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  1. Honestly, the talk about the "sex change" was probably considered progressive at the time, just because the characters talked about the teacher nonchalantly, without showing judgment or disgust. The writers really thought that it was hilarious for someone assigned male at birth to wear women's clothing. It was a well they went to over and over again, with Phil, with Blanche's baseball-player boyfriend, The Great Pretenders, and Sophia talking about catching her cousin parading around in her girdle.
  2. I found this very depressing and unpleasant to watch. Linda Tripp was an awful person? I didn't need to watch this to know that. Ann Coulter is an awful person? Already knew that too. It just lacked the energy that the previous ACS premieres had.
  3. Blakeston


    It took me a long time to finish this season. I ended up getting through it by fast-forwarding through most of the Sam scenes. I hated the way he suddenly insisted that he had to go to Antarctica immediately, and expected people to just hand him money for it, and demanded that they help him prepare. There were a million reasons why someone with very special needs, who had never been anywhere on his own, shouldn't be going on a grueling trip to Antarctica where he'd apparently be camping on the ice and roughing it. But anyone who wasn't completely on board was treated as some sort of
  4. I've got just the candidate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHm_3HHJdAY
  5. I enjoy seeing all the characters (or in this case most of the characters) together. And I especially enjoy the moments when the original couples (Frankie/Sol, Grace/Robert) pair up in ways that give us a glimpse into the dynamics of what their marriages were like. But this time around, I just couldn't get past how unbelievably stupid the characters were. How could Grace and Robert not realize that they should just leave the rabbit's body there and get out? No one would ever suspect that the rabbit was murdered, much less that one of them killed it. Maybe I could see Frankie being th
  6. I'd bet that a lot of the contestants would have much more interesting stories if they didn't have to be family-friendly!
  7. Oh my god, of course that was where he got his start!
  8. This clip has a good example of vocal fry: I didn't have a problem with Richards' voice, but I found his overall demeanor to be smarmy. Has there been any explanation of who this alleged guest host was, who Richards supposedly had to replace?
  9. According to the Hollywood Reporter, these first four episodes of season 7 were filmed in the beginning of 2020, before they had to shut production down because of the pandemic. So it doesn't sound like the, uh, atypical hair and/or makeup choices seen on some of the actresses has anything to do with COVID measures. That was just some really bad styling. I enjoyed the episode, but Grace got on my nerves at the end. Sol and Robert do not owe it to her to risk going to prison, just so that she can keep some dirty money that she has no right to. It sucks that her husband turned out
  10. Yeah, it benefited ratings to make the viewers believe that these guest-spots were auditions. So the makers of the show played up that idea. I strongly suspect that they knew they wanted Richards as the permanent replacement all along. But they weren't going to announce him as the replacement from the get-go, because they knew more people would tune in if they believed the guest hosts were in the running.
  11. I can't help but think that Richards got the job because of some old boys network BS. (Not that he's old.) I have extreme doubts about the "he only guest hosted as a last minute replacement for someone else" story, too. If he's the one they wanted all along, they should have just announced that he was the replacement after Alex passed, instead of pretending that they were going to give it to the best guest host.
  12. I guess he was honoring the time-honored Golden Girls tradition of leaving the room immediately after making a big announcement.
  13. I just found out these episodes exist, and binged them. My thoughts: Jessica: She came across reasonably well, but I didn't like that she pretended that all she did was "breathe at" Matt. Just own what a mess you were, instead of downplaying it. Jessica was annoying as hell throughout the original season, and her attempts at breaking up Matt and Amber weren't cool. But I never saw her as the "villain" of the show. Carlton was always the villain, in my mind. He's a straight-up abusive person. Everything about how the way he treated Diamond was gross, and the way he treated Lauren
  14. For whatever it's worth, I just saw that a member of the show's prosthetics team confirmed to Newsweek that a prosthesis was used in the shower scene. I have to say I'm kind of relieved to know that the actor doesn't have to worry about accidentally killing someone!
  15. This was interesting (to me, at least). I saw an interview with Sondra Currie, who played Margaret Spencer (Big Daddy's young fiancee). She said that when she accepted the role, it was supposed to be much larger. The big emotional scene at the end of the episode was supposed to be between Blanche and Margaret, and the plan was for Margaret to appear in later episodes. But then partway through filming the episode, the director of the episode informed her that Rue had objected, because she didn't want to spend a lot of time onscreen with a pretty young actress! So they gave the big emotiona
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