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    "If Hell exists, then this is it."–The Loudermilks
  1. My girls have already scratched their new (July 2021) cat tree down to the wood (MDF). I bought it from the same manufacturer as the first one we had, but it had different, sparser carpet—more like a shag—so I figured it was going to be destroyed soon. Better the tree than the furniture. I guess being the sucker I am I'll get them a new one. No one wants splinters!
  2. @Cloud9Shopper just moved there and signed a year-long lease. They had a hard time finding that place quickly when their last landlord sold the home in which they were living. @Cloud9Shopper, my only suggestion would be to contact your governing body and have them detail (and/or come out and mark) where the spaces actually are. Ask them if a handicapped placard/tag is required to park in certain spaces. Give your landlord the documentation so he can distribute it to the residents and be done with it. You're moving in a year. That woman will try to make people miserable for the rest of her
  3. When I occasionally get the hiccups, I take a big, deep breath and hold it in. Then I keep taking "sips" of air, continuing to hold my breath as long as I can, thus compressing the diaphragm. It works. I had my boyfriend try it when he had the hiccups a few weeks ago, and it worked for him, too. Spoon rings have been around since the dawn of spoons. There was nothing special or proprietary about what that dude was doing. Selling cheaply produced (he ain't handmaking all those rings) rings at a premium isn't new, and I feel sorry for the people duped by him.
  4. My grandmother loved her hummingbirds. She had a feeder at every kitchen window.🥲
  5. Twice in a week! What fun for him! It dusted at my sister's house outside of Augusta. She's had snow only one other time in ~15 years.
  6. Sensitive folks don't need to harden themselves. Insensitive folks need not to be assholes and/or "victimize" others. Being "sensitive" can be a natural response to trauma, no matter how relatively minor. The caveat with being "sensitive" is that it's incredibly draining. We take on the burdens of people who won't do their part. We carry the emotional load of those who don't care. We worry about things that most others just shrug off. And we tend to attract "users" who drain our energy just because they can. @funky-rat, it does sound as if your husband would benefit first from workin
  7. I'm glad you are OK, and now I have to share this video of a guy slipping on ice that has been making the rounds in Instagram. I crack up every time I watch it. https://www.instagram.com/pubity/reel/CXfE8jroN1I/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Hey, Primetimer, i'm available for hire as an editor.
  9. Police ain't shit. Source: my deadbeat father was a career police officer. I spent plenty of time as a young kid around cops. I knew instinctually some 40-odd years ago that there are no good cops. My opinion hasn't changed. When a force is started to literally watch over and catch "errant" slaves, it can never evolve into something good. That is all.
  10. The resident cats at our vet are ginormous purebred Maine Coons. When sitting on a waist-high table, they meet me at eye level. They're so snuggly, too!
  11. @AnimeMania, will you or a moderator please tag this forum with "spoilers"?
  12. A woman in my office building got on the elevator with me this afternoon, but I didn't realize she was maskless until she got on and I was stuck. I stood as close as I could to the button panel. She stayed in the far left corner diagonally behind me. Our county has had an indoor mask mandate for months—and there are signs all over our building—but I've seen her leaving the building several times without a mask. If I get the chance to refuse an elevator ride with her when she's already on, I will. I did that last week with an older man who looked pissed. He was masked, but dude, I've got t
  13. They are so funny! I resisted podcasts until last year, and theirs was my introduction to the medium. I love Tig Notaro so much! She and Cheryl have been friends for several years, and they crack each other up. Back on topic!
  14. I didn't grasp that until I just read your post.
  15. Quoting myself because I forgot to mention that they're allowing six people in the office daily, "So let the office manager know if you want to fill up one of the spots." Um, no. That's not how this is supposed to work.
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