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  1. That would make me sad. I have a few that I'm pulling for...
  2. It's not, really, though. It's supposed to be 90 days to get married. You're supposed to already know each other, be in love and engaged and decided that you want to be married. The 90 days should be more than enough to actually get married, especially since you can do it legally with a stop at the courthouse. What none of these couples ever seem to understand is that all the work of getting to know one another and build a relationship that they are trying to cram into the 90 days should be done before they get the visa. I realize that means most of these couples would never get together, if f
  3. I think she went on it for a lark. She had some down time between finishing medical school and starting residency and I think she just figured it would be a QUIRKY thing to do. Because she's QUIRKY.
  4. This episode was really disturbing. It's clear that everyone hero worships Be, but it seemed clear to me that everything people loved about Be - her constant cleaning, her outgoing nature, her readiness to host 50 people in her house at the drop of a hat - were all symptoms of a manic phase. I think the family has completely sugar coated her memory and the thing they dislike most about Carol is that she is not Be. I disliked Carol intensely but I also felt sorry for her. I think that she really did love Dave and the family was clearly never going to believe that she was with him for any reason
  5. It seems to just be the original episode with some spliced in interviews with the professionals...
  6. I don't know that it's a requisite but I think the millennial and younger don't see the big deal about a flash of side boob or seeing nipples through a shirt.
  7. I made salmon in the crock pot one time and it was fine - but kind of pointless since fish cooks so quickly anyway...
  8. I think Erik was a little allergic to cats. He could take antihistamines and be ok (not that he should have to, but I don't think he had a serious allergy). They could manage fine with the cat when they were "in love." They seemed to have bigger issues around dog training. I'd love to be - I just don't have the skin for it. I didn't notice that Myrla had particularly good skin (or bad); her skin tone seemed uneven to me so I would have gone with some light foundation to even it all out. But yeah - her choice.
  9. I am too lazy to go through them all but evidently the almost-naked look is a Berta hallmark... https://www.berta.com/bridal-couture/collections/. Do we know anything about the budget for the dresses? Does the show cover that or give them any sort of budget or are they on the hook for their own gown cost?
  10. I just ordered a tuna sub from Subway on Ubereats. Does that count as "cooking from raw?"
  11. Ugh. They used to show it - don't the spouses choose rings for one another? I guess I sort of get it - you don't want to have to wear a ring that you don't like for the rest of your life. But all of them seem to get rather small, innocuous wedding bands (I'm sure they are on a budget). If they stayed together (I don't see that happening), Gil could always bling things up for her later on. But to start off on the honeymoon, scoffing at the ring your spouse chose for you, seems to be entirely missing the point of MAFS. I don't think that Myrla wanted to get married. I think she wanted to be
  12. I have really good luck at consignment shops, particularly with bags and shoes. Somehow Myrla doesn't strike me as the type to "do" consignment but I can sometimes find very high-end things that have the original tags attached and have never been used. I liked it too (it's not my style and I could never pull it off) and thought it fit her perfectly, I didn't love the foam cups; I think there is a way to do that look at cover the nipples without those heavy pads but I think that would be an even more expensive, carefully constructed gown. I think the panel also holds the dress
  13. I had just about recovered from that display when your post brought it up again for me...
  14. I think she affords her lifestyle the same way Chris afforded his... debt.
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