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  1. Yes, her name is Joy. I seem to remember that one of the sisters had to be some kind of a donor (bone marrow) for the other? I could be way off and am just thinking about a Lifetime movie! (And I have NO idea why I remember her sister's name). ETA - Oops, sorry. This has NOTHING to do with today's show.
  2. To me, this was a combo of Unreal (which I LOVED for the first season) and So You Think You Can Dance. I do wish Scott Foley was a little nicer, but I am guessing he will be. While Swan Lake was a horrible choice for untrained dancers, I agree that this show is not about dancers. I am hoping it sticks around long enough to build some good relationships, but I am afraid it will get pulled sooner rather than later. I am willing to stick with it for the ride.
  3. OK, just have to give a shout out to QVC Customer Service/Social Team. I sent a note yesterday asking about a missing package (surprise! That Never happens!). Anyway, I got a response within a few minutes that their system was down and they would look into it. This morning I got another note asking if I wanted a replacement since they were unable to track the package and within 5 minutes of responding, they had it sent out with upgraded shipping. I think the best avenue for any kind real help is that social team. They are empowered to make things right and are super responsive. OK - back to ou
  4. I just have to say that this is a horrible dress on ANYONE! Yes, it looks a bit better on Josie than Blabby, but it is awful on both of them.
  5. Or, Gwen will be pregnant and Sarah will return with their baby!!!
  6. Actually, when Myrla said that she was going to make Gil some keto chocolate chip cookies, it makes sense. Sometimes it is just easier to make your own meals and since she does work from home, that means three meals a day. It does get OLD and I can totally understand her need to go out to eat a nice brunch and a dinner or two.
  7. Has there been any news about Linsey G returning to play Sarah? So glad that Xander found out and loved how Gwen is just sitting there in bed as he races to get out of there. (Not a Gwen fan at all.)
  8. The sad part about those Throwback pics is that some them aren't even close to what we have seen lately! Blabby Sue's dress reminds me of that hideous couch cover monstrosity Kim K wore to the Met Gala one year.
  9. That wreath looks like a funeral wreath. I think they hung one when Rhett and Scarlett's daughter Bonnie died in GWTW.
  10. Well, he DID tell Pastor Cal that he likes her (which was the first time she heard that), but that he wasn't feeling romantically connected YET. I still can't believe all those cards! I don't think I could think of 100 things to say about someone who I have known forever! ETA - I think of all of the couples, she is the only one I will be sorry that she gets hurt. She really likes him and she really wants this.
  11. I had one of those things and was trying to dice a potato. Not only could I NOT do it, I couldn't get it out and ended up taking it to work so one of the guys could get it out for me. How embarrassing!!!
  12. Do you mean that she, herself, is miserable and unhappy? Or that she makes US miserable? I vote for number two!
  13. I was glad that Johnny and Bao found some happy time and I liked Happy Bao, right up until that fake scene in bed where she whispered that she wanted to work her way into his heart like a parasite. WTF??? She is smart enough to know that a parasite is not a desirable thing to be! I have no use for Myrla. Her continued snobbery and air of superiority is just too much. OK, she didn't ask her sweet hubby to give her a foot rub, but he offered and she accepted, so put the damn phone down. And don't tell him that he is only marginal at foot rubs! I know many people who would LOVE to have their
  14. I haven't seen it yet, but that reminds me of a man I spent time with who told me once that he figured that he only listened to about 30% of what I had to say. He said it so matter-of-factly that my jaw just dropped and I was speechless. I think he was a bigger jerk than Jose, though.
  15. OK then, 20 minutes in and no comments yet? Since it is not on in AZ for 2 1/2 hours, I always read here first before deciding whether to watch. Not looking good so far! ETA- I am trying to figure out which of these couples could be close to using the "L" word and can't even imagine any of them. Oh, I guess Rachel and Jose might think they want to say it, even though neither of them really feels it.
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