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  1. I understand that Tiffany had therapy before the show to address her hoarding and that's what helped make it so easy (relatively speaking) for her to part with stuff. But I have my suspicions about Becky. She had a lot of emotion that she held in and the fact that they didn't jump at that offer - and still haven't listed the house - makes me think that she has some issues letting go. Maybe she isn't a hoarder but she didn't escape unscathed either. I don't know what houses in that neighborhood sell for - it looked like a nice area - but I think that house would have to be a tear down or a
  2. I feel like it sort of speaks for itself… :)
  3. I thought she looked like a very angry windmill...
  4. Well - they sent him to a two week, board and train. I think Rex will be fine. He's too interested in the doll because it's a toy but I think he will be ok with an actual baby if they supervise carefully (which they will).
  5. Covid? A tragedy, in any event.
  6. Men aren't all the same. They don't all want the same thing. To make this relevant to the show, I don't think Jose wants a bitchy, spunky wife. I think he would be happy with someone even more doormatish than Rachel. I'm not bitchy (though I can be) generally speaking and my husband likes me. He's just not attracted to her. She doesn't have to have bad breath or body odor or be too nice or too much of a doormat. He's just not into her. There were plenty of nice, perfectly "good" guys with no particular specific flaws that I knew and I wasn't attracted to them either. Sometimes it's jus
  7. They were discussing what type of pasta to make, so ... pasta. And Jose grilled chicken. So I'm guessing pasta and sauce plus chicken. Maybe he asked them first if it was ok? Even when I have lost a dog, I'm happy to be around others so it might not have bothered Brett. Honestly, it can be really difficult to find someone to look after a dog on short notice - all the boarding places around here book up far in advance. And I'm picky about who takes care of my dogs. I'd cancel a trip before I'd leave my dogs with just anyone. Finally, we really only saw Hype when they first arrived
  8. I think it's standard protocol for patients of a certain age. I believe my mom said her doctor asks those sorts of things too. When she first went to this practice, the doctor did a whole home-safety discussion asking her all sorts of things. He said "do you have a firearm in your home?" and she answered "oh yes. Several." Her doctor looked shocked and started to ask her questions about where she kept them and how she knew how to use them. This confused mom ... who only just then realized the doctor had asked about fireARMS. Mom heard fire ALARMS and was proud to show off her fire safety skill
  9. I think the episodes are finished, edited and ready to go long before now - and before Bao and Zach would have gotten together - although I don't know a ton about the production schedule. When they were skeet shooting, I was thinking Bao and Ryan would be a good couple. I also thought that Ryan and Michaela might be a good fit though their politics wouldn't align any better than Ryan and Brett's politics do. I also think that Rachel and Gil could have been a good match, although Gil probably wouldn't be able to afford the type of travel that Rachel likes either.
  10. I definitely think she is crazy and I believe DWB is a thing, but I don't think Michaela was even a little bit concerned for his safety. She first told him to leave (repeatedly); then told him she didn't want him to leave. I think it has to do with her particular type of crazy. I also think that, when she first told him to leave, she didn't think he really would. She was hoping the drama would last all night and into the next day (when could then pull the rest of the cast into the middle of it). I think Michaela LOVES drama and loves to be in the middle of it. She knew if Zach left, things wou
  11. Fashion? Fine dining? Travel? And if she can afford them, I don't see why any of those are less valid than any other interests. I don't think that Myrla is disinterested or that she thinks the other people are beneath her. I think that she is very introverted and something of a homebody. I also think that this group hasn't really formed the friendships that the people on other seasons have and that sort of makes sense to me. The only thing that they have in common is being on the show. I think that Myrla has her friends and her family and her life and she was interested in adding a hus
  12. Ashley still has a job. The gig with Whitney was always a side hustle. I am guessing she does. I think she takes medications and she needs a doctor to prescribe them. Most docs won't continue to prescribe if you don't come in for regular visits. Plus, although I don't always agree with all their decisions, Babs and Glenn seem sensible enough to have a doctor and get their regular physicals, etc.
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