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  1. Yeah, Bonnie's "I'm not thinking of myself at all" revelation would have been a lot more believable if she hadn't been so blatantly narcissistic and entitled throughout the season.
  2. I hope this gets renewed, not because I enjoy it that much (I really don't), but because I'm very, very curious how they would make a second season work. Would it just be a buddy comedy with Drew and Gina living together, with Eli playing a bigger role as Gina's boyfriend and having a bunch of scenes in dialysis?
  3. When Zoe said, "No matter what happens, you make it what you wanted all along," I took it to mean, "You do whatever your partner wants, and convince yourself that you wanted it too." It's a weirdly back-handed compliment, but there's some truth to it. If it helps Kevin avoid a bad marriage, I'm glad he heard it. I can't get behind his relationship with Madison, because a) I don't think they love each other, b) the writers don't have a good grasp on Madison's character, and they give her whatever personality is convenient for each episode, and c) I'll always see the actress as the fac
  4. I liked Deja being jealous of Jennifer, because it's one of the few times they've shown Deja acting like an actual teenager. Her advice to Randall was great, but I don't really buy someone her age (she's supposed to be what, 16?) giving such perfect relationship advice. Especially considering that she never had the chance to observe what a healthy romantic relationship looks like throughout the vast majority of her childhood.
  5. Did Kate get no professional help at all following Jack's death? Did Rebecca even suggest it? In the scene where Kate reveals her diner job, everything she said was a huge red flag with "I need therapy" written all over it. I have to wonder if Rebecca was so caught up in her own grief that she never fully recognized what Kate was going through right in front of her face.
  6. Toby, don't be a macho idiot about the plumbing. You were never going to magically fix it, and even if you had, it wouldn't have made you more of a man.
  7. Blakeston

    S03:E03 The Trunk

    This really was a great episode. "If you could just tone it down a little" is a phrase that so many queer people have heard so many times. I was thrilled that Elektra just shut it down completely. Her threat to call her mother "mommy" in front of all the neighbors if the cops showed up was another great moment. That said, with this being a Ryan Murphy show, though, there were naturally a few things that were just sloppy or completely implausible. - We heard two episodes ago that Elektra took Cubby in as her child because she saw him at a ball wearing nothing but a thong and glit
  8. The more I think about it, the more strange I find Damon's sendoff (or lack thereof). So he's going to move to Charleston to be with his family, which the characters regarded as being the ultimate sign of him giving up. But Elektra thinks Blanca triumphed with Damon, because she taught him how to stand on his own two feet?
  9. Apparently the writers think that a good way to show the struggles of queer Black people with AIDS in the early 90s is to show them engaging in a huge fight with a shitload of property damage in a NYC diner, and miraculously walking away without any legal repercussions of any kind. They also never could have made a ruckus in a hospital like that without security being called.
  10. Billy Porter was great in the intervention scenes, but...we've already seen this before. I think it was season one, when they confronted him about his drinking, and he acted exactly the same way. We've also already seen Angel pretend she doesn't have a drug problem, as the other characters become more and more aware that she's lying.
  11. I knew from the beginning of the episode that I was going to be disappointed. Who on earth thought that food fight was a good idea? It seemed like a random scene from a terrible 80's sitcom was suddenly inserted into this program by accident. Also, giving the opening dialogue to Elektra and Lemar was a strange choice. If I was a new viewer, I would have wondered why the acting was so horrible - and then I would have changed the channel after the food fight. This show is really all over the place. It wants so badly to be a gritty depiction of just how brutal the AIDS crisis was, and h
  12. Maybe Drew will reject the kidney? The writers have got to keep him in that dialysis group somehow.
  13. That's what I'm saying - he didn't actually end the relationship until she completely crossed a line. If she hadn't gone into stalker territory, they may have worked things out. Also, the issue when they were dating wasn't just about her wanting commitment - it was about her demanding that he give her what she wanted at a moment's notice.
  14. Among the many irritating things about Drew in this episode - he plots to buy the Super Bowl ring, and doesn't say a word about it to Gina until after they give it to Eli and Eli gets mad? Eli was guaranteed to know that Gina blabbed once he received the ring. A halfway-decent friend would have consulted her about it before purchasing it.
  15. So Drew, Jerry and Gideon (who can't afford to put on a one-man-show) have enough money lying around to buy a Super Bowl ring? I think that plot point would have made more sense if Samantha was in the episode. (It still would have been pretty implausible, though.)
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