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  1. Faux Michelle 1: We have to party like a 52 year old, you understand? Faux Michelle 2: (devastated) NOOOO!
  2. Silky didn't lipsync against Serena. That was Jiggly.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the Silky Nutmeg Ganache hour (and I strongly disliked her on her original season). She relyed heavily on props, but they worked for me. Pull out a flag, a guitar, gender switching outfits - okay girl. It was all in fun and fine by me. And seeing the Queens' response to the lipsyncs put it over the top. I don't see how the hell she can beat Eureka to get back into the competition, but I don't think she needs to. She did enough to change the trajectory her career in this one episode. Good for her.
  4. Turns out the real mystery is how they got me to watch a show where nothing much happened for six episodes.
  5. I had a problem with the actor they chose to play Adam. I kept thinking, this is the guy you cast to play someone pimping out teenagers near a 7-Eleven.
  6. Boy, did I disagree with the judges. For the performance I thought Ginger and Eureka were so bad that when Yara showed up, I was excited; finally someone came across as the pop star they were supposed to be. I didn’t notice her not lipsyncing the words, though. - My tops were: Yara, Pandora Boxx, and Trinity (and Jan as a runner up). I think Jan is very talented and deserved to win the Madonna challenge of her season, but to me, she wasn’t the winner this time. - The Bottoms were: Eureka, Ginger, and Ra’Jah . If it weren’t for Eureka’s costume and Ra’Jah’s bouncing hair, I wouldn’t
  7. The ladies were robbed. They consistently made great tasting cakes. The guys Apple Soup was so bad, they should have been sent home before the final challenge. I couldn't look at it. And Shania... or Hope (I can't remember who's who) was right: Blue Velvet? Get off Pinterest.
  8. Apparently, I don't understand floral displays. On Season 2 ep. 4, I didn't understand why the aquatic team won. It looked like a jumbled blue mess to me, and I wouldn't have gotten the aquatic theme if I hadn't been told. The other team's however, screamed "Desert". I knew right away, where it was supposed to be. For me, that was the obvious choice. Yes, the background look a bit sparse in parts, but still, I preferred it to the heavy presentation of first group. As for the animal, both teams lost me there. Then the floral fireworks. I thought Canaan's was the most obvious winner.
  9. If he found it too humbling to admit that his partner might be right and he might be wrong, how must he have felt when everyone else got it right and he was the only one to get it wrong? And as he's sent packing he says "I am who I am". Who is that? A guy who'll die on every hill as long as he doesn't have to take advice? Anthony: "It couldn't be cannoli, there were no cannoli shells." Well, Anthony maybe you're supposed to make the shells because... you're a baker. What's next: "It couldn't be a cake, there was no box of Duncan Hines"? I laughed when the team that won the first
  10. Oooh when Jiggly finds out how Ginger voted, it won't be pretty, but I see where she was coming from. Yara didn't really deserve to be in the bottom. I would have picked Trinity, those Crossing Guard shoes alone were a crime, but she really pulled it out last minute with her Cinderella story. When a DIY challenge look is better than the ones the queen spent time and money on, I'm always shocked. I agreed with the choices for top three. They all turned out some amazing looks and fierce walks to go with them. Ra'jah's final look was impeccable. She deserved that win.
  11. They're janning Jan again. She sang her ass off and didn't make it to the top. Who wins? Yara, the boob slinger.
  12. 7-Zark-7


    I think that was the point. She wasn’t on board with the bridal shower so she wore something as far away from the floaty florals one would expect.
  13. 7-Zark-7


    I pretty much ate up season 2 in one sitting. It's so good. Better than the first. I really love what they've done, not just with the lead, but all the characters.
  14. I always preferred Josh for Liza, but damn they did Charles dirty this season. They just turned him into a sulky baby who had to be appeased by the women in his life at all times. The redemption at the end couldn't erase a whole season of neediness. The season was hurt by the absence of Diana. The only spinoff I'm interested in seeing is one with Diana and Lauren and I don't care how it's done: make them private eyes in Rekjavik, or in the witness protection program selling clunky jewelry in Tampa. For those two, I'm there.
  15. Just when I thought they were finally getting rid of Lea, Claire goes instead. She'd also have massive student loans. It makes little sense that she would be offered the job or would take it, but it's a way to end the character. This show has always been a little clunky on how to introduce or exit characters - from the hospital lawyer of season 1 (who was married to Dr. Melendez) to now (including Dr. Glassman's out of the blue marital problems).
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