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  1. It has LONG been speculatated that she has LOTS of options under that table!
  2. I wonder if that is going to replace her 90-day dry commitment she and Joe made? I am thinking we won't hear about that one anymore - she will be thrilled if she can make it through January.
  3. They both helped Kristen escape, so she is blackmailing both if them to do whatever she says. Plus, Ava wants to keep Gwen from telling about Ava's part. And, Ava now sees how vulnerable Gwen is and that she will be able to get her to keep doing evil deeds or else she will tell Xander.
  4. I have been watching since the beginning and now, if I miss a show, I don't bother to go find it or record it. Lori has become too obnoxious and self-important for me. Mr. Obnoxious is just too annoying and HAS to add his comments/opinion in every situation, even if he is out. EVERY time there is something physical to try, Robert jumps in. It would be nice to mix it up a bit. I really don't like it when the shark won't let people listen for other offers, but, I guess if you are Mark Cuban and you make someone an offer, they should take it! I also tend to go look at Amazon if I like someth
  5. She said that he had trouble walking and it would be too hard for him. That doesn't explain why they didn't have him seated and join her at the end to give her away. Actually, she did say that she was NEVER attracted to him. Yes, they had sex and she played the game, but, she said she was never attracted.
  6. AND she specifically said, "No bald men." Myrla, meet Gil, your new bald husband with a pit bull. ETA - I do think Alyssa might be Jewish, but I think if that were very important to her, she would have mentioned it when she was going down her list. It seems like they are usually matched with important things like that (although not so much with Clara and Ryan) or if not the same religion, matched with someone who is flexible (like Bennett and Amelia).
  7. Wow - her body looked so different then. She was even a bit heavy. Much better than being a skeleton. At least she looked like a female. And, yes, she was/is a total fame whore.
  8. LOL - I read that (Kyle Lowder) Rex is leaving again. Have we even seen him other than to tell his story about Sarah? Oh well, he picked up a few dollars.
  9. I don't necessarily think she gets off on it, but she doesn't even consider it. The very definition of a narcissist.
  10. What does Chris actually do? His groomsmen made it sound like he was in some kind of professional coaching/teaching type thing. Alyssa said he looked like a realtor, but is that what he really does? There are lots of comments about him selling, but is that what he does or just responding to Alyssa's perceptions? And where does frisbee golf fit in - just a hobby? Imagine that - an activity that COULD be fun, so of course, that is beneath her. And, I must say, his groomsmen did him no favors and sure did present the worst things about him. I would be nervous, too, but would want to see for mysel
  11. Apparently, the buzz word that the grooms were told to use a lot is "vulnerable." Maybe they get paid extra for every time they weave it into a conversation. It always reminds me of Michael from Michael and Meka, although he never pronounced it correctly.
  12. Not many people seemed to watch this. I am sure it doesn't help that Lifetime scheduled what looks like a terrible show between 2 hours of MAFS and then another hour of a bad show and THEN After party. I was sound asleep by then!
  13. Because they make good drama. She didn't want anyone other than a model with glowing white teeth and figured that if she couldn't land one herself, maybe the show could do it for her, because that is who she deserves, doncha know?
  14. Supposedly, as she told production, while Chris was out in the hall like he was waiting for the principal, that he said that in the elevator and she was done.
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