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  1. She was working for Peter Gregory's investment firm, and she was an associate, not an assistant. The consistent thing about her character is that she's always had a finance background, so it's not too far-fetched that she's the CFO of Pied Piper now. BTW, Peter Gregory was a fantastic character and the late Christopher Evan Welch is sorely missed.
  2. It was also a great bit of continuity - there was an episode in an earlier season where Russ had Butterfly playing on his car stereo.
  3. I'm the same way, and I was surprised how simple I found the plant-based diet. It doesn't get much simpler than opening a can of beans, chopping and steaming/roasting/sauteeing some vegetables, cooking a batch of brown rice or quinoa to last several days (you can even cook a bigger batch and freeze some for later use), etc. I sometimes cook more elaborate recipes on the weekends, but it's comforting to know that I can always make a meal in 20 minutes or less with five ingredients or less.
  4. I get where you're coming from, but I think this is the price Chrissy is paying for getting to have an extremely successful acting career. It's impossible for any story to have a character of her size and not focus on her weight at all. As someone said in another thread, Dan Fogelman originally wanted a character who was his sister's size, but not to make her story all about the weight. His sister told him that when you're that big, everything revolved around your weight.
  5. I don't know that that's possible - the day-to-day of tech, even "cutting edge" tech like AI, is pretty tedious. AI, at its core, is just applied math (current AI is based on statistics, linear algebra, and calculus/optimization; old-school AI was based on logic) - not the sort of thing that has wide appeal. 😁
  6. As an AI professional, I have to make a public service announcement that the deus ex machina that saved the day isn't remotely possible currently. It's just as bogus as "middle-out compression" itself. The earlier part where Anton reasoned that the most efficient way to reduce buggy code was to delete it was a much more accurate reflection of the current state of the art. I loved that Big Head memorized the entire SSH key just from looking at it once, I knew he has to be good at *something*. And "Bitchard" on both Jian Yang's and Monica's phones was low-brow but funny.
  7. Next time you're faced with Cool Whip or other non-food items posing as food, repeat the famous Michael Pollan quote in your mind: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." 😄
  8. The problem with this approach is that it's a quick, temporary "fix" that doesn't work long-term and can actually cause harm. Permanent, healthy weight loss requires permanent lifestyle (and mindset) changes. Especially for someone who is as overweight as Kate, where it's not just a few vanity pounds. Eating a lot of animal products is unhealthy regardless how much water you drink. The book How Not To Die, written by a physician, cites over 2000 studies on nutrition and diseases (there are many other books on the subject, but this one seems to be the most rigorous in terms of research). I don't know of any studies specifically that compare "extremely low carbs diets versus being fat", because that seems like an arbitrary and unscientific constraint, an apples to oranges comparison if you will - there are many ways to not be fat that don't involve low-carb diets. A diet that includes fruit and vegetables would not be low carb, as fruit and vegetables are mostly made up of carbs. I think the most important thing is to separate hype from science. None of the fads like Atkins, Keto, etc., are based on long-term, rigorous research. They lead to quick short-term weight loss in some people, but the same can be said about chemotherapy. Just because something causes weight loss doesn't mean it's healthy.
  9. Dehydration is a well-documented side effect of extremely low-carb diets. It doesn't get any lower-carb than eating only steak, so he very likely *is* dehydrated. He's also missing out on may essential nutrients due to not eating fruit and vegetables, which contributes to the gauntness. Tempeh is made from soy, which is a legume, and if Toby travels with it, it means he eats it on a regular basis, therefore he doesn't adhere to the typical CrossFit diet. It seems like you're making assumptions about his diet based on his chosen form of exercise, but that doesn't square with what we've been shown.
  10. I loved the expressions on Scarlett's and Carina's faces when Lottie was going on an on about her musical training. And then Dean just cut her off mid-sentence and declared himself the project manager, didn't think he had that in him. He might be a contender after all. (I used to think that Pamela would win, but after the criticism from Karren and Lord Sugar this week, I'm not so sure.) I'm a bit sad about Thomas's firing since I really wanted to see how he'd do in the interview round, but I guess there was no way to justify keeping him over someone else when he'd lost eight out of nine tasks.
  11. Eating only steak is extremely unhealthy. There are thousands of studies that have shown that eating excessive amounts of red meat (and animal products in general) is harmful (and that the healthiest populations on the planet eat plant-centric diets). I wouldn't listen to anything this guy says, no matter what credentials he claims to have. But Toby's diet is not conducive to extreme weight loss, so it wouldn't make sense for him to suddenly be lean and gaunt. It sounds like he's eating plant-based and high-calorie, so his rate of weight loss is much slower than if he only ate steak like that idiot Jordan Peterson. The goal of a (whole food) plant-based diet is not to lose large amounts of weight, it's to achieve and maintain optimal health. While people who start out overweight do lose weight, they still get all the essential nutrients and sufficient calories, thus avoiding the gaunt look.
  12. The thing about nut cheese is that it has more calories per ounce than full-fat dairy cheese, and less protein. It's not a "diet food" in any way, it's just a plant-based alternative for people who can't or won't eat dairy. Toby did also mention tempeh, so it sounds like he may be eating 100% plant-based and taking it to the extreme. FWIW, I eat mostly plant-based as well, but I don't travel with coolers of specially prepared food, and in general I avoid processed food like tempeh or tofu. You can find a healthy meal almost anywhere if you keep it simple, and I'm sure there were enough staples at Randall and Beth's house for Toby to throw together a simple meal like a baked sweet potato with some canned black beans and mashed avocado. The gaunt look comes from dehydration. People who pose for that kind of picture tend to eat extremely low-carb and take diuretics for days/weeks beforehand to achieve that look. Plus if Toby is eating a lot of nut cheese and other pseudo-healthy foods, his calorie intake is still very high. Weight loss is 90% dependent on diet. (One of the reasons I don't do CrossFit or other extreme forms of exercise is that they make me ravenous and I end up undoing any results by overeating. It works much better for me do 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise like Pilates or barre, which makes me less hungry and more mindful, thus leading to better food choices.)
  13. "Relevance" in the entertainment industry is relative. One could argue that people like Ashley I, Jade, Carly, and Amanda have stayed "relevant" because they're still making a good living from their Bachelor fame (via social media following). The gossip websites still report on their life events like weddings, children, arrests (in Amanda's case), etc. One could also argue that Hannah has a much higher profile and larger following than the aforementioned people, so if they have figured out a way to stay "relevant" and make a lot of money over the years, she will too. (My hunch is that she'll get a book deal and then end up with a semi-successful TV career like Ali and Jillian.)
  14. Then it would be Deja's choice and not something for which Randall can be mad at Kevin.
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