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  1. Absolutely nothing has changed in the last 40-odd years. Rape victims are still being made to take psychological exams and polygraph tests. Convicted rapists get light or suspended sentences, if any. There are known serial rapists in powerful political, religious, economic and social positions everywhere. Remember the backlash to the #MeToo movement? I really could've done without seeing a room full of rapists and hearing about their motivation or whatever. Castrate them all. I don't know how healthy it is for me to watch this show. I'm an assault survivor and I'm so full of rage watching it.
  2. It was shockingly quiet here last night. I fully expected another night of obnoxious noise. I almost said something to my boyfriend about it being quiet, but didn't want to jinx it.
  3. S01.E01: The Evidence: Indeed and Without Doubt Behind the Files: The Innocence Project Small Talk: Meet Me at the Filing Cabinet
  4. Rob Endres's "alibi" was like O.J. Simpson's book If I Did It.
  5. It's been very rowdy here tonight, too. There have been fireworks or gunshots or something going on nightly after 9 for a while. I'm pretty sick of it.
  6. Can we all talk about Patrice's friend's Kate Gosselin haircut??
  7. Rob Endres killed Patrice, full stop. What a fucking psychopath. I cried for Pistol (that name, though...). I can't imagine treating a 15-year-old boy, his stepson, the way Rob did. He absolutely broke that boy, who was already distraught from his mother missing...and then being found dead. I couldn't help but think of my own stepfather, who married my mother when I was 17. He treats me and my sisters as if we are his own flesh-and-blood daughters. I'd wager most stepparents do.
  8. My job is going well, but... We are at a slowdown because while it's quarter-end and we've done all the updating of the financial spreadsheets (formulas, etc.) and the document templates, we are now waiting for the accountants to provide the content for the templates. The boss "gave" us today through Friday off. But we (the two other contractors and I) don't get paid for time we don't work, obviously, so three days off is going to be rough on the wallet. (Obviously not as bad as having no work was...) We knew we would be off Friday because the company was closed, but they told us yesterday about today and tomorrow. I figured it was coming, so I had mentally prepared myself. I imagine it will happen again after we've finished the reports. I'm hoping that unemployment will cover the gap. I had applied in late March and it was approved literally days before I started this job. Even with working only two days this week, I will have earned more than my state unemployment "allowance" because my wages are based on how little I made at the grocery store. I don't know how it works with the extra federal money, though, or if that is even still in effect. I think it was originally through June. Anyway, I'm still very thankful to be working. We'll be back on Monday. The work is challenging and I've been allowed to take charge of a project. It's been a good experience on the whole, and absolutely nothing beats a bed-to-couch commute.
  9. Yet they didn't buy. Again. I'm beginning to think the walkers-through are just people Mina knows (doesn't she always know them?) and are just being shown the houses for the TV show.
  10. I didn't mind the black stairs, but I hated the "Juliet balcony". They could've saved money and just not done either it or a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom upstairs. The ongoing argument about the balcony/ceiling issue between Mina and Karen was so uncomfortable to watch. I am able to understand they are having trouble adjusting to Karen stepping back from ownership/decision-making without half of the episode being about that issue and the fallout. It's like Chip and Joanna Gaines, who I can't stand to watch. I get that he's an obnoxious jackass without it being shoved in my face every five minutes with his "quirky antics" and "jokes". Dial it back, HGTV. I also get that some people want to see Mina's (in)fertility journey, and feel she is brave showing it. I...just don't care. They can follow her on Instagram for that. If I wanted to watch programs about pregnancy and babies, I'd watch TLC all day. I guess I'm a terrible person. And no, indeed there wasn't a divider on the front porch between the two duplexes. A little unspent balcony money could've gone toward that. *side eye* I didn't hate Karen's Krafts this week! The time and work it must've taken to weave that rope, though! Her kitty was adorable!
  11. Little Girl was mesmerized for almost 19 minutes. Mama (on the cat tree) didn't start watching until about the last five minutes. They're now sleeping. Of course.
  12. It worked for that one night, but I had to wake them up literally every half hour or more often all day! Maybe I need to find a bird program on Prime that will keep them enthralled all day. The neighborhood cats in the back yard don't seem to have interested them.
  13. Little Girl has been a complete brat since the move. She's a very happy, silly and playful girl, as always. Both her and her mother act like they are starving to death (don't all cats?) because they now eat roughly every six hours instead of the four they used to eat when I was home/not working. I'm working from home now, but my boyfriend's and my hours are 4am--his waking time for work--to 9 or 9:30pm, when we go to bed. (I don't usually actually fall sleep at that time, but I go to bed.) The girls used to go overnight without eating for 10 or so hours. When I didn't have to get up for work, I SLEPT! So the girls are now eating (only wet food, no dry; I don't feed dry) at about 4am, 10ish, 5pm-ish and 9:30ish. They sleep most of the day. Some nights, Little Girl wakes up at about 2-3am and starts slapping the bedroom window blinds. Because of her doing this, I have the blinds pulled up more than halfway. We have room-darkening curtains (my old curtains from my old balcony doors), so it's not an issue. She still slaps at the blinds some nights; I guess she stands on her back feet? Last night, she started doing it, so I kicked her out of the bedroom and shut the door. Then I heard her messing with the dishes in the sink from where we hadn't emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. Then she whined and scratched at the bedroom door. Ugh! When she acts up like that and it's right before time for my boyfriend to get up for work, I tell him not to feed the girls immediately because they'll (she'll) see it as a reward/getting what she wants for her behavior. That hasn't stopped the behavior. She's always been a dramatic thespian, but hasn't quite been this bad until we moved in with my boyfriend and her whole world changed. She was pretty fearless about it all, though, as is her nature. Little Mama is basically the opposite of her. She's very calm and reserved, and takes a little while to get used to new things. She'll be five next month, but is only nine months older than Little Girl. She loves my boyfriend! I know we should probably wear them out before bed with getting them to chase toys, etc. After the worst night we had with them both acting up, I kept them awake the whole next day. It was like a second job, because as you may know, cats sleep pretty easily. Ha! I need to get them some new toys (like they don't have any) that they will go nuts for, I guess. Other than that, I don't know. I've had cats for almost 35 years and never had one act quite this bratty. Oh, and she licks the blinds and the walls, but only when she thinks it's time to eat. It's so weird and highly annoying. I didn't set out for this to be a novel.
  14. This was perplexing. They didn't specifically say the existing fireplace was unusable. I don't get covering it up. People like working fireplaces, even where I live in the South, where it hardly ever gets cold enough to use them.
  15. My shithead ex-boss gave clients booze for Christmas. Me being who I am, I mentioned that not everyone drinks (like me, for example). He insisted he knew that everyone on his list drank. He also insisted I ship the liquor/wine via UPS or FedEx, which is very illegal, as I'm not a licensed alcohol vendor, nor was our employer, a real estate firm. Fuck that guy so much.
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