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  1. I guess she figures if Kim Kardashian can do it then it’s cool.
  2. Agree with those who said Rep. Cleaver was kidding that Cummings was elbowing in on his turf and noted that Cummings mother had been an evangelical preacher. Before that he was lovely saying how he’d been reaching out to Rep. Cummings.
  3. Well, well, well who’s a killer now? Good job Kendall! (With a few sprinkles from cousin Greg)
  4. I feel like I start watching, a few things start to happen and then it’s over with no real action or forward progress.
  5. Thank you guys for keeping this thread alive. Just binged the whole thing today and it was great. I’m a social worker who does clinical work and loved watching this providers approach. Also loved seeing her supervision because that’s something I don’t think patients consider or know much about. Im interested in knowing more like whether she offered practical suggestions, homework, or if this was strictly psychoanalysis. Would love to see another season.
  6. Maire

    S02.E08: Dundee

    Kendall Roy in the Hizzy! I died, especially when he holds the microphone to Roman and he says “you need to stop this”
  7. Loved the series. I’m not a “ new” country fan but grew up listening to country station WHN in NYC. Also just took a trip to Nashville a few weeks ago so I was geared up for the show. While there we saw an Opry Classics show at the Ryman hosted by Larry Gatling. One surprise was that they introduced Randy Travis who came out on stage. He’s suffered a stroke but was able to walk with a cane and wave to the crowd. Question: Did I miss the Dixie Chicks? Don’t recall seeing them.
  8. Thinking the same thing, Kendall was almost happy there for a minute. Plus Gregory for the win! I thought the lighting fluid soaked papers were going to end up setting his pants on fire.
  9. Best line from Misbehaving: Running through the house with a pickle in my mouth (?!)
  10. I too think Robyn is pregnant and that’s how she scored the big house. The prior owners have it nicely decorated with custom furniture etc. Imagine when Robyn works her magic? 🙄
  11. I really thought Shiv was going after Logan because it would help push the Pearce deal through. I figured she would explain it to him after. So is she really just in this for what she can get, Logan be damned? Does she think Logan is losing it and is moving on? Hmmm. Loved: Kendall standing up for Roman Need to know more: what is Marsha’s story?
  12. You know my favorite quote from Shakespeare? Take the fucking money!
  13. This show is so great because it is so awkward and cringey. I love it even though I had to turn it off and take a breath when Shiv made her dinner announcement.
  14. Yes Shane is an asshole AND he really doesn’t want to be on this show. When Emily came downstairs he said “did they drag another 20 minutes out of you over this?” Why does she keep pushing this unless she really wants to break up?
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