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  1. I wonder if she has her page that way because I've read other replies etc. on other Twitter accounts, and I don't have one. Nevermind - it does appear that's changed for Twitter. Boooo!!
  2. It is in the same location as your football career. Boi bye!
  3. THIS! Sheree does not get that you will serve ALL your time on federal charge! Out in two years?!? Bye Girl! LOL! Sheree tried with Kandi and the 'drinking problem' and I LOVED Kandi checking her too. She said this...that sounds like a problem. I'm not changing! LOL!! I love Kandi!
  4. Well Kroy did tell Andy that he (Andy) had the power to stop them from coming at Kim. So I think they may be similar or the same or he heavily drinking her kook-aid (kool-aid but I kinda think the typo may fit after tonight lol) Just...BYE WIG for real!!
  5. I'm still trying to catch up on the thread but it doesn't look like the same ring to me. Becca's was more oval and looked large in scale. Lauren's appears more radiant or square shape. Soo he made sure he didn't have to buy a ring lol! ETA: Arie didn't purchase. The credits noted engagement ring provided by Neil Lane.
  6. SO MUCH THIS!! I just watched and that really pissed me off. No accountability, and he talks in this manner that you don't realize until later - wait a minute he said what?!? (Which surprised me that Becca wasn't harder on him).
  7. Lincoln right?!? Though they were all good-looking guys. I am a bit disappointed to see she is doing the show. BUT hot damn I'll take Lincoln off her hands LOL!
  8. Indeed. The credits have "Producers are grateful for #bachelornation"
  9. Single and loving it!! I dealt with a narcissist like Arie. He moved to Australia - you know it is 'different' there etc (not a diss this idiots words). Funny how the same issues 'found' him LOL!!! I could see through my pixelated TV that Arie was not wanting to propose to Becca and it was another 'where's the love?' proposal. Man up and own your feelings. Don't make someone go through crap, have them process your supposed 'truthfulness about feeling for another woman still but help me please' shit, propose to no one and sort your shit out! He gave her a test run and decided nope,
  10. My antenna was messing up but I got a total Stepford Wives vibe with Arie's family. Lauren looks like all the women that were there. She does not look like Emily at all to me. Emily has much stronger, sharper features. Lauren is pretty but they are not the same too me. Arie has no swagger either.
  11. Yes, as soon as she gives him what he 'thinks' he wants, he'll be done with her too. Wimp!
  12. Yup! He wanted her to make him feel better.
  13. I've never gotten the appeal about him. He's clearly missing many things including a backbone. Me me me! No wonder he didn't want to deal with Krystal - they'd compete for attention! LEAVE DUDE!!!!
  14. Part 2 tomorrow!!! No end this crap now and never do it again.
  15. I'll come get you (I'm in Chicago) and will drive you myself!!!
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