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  1. Those movies make the old soap Passions look like high art. I sincerely hope there is at least one scene of Hars and Megs actually running out of a palace. In much more attractive royal news, more adorable Estelle and Oscar. I so want Oscar and Charlotte to be besties at some school. Here is some hot Carl Philip and Sofia. I’m catching some idea of a Swedish national day with flag raising, but my translate isn’t working right. This is a total Swedish charm attack.
  2. So I’ve been rewatching S1 of Haven and it’s great. It’s really great. Emily Rose struggles some, especially in her Trouble Whispering scenes, but the writing is good, the plots are good, the stories are good. Too bad it turned into such a shitshow in S4.
  3. A self-published youtube video is a much smaller platform than a nationally televised interview. And yeah, I'm sure he would Prince Andrew that up and look like a total idiot, but I don't want him to have a national platform. I want him to have to struggle to be heard. Wouldn't that be a nice change?
  4. The last thing I need to hear is another white dude trying to justify his shitty behavior. I'd like a one year moratorium on white dudes being allowed near microphones to "tell their side of the story." Matt Lauer can sit down and shut the fuck up.
  5. I've had truffles. I think they taste like dirt combined with week old body odor. They make my tongue feel hairy. I've had them several times because my friends and I pretend to be foodies. We get a total laugh out of judging restaurants on the quality of the butter. So...it's not like I don't want to like truffles. I do. I want to be able to snootily compare the quality of the truffles and things like that. But still, they taste like dirty, sweaty armpit. That being said, I was totally fooled by the editing monkeys when Melissa got the win. Yay Melissa. On the other hand, it's not Top Congee. Nor is it Top Meatball KEVIN. It bothers me that Kevin never acknowledges that his dishes might not be the best. All the other chefs express doubt and hope, Kevin is all "I bought the wrong meat, okay fine, but I'm so awesome my dish will still be amazing." SHUT UP KEVIN. His little, "Now is the time we should all congratulate each other for just making the finals" while they sat in the stew room made me want to smack him. It felt like, "Now is the time you should all congratulate yourselves for making the finals because you at least did that even though I am better than all of you." None of the other chefs seemed to appreciate it either. Stephanie was so weirdly calm in her talking heads. I think she does end up cooking a final meal and she is happy about it, no matter who wins.
  6. Ugh...shut up Kevin. No one needs you to tell them to give each other a pep talk.
  7. One of these things is not like the other...Wills looks like monkey butt standing with these other three very attractive people.
  8. Maxima wearing white looking at cleaning products. I just loved the shot. I think it's just Gemma Chan, but I thought that as well. They have similar jawlines/cheekbones. What I wouldn't give to have that bone structure.
  9. Just a link of Queen Jetsun looking gorgeous. I love the colors and patterns of her clothing. Heads Together, the Kate, Wills and Harry mental health organization, supporting BLM. Maxima at the grocery.
  10. The Prince's Trust tweet supporting BLM. Max and WAx doing a commencement congratulations. Her hair is cracking me up. And I missed Felix of Lux's birthday. Another man who is better with facial hair.
  11. That looks awesomely terrible. I don't know what I love/hate more, the gratuitous boob shots, the low-rent Patrick Swayze and his martial arts, poor man's Mario Lopez likely going undercover as a pizza delivery boy, Fabio trying to act or DEAN WORMER. Okay, yeah, it's Dean Wormer. I'm sure he put them all on double secret probation.
  12. Did we look at these Satanic pants that Maxima is somehow pulling off? Bell-bottom, cuffed, 70s print culottes. And she looks good. And here she going full yellow and biking to an engagement. If you need some purely gorgeous royals, may I present the gorgeous royals of Bhutan.
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