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  1. Sonja is so far gone it’s sad. No wonder she takes all those “free” spa vacations. I really like her but she needs help. I fear it won’t end well. As for the rest I’m with y’all. Leah is too much.
  2. I couldn’t link to it but there’s a long, interesting, but not too revealing, article in the May 24th edition of the New Yorker. Details her life and career.
  3. Drew’s show coming on after TMS gets me up and going since I can’t bear to watch it. Guess I’ll be off to an early start all week.
  4. So they’re sobbing and carrying on and they knew they had a show planned with Hulu? Come on.
  5. Caitlin Jenner on Sean Hannity was something to see! Aside from her inane comments she is constantly posing and licking her lips. I think even Hannity was embarrassed.
  6. The Gorgas need to get a refund for their acting lessons. 🙄
  7. It seems light with just these five. I hope Sonja’s ok 😩
  8. Love this show and trying not to binge it.
  9. So because Dayton (or Robin?) wanted to move permanently to a new state for school all the families had to disrupt their lives and go on without complaints. But when Ysabel is suffering and the inconvenience would be a few weeks he’d send a minor across the country to have surgery alone? What a fucking asshole.
  10. Robin not wanting to point out that a few family members are morbidly obese 😄
  11. So what is the “truth” that Janelle thinks they can all communicate? What is the fallout going to be? That Robyn sucks? Kody doesn’t care. Although that would be an episode worth watching.
  12. Once I saw where this was headed ( obstacle course) I turned it off. So boring. Do better.
  13. Of course Robyn is a hypocrite who doesn’t care about the other wives or kids BUT I think that she has bitten off more than she could chew. Now she is stuck with Kody all the time. Nightmare. The only thrill she has is that she thinks the other women are jealous and want what she has. Walk away ladies! you’re still young! As the poster above said take the money/support that is rightfully yours and enjoy your own lives with your super kids. eta: Kody is a coward who wants to dump Meri but doesn’t have the balls.He’s treating her badly to get her to give up and leave. That way she will b
  14. So the one time in weeks Kody goes to Meri’s house Robyn coincidentally calls! 😡 what a bitch. And he acted like a total goofball so smiley and happy that the princess was calling.
  15. No mention of Kody going to Meri’s house 😬
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