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  1. Here is an update: I just got a reply from a person in Customer Care. She said they appreciate my feedback about Shawn and her comments and that my feedback will be reviewed by the appropriate team leaders. I don't think anything will change, but I do appreciate the fact that my concern was replied to on a Sunday and less than 24 hours after I wrote it. (LOL - I just reread the comments I sent to them and boy, was I mad! I made several typos, and really blasted her, saying that what she said was ignorant and disrespectful, just like she is. I also blamed QVC management for letting her do/say whatever she wants to, even if it is driving customers away and that even for Shawn, who apparently has no boundaries, this was over the top. Yikes!)
  2. I will admit, since I buy so much less, I don't usually even watch these days, although I will take a glance at Shawn and am usually rewarded with some kind of imbecility (if that is a word). But, when I read about her shortening the name of one of the Jewish High Holidays, I was livid! If she wants to be (and is allowed/encouraged) to be disrespectful and insulting to a religion, let her pick on her own! I did file a complaint at QVC, but am not expecting a response. She is too offensive to exist on television -even on a shopping network.
  3. Definitely not happy that Kristen is still onscreen in 2 weeks.
  4. Thanks for mentioning that it was on Unfiltered where Amani's nose seemed different. I couldn't figure out where that was shown in the weekly show. I don't watch that because of the host. Also, did anyone else notice that when Bennett's tin foil covered friends showed up, Amelia hugged them both and THEN Bennett introduced them? Either she greets everyone who comes to their home with a hug, or figured out that they were friendly aliens, or it was more production silliness.
  5. It was talked about at the beginning of the season when she was trying on wedding dresses and it was on display. One of the bridesmaids mentioned it to Bennett at the wedding and he loved it!
  6. In the REAL world, no way would Melinda be able to prosecute Kristen, since she has a personal bias and would have had to recuse herself. I hope that Kristen is thrown in jail and never seen again. Maybe they could use that as a cause for appeal, though. For me, the only "shocker" would be if they had a story I was interested in. I haven't watched since Sami name back, and reading spoilers and summaries are all I need these days.
  7. I would have said something like, "Pastor Cal, isn't that WHY people go on a reality show?" And, yes, Karen is definitely in need of some serious therapy.
  8. LOL - you guys are great! Sounds like I can miss the whole first half. (I LOVE that we don't get the show until long after you do on the east coast.)
  9. I am going to be out for a while and will miss the first half hour. It sounds like I am not going to bother to record it to see if I miss anything!
  10. I always got the feeling that David never talks about his personal life because of his "old lady" viewers. I haven't heard any calls who wanted to introduce him to their granddaughters, who he would be perfect for, in a while, but they used to call in all the time. I think he wanted to keep it safe from those people who wouldn't have a clue and they might not like him anymore. Stupid, but there are still families who want to deny it within their families. That is sad. I hope that David has a very happy personal life, and I am glad he has a partner (if he does).
  11. There was no clothing presentation. David asked if the "foodies" wanted to know about her sweater, Mary said YES and mentioned the number and it showed on the screen with her accessories a couple of times during ITKWD. She didn't even stand up to model the clothes - just gave the number.
  12. I wonder if Miles could set up a meeting with Keith from last season so they can talk about how they were matched with beautiful women who are too emotionally immature to talk about sex.
  13. Wow - that spoiler for November sure assumes that people will still be watching. Not me! My Sami-free summer is extending indefinitely and nothing is making me regret that. Not one bit. But, I will still keep reading!
  14. Somehow, I have a feeling that Miles' calendar joke is going to be the topic of Unfiltered and he is going to get the blame instead of Karen, who needs to lighten up.
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