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  1. Sake614

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I don’t see CD going anywhere and I’m not sure how I feel about Drew Garrett coming in as Morgan. He certainly did angry well but I’d really rather Morgan stay dead.
  2. Yeah maybe from Philly fans. Not from the rest of the fans lol!
  3. Yeah maybe from Philly fans. Not from the rest of the fans lol!
  4. Sake614

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    Is anyone else distracted by Bishops hair? Earlier in the season she cut it shorter, dyed it darker and had bangs. I thought it was a good look on her especially since her hair was looking pretty stringy. That new look lasted about two episodes and now we’re back to long, blonde, no bangs and stringy. I guess they tape out of order but it’s just one of those things that I find unnerving. of course I find Torres unnerving every minute of every episode but that’s a whole other subject.
  5. I only ABC would do the same with GH
  6. Hey Abby, the 1970s called, they want their clothes back. But the hair? That was just wrong on so many levels...
  7. Sake614

    S20.E20: The Good Girl

    When did Lt Benson, a police detective, become a social worker? Who the hell is she to counsel a victim after the fact? And placing her hand on the pregnant belly of a teenager?????? Encouraging said teenager to have a baby that she clearly isn’t prepared for? How about counseling her to seek counseling from an actual therapist? i just can’t with her anymore. Talk about unprofessional!
  8. Mia dismissed Esther immediately when she realized Esther isn't rich or powerful.
  9. Sake614

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I only know CW from LOST and her brief stint on Y&R. I wasn’t impressed with her in either role so I’m not looking forward to seeing her on GH. And we neither want nor need Nina. Never did, never will. But if she can somehow make the character remotely likable, I’ll be okay with it.
  10. Sake614

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    We hope...
  11. I was decidedly not impressed with CW when she was on LOST or Y&R so I’m not looking forward to her coming to GH. Then again, I was really hoping they’d just eliminate the character of Nina altogether. She’s not needed or wanted by most of the fans that I’ve heard from.
  12. thanks @aradia22. It sounds complicated but I guess I'll figure it out lol! Now to work on a profile. Gah! I hate writing about myself!
  13. Sake614

    S06.E18: This City

    NBC shows may be more expensive to produce than the other network shows. That's a big factor in determining how many episodes they air. Gone are the days of 44-episode seasons.
  14. those of you with OKCupid accounts, did you sign up via FB or with your email? Is it really, truly, absolutely free or do you have to pay to reply to potential matches?
  15. for me it's Facebook that distracts me. Or Words with Friends 🙂