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  1. This episode was a snoozer. The documentary makers really needed to tighten up the whole series by half. The endless meetings and recorded phone calls are so repetitive. It's been driven home that women were branded. I don't need to see the brand 100 times or watch Sarah scroll through 50 shots of the brand on her phone's camera roll. To me, this really has become just another story of narcissistic, wealthy white people chasing "fame". Sarah's never going to stop trying to stay "relevant" from this. I can't get past people making Keith a "guru" and some kind of self-appointed sex god or whatever. He's a schlumpy, creepy, little troll in Dockers or too-short shorts. I just keep thinking "Him?" when I see him on screen. He's so creepy and weird and he can't even sit upright on a couch.
  2. I find him too wiry and bug-eyed. He's especially loathsome because he schtupped his nanny while he was married.
  3. My father, a career police officer, got a Z28 when I was nine or ten. What a complete tool.
  4. This drives me bananas. I live in a fairly major metropolitan region and there are only two major medical corporations that own everything. With the exception of my trip to the ER after my car wreck, I go to major corp #1 for all of my medical needs--primary care, psychiatry, etc. They aren't even in my "network" because I have bare-bones insurance, but I've been going to the same providers for years and I like them, so I'm not changing. Yet every visit, we have to go through the medications dance as if everything isn't in their system because they prescribed them all to me. Come on, man! Yes, I get I could've stopped taking medication xyz, but I didn't. They've known me for years. Years!
  5. I definitely think Gabe is gay. He kept taking long glances at the other boy in the play who seemed telegraphed to be gay (or at the very least effeminate and "artsy"), and he fantasized about the dark-haired white kid when they watched that weird erotic movie when he maybe spent the night at his house. I can't remember that kid's name; he ran after the car to say goodbye to Maya after the post-play dinner. My boyfriend and I watch this together. He howls laughing through the whole thing. As a former teenage girl, it makes me laugh, but it's so cringy for me because I relate to it too much. I was in middle school in the mid-to-late 1980s. The show definitely nails the complete OBSESSION with boys heterosexual teenage and preteen girls have. It's pretty much all we think about. I had a friend who lived two houses down from me, and she went to private Christian school (I went to public school). She had a playhouse in her backyard and we plastered the walls with magazine pictures ("Teen Beat", "Bop") of the likes of Kirk Cameron, Michael JacksonšŸ„“, Ricky Martin, and John Stamos. I was about 10 at the time; she was maybe three years older than me. Once I hit middle school the next year, we drifted apart. My heart just ached for Anna as she navigated her parents' marriage dissolution. My parents split when I was five, and I was used as a psychologist and go-between for their aggression (nothing passive about it) my entire childhood. It's abusive, and a literal child doesn't have the tools to deal with what's happening. Anna's anger and lashing out is natural for children of divorce. The way that was written was spot on.
  6. I got a couple masks for my boyfriend (commercial delivery driver) from Koshie O. They're a tad bit small on him because of his beard, but fit me perfectly. He wears a lot of different masks and likes these the best. They have a nosewire, are beautiful and well made, and have soft elastic ear loops with rubber stoppers. The company is Black-owned; I'm actively trying to divest from larger companies and invest in Black- and other minority-owned companies. I just ordered a couple more because I want one for myself. I have one that my mother made me but I want one of the Koshie O masks!
  7. I just watched this for the second time in 24 hours. I was completely blown away, both times. Janelle MonƔe deserves all the awards.
  8. We're cleaning because we've avoided it for...awhile. I finally folded the weeks? months? old clean pile of sheets that was on the couch we don't use for sitting on. (Clearly, because it's the laundry couch.) I also folded my "work" clothes (oversized t-shirts and sleepy pants) that had been in the dryer since last weekend. My work clothes are also my pajamas. It really cuts down on the laundry. Thankfully, my boyfriend vacuums or it'd never get done. It's about 65 degrees here, but I can't open the windows wide enough to get a good breeze going. The screens are extremely questionable (old/cheap/shoddy), and I am very scared of the cats getting through them.
  9. I worked for two major regional grocery chains and can assure you that's not the case.
  10. Yeah, I hated this a lot. I fully admit that it was too cerebral for me. I read part of an article (didn't read the whole thing because that's how mad I am about it) that said Kaufman "didn't feel the need" to reveal the book's clarity about Lucy/Luisa/etc. all BEING JAKE'S DREAM. I certainly don't need everything spelled out for me and I love a movie that makes me think about it days later, but the point of view in the movie was Lucy's.
  11. Full of misgivings, a young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents' secluded farm.
  12. A pregnant teen and her former best friend embark on a road trip from Missouri to New Mexico.
  13. I laughed at this. Y'all read my endless posts about my pot-smoking neighbor at my old apartment. I'm sure that was a real page turner. This did remind me of when I was a kid and cross-stitched. I thought, "That'd be fun to take up again," but then I thought that it would take away from my heavy TV watching and napping schedule. It's a whole thing.
  14. I did have my own bags at the grocery store, and since I used to be a cashier, I'm pretty fast at checking out my own groceries. I set up the bags (mine all have a flat bottom) and scan and bag as fast as I can. I don't play around in the store. I don't want to be in there any longer than I have to be. I had a small cart (half the size of a standard cart, and it has a bottom basket) that wasn't piled over with stuff, but it was still $100. Grocery prices are out of control now.
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