doing well comparatively.
  6. This was so moving. The woman with all the kids was just everything. Such a great person. Such a natural mother. I'm sure growing up with all those siblings helped. She blew me away. I'm not entirely surprised that the young couple broke up. I hope the father, Chris, gets to do the bulk of the raising. He is a committed dad.
  7. I think it's Gilbert Gottfried. It sounds like they were talking about a comic contemporary of Jerry's known for "the voice". Also, if you look at their jaw movements under the black square, it matches. It was weird seeing Jerry go off like that. It completely took over the episode. I feel like we need another episode where we get to know more about Bridget. Everyone definitely ate more this season than in previous seasons. I like the additions of clips that show what Jerry and his guests are referencing. Overall this is a strong season, which is nice because last season seemed off. I'd like to see him interview Catherine O'Hara and Andrea Martin. Basically more SCTV and Kids in the Hall members.
  8. I've been watching Werq the World on WOW Presents. It follows the Queen's backstage, each week they focus on a different queen. It's interesting.
  9. 7-Zark-7


    Cheers is currently available on ITunes for $20. Not one season, the entire series. Couldn't believe it.
  10. I need to admit that I can't have it both ways. On the one hand, I was disappointed in A'Keria for not owning her part in starting drama between queens and sauntering away unscathed. There's footage of it, so she may as well have owned it. (It was funny that the show mercilessly replayed it. Shade!) Instead she just seemed like a dyed-in-the-wool liar. On the other hand, I was turned off by Brooke Lynn's callous treatment of Scarlett Envy when called out about what she said at Roscoe's. Brooke Lynn owned all of her statements (which is rational, considering that too, has been recorded). Yes, she said all the queens hated Scarlett and wanted her to leave, and no she wasn't drinking that night. She apologized for bringing other queens into it and using the word "hate", but otherwise, she stood by her statement. So the queens took completely opposite approaches to being called out and I'm still giving side eye. Maybe, if they could have found a way to tell the truth in a funny way, like Ra'Jah (of all people) did with "a wig found it's way into my bag", that would have helped. Of course, Ra'Jah immediately reverted to rude form by throwing Ariel's wig at her feet, as if she was in the wrong for wanting her stuff back. So Ra'Jah's still gonna Ra'Jah. Maybe, I'm just pissed off at Brooke Lynn for clearly breaking Vanjie's heart. But, she can't stay in a relationship just to make fans happy. And, I could be naive, but I don't think the romance was all engineered by Brooke Lynn just to get more screentime, as (surprise surprise), A'keria brought up as a possibility. Whatever, I'm not overly invested in any of the frontrunners this season, and as long as Silky doesn't win, I'll be fine with the result. If Silky does somehow pull off a win, I'll do the same thing I did with the first season of Survivor when Richard won, I'll take the show off my recording schedule and never look back.
  11. Okay, last week Shuga gets put in the bottom for not being as fabulous as the other queens in a winning team, and now Silky gives what might be the sloppiest lip sync I've seen (that didn't involve a full scale meltdown, or the lifting another queen) and yet she stays. What is going on? I know Ru has favorites, but... the audience isn't blind. We can see the performances. There is no explaining away these weird choices.
  12. I'm visiting Canada and noticed seasons 2-10 of Drag Race on Netflix. Are these seasons all available on US Netflix and I just didn't notice?
  13. Remember when they sent Sunny home for doing a beautiful yellow dress with just a blue brooch because it didn't meet the challenge? Well, with that in mind, why the hell is Irina still around? There was nothing unisex about her garment. It was feminine from head to toe with not one masculine aspect that would drag it towards the middle. High heels, tight black pants, a blouse. All feminine. Is the black or the oversized coat (with the feminine print) supposed to be gender neutral? Of the two at the bottom. Dimitry should have been aufed, but of course, they love him, so he's not going anywhere. But, if you're not sure what season it is if an outfit has one bare arm and one sleeve, then at what time of year can one expect to wear a trenchcoat that opens onto a naked back?
  14. The DC to London couple were quite pulled together. I suspect Trunk Club or some other fashion influence in their lives. It's not everyday you see a man in persimmon pants.
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