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  1. Just the thought of all the lumpiness of the untucked sheets under that bed band makes me anxious.
  2. I don't drink almond milk nor eat almonds if I can help it (not that I actively avoid them; I just don't buy them) because it takes a gallon of water to process a single almond. It takes significantly more water to produce almond milk than soy milk; however, the production of soy milk results in slightly higher greenhouse gas emissions. Dairy milk is the most damaging of all on the environment. I still eat dairy products, and I can't seem to break myself of the habit. I have soy milk in cereal. Climate change: Which vegan milk is best?
  3. I am seven episodes in and STRUGGLING. My boyfriend really likes this, but it's just too much. The story really needed to be tightened up a lot. Every episode, something else nefarious is revealed about an existing character* or a new character is introduced and it's just exhausting. If we don't finish this show tomorrow, I might bow out altogether. *Except for Chip Esten. I love that man. He has the market cornered on playing grieving men.
  4. I've gotten mine at Target. They've gotten better over the years with having longer short sleeves. They don't quite reach the bottom of the deltoid muscle, but come close. I can't stand a too-short sleeve!
  5. bilgistic

    S02.E07: Marino

    This show is wearing thin for me. The first season was so good but this... Again, NOTHING HAPPENED. George went catatonic after hearing the news that the kid that Leanne babysat is dead, and Leanne apparently used her powers on the cop that stopped by. The end. We are SEVEN episodes into this season and no closer to any answers that we were at the end of last season.
  6. I hated the bed band, but then, I can't stand for my sheets to not be completely tucked and hospital cornered. I'm not the target customer. It looked kind of cheaply made, too—a giant elastic band with a huge seam. It was way too expensive for what it was. No way am I paying $40 for a box of veggie burgers. The dog booties lady looked like she was dressed for the gym.
  7. I'm the same way. I sleep in big t-shirts, but before I wear them, I cut a roughly 6–8" slit in the collar straight down the center front of the shirts. I think I must've been strangled to death in a past life. A former friend once forced me to try on a cowl neck sweater. I felt like I was being drowned and strangled at the same time. V-neck shirts forever.
  8. This. I'm white, but I know that "diversity" doesn't mean white people with different shades of hair. It's different ethnicities. BIPOC are and have been extremely underrepresented in media, and it's refreshing to see a contestant roster full of non-white people. Two of the three show judges are white. Food Network has a stable chock full of white show leads. Guy Fieri alone has, like, five shows and built a brand off Food Network. Duff parlayed his first FN show into a brand. Ree Drummond has an empire partially built by FN. Paula Deen has too, as has her sons. Those are just a few examples.
  9. Little Girl is the odd cat that loves belly rubs. She rolls over to show me her tummy and cocks her head sideways, looking up at me. I scritch and rub her belly and chest and it's heaven. Being chosen to serve a cat is a high honor.
  10. My niece's graduation ceremony is happening in May at an outdoor stadium. Guess who won't be going even though it's outdoors because I won't be sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers in a deep red county in NC? I had my first socially distanced lunch on a restaurant patio on Tuesday with my coworker. It's the first meal I've had at a restaurant since 2019. We had to go to the office to set up/pick up computer equipment that morning. There were three other people in the office who have been working there on a daily basis, and they kept talking about "when y'all come back into the office", and I was thinking to myself, "Nope!" I am not planning to work in an office until I'm able to be vaccinated. Also, there's literally no reason for me to be in the office when I've done the job from home for nine months. The anxiety I felt while inside that enclosed office with those folks! I know my coworker very well and she's being safe. She works from home like I do and isn't out being wild, but I don't know those other people. Is lung cancer from smoking tobacco also a "gift from nature" or nah?
  11. I thought they were in a practice together, but I just looked it up and they aren't. The former dancer's drama was quite the put-on. Yes, her feet were destroyed from years of dancing en pointe, but she's not worn/danced in pointe shoes in a while by the looks of how long her toenails were. That dramatic enactment of her putting on her pointe shoes was too much. Also, she looked to be in her 40s, and she would've had to quit ballet (because of age and injuries) at least 10 years ago. I did love seeing her surgery, though. I find it fascinating how the doctors are able to realign the bones and joints.
  12. I mentioned to my boyfriend that the cow had inverted nipples. It also looks like a button. Either way, no milk's coming out of there.
  13. I never thought I would miss Jesse Palmer, but here we are.
  14. I hadn't been tuned in to the news lately because I've needed to get a handle on my anxiety, so seeing that we're at 500,000 dead is astounding. We were at 400,000 one short month ago.
  15. I really feel for the folks in Texas. To be going through this on top of a global pandemic...just when does it ever end? In December 2002, there was a severe ice storm here in Charlotte and power was out for over a million people in the area. I lived in my old condo (from which I moved in January 2014) and was without power for six days, long after the ice had melted. The temperature was in the 30s outside, so I couldn't keep food out there (plus raccoons and possums), and what was in the fridge had all gone bad. There was no ice to be had anywhere for coolers. Thankfully, I had a gas water heater, so I could take hot showers/baths, but all my other appliances were electric. It got down to 50-something in my condo. I ate sitting in the full tub one night because I was so cold. I had a woodburning fireplace, but artificial and real logs were sold out everywhere. Each night after I went to bed with my two (now passed) cats and got tucked in and snuggly, it wasn't too bad, but just sitting there alone in the cold dark for days was rough.
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