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  1. I would never have done it if not for the pandemic. I found myself wanting to rewatch old shows instead of getting into new ones. The first 2.5 seasons are so good. It’s just a matter of knowing when to stop...
  2. There were stories around the time of the H&M wedding that M had purposely had her dress designed similar to Princess Angela. Angela and Max are SO low key.
  3. Step 1. Withhold vaccine. Step 2. Step 3. PROFIT!! I love Annie Lennox.
  4. Is Florence definitely coming back as his underling?
  5. Wills from an older interview. I am disturbed by his chest hair. This is about a month old and I'd meant to share it, but had forgotten. Eugenie showing her scoliosis scar. Her having scoliosis and surgery hadn't been on my radar. Here are some shots of Stephanie, Guillaume and baby Charles. I am at the edge of a rabbit hole...I started looking up Princess Angela of Liechtenstein but came upon that country's history of abortion legislation. ....Yeah, I'm going to back to jewels and pretty dresses. They married years ago, but here is the dress and the tiara. Here they are a couple of years ago with their son. Hans-Adam II, the ruling Prince (father of Max, father-in-law of Angela), is reportedly the richest royal in Europe, being worth somewhere around 10billion, based on his bank ownership. And honestly, he looks like a slightly softer Tywin Lannister.
  6. Just a photo of Art Chatto who appears to have avoided 'Windsor face' so far. He and his crew are past their halfway point. Also in royal news, Prince Joachim of Denmark had emergency brain surgery and is on the road to recovery. Camz is out and wearing a gorgeous print mask. Letizia and Felipe are continuing their travels through Spain and she makes everything look good. Also, it's the King of Thailand's birthday and I just want him to continue to fuck the hell off.
  7. He was. He took the regnal name George VI when he ascended to the throne. He supposedly took the name to restore confidence in the monarchy and as a symbol of continuity, as his father was George V. These people go by so many different names. Edward VIII was known as David, George VI was Bertie, lots of the Henry's including Bertie and David's brother, are known as Harry. They also had a brother named George who died in 1942. Don't get me started on Bertie and Elizabeth naming their own daughter Elizabeth, but then calling her Lilibet because why not just be even more confusing?
  8. I gift you the Burmese Ruby Tiara, @callie lee 29. http://www.thecourtjeweller.com/2017/04/the-burmese-ruby-tiara.html
  9. If you want to go down a trashy rabbit hole, there are a lot of books about Wallis and Edward (David). The Elizabeth (Bowes-Lyon) we know as the Queen Mother loathed Wallis. I remember some story about one of the joint residences that George had remodeled and landscaped to exactly what he wanted and Wallis came along saying that when Edward became King, she was going to change it all. Wallis was not a woman who liked and supported other women. She was a woman who had been raised thinking that other women were just competition. She certainly didn't like Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who she likely viewed as dowdy, and resented that she, Wallis, as an untitled American, ranked lower than such a frump. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon hated Wallis for being an upjumped American divorcee who treated David like a lapdog and disrespected rank and the monarchy. I believe Wallis was rumored to have mocked George's stutter as well. (Apparently David got off on being treated like a lapdog and that's all I want to think about that.) Then when David abdicated, George was thrust into a kingship that he did not want. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon resented Wallis and David to her dying day as her nice happy "family of the spare" suddenly became the monarch and the heir heading into WW2, leading to a lot of stress and eventual health issues for George. Not to mention that Wallis and David continued to suck on the royal teat, getting a payout for the property and an allowance. David wanted to settle in Britain and George said No. David and Wallis then spent a little time supporting Hitler. There might have even been some plotting by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers to put David back on the throne. To get David out of Europe and bugger up that plotting, George made David the Governour of the Bahamas where he and Wallis spent a few years being racist, anti-Semitic spendthrifts. After the war, they moved to France where they supplemented their income with shady currency deals and David's memoir. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon hated David and Wallis so so much for many reasons, not just because of the property buyout.
  10. I agree. Harry, other than his totally gross JP Morgan speaking gig, hasn't done anything that would earn him a hefty amount of money. The military certainly doesn't pay well. He's never had to worry about money. It's always just been there. And he doesn't inherit the way William will. I'm not saying it's fair, but it's not some new thing. The heir gets the duchy of Cornwall, the monarch gets the duchy of Lancaster. The spare gets...whatever the monarch and the heir decide to give him. That's how it will be for George, Charlotte and Louis. That's how it was for QE2 and Margaret. Charles and QE2 could decide to disinherit him. I think it would be tacky, but they both have the right to decide where there personal assets go. And if that means the QE2 decides to give all her jewels to BlackberryJam and cut out all of her daughters-in-law, granddaughters, granddaughters-in-law and greatgranddaughters, so be it. Jam gets those jewels. That's just how it goes. That leaves Harry without a financial safety net. While his personal fortune, and let's call it $50 million, seems large, it's unlikely to last long if he has to begin footing the bill for his own housing and security. Just buying a house that provides him the privacy he wants, if he decides to stay in LA, is going to cost him 10-15 million plus the property taxes and insurance. While personally, I think Chaz should foot the bill for at least some of his security, if he doesn't, that will totally cut into Harry's investment income as well. Throw in a nanny, a personal assistant or two, vehicles and any type of travel and he's going to exceed the income on his investments. I'm also curious about his taxes. Will he end up paying any US taxes at all? On top of that, starting a foundation/non-profit costs money. I assume they are lining up investors, but they still have a ways to go with defining their projects. A million bucks doesn't go nearly as far as you'd think it does because these people are not living a middle class or even upper middle class lifestyle. They are living the lifestyle of the super rich. The money Harry got from the British taxpayers was a paltry sum and I'm sure he'll be fine without it. It's the cash from Daddy Chazbucks that matters.
  11. Fergie and Andrew are still entangled financially. https://www.instyle.com/news/prince-andrew-sarah-ferguson-swiss-chalet-lawsuit And being sued for it. Andrew has the rep of being involved in shady financial deals and defaulting on payments. Fergie is rumored to continue to suck up to him because she is in no way self-supporting. It’s been suggested that when Prince Phil finally rolls over and dies, Andrew and Fergie will remarry. That engagement would never have passed today’s level of internet scrutiny. Fergie was ripped to shreds by the press, but it would have been much worse with online information. And let’s never forget the toe-sucking! https://lisawallerrogers.com/2010/05/29/sarah-ferguson-fergies-toe-sucking-scandal/
  12. Andrew is totally gross and nothing going on with H&M or W&K or Chaz and Camz makes Andrew less gross. However, Andrew is not out there doing new stuff, putting out press releases and holding summits. Other than the fact that he’s continuing to dodge questions, and getting sued over shady financial deals, he’s not making news. Not one thing decreases his grossness, but without new information, I can only comment on how gross he is so many times before I get bored. It’s H&M who are putting out stuff to discuss and speculating about their income sources is FUN. These people aren’t middle class. They are way, way upper class. I am all into speculating how the super rich live. I miss the days when Fergie was out there hawking juicers and I could mock her. *sigh* Trashy Fergie hustling for bucks was entertainment gold.
  13. I should process better. I totally thought the QE2 was playing with instagram filters.
  14. New photo of the Queen. She's zooming again. Looks kinda filtered...
  15. I could go for a Neville/Florence romance!
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