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  1. She has at least 12 layers of some kind of foundation on in those pictures - they are horrifying! AND then the lashes. Yikes.
  2. I don't either, but I have seen the movie. Her comment was incredibly offensive and disgusting.
  3. How could you leave out our most favorite model, Caroline??? Another of the size or two too small brigade.
  4. That's actually a really good idea. Gwen will need an organ and of course, the only match will be Abby. (Or they could go to Gabi since she seems to be the universal donor.) But, I think that will have to wait since I think Kate has the next illness SL.
  5. I haven't seen a count down clock in forever. Maybe it was on Q2 with the OAP since they wouldn't have to do all the sales pitch stuff like on regular QVC. That would be one less thing for them to have to worry about? Or was it on regular QVC?
  6. Didn't someone post that G.I.LI Jill was 45? She looks wayyyyyyyy older than that in those robe pics.
  7. So, what do you all think about that spoilerish post above that says that Paulina is really Lani's mother? How would that work with Abe being her father? So Lani and Chanel would be half-sisters instead of cousins. All I know is that if this gives Lani more storylines, I say NO.
  8. You forgot the sudden availability of facial masks of everyone in Salem that magically turns the wearer into that person, regardless of weight, height, build, or sex.
  9. Thanks for the recap. Those of us who watched that mid-season show with Kevin Frazier and a few social media people saw the scene at D Day with Chris and Paige, which I think is what you are referring to.
  10. I am guessing it has something to do with the calls/orders they get during the actual program hours. There is no other way they can attribute any sales to any host. I don't know if they can measure it down to which host presented which product and how many of those were sold during the presentation. I know that I often will wait to decide if I NEED something and will never buy anything when Shawn presents it, so their metrics can't really be very accurate. Maybe they just go with the sales during the show. I am sure that David is their number 1 top seller, since they always include presentatio
  11. LOL - I wonder who refuses to decide - NOT! That is so phoney. I saw I in the latest TV guide that the following week is the Reunion - Part 1. So they must be dragging that out, too, but that one I will watch. Especially if Kevin Frazier gets to interview Chris!
  12. It's probably going to be purchased by well-meaning grandmothers for their grandchild's Christmas present. And those grandmothers will be disappointed when the gift recipient leaves the computer at Grandma's house for when they come to visit.
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