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  1. Today I finally figured out what the problem is with the most exhausting person I have ever had to work with at this job. She's completely politically tone deaf (office politics, not US politics). She's burning bridges left and right because she only thinks about asking for what she wants, not how to ask for it. So since July 1 she's annoyed the Dean, HR, at least one faculty member at another school in the university, my boss, and me, that I know of. She's probably also annoyed her department head, because she keeps telling me that the department head isn't answering her emails. It's onl
  2. Quirk doesn't like cat beds. She likes my bed, or the middle of the floor in whatever room I happen to be hanging around in. Lily likes the beds I bought for Quirk.
  3. I was in southern New England (visiting my parents in CT). I think the culprit was the vegetable garden; no-see-ums like damp dirt.
  4. Something bit me nine times on the right foot on Saturday. No idea what it was, although I suspect no-see-ums. But I've got one patch of welts, one patch of rash, and one patch of blisters, and they all ITCH.
  5. Quirk chatters at birds. Lily doesn't, and Snip didn't, and it took me ages to figure out what was making that noise. But Quirk only does it at birds that are also making noise; she won't do it if there's one just sitting on the neighbor's roof. If there's one on the neighbor's roof hollering its head off, she'll holler back at it.
  6. It does taste good. I went to Iceland and one of the places I went on a day trip had just dug some up (they do it for the tourists).
  7. Yesterday at 3:00, the lights in the office shut off, because the sensor couldn't see me in my cube. As it turned out, I was the only person in this entire half of the second floor. So much for "Everyone must be back in the office at least three days a week starting in early July." There were three of us (out of 16) in the office yesterday morning, and the other two people left at 2:00 and 2:30.
  8. The mouse would be on the other side, if I had one. Usually Lily has most of her front half on the laptop, either right next to or on top of the trackpad (she gets kicked off when she starts clicking on things by accident), because that's where the laptop is warmest. But it's too hot for that.
  9. Lily is 15 today, which means she's officially Ancient and Venerable. But she doesn't know that. All she knows is it's just a bit hot out today.
  10. Quirk flung one of her toys halfway across the living room and hit Lily with it, entirely by accident. Lily didn’t mind that so much, but she objected when Quirk crashed into her at roughly 40 mph, chasing the toy. Lily spent the next ten minutes ambushing and chasing Quirk around. Age and deceit can still teach youth and enthusiasm a lesson once in a while. Silly beasts.
  11. I swear I'm going to print out all these spreadsheets for the sole purpose of setting them on fire. Unfortunately that's only burning them in effigy, and it won't kill them; they'll be back in a couple of months and I'll have to go hunt up another headache's worth of data.
  12. I keep trying to get a good picture of exactly how cross-eyed Quirk is, just for reference if it ever gets worse. This is as close as I've come so far. I still think it's pronounced Quirk, but should be spelled "?"
  13. Lily has CKD, and basically went on a hunger strike for a while because she didn't like the Purina NF kidney diet. I had no choice about that at the time, because it's the only one that doesn't have corn in it, and Snip was allergic to corn. I was feeding Snip the same thing as Lily, since my vet said that if she was a senior cat, she had CKD anyway, even though we never formally diagnosed it. (She had it all right, based on the contrast between her litterbox output and Quirk's.) Lily is now happily plowing through two cans of Royal Canin Renal Support T per day. She does drink a fai
  14. Lily's much better. She's eating everything in sight and teaching Quirk how much enthusiasm is too much when Quirk wants to wrestle. And she leaps up on the bed from the floor most mornings, and biffs me in the eye if I don't wake up and scritch her. I knew she wasn't done yet, but she scared me for a couple of days there.
  15. Lily got an ultrasound yesterday because she can't seem to eat enough to put on weight. It came out as chronic pancreatitis that decided to flare up. But she got gabapentin so she could get the ultrasound to begin with, and then she got a three-day buprenorphine injection. Combined with a loose right kneecap, she was navigating about as well as the ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Even if her front end was pointed straight forward, her hind end was wandering off about 35 degrees in any direction it wanted. Silly beast.
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