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  1. Please! My mother has A-Fib. She had a pacemaker put in about 7 years ago and is on blood thinners. So are many, many other people. Sure it’s dangerous and can be deadly if untreated. But that’s why we have regular check ups with a doctor. To find these issues before they become more serious. I hope we’re not going to get a ‘medical lesson’ about it. I don’t trust the show to do it right.
  2. Alas another missed opportunity. Even if they don’t want Jarly to go boom! They could have at least had the bomb in their limo and then for whatever reason they decide to get out of the car just before it blows up. But nooooo, we can’t have nice things. Instead they telegraph for half the episode that Novak and Buscemi blew up instead. The NF fire department is even more inept than the PCPD. Not one firefighter put water on the fire? No one had masks? They all stood around talking and ‘strategizing’ rather than actually, you know, FIGHT the fire! so will Sonny dye his hair befo
  3. OMG camryn was amazing today! That girl should teach A master acting class. My heart was breaking for Mariah and I wanted to punch Abby. ‘I’m trying to be helpful to her, really I am! I don’t know what else I can do?’ All the while giving Mariah the stink eye every time she gets too close to the baby. moving out is the right decision, especially if Mariah feels too attached to Dominic. Abby and her whole family can suck it with their faint praise and constant criticism of Mariah behind closed doors. Only Jack was the slightest bit sympathetic to her plight.
  4. I’ll sit at my table for one but I really liked Carly’s dress. Or at least from the waist down. LW is a lovely woman but she just doesn’t have the curves to pull off that kind of dress. I think it would have been nicer if instead of one shoulder, it had a deep V neck. I also thought Pip looked very pretty. She always wears low cut dresses for formal (snd informal) occasions. I’ll never understand why heavier/bustier women do that.I see it in the workplace too. Deep scoop necks that show cleavage. But even with that, I thought her dress was very nice. unlike everyone else, I
  5. Didn't he say something similar about the Nixon falls story? 🙄
  6. Except she’s the one who kept pushing them together. And who kept telling Smike to forget about his past. Or at least encouraging him when he didn’t want to know and not doing anything to search for information herself, at least in the beginning. So yeah, Nina is all kinds of wrong and unhinged but what’s Phyllis’ excuse? and how convenient that the fire was ‘raging’ all around Smike but never once got close to him.
  7. It could be argued that as the previous century. Of course I can’t think of any century in which the wedding if Carly and Jason would be considered a major event…
  8. Right before the beam fell on Smike, I wondered aloud if a beam could fall on both of them, thus putting us out of our misery. I guess I got part of my wish but alas, he’ll not only live but wake up remembering who he is and wondering what he’s doing there. Then he’ll rush back to PC to stop the wedding. 🙄
  9. Well…they did kiss with their mouths closed so I guess there’s that…🤮
  10. I was really hoping he’d walk in on Nina and Smike kissing. Oh well, at least he’ll come face to face with Sonny tomorrow.
  11. Hey MO, you aren't DeNiro snd not one of your leading ladies has been Meryl Streep. Sonny isn't that hard to play. He's pretty one note actually. So your inability to do it maybe has more to do with your lack of acting talent than anything else. Also, calling Kelly Sullivan a 'broad?' Not cool. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2021/09/07/maurice-benard-discusses-playing-dark-sonny-versus-mike-on-general-hospital?fbclid=IwAR0MQVGGxlfbyOv8dsxwaaIcNwe2EFSyhu2Fhu_jJ4gQIvaP9kEjWDzh1pE
  12. Did anyone else’s eyes roll out of their heads when Victor offered St, Elena a job as Chief Medical Journalist at Newman Media? I mean, I realize she can do anything and everything, but has she ever written a single article or research study? Aside from being Natey Nate Nate Nate’s girlfriend and the new star of AskMDNow, what exactly has she done to warrant everyone fighting over her? i really liked her when she first came to town, but now I’ve had more than my fill. I knew Abby would go apeshit over Mariah feeding the baby. If she had her way, Mariah wouldn’t have anything to do wi
  13. It was a storage room for Newman media promo materials. Although leaving a laptop unattended and without password protection is pretty stupid. Then again the whole town could use a brain transplant.
  14. Well he’s pretty, I’ll give him that. But the boy is flat as a board. Get thee to a gym Rory.
  15. Oh look, a plane crash. Because that hasn’t been done before…🙄 so Gladys is making nice to uncle Novack, trash talking Carly and making it seem like Gladys snd Sonny were so close. Not like that’s going to bite her in the ass. Or Brando. Or Sasha and the baby. But Gladys will probably be thrilled if something happens to Sasha. Then she’ll have Brando all to herself again. well we’ll well…Jordan actually has two working brain cells. She recognized immediately that Jason and Carly are marrying to shore up the business. And didn’t back down when Jason tried to play it like it was a real
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