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  1. After a local event was renamed to eliminate a word with a racist connotation, my mother posted a gross comment on Facebook and ended her diatribe with, "It is my opinion, you don't have to agree." My sister sent me a screenshot of it and my mother's "friends'" responses, which were all unfortunately in agreement. I'm massively ashamed of her and glad I'm not on Facebook. She didn't post it on Instagram, where I do have an account, probably because she knew I'd collect her. My mother is 72. Saying something is "my opinion" doesn't absolve you of assholery nor allow you to dismiss the live
  2. He was not amused by their antics. The man has no poker face. I, too, have no patience for adults who think they are cute but are actually obnoxious. The fact that he gave them a whole car (non-operating, but still) to thank them for the work--I hope he was paid WELL for his work and time.
  3. I think he's so creepy! I'm glad I'm not alone.
  4. Lou was robbed. Rae reminded me so much of Amy Poehler's "Saturday Night Live" character, Kaitlin. I was exhausted watching her.
  5. I have the same problem, but it's "not a bug" and "only affects a few users". OK, then.
  6. There was also a toddler that was allowed to roll around on the floor. My late cat Isadora was one of the calmest and friendliest cats ever. I took her on a few trips with me to pet-friendly destinations. When she was a kitten, I brought her with me to the beach to be with my family. I took her to Charleston once when I went alone. My sister brought her late cat when we went to Edisto Island (over 20 years ago now). The girls were best friends after one day of hissing at each other. On every occasion, she stayed in the carrier until we were safely at our destination. I tried leash-tr
  7. One of the worst things about Facebook (there are so many) is that the privacy settings are exceedingly hard to find and customize and are set by default to be open, i.e., new accounts share EVERYTHING. You have to be fairly savvy to know how to lock it all down, and it's designed that way for a reason. Also, Facebook accounts show up in Google searches. I was a very late adopter (something like 2010) and my only "friends" were family. When the Russian hacking scandal came to light, I deleted my account and haven't looked back. Also, my sister has over 1,000 "friends", and I, too, go
  8. At the risk of pissing off the dog owners that follow this forum, I have a dog-related peeve to vent. Yesterday morning, I was at a small local coffeehouse—an establishment with beverages and food—for about 30 minutes. In that time, three different couples/families brought in their dogs. The first dog was about mid-thigh height, maybe a large labradoodle. The second dog was maybe a goldendoodle, and was being carried under its owner's arm—above counter height. As I was leaving, the third dog, who I didn't get a good look at, was standing on its hind legs with its paws on the counter. Wher
  9. The last two apartments I've lived in have had painted countertops. Painted countertops look just as cheap up close as they do from far away. They also wear down horribly. My last apartment had a painted bathtub. The building had been there since the late 1960s, so the tub was an old porcelain tub like I grew up with, but it was painted with something cheap that flaked. The circa-1973 tub in my childhood home never needed painting after my mom raised my two sisters and me, who shared the bathroom it was in.
  10. I had tortilla chips with hummus for "dinner" last night. One of the best things about being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want.
  11. One scared the ever-living shit out of me one night many, many years ago. I was a teenager still living at home, and my mom and I heard a noise on the carport. We thought it was probably a dog getting into the trash cans we had out there. She told me to run it off, but when I opened the wood door and looked down through the screen door, I saw directly in front of me a huge white face with beady black eyes staring up at me. I slammed the wood door in terror. My mom still laughs about that.
  12. One of my coworkers, the accounting manager, is pregnant and due next month and won't get vaccinated. I wouldn't step foot in a hospital (ostensibly where she'll give birth) without being vaccinated, but whatever. She's not had to work in the office since she was hired last summer and won't have to until after the beginning of the year after her maternity leave is up, if even then. The Delta variant seems to have finally convinced my boss that my new coworker/AP partner and I don't both have to be in the office every day, so we are now trading off days. I went in today after being at
  13. The kitchen and master bath were the same size as mine, and I live in an 800-square-foot apartment. The bedroom looked small, too. I don't get it.
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