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  1. I think Gabby sounds like Jennifer Tilly in some of her movie roles and looks a little like her, too.
  2. Pastor Cal finds out Mark has cats and sneers at this and states that he aligns himself with anyone--on the show or off--that doesn't like cats. But Alyssa rescues dogs and she's sweet and wonderful! She's a humanitarian! Buzzer sound! Sorry, Dr. Cal, your bias is showing. You've been cancelled . We need a new judge!! (Yes, I'm kidding,) Not sure why the pilates ad has jumped into my comment but it refuses to leave.
  3. I'm also guessing these 2 fame uh--chasers (chasers not being the first word that comes to mind but let's go with it) are a lot cheaper than was Chris's contract, But the saying "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. When Michelle and Nayte ultimately break up, Nayte should try his luck with Tayshia. Or maybe Caila, though if memory serves she may already be married. (Contestants with weird spelling of their first name unite!)
  4. With those eyebrows so close to her eyes, Michelle's face looks oddly compacted and kind of squat, somehow. Hope she gives them a miss after the show. Was the $200,000 payment for acting so in love and enthralled with each other? These relationships begin to implode the minute they walk off together into the sunset. They'll have parted ways by the time the next Bachelorette season airs---- unless TPTB mercifully pull the plug on this dying show. Fingers crossed. I found Kaitlyn too distracting as a host. I find myself mesmerized by her face and all the work she has had done, w
  5. Thinking of José and how he locked out his wife (!), spoke to her horribly and had difficulty apologizing but then promises it will never happen again, I can't help but think of the Maya Angelou quote: When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.
  6. No wonder Johnny never called her back to begin with.
  7. Apologies if this has been said before, but Ryan has the most resting bitch face I have ever seen on a man.
  8. I don't want to do goat yoga; I just want to spend an hour cuddling the baby goats!
  9. Or have each one have their own toothpaste and squeeze however they want! Are they doing that now? And is each using their own tube of toothpaste? If so, Jose needs to chill out, big time.
  10. Poor Gil. He's 4 days in and already knows he's doomed.
  11. Third time's the charm for Blake. He finally gets what he wants---not making a proposal, but fame, more social media followers and--finally--officially being part of Bachelor Nation.
  12. Justin's trying hard to eke out a few tears. I'm still mesmerized by Kaitlyn's face even after all this time.
  13. Chris was vilified for asking that Racheal have a chance to explain choices she had made. If he had tried to hold Katie, he would be in jail now on assault charges,
  14. Uh, yes, hello, I do know it's just an expression. :) But, as an animal lover-- and especially a cat lover-- I hate that expression. That was just my funny way of saying "boo hiss" to that expression. I'm sure Jose is a perfectly nice person---even if he does need to learn some new expressions. ;)
  15. Did Jose just say there are 1,000 ways to skin a cat????? Jose is officially dead to me.
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