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  1. Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar home videos. Those kids treat Daniel like playground equipment and he loves it.
  2. Oh...there is a thread for this? YAY. Game of Thrones: Jaime x Brienne >>>>>>>>> Jaime x Cersei. Haven: Duke x Audrey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nathan x Audrey.
  3. Yeah, they are messy and a little bit public about it. I'm not a Gaiman fan, but I know people who are. His stuff just doesn't interest me. I don't know her at all.
  4. Isn't Gaiman kind of a mess? Moving from NZ to the UK during quarantine and leaving his wife and child, then she announced on a website that they are divorcing, then he is miffy she went public, then they said they aren't divorcing and now they are? He's not like douchebag level, but I lift my eyebrow in his general direction.
  5. Charlize could. Just thinking on it though, I'm not interested in another Diana film. At all. Wait, let me think about it. ... No. Not interested in one more thing about Diana.
  6. Child reality shows disgust me because all I can think of is the hell that child goes through at home being forced to learn how to perform. I am just fine insulating children from the horrors of the entertainment industry and the resulting internet scrutiny until that child develops the appropriate maturity to handle it. Oh wait, many adult actors haven't done that yet...what am I thinking? How about at least until they are 18.
  7. Sometimes the choice a married couple makes is NOT to have children, but that’s rarely what we see. I don’t watch kid shows. I’ve always had Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Channel eliminated from my TV Guide. I don’t watch anything animated. I’m a grown ass woman and I want to watch stuff that’s for adults.
  8. Oh, so this IS unpopular. I hate kids in TV shows. I hate TV shows about kids. I hate adult TV shows that have kid driven plot lines. But here’s the real truth. I hate kids. I don’t have any and have no idea why anyone would want one. I will occasionally suffer through kids on a TV show, but mostly, it’s a hard NO. ETA: I don’t wish harm to children. I don’t want all children to die or anything. I don’t abuse children. And in fact, in my work, do a lot to prevent children from being abused. That doesn’t mean I want a child near me or taking up my time and attention, in person or on screen. Disliking children does not mean wishing them harm.
  9. 100% true! It’s a fantastic book.
  10. Just adding to this, hearing an appeal doesn't mean granting an appeal. There is likely a proposition of law they want to clarify to create a brightline rule. Or in the Cosby case, maybe the PA Supremes just want to take the opportunity to rip him a new one.
  11. Gwen's height could be addressed with camera angles and blocking. That's a great suggestion though.
  12. Well all have our "worst" lists and well, Eric Braeden's cue card reading on Young and the Restless just makes me laugh every time. Victor Neuman: I.. (looks at card) VN: Have always loved you... (looks at card) VN: Nikki.
  13. Just continuing this. She's now in S5 and hates it, but will finish. Her comment to me yesterday was, "I just want to slap the shit out of Nathan." I reminded her that she'd loved Nathan and thought he was the hottest thing on two legs. She responded, "That was before he became a dumbass." At this point, she is just slogging through to get to the end. She's holding on to hope that Dwight doesn't die. She doesn't want Duke to die, but is convinced it's going to happen, and then, "You might have to buy me a new TV because I might throw something at it." In my re-watch, I noticed how many too-tight unstructured jackets they had ER wear. That was not a good look.
  14. BlackberryJam

    Tennis Thread

    Nick Kyrgios has been tweeting about Djokovic and I hate agreeing with Kyrgios, but Djokovic is an idiot.
  15. Hot Jaime Lannister is what interested me in the show in the first place! It certainly wasn't "My hair hasn't been washed in a decade" Ned Stark. My love for NCW knows few bounds. Do you follow his Instagram? He is smoking hot while being the most embarrassing dork dad ever. Jaime+Brienne5EVA by the way. I've not watched Outlander because...well...it just didn't sound good. Also, this is probably a vastly unpopular opinion, but romance ADDS to a show, it doesn't subtract. I get frustrated when people want all romance stripped from a show or bitch about how the lead having a love interest takes over the show. You know, people who defuse bombs are also the people who get taken out on dates by hot men. It doesn't make a character lesser for that character to have an active love/sex life. It makes that character well-rounded and more realistic.
  16. BlackberryJam

