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  1. Now I really want pancakes. A big fluffy stack with lots of butter and warm maple syrup...
  2. I thought a real prince would sweep her off her feet and carry her across the puddle? Loved her excuse for packing an overnight bag. It’s not about bringing “negative energy” back to her house and all about hoping Tom is there for a romantic proposal weekend. I can’t tell at this point if she is lying more to us or to herself.
  3. Hooray! That makes me so happy! How are the double ovens???
  4. Oh - they'll be huge and up to hear earlobes - because she will never stop with the surgery. And put on the jacket or take it off but stop with that ridiculous hanging off your shoulders look! It's not a superhero cape!
  5. I think they were the Austin and Jessica of their season - I didn't see too many "real" problems but production had to amp up what they had to work with...
  6. "Butt to butt" actually - which made sense - it would make it much harder to steal anything from them. It's one of the few things that Kody has ever said or done that was logical.
  7. What? I thought it was illegal to drive cars that are not insured.
  8. I hope they are together and happy and living a normal life of extravagant, double oven meals! Staying away from the MAFS shitshow is proof of solid decision making in my book!
  9. Packing. Moving. Arguing. There you go!
  10. If they only need to store it for a few days, that actually makes sense. Otherwise they rent a storage unit for a minimum of a month, unload them, then rent trucks again in a few days, reload them and live the stuff back.
  11. They are renting them by the day until they figure out if they are closing or living yet again. if they are living in a fully furnished rental they they are buying, why not put “their” stuff in storage until they move to Coyote Pass and live with the stuff in the rent-to-own? Can they really not live without mementos for two years? And are they going to sell all the stuff in the rent-to-own?
  12. I never thought about it until now, by why is Kody legally married to any of his wives? If it truly doesn’t matter which wife is the legal one, why marry anyone?
  13. I don't think so - it's not illegal. The whole point of "earnest money" is to give the seller an assurance that a buyer will not back out but for the buyer, earnest money keeps the seller from accepting a higher offer that might be made after their offer has been accepted. I believe the wording is such that a potential buyer can back out for any reason; something could turn up on inspection they don't like or their circumstances could change before closing that makes the purchase untenable. It's not a particularly nice or honest thing to do, to put in an offer, pay the earnest money and know all along that you intend to back out, but I don't think it's illegal. I would also think that your realtor would not want to work with you knowing that it's your intention as the realtor doesn't want to be associated with that sort of dishonesty.
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