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  1. Well I thought I saw that Asian couple rolling their eyes a few times lol!
  2. YIKES! "The Young and the Restless aired four days this week with no Thursday episode. For the four aired episodes, Y&R averaged 3.485 million viewers per day, which represents a week to week decline of 280,000 viewers and a stroke-inducing loss of just over ONE MILLION VIEWERS year to year" https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/02/16/ratings-rants-and-raves-young-and-restless-loses-a-million-viewers-over-a-year?fbclid=IwAR1gjhW1z6lkYY1rAF3LEpfivlVH_ABldCZeTUms6yxvqyPZ4OgRRz4k8uE
  3. Wait what? Did that happen today? I swear I watched the whole episode and don’t remember hearing victor say anything about Sharon’s cancer...
  4. thanks @JasonCC. Debating if it's worth an extra $4/month for no commercials. I've just gotten so used to skipping them on broadcast and not having them on Netflix/Prime that I have no patience for them at all anymore.
  5. I don't think he's under contract to either show, so he's free to do whatever he wants 🙂
  6. why does everyone think they have a say over where Brad and Lucas live? Or act surprised that they would actually take THEIR SON with them? Do people think they’re going to leave the kid behind while they move? That’s not usually how things work. So Jax and Nina aren’t content to just go out on a date. Instead they went straight to his house and had sex. Well okay then. I mean, I certainly don’t blame her for wanting a piece of that. Lord knows I would do him in a heartbeat lol!
  7. Yeah Willow manipulating Lucas into rehiring her made me very uncomfortable. And what happens when Lucas goes home from the hospital and eventually back to work? Will she once again claim that they're not putting the child first and therefore it's her responsibility to do so? She seems to forget that she gave him up for adoption. Yes, Brad and Lucas both were very grateful for her help getting Shiloh away from Wiley and graciously offered to welcome her as part of Wiley's life. That doesn't mean she gets to decide what is and isn't best for the child, or insert herself in Brad and Lucas' marriage. There's no way she'll be able to step back, and it's nice that at least Chase sees it, even if he won't explicitly call her out on it. Just wait until she finds out Wiley isn't really hers (if the truth is ever revealed to all).
  8. Slightly OT but for those with cbs all access, did you opt for the limited commercial or commercial-free plan?
  9. so over on the Y&R FB page, some fans are saying that Summer and Kyle are the new Victor and Nikki, ie, destined to be together. Personally, I don't think anyone should aspire to be the new Victor and Nikki. Unless of course the woman has a desire to be verbally abused and cheated on.
  10. That was established the minute she laid eyes on him.
  11. Hey now, I'm in my 50s and don't dress anything like that! Nor does anyone else I know. 😞
  12. I can’t believe I’m saying this but victor was spot on when he told Jack that billy needs to hit rock bottom and Jack et al need to let him fail if there’s any hope of him growing up. And I don’t care how good the safety features are on this fancy new car. There’s no way he wrapped the thing around a tree and walked away without even a scratch,
  13. Holy hell with Tracy’s hair! Not only did she get extensions but it’s three different colors! OTOH, I love Ashley’s darker color. It’s very flattering. any chance billy can drive his fancy new race car right into the lake?
  14. No need, they’d just go live on sonny's island. There’s no extradition treaty 🙄
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