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  1. Today's work buffoonery: apparently my manager/the CSM has hired another cashier, who is a regular customer, and an annoying and entitled one at that. She came in today to see about being put on the schedule this week. She brought her dog in the store with her. (It's a grocery store.) Like, not a service dog--a "purse dog" that she held against her like a baby the whole time. It was wearing a sweater. Who does this?? Who hires a person who does this???
  2. I have one of those--mine came with six attachments, I think--and can attest to its miracle-working magic! I pulled a HUGE hair clog out of my sink (no stopper) and retrieved within it a pendant that I thought I'd lost forever. I've used the "weasel" in my tub drain, too. I keep telling my boyfriend he needs to get one because his beard hair/trimmings have made his bathroom sink run very slowly.
  3. Well, the porcelain throne and I are close friends since yesterday. Thanks, antibiotics. Every time. So much for Cefdinir being "well tolerated".
  4. I'm on Cefdinir. I can't take Augmentin or sulfa drugs (I get a rash).
  5. I've been actively looking for a career position for a year now. I've discussed the situation in depth in the work thread, so I don't want to derail here. Long story short, I'm still in retail a year after getting back to work after taking a year off from my corporate job. I have been choosy about the jobs to which I apply because I don't want to end up in another bad fit, which I was in before and which caused significant damage to my mental health. However, retail is also a really bad fit, so...yeah. One day down of antibiotics and so far (knocks wood) no bad side effects. I'm terrified (about having the trots as badly as I did when the foot doc prescribed me Augmentin for a ingrown toenail excision) because my gut does not do well with antibiotics, but the doc said the one she prescribed (Cefdinir) is well tolerated. I think I'll double up on my horrifically expensive probiotic anyway, just in case. I already have IBS so my gut is kind of a delicate dance. And that's your gastrointestinal discussion for the day.
  6. I've had a traumatic 18 or so hours. First, it was crazy busy at work in the afternoon (after school and after work hours) and the 62-year-old customer lead (bagger, cart-getter, lottery, etc.) yelled at me when he begrudgingly bagged a huge order for me, and I said things were insane in there and we needed more help. When I tried to talk to him later, telling him it was not okay for him to yell at me, especially in front of a customer (and he was loud enough that the next cashier a lane over heard him), he became extremely hostile and made some very ugly personal attacks ("I don't know what's wrong with you, but you need to get help for it."). I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. I/we feel very unsupported by management, so I don't feel like I'll be heard. As an example, there is one cashier who is perpetually late (like, at 7:30 for a 5pm shift!) and/or no calls/no shows and continues to be allowed to work. I hate my job so much. Then last night on my way home, there was a doe in the road who had been hit. She was laying but with her head up. I called the police (animal control's voice mail said to call police) and blocked her with my car and kept traffic from hitting her again. One of her back legs was completely broken. She kept trying to get up and would walk/stumble a bit, then fall down. Animal control finally came and got her off the road. I was pretty much a mess because she was so beautiful and obviously in so much pain. I just talked to her (as if she understood me), but didn't get too near her, and told her how sorry I was. I am angry at whoever hit her and didn't call the police. She suffered for a long time. And I finally went to the doctor this morning, and it turns out that I do indeed have a sinus infection and have been suffering for at least two weeks for no reason but refusal to go to the doctor. I first got sick Wednesday three weeks ago. So now I have to take ten days of meds.
  7. There is no other way to eat Talenti gelato except for out of the container. Particularly the double dark chocolate flavor--there's a law that says you must eat the whole pint at once from the container.🤤
  8. @Bastet, I'm reminded of my former boss saying, "I'd have put that cat down," in reference to Bilgisticat and my multi-vet-appointment struggle to get his IBD and pancreatitis stable. This was at the same time his own family dog (well, his "wife's dog") was undergoing cancer treatment. People are wild. Sending headbonks and chin scritches to Chester.
  9. I think I mentioned back at my old job that a guy in accounting in another branch had a sign-off on his emails that read (in a cursive, non-company-approved font and color), "Have a blessed day, Jeff". I was annoyed at Jeff every time I saw it. A current coworker tells every customer to "have a blessed day". It's not OK. Religion doesn't belong in the workplace, and yes, telling someone to be "blessed" is religious. Also, if I can't tell a customer to go to hell, you can't tell them to be blessed.
  10. Nah, the damage is relatively very minor and my car overall is fine, but I'd sure like the guilty party to be held responsible and fix the damage.
  11. No, my car is 15 years old and long ago paid off...and I'm broke, so I have only liability coverage.
  12. I (my car) was hit by another driver in a shopping center parking lot two weeks ago. The other driver was backing out of their space as I was driving by, and they hit my rear bumper on the right corner. It's knocked slightly out of alignment and there's a lot of white paint from their car and areas where my paint is completely gone, so it was a solid hit. I felt the impact, and thought *I* hit something, so I immediately pulled into a space. I got out of the car and a man came toward me and told me that he saw the car that hit me and that the driver didn't stop (drove off). He gave me what he thought was their plate, and wished me luck. I called the police, who came pretty quickly because I was actually within the city limits of a neighboring town, rather than the big city I live in. The cop ran the plate and it didn't come up. He tried variations and still nothing. He said he'd look at security camera footage from the shopping center to see if he could find the incident and the person who hit me. As of now, I haven't heard anything. I don't find anything online when I look up the incident report, which is weird, because the cop said it would be up the following Monday. I know I need to call the police department, but I am pretty bummed about it. I realize it's small potatoes, but it was still a crime.
  13. The store was crazy busy yesterday with people getting their hurricane supplies as if we in Charlotte, 200 miles inland, were going to be hit. Which is not to say that we haven't before, but this one certainly wasn't predicted to do anything at all. We had light winds and nothing else yesterday. I guess I'm glad that people take these things seriously, but going bananas at the grocery store (when you might lose power and all your perishable food) is just overkill. At any rate, I echo the others in saying I am glad you and the kitties are safe, @Mindthinkr!
  14. I only trained in college to teach, which included a semester student teaching (I never got certified to teach after college), but I can tell you unequivocally that no, you are not an asshole for thinking she's an asshole. I know it takes A LOT of work and experience to prepare study/learning materials/activities for students, and she should pay you if she wants TO COLLABORATE with you for your expertise, not steal your work.
  15. I cannot take whistling. Old men in my store are ALL ABOUT some whistling. A couple of my coworkers do it. It creeps me out because it's a horror movie staple.
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