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  1. This is exactly how I felt about Ms. I-Am-Allowed-to-Buy-Two-Packs-of-100-Rolls-of-Paper-Towels. Other people need some, and the supply chain needs a chance to recover and catch up. Just because you're allowed to be an asshole doesn't mean you should be one, particularly during a global crisis.
  2. My dad works at a local (to my parents) gun shop (once a week, but hangs out there the rest of the week, unpaid because retirement) and Mom says they are out of inventory. It just makes me fear for my safety, knowing how many people are buying guns and most likely are not being properly trained to use them.
  3. When I was at Target today, besides people not getting what they needed and then getting the hell out of the way so others could get down the aisles while observing social distancing (*deep breath*), there was a woman who I think got called out for the paper towels she was buying. There were maybe 10 of the huge multi-packs of Bounty, and the woman grabbed two. An older couple said something to her and she said something about being "allowed" to buy two (per the posted signs). Here's the thing, though: Why do you need 24 rolls (or however many) of paper towels today when there are maybe 10 total packs that the store has in stock for all of this part of town? SELFISH! Beyond people stockpiling, this is also why there are shortages of everything. I wish the stores would limit bulk items to one per customer.
  4. I've caught some kind of crud from my boyfriend. He had bronchitis this week/last weekend. I expected to get whatever I have sooner than I did. I woke up yesterday morning feeling something in my chest, which is how it always starts with me. I have just a touch of a cough. I felt fine yesterday and this morning, but I can feel pressure in my ears. I don't have a fever; in fact, my temperature is a degree low. I started taking Emergen-C, vitamin C and zinc yesterday and have been taking it around the clock. I really believe in the power of that regimen. I'm also taking DayQuil today. There's no acetaminophen anywhere but in DayQuil and NyQuil, which are still available everywhere (*taps temple*). I felt kind of rough while driving around to FOUR stores to make sure I had more meds and supplies. There's still no toilet paper anywhere. I napped some this afternoon and I feel OK. Not great, but OK.
  5. @roamyn, this is the closest answer I could find about owing taxes and its effect on the stimulus payment, from the New York Times: "If my income tax refunds are currently being garnished because of a student loan default, will this payment be garnished as well? No. In fact, the bill temporarily suspends nearly all efforts to garnish tax refunds to repay debts, including those to the I.R.S. itself. But this waiver may not apply to people who are behind on child support."
  6. I haven't heard that if one owes money, one doesn't get the stimulus money. I sure as hell hope not, because I, too, am still paying last year's (2018's) taxes. I will also owe on 2019's. I have been paying a pittance because I make/made so little money. BRB, going to the accident scene to find toilet paper! There was no TP at Walgreens yesterday when I picked up a prescription.
  7. It's been very telling how many companies have fallen over backwards to accommodate abled people to work from home during the pandemic. When disabled and differently abled people needed accommodations before this, it "wasn't possible." My own former company, for example.
  8. There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from food packaging, per the FDA. I am currently having a hard time leaving my home because of existing social anxiety and agoraphobia that is magnified by the pandemic. I can't let myself go into a panic about the virus being on cardboard, steel or whatever. If that were the case, I think we would've seen far more cases in the U.S. much earlier on, contracted from products that were shipped from China. That's a completely unscientific understanding of the situation, but that's how I get through the day.
  9. I've always washed fruit and vegetables with a bit of dish soap and water. Produce is nasty, and has been long before now. Playing golf is still allowed here, because that's considered "exercise". You can tell who makes laws here in Bankertown, USA.
  10. Try color-depositing shampoos and conditioners. They are WAY easier to use than home-dying kits, and the dye in them will wash out eventually, so you can get ready to get your hair colored professionally again when/if this ever ends. One brand I know of is Overtone, but there are others.
  11. The girls are not practicing social distancing. They are lovey-dovey with each other 95% of the time. This is the other 5%. Little Mama's face cracks me up!
  12. So many weird choices in the split-level house. I thought the fireplace art(?) looked cheap. The wooden range hood was just weird, and the knot in the wood right in the front of it made it look chintzy. I HATED that they didn't have upper cabinets in the kitchen, and they didn't even put in a few floating shelves to make up for it. I generally like this show, but this house was a whole mess. I did like the railing, so there's that.
  13. I went to a lower- to middle-class public school in NC and there was a "Trey" in my class. He was a William whoever the III, and not a rich kid.
  14. I'd also watch CYE as long as LD continues to put it on. My boyfriend and I just started watching from the beginning. It's a rewatch for me, but the first time for him. We're really enjoying it! I said, "Prettayy, prettayy, prettayy good," the other day, and he looked at me quizzically. He'd fallen asleep during the third episode, which was the first time Larry says his infamous phrase.
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