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  1. Agree with rcc that this is so fluffy now. Nate is fine but today he’s interviewing his own (lovely) kid about social media. This is your own business Nate, not news or info I need.
  2. The giveaway for me that Lisa is lying is that she starts (fake) crying too soon. Either she’s guilty or embarrassed but she doesn’t give things a chance to play out.
  3. Oh Wendy, get help. If she really has Covid why is she vaping? 🙄
  4. “Pass me by Oh Gentle Savior”🎼 I love Karen!
  5. PK on the right side of this issue is a trip. Well done bubba 😆🤮
  6. I came to it late today and I can’t believe there is a dj. More news please and less personal business, opinions.
  7. Did anyone else watch? New shinier set, quicker pace all in Times Square. I'm trying to be positive because if this doesn't work I have no options in the morning. Nate seems fine. I really like Gayle but the ass kissing is already getting to me. Is she really in charge of everything there now?
  8. Ever since someone said that Erika is just playing her Roxy Hart role in real life I can’t see anything else.
  9. Kim said on the special that she wished she had been married only once. I’m no Kim super fan but I know that Kanye was her 3rd husband #revisionisthistory
  10. Sonja is so far gone it’s sad. No wonder she takes all those “free” spa vacations. I really like her but she needs help. I fear it won’t end well. As for the rest I’m with y’all. Leah is too much.
  11. I couldn’t link to it but there’s a long, interesting, but not too revealing, article in the May 24th edition of the New Yorker. Details her life and career.
  12. Drew’s show coming on after TMS gets me up and going since I can’t bear to watch it. Guess I’ll be off to an early start all week.
  13. So they’re sobbing and carrying on and they knew they had a show planned with Hulu? Come on.
  14. Caitlin Jenner on Sean Hannity was something to see! Aside from her inane comments she is constantly posing and licking her lips. I think even Hannity was embarrassed.
  15. The Gorgas need to get a refund for their acting lessons. 🙄
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