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  1. The BRF has a tradition of giving each other gag gifts. Harry got the Queen an “Ain’t Life a Bitch” shower cap. Kate got Harry a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend” kit (pre-Meghan.) Liz insists on it so there is no pressure to top each other with expensive gifts. Harry also got Liz one of those singing bass things. So a waffle maker isn’t really so odd.
  2. He just won a sporting event watched by almost 100 million people and she’s a Brazilian super model. They qualify as famous.
  3. You mean crazyass Dany who burns people and has a family tree that's a straight line will marry her nephew and have normal, noncrazy healthy children and the people of Westeros are going to be grateful that she brings her weapons of mass dragonstruction to down to literally burn the place down? I appreciate stanning that hardcore. If I have my stan-ending, we go with Jaime, the first impression of which from Jon is "that's what a king should look like," taking the throne after everyone decides Dany is crazy, Jon won't be accepted, the Starks are too dour and quite frankly, he's the only one whose been raised to be a king, and he'll marry Brienne and they'll have a passel of honorable blond warrior children with strong moral centers and diverse genes. *stans hard*
  4. Well, seeing as my loathing of Sherlock started with the books, I don't watch every adaptation and I don't spend much time comparing them. It's all "Oh another Sherlock, miss me with that." I'm certain I saw the Hound of the Baskervilles though, and hated it. But that was like 35 years ago when I was a teen and my loathing of the smarter-than-everyone male detective was in its nascent stage. The Targaryens were terrible. I mean, their motto was basically "Let us burn people and watch them bleed" and they did it for kicks. Dany was on a Villain's Journey and it drives me nuts that people didn't see it. On the other hand, is it really a shame the book series will never be finished? Is it? Because I'm not sure I could slog my way through 2000 pages of Greyjoys and the history of House Cerwyn just to end with that pile that was the last 15 minutes of the show.
  5. Also, Mark Gatiss will forever be that hilarious guy from The League of Gentleman. “Semen is such a persistent stain.”
  6. I really just don't enjoy the Sherlock character. He's so much of a pretentious snotrag that I just want the villains to win. And Cumberbatch just doesn't impress me. I always think of Michael Freeman as the porno guy from Love, Actually.
  7. I'd banished the existence of The Debate from my mind.
  8. Isn't that the problem of a "Worst Episodes" list? Those are just the ones I've skipped on rewatch and attempted to banish from my memory.
  9. And the change occurs not long after she's been hospitalized.
  10. I never enjoyed NSF Thurmont and the whole "The Mighty US can solve the problems of the Middle East!" storyline.
  11. Isn't this the same with My So Called Life? The show was fine, just fine, but because it ended so quickly it has status it likely doesn't deserve. I enjoy Firefly because of the possibility of what it could have been, not the reality of what it actually was. I feel the same way about Sleepy Hollow. But back to unpopular opinions, while I sort of enjoyed Elementary, I don't like most Sherlock adaptations, and thought the Benedict Cumberbatch version was dull.
  12. Maybe Phillip's correspondence with Eloise starts with him trying to find a way to delicately ask about Marina? ...Does he even know Eloise though? Maybe she and Penelope write to Marina?
  13. I don't think Pen ever thought she'd have Colin, so I don't think revealing Marina's secret was about losing him. I think that's where we differ. I think Penelope was realistic that she'd never have a real shot a Colin, so stopping the marriage wasn't about saving Colin for herself. I think Penelope is around 17/18 and Marina is maybe 19? but I'm not sure. Both of these girls are ...girls, without fully developed and mature reasoning. They are acting on limited information and making terrible choices. I just think Marina's choice to deceive is worse than Penelope's choice to reveal so publicly. I also struggled with the inconsistencies with Marina, not that teen girls are always consistent, but Marina's position changes were plot driven rather than character driven.
  14. Sophie looking fantastic and handing out a QE2 award for British Design. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpqTf5Hi8T/?igshid=jmekcgs0w86g
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