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  1. Tracy doesn't want to talk about the car and that is that. And divorce is not in her vocabulary now that she's found a dyed in the wool sucker.
  2. What's scary is the thought of Megan my Queen's gnarly masturbation videos falling into the hands of her nemesis, Cabbage Patch. Let's hope we don't see leaks of Danielle proportion...
  3. I dislike Brittany more than Marcellino at this point. The way she got her bunkie to do her bidding at the party was very smooth and shady a.f. Brittany is the sociopath you don't see coming right away. The germaphobe in me is picturing all the fingers used to scrape the cookies out, crush things, etc. Not like they have kitchen tools... and you know the cooks lick their fingers.
  4. Sadly, I think it's from hitting himself, rubbing his face into the dirt when upset, etc. Getting the rocks in his brain to make contact with the rocks of the soil.
  5. Gotta say, I like Megan much better than I like Sarah.
  6. Looked like he was doing some crazy driving to get there so if he didn't have a license to begin with he was really being reckless! Film crew may have had no concept of how all of it worked, either. They probably just hopped into their vehicle and followed the two lovebirds to their appointment. Or, perhaps they took the correct route and planned to meet them there? Sometimes they just have a little dashboard camera for the car scenes. Michael definitely seemed agitated on the way so he at least knew enough to know how it works, but not enough not to be stupid in the first plac
  7. I remember Scott picking out clothes for Lizzie but that was before she got caught with heroin and was forced to get clean in prison and gained weight so maybe they didn't fit? I remember something about Jazzmine saying she went to Goodwill to pick out clothes for her mom before she got out. I can kind of picture that as being a labor of love, and a clever girl like Jazzmine could probably find some really cute things that were more than nice enough for Lizzie. She was probably really excited to get everything together in anticipation of her mother's release from prison. Now that I
  8. I thought so, too. My first thought when I heard Michael speak into the camera for the first time was that he seemed a bit drug addled, like, perhaps he had started using substances at a very early age (sadly some kids can start getting ahold of things like weed or solvents at 11 or 12 or even younger), and that it stunted his brain development. There's just something off about him. If he didn't have any strong male role models and was running wild at a young age, it would explain his sociopathic tendencies. That's not to say that he couldn't be rehabilitated, but it would take a lot of maturi
  9. IKR? I'm trying to imagine my kids older.... and if we had NO place to live, and if I went out and spent $2K on boutique clothes... not even job clothes, but like probably sequined bustiers and disco pants (well, okay maybe job clothes for Lizzie, but I digress)... and teenaged daughter gives some attitude about it, and Lizzie acts all huffy like her little sister just talked to her that way! Also, I kept thinking was it would have been nice if she had brought back some clothes for Jazzmyn, too! And this is a throwback to episodes gone by, but I hated Scott's cocky attitude when he
  10. Brittany probably is, too, I'm afraid. She did the best at mimicking thoughtfulness and consideration in the beginning. She's definitely more intelligent than some of the others (not that that's saying much). However, watching how she could treat her ex and her current as mere objects revolving in her orbit was kind of gross. She was as detached from them as her lower front teeth are from each other.
  11. Why, that was Lizzie's religious testimony!
  12. I told my husband last night that Scott reminded me of the Larry David episode where he pissed off the dentist and the dentist gave him the chicklets for front teeth. Sure, they're great, Scott, except when you need to eat, or talk, or breathe.
  13. I felt bad for Caitlin, too. She was looking for any port in a storm and Matt just wasn't a good one at all. Not for anyone. He seemed baffled by her grief adding that when he got word that his own father had passed, it didn't bother him so much. It's called being a sociopath, Matt. Clint cannot afford anymore head injuries. He certainly cannot. Not sure how I felt about Michael's mom managing his ho's. I mean, poor dumb Megan spent all that money to fly up there and hold the idiot's hand for a couple of hours. Glad to see Marcellino happy about being a father. Still not t
  14. Brittany was just jealous because her ex girlfriend had moved on. And her lower teeth are scary. That is all.
  15. Just watched Michael getting arrested for being 10 minutes late for his meeting with his parole officer. He wasn't even supposed to be driving. LOL Little did she know...
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