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  1. Billy can take several seats with his faux concern for the children. And I love how Victoria put him in his place by asking about whether he preferred when she was pining for him. She’s really been looking nice the last few days, so I guess Ashland is having a positive effect on her. Even if she is plotting to take control of his company when he kicks the bucket. I really hope she genuinely likes him because they look good together. Nikki telling Victoria that Victor wasn’t angry about Victoria’s trip with Ashlznd totally contradicted the tone of his voicemail. amanda darling, just
  2. Yeah it is but I’m a creature of habit. Or a glutton for punishment lol
  3. Clearly you don’t watch Bull. They had a fake baby that was seriously frightening!
  4. FV is a gay man himself. As such, you’d think (and sadly be wrong) that he would be committed to INCREASING the LGBTQ presence on the show. Not just trotting them out for Pride month or to show solidarity when something terrible happens to a member of the gay community. Terry has been on the show for almost 3 years now and other than her being Liz’s best friend in school when Terry was a boy, we’ve learned nothing about her. As others have said, not even a discussion about dating. And Lucas (who?) has been nonexistent since he unceremoniously handed over his son to Michael
  5. Speaking of the Tano, what the hell kind of bar doesn’t serve food of any kind? No wonder they’re broke!
  6. Sasha found out like last week that she’s pregnant. She and Brando were together about a month, maybe two ago. And she’s suddenly five months pregnant and showing? Will the kid be born next week? so Nina is en route to PC to see Wiley while Phyllis and Lenny are telling Mike to get on a plane to PC and surprise her. At this point I would actually welcomed that scenario if it gets rid of the Nixon Falls story. I’m surprised the crackerjack lab that Finn used didn’t figure out that the DNA wasn’t a match and that’s why the cure failed. so Carly knew where Florence was th
  7. Ingo lives in Hawaii. His new daughter will go to school in Hawaii. I highly doubt anyone will mispronounce her name. And if they do when she’s an adult, she can just correct them and that will be the end of it.
  8. Natalie didn’t wNt to risk her mother’s life on the trial because there was no guarantee she would get the actual drug and not a placebo. So she opted for the LVAD instead. She also had an assist from Crockett, who as a surgeon, naturally recommended surgery instead of a drug trial. I don’t think anyone actually asked Carol, who was the one receiving the treatment… https://www.heartngmc.org/our-services/lvad/
  9. Finn is not Chase’s father. Cyrus had the results changed to further mess with Finn. We heard Cyrus on the phone confirming it, although he never specifically said what test he wanted changed.
  10. So a couple of thoughts: sean: your skin color didn’t set you up for this life. You did that when you decided to get in bed with Sonny Corinthos. You could have been/done anything you wanted. You ran Kelly’s. You were setting a good example for TJ. Then you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and kill someone. I’m not dismissing the injustices but he is not an innocent man. stella, I love you but as you said, Curtis is an adult. If he wants to bang Portia, that’s his business. Seems to me you detested Jordan for many years before finally deciding she was actually worthy of
  11. I love that Kirsten is maintaining a sense of humor through all of this! Brain surgery is serious stuff and I’m so glad she’s going to be okay. and how awesome is it that Emme is taking care of her? It’s great to have such caring friends. ❤️
  12. I think they did show that the last woman was not ‘perfectly fine’ with the arrangement. Every time the super left, she was in tears. But she felt trapped because the alternative was going back to the shelter. Her son was happy, they had a nice apartment. She was being told repeatedly that her only choices were sleep with whomever was sent to her or lose what they had. She didn’t believe she had any recourse. But I didn’t see anything consensual about her situation. The others maybe, but not her.
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