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  1. I had no idea Mo was totally gray! I think I like it. It’s certainly better than the shoe polish black!
  2. She’s not sorry. And she’d do it all over again in a nanosecond if it got her what she wants: Jason.
  3. Please, I beg you, don’t give them any ideas!
  4. Previews: oh look, Sonny is going head to head with a gunman. Was it wrong that my first reaction was to say ‘shoot!’? about today’s shock I’d forgotten how much I adore Finn and Tracy. Really hope she sticks around cause he needs a friend. Sam, dear lord, I beg you, take some uppers. Or a caffeine infusion. Or something! Just please wake the fuck up already. It takes her 10 minutes to spit out one sentence. And that sentence consists of three words! I was sure Phyllis’ husband recognized Sonny and that’s why he told Sonny to get out. More’s the pity that he didn’t just throw him out on his ass. ‘I don’t want charity. I’ll work in the kitchen.’ Yeah okay. Sonny Corinthos, crime lord, is going to get his hands dirty washing dishes? I have little else to say about today’s episode because I was so bored I played Words with Friends while watching.
  5. I’m inclined to think Imani or possibly Naya or her husband, served Amanda with a restraining or cease and desist order. I just can’t fathom what any of them thinks they could get from a lawsuit. If anything it would expose that Amanda is Naya’s daughter and leave the family open to tons of negative publicity.
  6. Kidding aside, I hope he’s okay. He’s only 57 but looks at least 10 years older!
  7. Are you asking if Lesley is their sister? If so, then no. They’re no relation to Lesley. They are brothers and Laura’s biological father is also their father. So she’s Cyrus and Martin’s half sister.
  8. I had no problem with her reaction. It’s one thing to tell people you would understand why he did it, when it’s hypothetical. It’s quite another when you’re faced with the reality that your father faked his death and let you continue to believe he was dead when in fact, he was right there watching you. She feels betrayed and is angry that he didn’t trust her. She’ll get over it and understand why he had to do it. But right now her emotions are getting the best of her. As they should, since she’s only a teenager. Although I’m not sure I would be any more understanding as an adult.
  9. Oh show, if you’re trying to portray Michael and chase as some super macho, sexy men that women swoon over by having them both shirtless in the same scene? Epic fail! I’m sure Chad is a really nice guy but sexy he ain’t. And his body doesn’t even fall in the same hemisphere as Josh’s. So maybe just save Chad the embarrassment and don’t do it again. the shootout at the bus station was just pathetic as usual. First, there isn’t a single cop anywhere in the station? Or other passengers besides the random guy who sold Julian his ticket? And as others have said, there was less than zero chance that Jason or Sonny would be harmed, never mind killed. So where’s the suspense? I didn’t much care for fauxTaggert but I did really like the scenes with Trina. LOVED the Laura/Martin scenes. Nice to see a couple of vets getting a front burner story. Even if it will inevitably lead back to Sonny. I’m interested in seeing how it plays out.
  10. 440 has always been hell. I want a timeline mention for how long it actually took them to get from Brooklyn to Secaucus. 🤣
  11. Most of the writers are in NYC, that's the ridiculous thing We’re probably supposed to believe Jason knows nothing of NYC traffic since he’s from a small upstate town. Sonny grew up in Brooklyn. Even just a throwaway line like ‘it’s rush hour so we better get moving’ would have been nice. But I guess that would lessen the ‘suspense’ or something 🙄
  12. I was thinking the same thing! In fact, I even said to my TV: yeah okay. Just try to get through the Lincoln Tunnel or the GWB in ‘no time.’ AND they’re in Brooklyn. So they’re either going through Staten Island or Manhattan. Either way you’re looking at at least an hour. Unless they’ve got a helicopter. Maybe it can land in the parking lot of Ceasar’s Bay and then drop them at the Meadowlands 🤣
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