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  1. @bilgistic, I suspect daughter cat thought mama cat smelled like vet's office, and that's what the hissing was about until it wore off. I used to get around that by feeding both cats something strong-smelling at the same time and filling up their sinuses with that smell instead. (It may have worked as well as it did because Snip wasn't particularly bright, though.)
  2. I trim Lily's claws because she likes to knead on my arm while I'm in bed and I'd rather not get punctured when she does. Snip grew massive daggers that got stuck in the rugs and the laundry and the bedding and all that, but she did not want them messed with.
  3. Lily has no right being as tolerant as she is. The only thing I can't do is pick her up and hold her, because when I do that, she gets stuffed in a carrier and either left in the bathroom for the house-call vet, or taken to the vet hospital. Both of which she'd really rather not, thank you.
  4. Lily will let me do hers. She starts purring and rubbing her face on the clippers, and falls over in my lap, and that's that. Snip would only let me if I gave her a happy pill first, and even then I'd do a couple, wait ten minutes, do another couple, wait another ten minutes, etc.
  5. I was going to sneak up on Quirk while she was napping yesterday, and try to trim a couple of her front claws. She foiled me by not napping. There were about 40 sparrows in the back yard and she was fascinated.
  6. Quirk has discovered the kitchen, which includes the pantry, and the kitchen chairs, and the window that looks over the birdbath (also known as Food TV). She seems to want to live on the kitchen chairs for a while, so I moved her litterbox into the pantry and her food dishes to the shelf where Snip used to eat. Things are slowly getting more normal around here. She's also discovered that getting her ears scritched is pretty OK.
  7. Lily and Quirk finally met today. Lily's been driving me crazy wanting to climb over the gate since Tuesday, and this morning Quirk wanted out, so I took the gate down. There's been some strong language, but nobody's attacking anybody, and they've discovered the idea of existing in the same room and ignoring each other. That's progress.
  8. She’s willing to hang out on the perch in the window as long as I don’t try to touch her. She and Lily are both interested in the idea (or at least the aroma) of another cat, but not ready to meet yet.
  9. Speaking of which...everybody, meet Quirk. Congenitally cross-eyed, had to have her tail amputated when it got run over, and makes little squeaky noises like a dying smoke detector. I adopted her on Friday; the picture is from her foster home, because she's been living in the very back of a very deep closet.
  10. Yep, that’s the one I compare all others to.
  11. Etsy is using Mozart's Queen of the Night aria, which is annoying me for two reasons: 1) the actual lyrics boil down to "kill this guy or I'll disown you", which I'm sure isn't the message they meant, and 2) whoever's doing the singing isn't putting any emotion into it.
  12. I used to joke that my next cat should be a sphynx so my mom would have a grandkid to knit sweaters for. At least GiGi has a nice warm dog to curl up with in the winter.
  13. Snip tried fairly hard to die of something wrong with her pancreas on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday the vet made a house call with an ultrasound machine and couldn’t quite tell if it was severe pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. She’s medicated and a little bit better today, but sitting around overthinking everything your sick cat is doing, or not doing, is a terrible way to spend a Sunday.
  14. One of the reasons I don’t like changing the clocks in the fall is the being stared at by cats who don’t care what the clock says, it was dinnertime an hour ago.
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