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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/george-r-r-martin-writing-193100679.html Lol another interview where he says a whole lot of nothing. Does anyone really care anymore?
  2. He seemed to love showing it off and I think its more that he loved the perceived femininity of a round belly.
  3. I didn’t feel Florence Pugh was a believable 12 year old at all. I’ve never met a twelve year old girl who sounded like she’d been smoking two packs a day for ten years,
  4. Oh, you wise, wise people. This conversation does my heart good. The Kiera Knightley version is NOT Pride and Prejudice nor will it ever be. It gets SO much wrong, as already noted here. It also chops the story up into pieces. I call it Wuthering Prejudice. the 1995 A&E version I’ve watched twice in the last week alone and reread every Austen novel. It is about as close to perfect as you can get though I would have loved some of the conversation between Darcy and Elizabeth after they got together to make it into the miniseries. I would have loved a scene of her telling her mother too.
  5. I absolutely loved Roma (although I wasn’t sure where it was going until halfway through) but yes to the above. An unnecessary directing choice at best. I watched on my IPad so the smaller screen probably helped me get through it.
  6. I have seen it and it did not blow me away. However, it was an odd, interesting movie and I’m glad it won best picture because it should have had no chance. I will say the movie is laugh out funny in several spots and I thought the most interesting thing about it is I could not peg it as one genre.
  7. Yeah, I was a bit underwhelmed by the movie as well. Your thoughts really spelled out possible reasons why. I didn’t think what happened was that surprising.
  8. Poor Priscilla appeared to be having a panic attack or a nervous breakdown of some sort. I felt very badly for her.
  9. Really? I wonder if he didn’t like Louisville for some reason? They need a season two.
  10. This was excellent. I binged it in a day. I don’t have any sort of cheerleading background so parts of it really weirded me out (the way those young girls in the cheer club were acting in episode one...using words like “cheerlebrity” unironically). But you ended up really caring for everyone. They did an amazing job with stories of the five kids. I was utterly hooked. I tried to diplomatically assume that maybe Gabi’s parents got a bad edit or something but it’s hard to deny that they were the only ones (except that crazy history of Texas teacher but she was barely in it) who really came out earning a side eye. I could not stand the humblebragging the mom did from the second she opened her mouth. And the dad wasn’t any better.
  11. James seemed to kind of give up once he realized he couldn’t win in the last game. He seemed tired overall. I got Walter Isaacson because I’ve read every biography named in the question. I got the first final jeopardy and half of the second. Alfonso Cuaron is my favorite director.
  12. When James gets going he is just unbelievable. And Ken is astounding as well. Poor Brad. He’s been badly outplayed for two straight days.
  13. I had never really seen Brad in a tournament and I missed his first run so I was really eager to see the guy who has never been beaten by a human. He did not impress. Just one of those nights for him, I guess.
  14. The before during and after and triple rhyme time. They were SO FAST on those.
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