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  1. Anyone watched the Mimi one yet? I saw a certain subplot coming. I just think for those of us who read and love the books (and are currently re-reading them with our daughters) might be better off NOT knowing so much about the original stories. I was really disappointed with the Ashley Wyeth changes, they’re literally just borrowing the titles from the books and jettisoning the entire story.
  2. Conotocarious


    The last two episodes of her Versus on Watch show came out yesterday and today. Seeing her mom Nellie crying while talking with her coaches (and then Simone herself crying as she tried to explain what happened) was incredibly hard to watch. Anyone who still thinks Simone pulled out just because at this point really doesn’t have a damn clue.
  3. You mean by sparkly leotards? Maybe bows in their hair? Wiggling to floor routines? That kind of infantilizing? The sport has this problem anyway. This is not new in gymnastics. In some ways it’s getting better (gymnasts don’t sound or look as stunted as they used to) and in others its not. (Pageant glitter and bows were not a think in the early and mid nineties). They are sheltered as heck and I’m just noting another instance.
  4. There are plenty of other levels in between “Here’s your pass!” And utter outrage. My level is a bit of cringe and the observation that American gymnasts have the same food preferences as an American toddler. And they do.
  5. Did anyone watch the interview? I did. They were asked if they were hungry and wanted some food and they said yes and then someone specifically prepared them food, which they then declined like pre-teens at a slumber party only to upload pictures of pizza and fries to instagram later. IN MY OPINION, it was immature and cringey. I don’t need to move goalposts to justify every single behavior of these girls when any reading of my posts clearly shows how much I love them and especially Simone. But that doesn’t mean I give them a pass on every single thing. If my kid acted like that when gra
  6. How old is Jordan? Simone is 24 and I can see more a big sister type of role with Jordan, but Simone has her own house, boyfriend and is just in a different place in life.
  7. Honestly assuming that the food that the Japanese were proudly preparing for them could have been food poisoned is both insulting and a big reach.
  8. It was after the competition was over. The day after beam finals.
  9. When none of them even want to try it or seem to know what it is, it is highly likely that they just haven’t been exposed to it. Out of six none of them wants to try it? I think Suni was the only one who didn’t act revolted. I’m not the only one who noticed or remarked on this.
  10. The sushi looked so good that I ordered some for lunch after watching it because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Pizza and french fries just looks like a date with Rolaids waiting to happen. But then again, I’m no longer twenty!
  11. They were hungry during an interview and were kindly offered plates of amazing sushi and no one knew what to do with it. They looked like they had never seen it before it their lives and there were a few squeals about how gross it was. Mykayla called roe “sprinkles” which was actually sort of funny. They are sheltered as hell.
  12. I love Tom Daly so much. I want him to win all the medals and knit little cozies for them. Was it me or the second place finisher seem a bit peeved.
  13. The team was offered sushi during an NBC interview with Hoda as well and they all stared at it as if it was poisoned. These gymnasts eat like American toddlers. Did they want chicken fingers and hot dogs too? To me its an indication of how sheltered their lives are. Pizza paired with french fries is seriously gross.
  14. Their coverage was truly terrible. It’s hard to overstate how much I preferred the feeds.
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