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  1. I want clothes tailored that perfectly. I mean, Sarah Snook does not have a miniscule waist and all of those pants look so damn good. I am in the "thicker waist" crowd and feel like all the pants that fit my waist are too big in the hips. Her clothes fit her body proportions and I want, want, want, want, a Shiv Roy line of clothing at Macy's.
  2. Just drilling a little deeper, Kendall has gone from "My dad's plan is better" to "My dad is a festering boil on the ass of the company" in his interviews. I'd also have to check, and we didn't see his full testimony, but Kendall may have just outed himself for perjury during the Congressional hearings. Shiv's new nightmare is Kira changing her mind again and testifying or giving interviews, and adding in how Shiv manipulated her into not testifying initially. I don't really see a downside for Roman from Kendall attempting to sacrifice Logan. Roman now seems to realize that he's not actually qualified to be COO and I'm not sure he wants it if he's not in a fight for Logan's love and attention. Connor seems unlikely to get that 100 million (just a little money) from Logan now because he's still an embarrassment and Logan won't be able to focus on Connor's problems. In Season 3, I am hoping for Marcia filing ot invalidate the prenup (because you know there was a prenup) or Logan having signed a revocation of the prenup while recovering from the stroke. Something where Marcia wants either a huge stack of cash or to takeover.
  3. William did step it up. https://people.com/royals/kate-middleton-and-prince-william-just-had-their-most-glam-moment-in-pakistan-in-a-rickshaw/
  4. I agree, but then I wonder if I have become like one of the Roy children, believing erroneously that Logan is all powerful.
  5. Logan having nicknames for his kids makes the show more realistic to me. I like the fact that they aren’t repeating things like, “This is Gerri, she is our general counsel,” forty-eight times. At the same time, I feel obligated to admit that I cannot for the life of me recall the name of Roman’s co-owner of the Hearts. I keep thinking of him as not-Stewy.
  6. Roman would ace the test because he would have scouted out the smartest student and found a way to copy off of them. 😉 I don’t think Logan taking the fall for the cruise line in anyway sidelines the character. I can somehow see Logan going into rehab for something or saying it was effects from his stroke or that he’d been suffering from prior strokes, etc, to get out of it. I also don’t see him going to jail. Logan being called out by Congress doesn’t take him off the board.
  7. Roman certainly isn’t brilliant, but he has some savvy. He got lucky with Vaulter, but at the time of the acquisition, it wasn’t a bad deal. Internet markets are hot one second, trash six months later. Roman is certainly never going to be the person who makes the trains run on time. He only knows that trains exist in the vaguest manner. Anyone could have read that the guys in Turkey were never going to hand over the cash and it was a bad, bad deal. Laird was pushing it because of the cash he would make. Karl probably had a total blackout and didn’t remember the meeting. Roman didn’t surprise by recognizing the obvious, but he did surprise me in voicing it to Logan. That showed more backbone than I thought he had. I mean, this is the Roman who got his tooth knocked out by his father and then turned around and said it was all okay and didn’t call Logan out when Logan said he wasn’t sure if he’d even made contact. Roman standing up to Logan was a HUGE deal.
  8. Kendall to Greg about taking off his shoes: Sails out, nails out.
  9. Was the investor on the phone with Logan played by Julian Sands? I checked IMDb and couldn’t find a credit at all. It was blurry video calling, but I had a Julian Sands vibe from the voice. Roman generally skeeves me out in a really hilarious way, but the hostage experience seemed to have matured him. I liked him standing up for Kendall, standing up for Gerri and pointing out that the cash deal was unlikely to happen. I feel like Roman standing up for Kendall was a flashback to Kendall standing up when Logan popped Rome in the mouth. I like Jamie Laird (Danny Huston) a lot. I think he’s just a deal broker and not a WayStar employee, right? That’s why he was pushing for the deal. He would make a pile of cash on it.
  10. I don’t think Shiv was in on it. She was way too upset talking to Logan. But I do wonder if Logan was in on it. I can’t help but think it’s ‘better’ if someone else outs Logan than if Logan just fell on his sword. It doesn’t look like a cover up if someone else throws him in the fire. And it is still a cover up, I think. Marcia was present by her absence.
  11. Idiot me put the wrong episode number in my excitement. Mod if you could move these to the correct thread and delete? Thank you.
  12. I am torn between “GO KEN” and “Logan set this up and I can tell by the look of pride on his face.” I don’t even KNOW, but I love it.
  13. Oh, now there's an interesting barometer, Met Gala invites. Maybe that should factor in. Right now, when I think of A-List, it's easily recognizable to most people, has some career longevity, is known for more than just one thing, makes magazine covers, tabloids are interested in getting them on covers but I'll throw in Met Gala now too.
  14. Well...no...I don't agree with that. A star's popularity rising and falling is interesting and fun hot gossip so there has to be some sort of scale.
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