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  1. Here is an article on Anne’s rewears with photos. She’s had one of her coats since 1976. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/style/fashion-trends/g32099332/princess-anne-repeat-outfits/ Charles is also big on rewears, but his clothes are so dull no one notices. I need a full shot of Mathilde’s dress. I think I love it Also, that is a gorgeous painting
  2. I am just fine with victims of sexual assault and child molestation being motivated to bankrupt their perpetrators. The Southern Poverty Law Center made using litigation to financially cripple the Klan a mission. I'm thrilled with the idea that the same could be done to powerful men who sexually traffic children. Andrew and his ilk can live in cardboard boxes in the bus station for all I care. But let's talk royals! Opening of Parliament and Harald looks tired. Love Sonja's necklace and hat. Velvet is totally the fabric of the season. Here's the Duchess of Gloucester.
  3. I loved Joyce flitting around to different organizations. I find community involvement fun and interesting and wish that happened more often. Well, not the murdering part. Of course, I work a gross amount and never have time for those things, but if I did, I would totally take flower arranging/library acquisitions committee/bellringing.
  4. Like a melting meringue.
  5. @elle If you have the .jpg URL, just cut and paste it into your message. Otherwise, go down to the bottom of the post box and click "Other Media" to upload photos. This gorgeous dress from of all movies, Harry Potter. Funny Face. Beauty and the Beast. Crazy Rich Asians.
  6. Was she just trying to look cool to Jay Cutler and those who listen to his podcast? The only thing interesting about Cutler was the meme of photoshopping cigarettes into every single one of his photos and how it looked believable. The culture at ESPN is likely tough for women, and especially women of color, but this is a big bag of UGH.
  7. Paying for both for a month is less than a ticket to a movie, and I get hours more enjoyment whenever I want it. Rewatching the episode with Gaius Baltar (James Callis, S14E1, The Dark Rider) playing twins. Callis is not good in either role. He's trying too hard. And I kept thinking of him as Baltar. I do like Kate, the pathologist.
  8. This comment deserves more than a Like. Now to a breath of fresh air, MAXIMA celebrating Frida Kahlo. I want to see the full skirt. I'm loving that print. This is a solid front view of the dress and dear lord that seaming is terrible. The puckers. *shudder* Mathilde looking freaking FABULOUS. I love the unusual neckline of this dress. I like it even more in a print! Speaking of great prints, Letizia's jacket. *grabby hands* No fashion commentary here, but damn, Carl-Philip.
  9. She IS the great pumpkin! I love it. That pumpkin is going to bash you in the ...mid chest...with her mighty baton! So Mathilde out in a really basic blouse and skirt, but she looks good. It's not often we get to see female royals wearing basic businesswear. Love the outfit of the woman on the left. She's Nyagoy Nyong’o, CEO @fairtradeofficial. In January, Golden Jubilee celebrations will start for Queen Margrethe. Because she needs that on top of her job as a queen, an illustrator and a set design consultant for Netflix. But that means MORE Scruffy Fred! ETA
  10. Life's too short to read books by authors whose writing exasperates me. Eh…it quoted within a quote, but YES on this sentiment. Tana French’s writing makes me want to shout, “Get on with it already!” It’s just pages and pages and pages to get to a telegraphed destination, and the journey isn’t enjoyable. There are some books I read as “improving” books. I normally enjoy them, but when I’m going for a pure pleasure read the writing and characterization should not feel exasperating. I got a recommendation for The Wright Sister from a friend whose recs are hit and miss. Anyon
  11. Mathilde was wearing regular pumps. No straps. Princess Alexandra out and about and LOVE that blue top with the patterned skirt. She looks like a fun grandma. (This was with an organization that handmakes bedding and clothing for charities (shelters), so that explains the table of knits.) From that lovely idea to this horrific story. A jewelry palate cleanser. The Duchess of Windsor's ruby bangle is going up for auction. I kind of love it. So I mean...if someone wants to buy it for me...
  12. So...taking 80% of what I liked about L.A. Law out and adding in the "boundary pushing" element. I might give the pilot a shot, but I can feel a big bag of "nah" developing.
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