    Tennis Thread

    So the Djokovics tested positive. https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/29351887/novak-djokovic-tested-positive-coronavirus What a fucking disaster that is. Did I notice that the younger brother, Djordie(?) was organizing? Didn't that kid never attend school because they took him everywhere with Novak? I always felt sorry for him.
  17. I remember Callum Keith Rennie as Second Henchman from the Left in X-Files, that's how good he is. You're right, whenever I see him, I know that the character has a full backstory, reasoning for his actions, and you can see all of that in his eyes. But...MacLeod had that trashy douchey ponytail and Methos was cynically hot. I loved the Chivalry episode and it's on my list of, "TV episodes to rewatch when I'm home sick." I'll check Evening at Joe's out. Count me as someone who thinks the constant trashing of a show on an active message board is just ruining it for everyone else. I loved S4-7 of Game of Thrones, and the first 3.5 episodes of S8, but talk about a toxic fandom. Everyone had their favs, and I was firmly on the side of hot Jaime Lannister, but the fighting between Jon and Dany fans made me want to run to anywhere I could talk about the show but not talk about those two. Also...spoiling history, when Rome was on, I might have mentioned something about Brutus being key in the future slaying of Caesar and was told, "No, not Brutus, he isn't that kind of guy." Bwhahah.
  18. I do like Will, more than I liked Sidney after Season 3. I was expecting Mrs. C to be more outraged by shirtless Will in a towel. This was just a really nice episode.
  19. I watched it on Prime. I'm a big mystery fan. I enjoyed the movie but it was a little too, "lemme bust this trope." Many tropes exist because they are enjoyable. What I enjoyed most though was the visual feast. The house, the furnishings, the costumes, all of it. My eye just loved all the color. So many times a murder mystery goes all blacks, greys and whites. That can be visually effective (the BBC 2015 And Then There Were None) but it was great to see a murder mystery that wasn't hitting 'bleak' as the main visual note. Also, the acting was spot on.
  20. I think Malarkey is the kind of person who needs "handled." Left to his own devices, he can be a total jackass. But you give him some love, a little ego stroke and a specific task and he really shines. Gregory did that by choosing him first for Restaurant Wars and Stephanie did it by choosing him first as sous. Once someone shows Malarkey they have faith in him, he is going to work his ass off not to let that person down.
  21. I'm a big fan of dropping a show, but coming back to watch the final episode, just so I know how it ends. That was me with Lost. I gave up on the mid-S3, so I was able to absolutely enjoy the finale. I stopped watching Dexter when Charlotte Rampling was trying to make the serial killing not Dexter's fault. I came back for that finale and have regretted every moment of it. I wouldn't say I hate-watch anything, but I enjoy a good "trash-watch." Harper's Island was terrible, but I loved watching it every week and giggling about who was going to get killed next. Also, now that I've seen No Offence I have a greater appreciation for Abby Mills, but how I miss Hot Fisherman. Also, I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I unequivocally love Callum Keith Rennie in everything and want his character to win/live/succeed. I loved Leoben. I loved John Wakefield. I loved Karl Malus. I'll be watching something and Callum will show up, even as a tertiary character and I'm all, "I want that guy to get away with the murder/come out on top/have a main love interest." I think I fell in love with him as some rando in Highlander: The Series. Also, in Highlander: The Series, Methos was a thousand times more likeable than Duncan MacLeod.
  22. Mel Gibson is complete and utter trash. Keanu is a terrible actor but I'm fine with him getting work because he's always just been a regular person who happens to act. Also, fuck you Coppola. ETA: WHY THE FUCK do men think the way to make a woman cry is to insult her sexually? Seriously, someone calls me a whore and my response is, "Maybe, but I still won't fuck you," with a dismissive hair toss. Or something similar. I'm more likely to tear up watching a father/daughter wedding dance, or that scene in Terms of Endearment when Debra Winger tells her little boy that it's okay that he's so angry with her for dying. Shout insults at me and I get angry. I don't break.
  23. I'm not sure this is an unpopular opinion, but I hate ALL versions of A Star is Born. I hate the male lead for committing suicide and saddling the female lead with his name/guilt over his death. Because of what he did, she will never be free of him. I have no interest in a manpain film that keeps getting remade. Also, Bradley Cooper is greasy and the opposite of hot. I want to dip him in astringent.
  24. I truly don't think it matters who they look like now. They will change as they age. However, right now, Charlotte is a dead ringer for Sarah Chatto. More images of Sarah and Charlotte. I'm of the belief that there are only about 5 different faces for newborns and they are all a version of Yoda. As they grow up, faces begin to differentiate, but I could probably pull out 30 random photos of girls Charlotte's age and there would be some resemblance.
  25. More baby photos of Charles of Lux, with Mum Stephanie and Da Guillaume along with Grand Duke Grampers Henri. That is a super cute romper that baby Charlie likely puked on about ten minutes after the photographer left.
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