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  1. He's not a pure Lab. He has some Chow in him (black on the tongue). And he was a military dog so of course he would attack.
  2. You know a dress is all kinds of wrong when you have to check to make sure it still covers your ass when you stand up. And it nearly didn't! lol!
  3. And Victoria in sloppy pigtails? Is she 5? No CEO would ever wear her hair like that. For that matter, no self respecting adult would either.
  4. Was Chelsea auditioning for the part of a Madam at the local brothel? Because that’s what she looked like in that hideous dress.
  5. Wait what? That’s a thing? How do I do that? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced my damn phone! Last time it was on mute so my only hope of finding it was just to keep searching the apartment!
  6. Of course Burgess decides to cancel her appointment after the victim tells her how wonderful motherhood is and how she wouldn’t trade her son for anything. Because Dog forbid a young, healthy strong woman should choose her career over having a baby, at least for a little while. How old is she supposed to be? Late 20s? Early 30s? She certainly can’t continue to run around in Intelligence for much longer if she’s going to keep the baby. Three months max before she starts showing and will be riding a desk. And as someone stated above, Ruzek is hardly father material. He has the maturity of a horny teenager.
  7. IIRC just before Bert’s wife died, she asked Sharon to look after him. I vaguely remember Sharon and Bert having a conversation after, but why in the world would she even consider taking him back??? He cheated in her once and left her for another (younger) woman. What makes her think he won’t do it again? maggie should have been fired on the spot for what she did. But of course no one will ever know about it because she’s ‘grieving’ and obviously not thinking straight. Sure Natalie read her the riot act but it won’t go any further. I didn’t think it was possible for my eyes to roll any further back into my head but sure enough they did when April was blasting Dr. Marcel for not immediately reporting to her where her brother went and with whom. I have no use for Noah and think he’s as much of an ass as his sister, but he’s a grown man who is allowed to make his own decisions in life even if they’re wrong. April needs to accept that and move on. But she’s April so of course that won’t happen. glad to see Will acting like an actual doctor for once. He discussed all options with the girl and her parents and in the end, abided by his patients wishes, even if he wasn’t sure it was the right decision. Thankfully it worked out this time. back to April, the pending triangle is going to be soooooo much fun to watch. NOT!
  8. lisa LoCicero was on this week’s NCIS. She played the girlfriend of one of the agents. Small part, likely a one-off but it was good to see her in something else.
  9. Okay his comments were a bit tone deaf.. But how about we judge him on his acting skills and not his personal views? Remember that before Twitter, we never would have known any of this. He’s entitled to his opinions just as we all are. We may not agree but that’s life. JMHO and YMMV of course. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. So very sorry for Mishael. I lost my dad just about 25 years ago. It’s never easy. 😢
  10. Today’s show was preempted in NY. Anyone know if it’s going to air on cbs.com? Not sure I’ll watch but maybe...
  11. Oh they told me. I just refused to go along. Because you know, I was TWELVE dammit lol!
  12. I've been meaning to ask this but kept forgetting: was Chelsea channeling her inner Arwen? With that dress and her hair, all that was missing were the elf ears!
  13. OMG! I did the exact same thing! My parents and I went to Disney and I was 12. There was NO WAY I was telling people I wasn't. And I didn't. The waitress asked my age and I said '12!' I thought my father was going to have an elephant lol!
  14. damn, I'm lucky my schools never called my parents or I wouldn't be sitting here right now lol! I got an A+ in McDonald's my junior year of high school. But that was 40 years ago...
  15. tomorrow. It's only being preempted today and Friday.
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