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  1. They really were not designed for daily living. Actually, a lot of people buy RVs for living full time. However, few (if any) of those RVers are living long-term "off the grid" (as Janelle is at Coyote Pass)--they live in RV parks hooked up to power and have a sewer system available to drain the gray (sinks) and black water (toilet) tanks. Janelle's RV requires a generator for electricity and since she's not hooked up to water/sewer, she needs someone to come deal with adding fresh (potable) water, draining the gray water and emptying the black water--and clean out those tanks to k
  2. kimaken


    Thanks! I thought it weird that it would be such a big time jump but I didn't rewind to rewatch it; I was busy doing something else when it started so I only caught a glimpse and must have read "years" instead of months because it was starting with New Year's Eve, 2019.
  3. kimaken


    Watched the entire final season on Sunday and thought it was great. But I have a question--after the brief recap of S6, there was a note saying, "Five years later" which brought us to New Year's Eve, 2019. The Irvings have a preemie in the hospital--but didn't they find out they were expecting in S6? Where's that baby? Or did I miss hearing something about a miscarriage and this preemie is their first successful birth since they married? Anyway, looking forward to the new show. Like others, I wonder if Maddie will become a cop, pull her application and apply for a PI license, or go back t
  4. One thing I never understood is why couldn't Mike, back in S1 when Kristen asked him how he knew Tania, couldn't simply share that she was in witness protection because of a former case of his. He wouldn't need to give details about Tania's real name or about the case she was a witness, but at least then another police officer would be aware of Tania's status and help keep her and her kids out of any news events or other potential public exposure.
  5. Good point! Hopefully we'll learn how he made it through police training next season or two (if Ralf Little stays on in this role). I recently rewatched the very first DiP epidsode where Dwayne called England to get whatever scoop or dirt on DI Poole, who'd just arrived to solve the murder of Charlie Hulme -- and he told Fidel that Poole's former colleagues threw a party for him--AFTER he left! That makes me wonder how Neville was with his former colleagues--was he liked and had friends among his co-workers, or was he treated as a weird outcast?
  6. Indeed--and I think this was done to change up the DiP formula a little bit--it gives the commissioner another side to his personality and gets us viewers to "root for the underdog", since all the derision and discontent shown to Neville makes him the underdog. Perhaps next season we'll see this turning around--Neville getting a better handle on his oddities and quirks and the commissioner gaining respect for Neville. The team, I think, is already starting to come around, especially with Neville making some attempts to enjoy the island. He can't help his allergies and medical issues, but he do
  7. The commissioner respected, perhaps even liked Richard; he seemed to really like Humphrey and Jack (probably because they both readily embraced the island life), but I think it's going to take a little while for the commissioner to get passed Neville's oddities to fully appreciate hiss quirky methods of crime resolution. For us viewers, it gives us a change of pace from the commissioner readily accepting the newest Brit officer ot one who has to work at accepting, liking, respecting his newest DI.
  8. I actually liked this episode and cried through Mike's side story, which (while super sad) was nice to finally get some answers/resolution for that (early seasons) recurring character. However, I wish Mike had made it to the scene of the crime first to do his usual talking to the dead before leaving for his sad side trip--I find his talking to the dead, and reactions of those who see/hear him, are interesting. I did also appreciate that Sims and Chalmers were able to carry on the investigation without Mike--showed a lot of growth for Sims since she was basically a "yes" (wo)man to the previous
  9. I thought Mariah had a scholarship at her expensive college, although it didn't cover all expenses. Not sure about her graduate school, though.
  10. Thanks to you both, Roseha and LisaM, for the head's up on more episodes! Like you, I thought 4 episodes was it since all previous seasons were 4 eps each. Enjoyed the ep about the cinema and looking forward expectantly to one more ep? Yay! I do miss Breen, but I think Chalmers fits in rather well and I think he's more athletic in the job than Breen was. Also, since Jared seems to be MIA, Chalmers fills in nicely as the "native" foil to Mike. I hope we learn more about Chalmers' Brokenwood roots--he doesn't seem to be related to all the other native recurring characters (ie, Uncle Walter), as
  11. I agree with you. I loved Richard Poole--while a definite fish out of water, he was more hands-on with the evidence (putting together a broken vase, getting a fish tank and super glue to expose fingerprints inside latex gloves, etc) and proved to be a very smart, knowledgable cop. Humphrey had a few similar moments, but most of the time I felt like he and Jack bumbled along until the mystery's solution came to mind for the grand finale resolution. I haven't seen as much of Neville yet, either, but he does exhibit some of Richard's "fish-out-of water" and "hands-on evidence tracking" tendencies
  12. Is that one of the daughters? I am not familiar with that name. That name is a made up name for Kody and Robyn Brown's youngest child, Ariella. Robyn had 3 kids by her first husband, whom Kody adopted, and they have 2 more children together: David Brown (aka Dayton), Aurora Brown, Breanna Brown, Solomon Brown & Ariella Brown
  13. Gwen is one of Christine's daughters with Kody. They have 6 kids together: Aspyn Thompson, Mykelti Padron, Paedon Brown, Gwendlyn Brown, Ysabel Brown & Truely Brown
  14. I feel like her personality would be a huge asset to getting a job, maybe in a clothing store (NOT LuLaRoe) - I could see her helping women put outfits together, chatting them up, telling them how good they look. Like mentioned above, she's certainly not dumb - she homeschooled how many kids? And I think that if she were to strike out on her own her self-confidence would soar. She used to drive me completely bat-crap crazy with how she'd chugged the Kody Kool-Aid, but now I find myself rooting for her to be the one to pack up and move to Utah to be with that grandbaby, and to a place she re
  15. I thought her niece stayed in Las Vegas when the fambly moved to Flagstaff.
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