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  1. I guess Gina can get off with community service and a fine, in the same world where someone with zero mechanical ability can do $2,000 worth of repairs on a van just because someone describes to him what parts go where. If we have to watch Gina choose Drew over Kyle, that's going to be rough. I'd like to get some backstory on Peter. Are they leaving his sexuality ambiguous? The highlight of the episode was learning that Bette apparently used "twat" in Scrabble and claimed it was the past tense of "twit."
  2. I definitely have issues with Randall and his stupid whims, but I wouldn't go this far. Beth and Randall sold the New Jersey house because Beth wanted to. The money from the sale allowed her to open her dancing school, which was an out-of-the-blue whim that she had. She pursued that whim even though it made their situation more difficult. Beth also unilaterally invited her mother to live with the family indefinitely, despite her mother being an insufferable person who treats Randall (and everyone else) poorly.
  3. The only thing missing was a fire at Tiffany's house! (For those who haven't seen the Cosby Show episode, there was a fire at the home where the daughter claimed she was staying, thus causing her parents to think she might be dead.) I'm amazed that the fire-obsessed This is Us writers didn't jump on that angle. Oh man, Kate's going to be especially unbearable after the grilling incident because of her traumatic associations with fire. I'm really not looking forward to seeing this all go down, because I never cared much about Kate and Toby's marriage to begin with. They've never seeme
  4. Once the Manny rehearsal was over, and the actors started talking, I figured that Kevin's 25-year-old costar would speak in a completely different voice - revealing that she was only using that little girl voice because she was playing a teenager. I was very disappointed to be wrong.
  5. The show takes place in Connecticut, where housing prices are definitely high.
  6. I am aware of that! But we all carry around a certain amount of mental associations between actors and roles they've played. No one is immune to it.
  7. Yes, upon rewatch, he poked his head in. I guess any of the ghosts can do that, and Sam called on Pete to do it because he was right there. In that case, any of the ghosts can see any human naked if they want to, just by looking through their clothes. Creepy.
  8. I found it a little uncomfortable watching these actors who played lovers playing brother and sister. It wasn't as bad as if, say, someone cast Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer as a married couple...but it was the same kind of principle. Anyway, this is the first we've heard of living people being able to hear Alberta singing, or of Pete having x-ray vision, right? If I were Trevor, I'd be pissed that I had to go through the effort of writing those messages on the mirror, when all Alberta had to do was sing a message to Jay.
  9. I thought Maddy's placement was correct. Angeria, Jorgeous, Jasmine and Camden all did dancing/lip syncs, but they also showed a lot of talent. Putting Maddy in fifth, with Deja and Daya behind her, felt right. If the producers wanted Maddy gone, they would have put her in the bottom, where she couldn't possibly have delivered a good lip sync in that outfit. I don't think they want to get rid of her before the week 1 queens get a chance to react to her being cishet. I liked Daya Betty, but she had no prayer of sticking around very long. I suspect that she was only cast because she kn
  10. I feel like I vaguely recall Norma reconciling with her daughter enough to go on a cruise with her. Maybe at the end of last season?
  11. Yes, two-time Tony winner Katie Finneran. The sister was unbelievably stupid for immediately revealing that she'd lied. Like you said, Gina could stop payment on the check. And it's going to be harder for her to get money from Gina in the future. It would have been more plausible if Gina had left the club, then come back for some reason and caught the sister singing well.
  12. Have they explained how Drew has the money to just stop working for months, even though he has a daughter to support?
  13. It's not unusual, though, to age up a young actor's character to better match the actor's real age (or perceived age). They already did it with the actress who plays Tess, who was portrayed as 14 even though the character was born on Halloween 2008. It certainly wouldn't impossible for a 13-year-old to look like Tess did. But they chose to age her up anyway.
  14. Deja was supposed to be 12 when she first appeared on the show. That would make Deja 16 now. I wouldn't be surprised if they're making her out to be 17, though - to minimize the age difference, and because Lyric Ross doesn't look 16 (which makes sense, because she's 18).
  15. Re: the mother of Malik's baby, I'm pretty sure she and her family moved to Boston after she gave birth. Re: why we don't see more of Annie, I have to wonder if the makers of the show lack confidence in her acting ability. I say that only because it's common in the industry for an adorable child under the age of 10 to be cast when a series begins, and then within a few years it turns out that the kid can't deliver substantive dialogue well.
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