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  1. Did Jose just say there are 1,000 ways to skin a cat????? Jose is officially dead to me.
  2. Cindy Crawford Jr is not nearly as pretty as her mom. Watching her attempt to act was painful. Right on par with Emma Roberts.
  3. Boo on Katie. The self righteous tattletale gets rewarded for being a self righteous tattletale. Hiss.
  4. Tom is in love with a fantasy and a memory. Didn't he say he knew who she was in high school (i.e. the homecoming queen) but she didn't know him? Yeah, the plot thickens. It would be just like me meeting David Cassidy (RIP) when we were both adults and falling for him essentially only because of who he was years ago and not even caring what he was like now. Debbie seemed pretty entitled and Tom seems like the perfect man to cater to her every desire. Yes, Debbie, dreams do come true. An ongoing clean house? Not so much.
  5. Well, I'm out. I wrote a post mentioning Harry, Rihanna, Cardi B and Nick Cannon, none of whom were on The Bachelor/ette, so I'm off topic. (Sorry, ByTor!) I've watched every bachelor/ette season except the first; I didn't even know that one was on until it was over. It's been fun but has gotten, I guess political, maybe, is the word?--which is fine, but I want fun. I was finishing out this season, so... It's been a (mostly) great time and I hope Katie's and Michelle's seasons are everything they want them to be.
  6. IMO, Rachael was no more racially/culturally insensitive than Prince Harry who, at age 20, went to a costume party dressed as a Nazi, or Rihanna, who has dressed up like the Pope for a gala in 2018, or Cardi B, who referred to her daughter as having "ch*nky eyes", or Nick Cannon, who once dressed up in whiteface and recently was fired from (but later reinstated to) a show for making anti-Semitic comments on his podcast; all were insensitive either to race or creed and all are still held in good standing. Rachael, a non-celebrity, is an easy target and everyone is happy to pile on.
  7. I hate to gush and fan girl out but Michelle is the whole package. She's beautiful. kind, intellectual, has a stable, service-oriented career, great role models in her parents--I would love her to be the next bachelorette, but only if she thinks it is the thing to do.
  8. Michelle is so beautiful and kind. I think I like her too much for her to be bachelorette?
  9. Having this conversation on tv is so wrong.
  10. I don't know; to me, Rachel's comments/actions scream "I've got mine! I'm set! Now I'm going to circle back to the show that gave me $100,000, true love and a platform that has allowed me to co-host 2 podcasts and work as a correspondent for Extra and have lots of followers on social media-- and I'm going to cut it off at the knees!" I'm guessing Rachel saw what she considered racism when she was a bachelorette on Nick's season. She then chose to accept the position of The Bachelorette and called out the show for racist practices. From what she's received from and believes about the franc
  11. Wow, there's really a flower you can give that denotes how much you dislike the person? Tell me more! 😉
  12. I think it may be because there is about a 15 year age gap between the 2 of them. My dad's oldest sister left for college a few months after he was born, and my dad married late and I was his last born so one of my aunts was 60 the year I was born. There is a 26 year gap between me and the oldest first cousin on that side of the family, and a 24 year gap to the next oldest. This did make the relationship between us more like aunt/uncle and niece although I never referred to them as that. I think Mike should have picked one relationship and stuck with it instead of throwing out this cousi
  13. Happy Birthday! I love graphic tees, too. I have one that reads "Let's eat Grandma. Let's eat, Grandma. Punctuation saves lives." I had a lady in Wal-Mart want to take my picture and several people have asked where I got it.
  14. Will there come a day when you and I can say** that you've finally stopped drinking? ** Apologies to The Partridge Family and their song. "I'll Meet You Halfway."
  15. This made me laugh out loud. Yes, I'm 12.
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