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  1. Well yes of course. Because what Olivia wants is ALL that matters. So maybe she and sonny belong together after all. 🙄
  2. Judging from the previews, tomorrow will be the first episode shot since the pandemic. The clues were in the hair. Michaels is much longer while I think Willow’s is a bit shorter. And Nelle’s face looks a bit fuller. I don’t suppose There’s any Chance of a time jump while they’re at it? Just a few months would do the trick. It’s ridiculous that after a 5-month hiatus, they just picked up exactly where They left off.
  3. The hospital scenes had to be pre-pandemic. They were all WAY too close together, especially Cyrus and Laura standing almost fade to face. I think the only new scenes were Dante.
  4. Y&r isn’t back yet. They’re taping but GH will be the first to air new episodes
  5. Yeah not these actors. They kept correcting the women to no avail, lol!
  6. Still never got it. Sure I had/have my favorite characters/couples and was thrilled when they finally got together, sad or furious when they broke up. But I never went to a mall fan event. I went to super soap weekend in 2001 and couldn’t believe what I was seeing/hearing from middle-aged to older women! Honest to God, they thought the characters were real. They yelled out character names to the actors. Someone asked Hillary B. Smith when she and Bo were getting back together. Others yelled out ‘we love you GREG’ to Larry Lau (ex-Greg AMC) who was playing Sam Rappaport on OLTL at the time. I don’t mean to knock fan events. They can be fun and sometimes you come away with some juicy gossip. 😀. And if they’re local, sure, go and enjoy. 😀
  7. https://tvsourcemagazine.com/2020/07/a-love-letter-to-the-soap-opera-fan/ he’ll I’m a soap fan and even ‘I’ don’t understand a lot of this. Like waiting on line for hours at a mall or attending every soap fan event. I’ve seen some of these people and they are cray-cray! Like they legit think these characters are real...
  8. So I checked out twitter today and by overwhelming majority, people do NOT want KeMo back. They all seem to share our view that she sleepwalks through her scenes lol! But everyone is unanimous in their concern for her health regardless of the reason for her temp reprieve..
  9. I see Mo found his shoe polish... mores the pity...
  10. It’ll be two weeks from tape to air (they went back to work last week and new eps start next week). Still a bit rushed, but certainly doable. They may sprinkle in some flashbacks from just before the shutdown to help fill the gaps until they have enough.
  11. Based on the synopses in the tv line article, it looks like mike may have finally died during the break. I think it’s the first new show where Carly comes ho,e to a devastated (or inconsolable) Sonny. Of course that could also be that he simply can’t find his shoe polish. Or ran out of tomatoes for his favorite pasta sauce.
  12. Peter no longer hate anna. They’ve grown closer and she’s been very supportive of him and his relationship with Maxie. I think the bond grew stronger when she assured him that the police would never discover the connection between him and the hit man he hired to kill Franco and Andre.🙄
  13. And Sam and carly bond 🙄. Although Valentin propositiong Sam could be fun if kemo is awake
  14. GH resumed production yesterday. Now episode start August 3. From the looks of it, I’m not going to be happy... https://tvline.com/2020/07/23/general-hospital-return-date-new-original-episodes-august-abc/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Sonny has a crisis of conscience Jordan confides in Jason Anna defends Peter.
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