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  1. Lying to hurt someone isn't terrorizing them? Deliberately making someone think they had a part in killing a baby isn't terrorizing them? Okay. Her continuing to lie about her miscarriage is still terrorizing Abigail and the rest of the family. She KNOWS full well that Abigail blamed herself for what happened to that child when she KNOWS that Abigail had absolutely NOTHING to do with her having a miscarriage. Even BEFORE Abigail showed up and told her exactly how sorry she was, she knew. That's the entire point of the lie in the first place. To hurt Abigail. You don't have to be ac
  2. When did she stop? She's still lying about her miscarriage. She stood there and let Abigail apologize to her for something she had nothing to do with. She manipulates Jack with Jack's guilt about his past with no concern about how he's affected. Has she ever apologized to Jennifer for humiliating her, trying to kill her child, actually killing her mother? JJ? No. She just thinks everyone should accept her and forgive because of her sad, sad, story. That's all it should take. No real effort on her part. Real growth would be to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may
  3. Yes, my apologies. I was trying to agree w/ your overall point and clicked the wrong button. My fault . . .
  4. But it's Jack that needs THEM? No way. The fact that Jack has existed for 30+ years WITHOUT such propping, but Gwen has been nothing BUT propped most of the year she's been around proves his worth. What does the nasty wench have without Jack? Exactly.
  5. Seriously. The idea that THEY are propping him is a real stretch and just not true at all. And as for his daughter and wife being "long gone," it's not like they voluntarily abandoned him did they? The nasty retcon had a hand in both of those events didn't she. They got sent off-screen so Jack had nothing to do BUT prop Gwen. The nasty bitch is STILL lying to keep Abby away from Jack. And Xander is aiding and abetting. What. A. Pal.
  6. Especially disgusting since he didn't have anywhere near this same level of energy when he found out "poor, innocent Gwen" had drugged and made multiple attempts on the life of his actual innocent daughter. And he won't have this same energy when it eventually comes out that Gwen, even after she supposedly was trying to "change" was still coming for Abby with her disgusting lie about her miscarriage. I hope Abby spits in both their faces. But that's who this Jack is now. An illogical fool all in service of propping Gwen. NOTHING he does makes any sense whatsoever. It's just all propp
  7. Count MA/Jack as another victim of the pointless and degenerate Gwen. She has been nothing but an anchor around the neck of the character from the moment she was revealed as Jack’s “daughter” who has done nothing but lie to his face daily since January. NOTHING good has come from tying that character to Jack. Nothing. ALL he’s done is nonsensically prop Gwen at the total expense and ruin of the Jack character Yet she will remain. No break or step back from a character everyone KNOWS is a total dud and failure. Spread all over as if she's the popular, successful character w/ 30 ye
  8. Except for the "crimes" of poisoning/assault/attempted murder. The severity of those probably outweigh all that minor adultery and lying that she does. But since ALL she does (no job, school, etc.) at the moment is lie to Jack's face about one thing or another and lounge around, it might not.
  9. They probably won't ever be prosecuted for them considering no one on this show ever really serves time for the crimes they commit and these two characters in particular seem to be especially adept at making multiple attempts at killing people with impunity, but they actually have committed a couple of crimes here depending on state laws. One, they failed to report Dr. Snyder's death. Even if it was an accident or if he died of natural causes, they should have dialed 911 and reported that he died. Failure to do so IS a crime in some states. Especially when it's done in the attempt to
  10. Huh. What is it exactly that Abigail ever did to Gwen that she has a reason to "get back at" her for it? I mean, is there something specific? Anything prior to Gwen's multiple attempts to kill her and destroy her life? Is it that Abigail dared to not like that Gwen tried to kill her? Permanently altered her brain? Lied to her husband about something she did? Slept with her husband? Tried to destroy her parents' marriage? Set her up to contribute to Gwen's planned humiliation of her mother? Manipulate her brother back from another continent so he could witness said humiliatio
  11. Even though her existence depended on it, she should have resented her own parents if she thought it was (or still does) weird. Not Julie. Her parents were the ones who decided that there was nothing wrong with them getting together and having children despite their connections to Julie. Not that there was anything technically wrong. They were consenting adults. I personally find it sort of sketchy that a mother would date a man after that man was in a relationship with her daughter, but that's just me . . . I don't know if Hope ever questioned her parents about all the weirdn
  12. Yeah, Gwen shouldn't have ever been allowed in that house considering all that she's done to multiple members of that family. If Jack wants to play daddy to her, do it in someone else's house. She is considered family to no one but him. Julie isn't one bit wrong to not want Gwen and all her hysterical drama in the place where she lives. They gloss over it now and act like sleeping with Chad was the worse thing she's done, but Gwen DID try and KILL Abigail. Who the hell would want someone like that in their home? It's real easy for Jennifer to okay it as she doesn't have to live in it
  13. Hell, with the way Jack has been acting he might not even care. It wouldn't be one bit surprising with this current OOC version of Jack, that he won't care that Gwen, despite all her bullshit claims about wanting to start fresh and have a relationship with Abigail, lied and accused Abigail of pushing her down some stairs to kill her baby. All she has to do is cry some big, fat, fake tears and Jack will just pat her on the back, give her a big dad hug and tell her it's okay. He might even commend her for coming out with the truth on her own! She's such a big girl now! Daddy will be so
  14. Gwen didn't proclaim her innocence to anyone but Jack and the police. Everyone else other than Abigail has believed what she said happened. She hasn't suffered one bit because of what happened with Laura. It's not as if Abigail needed the Laura incident to hate Gwen. She already had plenty of reasons to rightly hate Gwen. Gwen is just so entitled that she thinks that her rough childhood justifies all that she does and the people she's wronged should just get over it. She is always just so hurt and confused about why people don't like her as if she's done nothing wrong. Why would
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