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  1. I never understood the "because of (Lily) I am in" or "because of (Finn) I am in." I have to find the episodes interesting regardless of who is in it. I have to feel i am not watching a Master class in acting but watching a story unfold. This seems OK. I actually was not aware it even was back, so I am new to this season. Vampires and zombies. I missed this show. Glad it is back.
  2. So Xavier will not use the veto and get Big D to evict Kyland and thereby keep his own hands clean. He knows he will win against Azah or Big D. The best scenario with those 3 as f3 would be for Azah to win final HOH and cut Xavier. It would be hilarious. And a great end to a boring and predictable season. Go Azah go! You can do this!
  3. Why is X sitting there so down in the dumps?
  4. I agree she is arrogant. She is entitled, she is full of herself. However, i think this analysis is best: She was raised to have confidence and excellent self-esteem. That's great, her parents did a great job. Obviously she had the best of everything. However, while that demeanor may work in the outside world, inside the house it is really obnoxious. I dislike her. I hope she does not win. She will become unbearable.
  5. I am sorry to see Tiffany probably go. I was hoping she would win. She is smart and likable. I don't like Hannah. She seems full of herself and has an entitled demeanor. She walks around like she already won. I am serious when I say I would rather Kyland or Big D win over Hannah. Even Azah would be better and she has done nothing.
  6. This is a season where an alliance, The Cookout, will have achieved their goal: a person of color will win Big Brother. Kudos to them. However having said that... I think it has been the most boring season ever. These HGs were all a group of seemingly very "normal" and even tempered people. So the season rolled along without any conflict: no real arguments, no big fights, no huge drama, and no vile person for us to hate. I hated Dick and Michie. There were some epic fights in past seasons. Remember when Bayleigh went off on Tyler? I spent almost no time on the feeds. That was
  7. a question: do the HGs know that Derek is the son of Joe Frazier?
  8. Azah just said: "I just want a black person to win." I know this has been discussed before but since she just said it to Xavier I want to ask: what if a white person said: I just want a white person to win. Because of the history of racism, it is now acceptable to say that? It gets a pass? OK. Actually this is the first season EVER, I actually like all the remaining HGs so whoever wins I am happy with. It will be the first finale night in a long time that I do not sit angry. This has been the most normal and kindest cast ever.
  9. At the end of this episode when they began the comp for the new HOH, was Tiffany allowed to play? Wasn't she last week's HOH? I missed something.
  10. I wanted to add that I do not see the point of any alliance: not an alliance of women, or men, or race or anything. It is absurd. The alliance members are patsys. They "carry" a winner to the finish line. I would rather play my own game and get voted out early than sit on finale night and know I was a stooge to be part of a group that eventually voted me out and then I handed another HG in my alliance the prize money. Yes, I would have a case of sour grapes. Alliances are for weak stooges.
  11. I really do not care about that Cookout. At some point all alliance members have to turn on each other to get to a final 2. And there can be only one winner. I just don't see the big deal. If they had a comfort level aligning with each other for whatever reason... then that's how this season will go. Azah voted to keep Britini so I see layers inside everything. What I do think is that this is a very very boring season. I should cancel the feeds, I do not think I have watched more than 6 hours since the start of this season.
  12. Who did the audience vote to get the most money? I can't find it here. Thanks.
  13. Then all the more reason for him to go. I want to see this season without him in the game.
  14. it is not about "hating" him. It is about getting rid of the guy who everybody LIKES and who will clearly win. Brent has "winner" written all over him. HE is the threat they need to recognize and get rid of if they want their own chances to win to be greater.
  15. If they had brains they would get rid of Brent NOW when they have the chance before he moves into f2.
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