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  1. Was it TMZ that first reported this? They have all sorts of informants with access to celebrities' personal information, who give them scoops.
  2. From what I've read, the waters are extremely rough. She could have gone for a quick swim and been pulled under very easily. This is reminding me a lot of the recent incident in Maryland where RFK's granddaughter and her son were both carried away while boating. I'm kind of shocked this isn't being treated as bigger news. Glee was a huge show, and she had a big role, and people have talked about her a lot on social media ever since the show ended.
  3. With so many people sharing that video of him being confronted, I think the incident will haunt him professionally and personally for the rest of his life. I think Bella was furious once she heard the podcast, and stayed furious. She made a point of switching back and forth between being friendly to Zain and subtly antagonizing him, just to mess with him, before dropping the bomb on him publicly.
  4. My best guess is because a) she has a reputation for being a huge drama queen, and b) they bring in certain queens for All Stars as cannon fodder. If they only brought back the best queens, someone like Asia O'Hara might end up going home in the first or second episode, which would be depressing. So they bring back queens who can leave early without bumming out the audience. And for those cannon fodder slots they generally select queens who are likely to bring the drama - either because they're known for being drama queens, or because they have a feud with someone else in the cast. India fits all those categories.
  5. Ru guffawing like a goddamn hyena at every single word out of Alexis's mouth was outright painful for me to watch. As far as I'm concerned, Alexis only had only one line that was actually clever- "I see some big things in my future, and one of them is not love." And maybe the "prediction" about the bachelor wearing a belt. The rest of it was Alexis speaking exactly like herself, yelling out crude insults like "stupid bitch" just like she would in the workroom, and overdoing the whole "I saw it coming" shtick. All of that said, she was clearly in the top three, because India, Cracker, and Blair were hot garbage. Alexis did fine, and she chose the celebrity well, but her performance wasn't the tour de force that Ru (and Alexis) made it out to be. As for Cracker, I think it's time to accept the possibility that she just isn't that funny. She likes to talk about how funny she is, and she occasionally has some good lines. But she's failed at comedy far more than she's succeeded. I know that Snatch Game is extremely difficult, and you never know if you'll get the chance to work in your best lines. But Ru gave her free rein to introduce herself, and all she had up her sleeve was the "99 people in a room, and one of them has $100,000" line? She just doesn't have the comedic spark of Bianca, or Bob, or Katya, or...Jujubee, for that matter.
  6. I'm confused about several things. Who was arrested for raping Arabella? It sounded like the police officer said "Derae." Do we know who that is? And the officer said something about Simon being "okay" or "fine," or something to that effect. What does that mean? That he was found to be completely innocent? And if the man who was arrested raped her mouth, that still doesn't explain her memory of someone pounding away at her body, right?
  7. The guy who was watching Kwame with his (eventual) rapist is unsure about his sexuality, right? That's why I assumed he left - either it was overwhelming for him (the sight of anal sex can be a lot for someone who isn't accustomed to it), or he realized that it just wasn't his thing. Zain came across like a decent guy, until he pulled the move with taking off the condom. It was no coincidence that he removed it as soon as she couldn't see it. I was surprised that he actually fessed up to taking it off - I thought he would just inconspicuously pick it up and throw it away without letting her see that it was empty. But I guess he had to let her know if he wanted her to take emergency contraception afterwards. And maybe part of the thrill is letting the woman know that you pulled one over on her? Regardless, it was a total violation.
  8. i recently saw the "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (considered by some to be the funniest sitcom episode ever). I'd never seen it before, but I'd heard all about the funeral scene in the climax of the episode. I was shocked when I realized that the (rather slender) preacher giving the famous eulogy was the actor who played Ham Lushbaugh!
  9. In the stealthing article, Cracker wrote, "I want to expand our definition of the act, which in practice comprises a range of situations that exist all along the spectrum of consent, many of them more complicated than an outright trick or violation." And I'm sorry, but if you take off your condom without your partner knowing, that is a violation, period. There's no "spectrum" of consent involved. How on earth could there be? She never actually says that she approves of stealthing - but she's trying to pass off many instances of stealthing as something less than a violation, and using "gay culture" as an excuse.
  10. Mayhem was supposed to be an obsessed fan of the shoplifter, wasn't she? I think she could have played up a psycho stalker angle in a way that was funny. I can't believe I didn't notice that when I watched! The thing that bothers me the most about that article is that her defense of stealthing was the exact same defense that most rapists use. Rapists like to defend what they did by saying, "Okay, she didn't say yes, but I could tell she wanted it. That's what seduction is like." And Cracker was arguing that stealthing isn't necessarily a violation, because sometimes it's an unspoken agreement between both partners, in which the victim actually likes it. That's just a vile take.
  11. I think that's exactly what it is. Everything about Cracker (including her name) seems to be calculated to cause a stir. Before the show, I was familiar with her because of her writing. She wrote this ridiculous article for Slate defending "stealthing" - the practice of removing your condom without your partner's knowledge (or consent) in the middle of sex. It was a truly bizarre stance about something that's obviously evil and predatory. And I doubt even Cracker believes that it's an acceptable thing to do. But an easy way to get yourself published in Slate is to take a surprising, controversial stance on something so they can use it for a clickbait headline. I think she knew exactly how to get published, and ran with it. Her totally unnecessary confrontation of Ongina didn't seem remotely genuine to me. I think both she and Ongina knew that it was just a grasp for airtime.
  12. I didn't even recognize her! I suspect that she was brought on for the drama of having Mayhem's best friend eliminate her. (That said, Morgan's lip sync to "Two of Hearts" in season two really was outstanding. And she's known for being a good dancer.) I adore Shea and I want her to win, but I have to agree. She was the favorite going into the S9 finale, but it's not like she dominated her season the way that Bob or Bianca did. Four challenge wins doesn't mean you're owed the crown - just ask Gigi Goode. (And I'm not sure her track record of two individual wins and two shared wins was that much more impressive than Trinity's record of three individual wins.) And then she lost her lip sync to Sasha fair and square. I hope she wins this, but she isn't dominating the first half of the All Stars season the way that Bendela did, and she isn't owed anything. Mayhem has a reputation for being a total sweetheart in real life, so I was surprised that she came across as poorly as she did here. Her performance with India was a mess, and her outfit was bland. There was absolutely no reason for her to be so "over" the whole thing. She should be thanking her lucky stars that she didn't go home first after that terrible talent show performance.
  13. In the last episode, after Arabella realized she'd been drugged, she was talking to Terry and she briefly brought up a trip to Italy they took together. She said that when they're high, they should make an effort to stick together so that they don't wind up separated like they did in Italy. It was clearly a sore subject, and Terry insisted that she'd told Arabella she was leaving the club that night in Italy, and Arabella was just so high that she didn't remember. We saw in this episode that Terry was right. Terry started crying after that conversation, and she said it was because she'd bombed the commercial, but presumably it was really because of what she and Arabella had just been talking about.
  14. And when we actually see a naked man, it's played for gross-out laughs. Not someone conventionally attractive enough to make some audience members uncomfortable, god forbid. Speaking of which, I found it completely unnecessary that they included the sound of glass breaking when we first saw the Fatty Arbuckle character in that sexual scenario. If you're not familiar with the old Hollywood legend being referenced there, rest assured that you'll be happier if you don't look it up.
  15. So, I'm terrible with faces. The guy who blew away the three accomplices - had we seen him before?
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