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  1. Well lightening may struck twice in the same place but it's highly unlikely. My guess is he's convinced he's the next Richard Marx.Richard's dad was a jungle writer too and one of them wrote the famous, "two scoops of raisins, two scoops of raisins in Kelloggs Raisin Bran!" But like I said what's the odds of that, right? Richard Marx was extremely fortunate ( dad in the business) and talented. So dream on Jed but I'm not waiting on your equivalent to "Right Here Waiting" to come out anytime soon.
  2. I'm pretty sure that was on Nick's season. It was in an old southern plantation and it was during the episode they were in New Orleans. Something about not touching the dolls and then a doll dissappeared. Silly stuff. I remember the escape room 1on 1 but can't remember who's season it was.
  3. I remember that group date and yes the guys were horrible spellers. Can't remember for sure which season it was but I want to say it was either JoJo:'s or Rachel's.
  4. I've been noticing her missing too which is strange because (contrary to your wishes Judy) she seemed to be all in for Hannah on Colton's season. Or at least until I stopped reading her posts, (which sure gave that indication) so unless she's changed her mind I would probably find another partner in snark. But as they say different strokes for different folks. I personally am loving Hannah as bette and count me as one who had serious doubts about her being ready. She's been a pleasant surprise for me so far. Seriously though I hope everything is fine with her.
  5. For the most part I'm enjoying Hannah and all her quirks. And on a shallow note she may not be the most attractive bette they've had but that's ok because I relate more to that. She is a pretty lady. But I will say (as someone else pointed out earlier) her and/or her stylist are killing it. Red is definitely her color. I've noticed she's wore it more than once and looks great in it. She has a very attractive figure as well. When she wears sleeveless gowns you can see her arms are very toned. The last Bette I remember looking that good in her clothes with a great figure was JoJo.
  6. Someone pointed out in the episode thread that they thought Taysia wasn't really that much into Colton and was just playing nice. She's also the one whose been divorced. According to some google searches I found out she is over 100,000 in debt after said divorce. Which has only been recent. If she made it to final 4 and then got eliminated she would have a great chance at getting the bette spot. Which we know pays in the six figure range. Could this have something to do with what the others were picking up on, I wonder??
  7. It's when the women run to the Bachelor when they first see him (usually on a one on one) and jump into his arms and wrap their legs around him. It's the wrapping the legs around him that's key to the BH. It's totally unnecessary but it's been done so many times now that it would seem out of the ordinary (but welcome) if they didn't.
  8. I was one who swore I would not watch but broke down and caught a episode. I wanted to be at least a little familiar with the women as to know the next Bette somewhat. But I have to agree that the season is going much better than I expected. He's actually pulling off that he's interested in these women's lives and is way more articulate than I thought he would be. I agree as @HappyDancex2 said that he's not as boring as Arie was. But I don't believe for a instant that he's actually wanting to be married at the end of this. Like Nick Viall or Jordan Rogers I believe he's hoping to parlay this
  9. Also remember on Arie's season when he flew Krystal to Scotsdale to meet his family early on in the season on a one on one. Lots of comments about how odd and premature that was. And I don't trust the editing at all on this show. Misleading to say the least. Yeah I noticed that too. Made sure she got her digs in at Arie and Colton didn't she? Wonder how much ass she had to kiss to get that spot?
  10. My choice would be between Hannah G or Tayshia. Both are gorgeous in their own unique way and I think either would be popular with the men. I guess opinions could change slightly to favor one over the other as the season progresses but as of right now my choice would be between one of those two.
  11. Exactly. This is an old production trick anyway. How many times I've screamed at the tv, "have you never seen the premise of this show", when these girls come up with this bs. And for so much crying I never saw one tear. She had to turn her head at one point to pretend to wipe tears. After all that I'm sure she'll end up on BIP. This show is getting so obvious. And a bad actress to boot. What is she, like 12? That was embarrassing.
  12. I thought it was, designated ugly fat friend. According to my teenage daughter that's what the 2015 teen movie, The Duff intended it to mean.
  13. I have never not watched because I hated who they picked. Colton is the first time I've considered it but funnily enough the one thing that made me reconsider was knowing I wouldn't be familiar with the Bachelorette or BIP'ers. I guess I will just have to muddle through it since I am hopelessly addicted to this silly show! Hopefully he won't be as bad as I thought he would be.
  14. I don't feel sorry for him at the moment and can't see changing my mind or watching his season although it's a long time between now and January and disappointment can wane over time. And TPTB have a way of changing our viewpoints depending on their editing. I have a feeling the producers will be painting Colton in as good a light as possible based on the viewer backlash over him being chosen. You would think they would have to be worried about their ratings but Reality Steve brought up a good point. Which is that they probably aren't worried because every year they have people who threaten to
  15. According to Reality Steve he has a big following on IG (I think it was or possibly Twitter) way more than Jason or Blake. Must be a silent majority then because where are they? Why aren't they speaking up in support of him? I don't know, nothing about this pick makes sense.
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