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  1. Elizzikra

    S09.E10: Are You Committed?

    I think it was on Unfiltered and Jamie O. Asked Iris if she had had oral sex. She said yes. I can’t recall if she specifically said she had been giver, receiver or both.
  2. Elizzikra

    S09.E10: Are You Committed?

    So far he isn't wrong. He is in fact BS'ing his way through and Amber isn't really calling him out for who he is and what he's doing.
  3. Th only cast member missing from the cast photo is Iris’s virginity. Maybe she didn’t have anything suitable to wear. I like the way Iris’s head is strategically placed to cover Elizabeth’s boob overshare. I think Deonna is wearing a romper but the color is great, it’s neither too low cut nor too short and she is positively beaming...
  4. Do we know that he didn’t pay? I think it takes a lot of strength to forgive and forgiveness doesn’t make someone a fool. Repeated bad treatment from the same person might...
  5. Elizzikra

    S09.E10: Are You Committed?

    That pissed me off too. "Clearing my head" is not a place. It does not answer the question, "where were you?" I'll give Matt this much - I think on the rare occasions he is with Amber, she cannot leave him alone. Instead of dealing with that, he leaves altogether, and without the basic decency or respect for the person he married, he doesn't tell her where he is or respond to any of her calls or texts. I was also irritated that Amber said their problem is that they don't spend enough time together. That isn't their problem (or maybe it is) but it's separate and different from "he stays out all night and I don't know where he is." He could spend all day every day with her and disappear overnight and there would still be a problem. He could be cheating. He could just be immature enough to think that staying out all night drinking and then passing out on someone's sofa is a good time. He could just really dislike Amber and not want to be in the same space with her for any longer than it takes for them to have sex. I don't know. But even if he follows her minimal "rules" their marriage will still be miserable. They need to give it up now and move on. He's good at it. That mind is as blank a slate as I've ever seen. I am so sick and tired of this plural marriage - Keith, Iris and Iris's virginity. Her virginity is like an entirely third entity in their marriage and on this show. I'm slightly more fond of Iris's virginity than I am of Matt, Jamie and Elizabeth. It reminds me of a girl I knew in college who was going on a date with a guy she'd been seeing. When she got back, I asked her how it went. "The three of us had the best time" she answered. I looked puzzled. "Yeah - me, New Guy, and God." That's what I think of every time someone mentions Iris's virginity. And while I'm on the topic, Iris, virginity and sexuality are NOT the same thing. You can have a whole sexual identity even as a virgin. Any time sexuality is mentioned, she throws the v-card. It's not all there is! I was embarrassed for her during the dice game - her behavior was so juvenile. Keith wasn't even allowed to touch her boob! He has the patience of a saint.
  6. My gal Deaonna is looking adorable in this photo...
  7. But wasn't Karine pregnant when Paul's mom turned him down the first time? Maybe once the baby arrived she wavered?
  8. Dunno. Responding to questions about why we haven't seen or heard about Daniel's birth father?
  9. That's about $13.50 an hour. I don't think that you get that shoveling cow manure but it's not a king's ransom either. I wonder if it occurred to either of them that they would need to earn a decent salary to support themselves and a child before they got pregnant?
  10. Elizzikra

    S09.E09: One Month Down, Never to Go

    I'm actually pretty attracted to men who are nice to me (and I'm a woman). I think this is a stereotype and like all stereotypes, it just won't die. I think Deonna is suspicious of how nice Greg is - how he really seems too good to be true. I waited a long time to get married and I adore my husband. Sure he has a purpose in life beyond me in that he has a job and hobbies and friends - but then again, one of the things I love most about him is that our marriage and our family are his top priority. I think Greg is like that. As long as we have been together, I still pinch myself sometimes wondering if this is real; waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think that's Deonna in a nutshell. In response, I quote myself: I didn't watch last night's episode yet so unless Deonna said "I only want sex once every 8 weeks" in last night's episode, she has yet to state this as her preference.
  11. That's truly awful. RIP Roger.
  12. Couldn't she just close down her social media and quit her show?
  13. Is the difference all due to plastic surgery and other procedures or has she lost some weight as well? She's so short that even five pounds one way or another could make a visible difference.
  14. Frederick, Maryland. I would consider it an exurb of both Baltimore and DC, though some consider it a suburb, albeit a long commute with traffic. It used to be a pretty rural, "rednecky" area but as the close in suburbs hit their threshold for building and got increasingly expensive, more and more people moved out there. Like a lot of places, there is a mix of housing - from inexpensive to very expensive, custom-built mansions. Like a lot of places, there is some crime, but it's not generally thought of as "high crime" or particularly dangerous. I would lock my doors but I would do that wherever I live. I also lock my car but it was broken into a few weeks ago - on my driveway. Apparently there's a thing that thieves can use to remote into your car if your key is within a certain distance, even if the key is in the house (which mine was). There wasn't much of value in there but it irritated me. I think it's pretty common, at least in the US, for rehabs to hire former addicts as entry level counselor types. It helps with their recovery and they have a perspective and ability to relate to the addicts that non-addicts don't have. The first time I was robbed was an apartment that I lived in. Nice neighborhood but our door backed to a wooded area and the complex was full of professionals so there was no foot traffic during the day. The thieves basically body slammed the door (which turned out to be a relatively common foam-center door instead of a sturdier solid wood door) until the doorjam splintered. Not particularly elegant but very effective. As Ronald says "if they want to come in, they'll come in."
  15. Elizzikra

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    He’s fed Megan My Queen that line of bullshit before so it shouldn’t surprise her...