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  1. I just started watching, and I've read comments up until people started commenting on events I haven't seen yet, so I stopped reading. All I really want to say is that Lois can't sing! OMG. If there's anything I learned from watching American Idol, it's to recognize when someone's pitchy. And out of tune. Maybe they're trying to have the actress sing rather than lip sync to someone who actually can sing, thereby saving money by not hiring a decent singer. But ffs, stop torturing the viewing audience. There're enough depressing reasons not to watch this show; don't give us one more.
  2. Remember when the season first started and Taylor referred to herself as a scientist? There was some discussion on this forum about that: what exactly did she do? What was her schooling--was she a grad student? Undergrad? Eventually a chyron (I think it was on one of the offshoots of this show, maybe Couples Couch) showed that her job title had changed to "Technician." Hmmm. . . Just another brick in the wall of Taylor's lies, if you ask me. . . .
  3. Now that the season is over, I kind of feel guilty for ragging on Katie so much. But, in my own defense, low hanging fruit and all that... Oh, and low hanging also applies to her boobs in that dress. There I go again ragging on Katie! Somebody stop me! ; )
  4. From the side she looked a little like La Toya Jackson to me.
  5. From your mouth to God's ears. . .
  6. Yes! Zack is! You go, girl! I obtained a Master's in Counseling, beginning the program not long after I graduated from college. I kind of did it on a lark, and though I did well in my studies, I realized that, at that point of my life, I wasn't ready to counsel anybody. BUT, as someone now older and wiser and with an MA in Counseling, I have two words of advice for Derek: Derek, RUN! I'm wondering if Katie is one of those people that thrives on drama. A red flag was when she said, essentially, we get along better after we fight. Yeah, that intensity works when you're 16 and in love with love. But when you're 26 and married, fighting so that your love will be intense and passionate all the time is exhausting and doesn't bode well for a long term relationship. Again, I say, "Derek, RUN!" There are plenty of women out there that would be ecstatic to have a fun, kind and easygoing guy like you. Love shouldn't be this hard.
  7. Yes, she does have substance and character. She is classy in a way I aspire to be. (Oh my gosh, I'm fangirling over a MAFS participant! File this under "Things I never thought I'd do". . . : )
  8. Katie is so condescending, not only in her words but also in the looks she gives Derek. I'd condescend my way right on out of that relationship. Maybe when Jessica finally tells Austin she loves him, it'll be like the Seinfeld episode where George tells a woman he loves her. She doesn't respond, so he says it again. She then responds, "Yeah, I heard you the first time." ; )
  9. I've heard several mentions of the fact that Producers or Production match the couples, not the experts. Is this true or speculation, does anyone know?
  10. Primetimer's main page states that Claire's season of The Bachelorette has been halted.
  11. People has an article and pictures showing Madi hanging out with Selena Gomez. THIS (and more instagram followers, and possible product endorsements, etc) is why people want to be on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Love is way down on the list.
  12. I loved Meredith. I think she was one of the more "real" contestants on this show.
  13. I think Rachel showed her true colors when she tried as hard as she could on the ATFR (I think that was the episode) to keep Peter from being the next Bachelor. He had told her he didn't think he would be ready to propose by the end of the season. I think she must have decided that if he wasn't going to propose to her, he wasn't going to get a chance to propose to anyone else, at least not as The Bachelor. Bryan's mother, Rachel's family and Barb and Madison haven't crossed Rachel so no, she didn't bad mouth them and/or cut them dead. Ask Raven about being completely dismissed by Rachel, despite being a close friend previously and professing not to know what she did to piss off Queen Rachel.
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