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  1. 7-Zark-7

    RPDR: In The Media

    I'm visiting Canada and noticed seasons 2-10 of Drag Race on Netflix. Are these seasons all available on US Netflix and I just didn't notice?
  2. 7-Zark-7

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Remember when they sent Sunny home for doing a beautiful yellow dress with just a blue brooch because it didn't meet the challenge? Well, with that in mind, why the hell is Irina still around? There was nothing unisex about her garment. It was feminine from head to toe with not one masculine aspect that would drag it towards the middle. High heels, tight black pants, a blouse. All feminine. Is the black or the oversized coat (with the feminine print) supposed to be gender neutral? Of the two at the bottom. Dimitry should have been aufed, but of course, they love him, so he's not going anywhere. But, if you're not sure what season it is if an outfit has one bare arm and one sleeve, then at what time of year can one expect to wear a trenchcoat that opens onto a naked back?
  3. 7-Zark-7

    House Hunters International

    The DC to London couple were quite pulled together. I suspect Trunk Club or some other fashion influence in their lives. It's not everyday you see a man in persimmon pants.
  4. 7-Zark-7

    S04.E02: Super Girl Groups, Henny

    When the Queens do the "pick the lipstick" walk, I usually think it's silly, but Valentina turned it into a catwalk and I thought "Oh, that's how to make this scene work". Performance: My Top Two : Valentina and Latrice (her Laverne L was accidentally timely) My Bottom Two: Gia and Farrah Runway: Top : Manila (and almost everyone, it was a killer runway) Bottom: Monique Valentina gave a mesmerizing lipsync, so much so that Monet seemed to give up. Gia's determined bitchiness definitely grates, yet I still find Monique the most overbearing person there. Although, Monique redeems herself when she gets genuinely excited for other queen's performances. [Damn it! I have Wow + and was on it last night, and still missed the third episode.]
  5. 7-Zark-7

    The Cast of The Good Fight

    I wish they hadn't gotten rid of Erica Tazel. Her situation reminds me of the scene where Delroy Lindo makes his TV appearance and the other black host tells him that they'll have to choose different roles if they are going to keep two black hosts. They brought on Audra MacDonald and couldn't figure out what to do with two black women partners in a position to challenge Diane.
  6. 7-Zark-7

    Long Lost Family

    Tara and Pricilla were just lovely (and looked so much alike)! For two women who grew up feeling unloved, they seem remarkably resilient and mature. I hope they form the loving mother daughter bond that neither of them were fortunate to have had.
  7. 7-Zark-7

    Watch What Happens Live

    Somewhere along the line, a switch flipped in Debra Winger and she became a dud interview, because I’ve seen her come across as guarded and a tough slog before this. However, I fully recall a time when she was on Letterman and at the end of the (normal) interview she stripped down to her Wonder Girl* costume then ran right off the stage into the audience and out to the street. *she played that role on 70s TV version of Wonder Woman alongside Lynda Carter.
  8. I know Fergie often has cash flow problems, she’s admitted to it after being caught red handed taking bribes. Andrew has also been connected to dodgy financial situations, but how much money he’s been able to retain is unclear. The Yorks have a rep for overspending. However, TLC did buy the rights to air the wedding in the US, so maybe that comes back to the family and The Queen could be paying some of the expense. The police/security for the wedding is covered by the taxpayers.
  9. It’s official! Meghan’s and Harry are expecting. I hope they’re slathering her in mosquito repellent. Tonga has a Zika problem.
  10. 7-Zark-7

    Long Lost Family

    I fear Monica is lost. She was already on the edge over her mother not being her mother and she found that out decades earlier. Now with this father situation (and he doesn't even remember her mother ---actually none of her parents seem to know each other, much less which one of them helped create her) I don't see her getting past it.
  11. 7-Zark-7

    Ashlee + Evan

    Looking up before and after photos, I think she may have had more than one. Whatever number nose job this current one is, it looks good.
  12. 7-Zark-7

    Ashlee + Evan

    Oh, dear. I'm afraid the only proper thing to do, in order to spare his delicate ears from anymore of this, is send me that beautiful ginger cat in your avatar. I'll give you my address. Cheer up. What can it mean? I believe he daydreams and it's her sister who was homecoming queen.
  13. 7-Zark-7

    Ashlee + Evan

    I was interested in this largely for a peek at the sprawling Ross family. The first episode didn't disappoint. Even Diana herself, was there. Unfortunately, Evan and Ashlee come across as the least interesting people in the crew. Evan has a beautiful singing voice, but other than that, he seems chronically sleepy, and Ashlee is just sort of... a bundle of neuroses. I'm sorry to see that she is still haunted by her SNL screw up, but that's not really that interesting a topic, all these years later, for her to keep mentioning. Also, both on the show and in her recent WWHL appearance, she is constantly having fits of nervous laughter, which makes me wonder about her mental health. Her anxiety levels must be off the charts. I think it must be hard for Ashlee to find her place professionally. Her sister went from modest fame as a performer, to mega fame on a reality show, to even greater success with her billion dollar fashion brand, and her husband was raised extremely wealthy among the biggest names in the history of entertainment, so maybe she wonders what she brings to the table. She's probably desperate to shake a Vanilla Ice kind of flash-in-the-pan reputation and prove herself.
  14. 7-Zark-7

    The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    I'm sure almost every young up and coming actress in England has appeared on Call the Midwife at this point since they need 2 to 3 new mothers for each episode. They're not getting to the Diana years in Seasons 3 and 4. There will probably be a brief glimpse of her as a 12 year old or something.
  15. 7-Zark-7

    S01.E01: Alicia, Michelle, Justin

    Yeah, "I would buy that Playboy" is not something I'd want my doctor to say to me.