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  1. I dunno. It's a soap and isn't supposed to be realistic. I mean really, the Ice Princess? Casey the Alien? None of this is real. I was more concerned when they screwed with the bipolar story than I am about Frew. And they've played fast and loose with facts for more years than I can count. I just shrug it off.
  2. All I could think about when Sharon said she got in the car and started driving, was 'dressed like THAT?????' When I get in the car and drive, I make sure I'm wearing the most comfy clothes I can possibly find. But I suppose my idea of comfy and hers are two different things lol!
  3. ROFLMAO! Pretty sure he just sprained his ankle 🙂
  4. I thought Harvey told Faye ‘you’re not a real lawyer’ which I took as more of an insult because she wasn’t practicing or had limited litigation experience. Translation: you’re not even in the same stratosphere as me.’ I imagine she’d have to be an actual lawyer to be a member of the bar and appointed special master of a law firm.
  5. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/icymi-michelle-stafford-interview-2/ stafford interview. God she sounds just as annoying in person as on screen!
  6. The back room with the plants is at the floating rib.
  7. Guess she’s not married anymore? They do look cute together 😀
  8. Retaining or gaining new viewers wasn't the goal of that BTS session. It was just one person meeting her favorite actors from her favorite soap. Why can't that be enough? I get what you're saying about Black viewers, as well as @lovemesomejoolery's comments about viewers in general. And I don't disagree with either statement. But again, this had nothing to do with viewers in general and everything to do with one specific viewer, who appeared to be thrilled to spend time with the actors.
  9. Meh. I would think the bigger thrill for a long-time Y&R fan would be the vets. And that's exactly who she was with.
  10. What the everloving fuck was Phyllis wearing to the party???? And Rey? It’s September not January. A turtleneck? and nick in velvet? sharon’s dress was pretty but I’m not a fan of the bell sleeve. Dumber looked nice and I thought Abby was gorgeous. Like a Greek goddess. Kyle seriously needs to learn not to let Theo push his buttons. And wtf with Zoe spiking the drinks?
  11. Probably hereditary.
  12. I actually liked the white dress on her. It wasn’t nearly as restricting as some of her other dresses and the pony tail was a nice touch.
  13. they didn't meet. Drew was already passed out by the time Peter showed up.
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