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  1. My point was Wilson probably was probably also annoyed or frustrated with her story arc, but I didn’t express myself well.
  2. Regarding hats: in addition to one with The End on it, Noah also grabbed one with an entwined C A, which I’m sure represented Cole and Alison and their unbreakable luv. I think it’s an Angels hat, but in this context it’s much more. The rattlesnake bite was too much, but since it reminded me of TV in the ‘70s, it was also kinda fun.
  3. If it did go down this way (Logan manipulating Kendall without Kendall realizing it), then Kendall ends up looking strong and moral—good leadership qualities—because he made the difficult-but-right choice of exposing his father’s sins. This could mean a 180-degree change in public perception of Waystar and also puts the younger generations of Roys in a better spot; Kendall also is strengthened in the eyes of the shareholders. But I’m usually wrong in my predictions with this show (which makes it fun!), so maybe Kendall actually tried to become a big boy and betrayed his dad all on his on—
  4. I just finished a delicious binge of both seasons and am jonesin’ for more. Reading through comments it feels as if I’m the only person not feeling sorry for Tom. Sure, he has feelings for Shiv and gets treated badly, but he’s a bully and is as cruel as the rest of them—he just doesn’t have as much power or wealth, so he holds back from necessity. JMO, not trying to sway anyone.
  5. Back in the day, I heard that coke was often cut with some sort of laxative—don’t know if that’s actually true, but I thought that was part of the reason for him shifting the bed. About Marcia, I think she sensed Logan had demoted her somewhat. Whereas before she’d been his confidant and coconspirator, here she was just another member of the family meant to perform and follow his instructions; she resented not knowing about his earlier conversation with Shiv.
  6. I like the way you think! If this were something families did normally, we’d have a healthier, better functioning society.
  7. I’ve bitched about the casting of Joanie before, and it isn’t minor stuff because Joanie’s looks are what set in motion the whole Scotty-was-the-victim-of-a-hit-and-run-accident-no-it-was-murder! whodunnit plot point. (To recap: Scotty bumped into Alison and 10(?)-month-old Joanie in the city, and he was struck by how much Joanie looked like Cole (she had light eyes), which made him twirl his mustache because he knew he had blackmail power over Alison and could demand she cut him in on the lucrative restaurant deal. None of that would have happened if Scotty ran into a baby with brown eyes and
  8. Great post! Sasha was also intrigued with Helen because of her initial disinterest in him—plus, not only did she not fawn all over him, she was critical of the performances.
  9. So, I obviously haven’t been paying attention, but where is Whitney’s apartment and gallery? I assumed NY, but she was just in LA with her mom giving advice on art purchases for Helen’s client—if she’s so broke, how could she afford that? Sure, maybe her mom paid for her ticket, but would her demanding boss allow her the time off? Also, the idea that within one month Helen successfully decorated not just one posh LA dwelling—but two! (possibly more?)—is so ridiculous for a myriad of reasons. And definitely Sasha’s going to go after Eden; otherwise there’s no reason for her to be bac
  10. Finished bingeing last night. Even though most of my favorite characters are no longer on, I loved it—flaws and all—it’s just such fun entertainment for me. I kept wanting to smack Will, though. As usual, he was a dummy.
  11. I could relate (screwing up and getting so freaked out by the screwup, which kept her from dealing with it efficiently) to Tania and her blunder that I got so. very. stressed. out. watching that part.
  12. I loved it for this reason, too. Anything that reminds me of the end of “The Four Horsemen” is good stuff.
  13. Something that struck me as relatable (and cringe-worthy) as a woman was when Amelia was faced with the choice of comforting another human being who was damaged and hurting but instead chose to try to manipulate her to confide in Hays. You could almost see her calculating whether she should try it and what her odds of success would be, and while the ends may have justified the means had it worked—if Amelia’s words influenced Lucy into reaching out to Hays which would give him more information—she was partly doing it to make herself seem more attractive to him by showing her value as an intelli
  14. Not only was the aged-men makeup done so well, but the portrayal of a troubled marriage is spot-on. I found myself feeling angry for Amelia having to deal with Wayne’s passive-aggressive, resentful comments and related to the overwhelming urge she had to call him out on one of his comments even though it definitely was not the correct time or place (they were at Roland’s house). Now, I loved season 1, but I’m enjoying this one just as much—it is quieter and less flashy; however, the realistic dialogue and texture created by the three different timelines has grabbed me hard.
  15. IMO he probably saw a flicker of something—her posture or gait or a world-weary expression—that reminded him of her mom Lucy. Regardless, something made him know immediately that that was Julie, and even though he expected to see her, he wasn’t quite prepared.
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