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  1. I appreciated the fact that the other teacher immediately said that she had to report it. There was no worrying over whether she should report or not. She was definite.
  2. On rewatch, she’s much less likable. It was nice having a counterpoint to the liberal arguments made on the show, but I was really bothered by her dismissal of women’s issues and stance that sexual talk was fine in the workplace.
  3. Does he have to acknowledge it to us? Isn’t his mental health private? It’s inappropriate to say he has to broadcast that. This is what I found on Wiki, “On February 3, 2006, Chappelle made his first television interview since production ceased on season three, on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He stated that burnout, losing his creative control, and a work environment that was uncomfortable, were some of the reasons he left the show. He also stated that he would be open to producing the remainder of season three (and perhaps a season four) only if his demands were met, one of which was to ensure that half of the proceeds of future Chappelle's Show DVD sales would go to charity. Chappelle claimed that if Comedy Central aired the unaired episodes, the show would be finished. After that announcement, Comedy Central stopped advertising the release of the third season for a period of time.” Wow, he comes off like such a greedy asshole here. /s
  4. Isn't the Dave Chappelle situation analogous to the Taylor Swift masters? Braun sells, Taylor re-records and is lauded, but Chappelle asks a Netflix to remove and he's greedy. Why not say they that were both stuck with the contracts they signed? Oh.... Good for Chappelle and a great decision by Netflix.
  5. Sapiens was fantastic. It's so refreshing to take a purely scientific look at things.
  6. Well, my hairstylist seems to think The Crown is a documentary and when I pointed out some of the most basic discrepancies, her batshit Diana worship made me fear she was going to dye my hair green. Charles was is not a hero in the story, but Diana is in no way an innocent victim. The Crown isn’t a documentary. It’s not even journalism. It’s straight up fiction. Entertaining as hell, despite the painful interpretation of Thatcher by my beloved Gillian Anderson, but still pure fiction.
  7. I think the problem is that Claire gets off on engaging in risky and taboo behaviors. In the very first episode, we see her engaging in shoplifting for thrills. It's coming through loud and clear to me that Claire has mental health issues with sexually deviant behaviors and poor impulse control.
  8. I don't think that's true at all. Being popular doesn't mean being emotionally secure. Popular kids are often some of the most insecure. They are constantly afraid of losing that popularity. Eric is from a single parent home and he doesn't have the financial resources that his friends have. The one friend even drags Eric for not having his own car. Eric is the one who has to work and beg for rides. He's the one who has to stay home and care for his siblings. His friends are living a higher income, more carefree life. Eric is ashamed at having to ask for rides and then, in the first episodes, gets stuck buying his friends' food (until Claire puts it on her bill) because he's unwilling to tell his friends No. Eric is not portrayed as some high self-esteem, carefree happy kid. He's struggling to maintain and in a real battle to get a college scholarship because he knows his mother can't afford to send him to school. And again, this kind of attraction isn't about "well, I can get a prettier girl." This is about an older woman making a him feel special, that he has opportunities and taking advantage of his sexuality.
  9. Attraction isn't strictly about looks. And Kate Mara isn't a hosebeast. The show isn't that shallow.
  10. I charge my mother rent (1/2 market) for living in a house I own. I have to cover property taxes and insurance...Now I wonder if I should post on Am I the Asshole? Charles and Camilla at Westminster today. Her mask is lovely. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHc_WxCnGO3/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Kate in a hideous blouse. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbWuh4FQ_H/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. As to total racist asshole Phils' wreath, retiring because he's got one foot, his entire leg as well as left hip in the grave is completely different than Harry walking away from the job. I was wondering about the Earl of Spencer was bringing this up and linking it to The Crown makes sense. It's been decades since the interview and I'm not sure that the current generation remembers or cares. The Crown makes it relevant again. I wonder if they are going that bit about Diana shoving her stepmother down the stairs. Ryan Murphy would have had a field day with that. He would have turned the Diana/Raine fued into a full out Krystle and Alexis smackdown, complete with shoulder pads and Camilla wearing a riding habit, drinking a Scotch and blowing smoke rings in the background. Damn, that would have been good. The relationship between Diana and Charles was toxic and awful. He was much older, insensitive, uncaring and in love with another woman. She was too young, too inexperienced, and unstable. But he was a prince and she wore a big poofy dress and making it into a Hallmark-style love story was the thing. I hated her dress...so much. So much.
  12. Wait, did Invictus ask? Or did Harry? And who was asked? Because the Palace didn't organize it, see post above. No one is at war with Harry. The monarchy is just continuing without him
  13. I refer you to above where I acknowledge that I mistakenly said they were leaked to Roya. I’m quoting myself, even though it’s tacky. Roya had them first and the other news outlets picked them up from her. Why they went to her? No clue. Maybe Sunshine Sachs (H&M’s PR company) struck up a deal with her.
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