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  1. I really didn't find the sexual harassment stuff to be funny at all (other than recognizing that Jeff looks like Harvey Weinstein, which was only funny or a moment). I guess it's leading up to a major arc about Larry being hated by feminists? It's kind of making me dread this season.
  2. Early in the episode, Phil mentioned that in 1977, enormous penguin footprints were found on the beach, which created a legend that there was a penguin in the area taller than a human. Then at the end, Phil revealed that he found the footprint-makers among his father's possessions. And Phil used them to revive the legend, in his father's honor. I don't think Phil had anything to do with making the footprints in the '70s. It seemed like the father did it on his own, and Phil only learned the truth after his father died. I actually thought the episode was fairly unpredictable, overall. I generally see twists coming on this show a mile away, but I actually didn't see it coming when Claire and Mitch found out that Jay cut their vacation short to save his business. And I didn't see it coming that Phil's father was dead until Phil started to look emotional at the end. And I suspected that Jay's dog bed business would be saved by some miracle - but that never happened.
  3. I think the writers have been struggling for a while with Robert and Sol's storylines, and the constant presence of Peter is a sign of that. This is what sitcom writers do when they've run out of comedic material for a couple - give them an obnoxious antagonist who won't go away. it's the same reason Daphne's mother moved in with her and Niles on Frasier. And why Cameron's evil sister moved in with him and Mitchell on Modern Family.
  4. i completely understand why it would be triggering for an absentee parent to offer you parenting advice. But a screaming tirade that drives your mother out of the house, leaving her a sobbing mess in the front yard, just because she said the baby looks cold, is a pretty extreme reaction. Marjorie doesn't get a free pass on being a shitty mother because of her alcoholism. But he doesn't get a free pass on being a shitty father and husband because of his childhood.
  5. While we didn't see what happened between Marjorie and her son, I really can't imagine her escalating the situation. She seemed determined to be as pleasant as possible. So I think he really did throw a hissy-fit just because she said the baby looked cold, and then either asked her to leave, or made her feel like she had to leave. And if that's the case, then I'd say he handled the situation very badly. If he's still so bitter about his childhood that he can't stand having her around, then he should have just stayed out of her life. Once he made the choice to invite her over, he had an obligation to treat her halfway decently. And he should understand that letting his daughter have a grandmother (and reducing the family's childcare burden, which seems to be falling entirely on his wife) is a priority. I also thought that Christy was being an abysmal friend to Marjorie when they confronted the son, and she was basically made the argument for continued estrangement. They were very, very lucky that he wasn't fully persuaded. If she was better at dealing with people, she would have empathized with him while still recommending forgiveness. But she got too caught up in her own anger to remember the big picture.
  6. Plus, the date wanted John Legend to know that she was leaving. That made it seem like it was all being done for her benefit. If they were just being permitted to watch a rehearsal, he wouldn't have cared. I think the writers actually wanted us to believe that John Legend was giving an impromptu concert as a favor to Kevin. It's ridiculous, but so are a lot of the details of Kevin's celebrity life. As for the celebrity hall pass thing, I have to think that for most couples, it's just a "cute" little joke they have, because they find it fun to ponder who they'd choose. I think most people would be utterly mortified if their partner actually had the chance to live out that fantasy.
  7. Honestly, there are times when Estefan comes across as flat-out mentally challenged. This was one of them.
  8. i liked the Grace storyline - particularly the way the cop just ratted her out bluntly and immediately. 😄The plumber's reaction cracked me up, too. But I hated that Will was talked into letting Jack continue to be an insufferable leech. Hey, Estefan, if you're so charmed by Jack's "innocence" (and how is he innocent, exactly?), maybe you should dole out the money for all of his ridiculous whims.
  9. Finally, a Manny storyline I would actually enjoy! (I kid, I kid.)
  10. My one objection to this episode - no way in hell would that beautiful young woman have been interested in Manny. I don't care how good he was at playing hard to get.
  11. I enjoyed this episode, but it's one of many episodes that raises one of my biggest issues with this show - that Patrick is basically a wish-fulfillment dreamboat. He has no flaws, aside from a few hiccups about coming out of the closet. Why did this smart, handsome, charming, ambitious man (with a Broadway-quality singing voice) move to Schitt's Creek again? So that he could work for Ray, and live with him? Huh? Even if he was just trying to get away from his fiancee, this seems like the last place he'd choose. I don't buy for a second that David, stuck in the middle of nowhere, would luck into finding this ideal guy, who just happens to find David's selfishness and snootiness endearing. It would all be a lot more plausible for me if he wasn't so adorable, and he was dealing with some serious issues of his own. Like, say, he was living with his parents while recovering from a substance abuse problem. It would take real growth on David's part to accept someone like that.
  12. I loved this episode. I had no idea that the show was still capable of being this funny, or this heartfelt. This was filled with layer upon layer of jokes, some of which probably went over a lot of people's heads. Like that awful couple resembling Hitler and Eva Braun, and being on their way to Poland. 😄 Also, Manny and the mariachi band trying to get up the escalator had more laughs in it, for me, than certain entire episodes that aired earlier this season.
  13. Way, way too much. But I liked that he was able to recognize that his father's obsessive need for grand romantic spectacles is driving this behavior. I'd love to see them seek out therapy, but I haven't seen it happen much. Kate has desperately needed therapy ever since Jack's death, if not earlier, but the only time we ever saw it happen was at that weight-loss retreat. And we haven't seen them do couples counseling, which they've needed for a while. It seems like the show mostly relies on most of these characters never confronting their issues.
  14. Kate specifically told Madison she wasn't invited (after Madison joked about attacking Lady Kryptonite). It was one of those TV moments that's supposed to be humorous, but in real life would just be a crappy way to treat a friend.
  15. Unfortunately, Joni doesn't perform anymore. She's had a stroke, and she has a bizarre condition (Morgellons Disease) that causes people to feel a crawling sensation on their skin, as though they're infected with parasites or insects. ☹️ I certainly hope Kevin and Kate find out soon enough that they'll be able to give her some kind of special experience that she'll be able to remember for a while. I felt terrible for her in this episode, and I was glad that Randall and Miguel at least saved their drama for when she was out of the room. If Randall had halfway-decent communications skills (which you would kind of expect from a politician), and if he actually thought about other people's feelings before he spoke, the whole thing with Miguel could have easily been avoided. Randall could have just explained that he flew in for his own peace of mind, not because he thought Miguel was incapable of handling the situation. And he could have pointed out the very obvious reason why Miguel didn't notice a big change in Rebecca - because he sees her every day, and her decline has been gradual. Sometimes it takes someone who hasn't seen you in a while to notice these things.
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