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    I thought that was extremely wasteful and unrealistic, even for a wealthy person. Who stocks their fridge full of groceries when they know they're about to go out of town? Even if she gets her groceries delivered, it only takes a few taps on the phone to pause or reschedule a delivery. And I can't imagine someone being so tone-deaf that they wouldn't offer the groceries to their housekeeper first before asking her to throw them away. I'm sure that there exist some people who would do that, but I don't think it's the norm for wealthy people. Most wealthy people (at least the self-made ones) are
  2. We all have personal traits that are self-sabotaging and hold us back from our goals. The most successful people I know are very conscious of how they hold themselves back and are constantly working to overcome that. You are right to set boundaries and also right that your workplace won't change to suit your personality. No workplace is perfect, and many are terrible, but we are always 100% in control of how we react to a situation. I know this is much harder than it sounds, but it's what needs to be done if we don't want to go through life constantly feeling like a victim of our circumstances
  3. They did have a nanny last season. I guess the nanny exists or doesn't exist based on what the plot demands.
  4. I wonder what was the meaning behind Taylor watching an old Bachelor In Paradise episode (the one where Ashley I. and Jared got engaged). It's a trashy reality show about cis-gender, mostly heterosexual people hooking up, hardly the demographic with which Taylor identifies. I liked Wags's sly reference to Big's death by Peloton on And Just Like That. That's now two shows that I know of that had a character suffer a cardiac event during or immediately after a Peloton workout. Why are the townspeople fooled by Chuck's anti-rich people posturing? Everyone knows that he's a trust fund ba
  5. I don't. They mentioned in an interview that they're proud of playing a non-binary character. Presumably they were given some idea of what their character's story would be before they accepted the role, so they knew what to expect. And I haven't seen them in anything high-profile since they left Grey's Anatomy several years ago, so I'm sure they were happy to be part of a reboot of one of the most iconic TV shows of all time.
  6. My problem isn't that the characters are flawed, it's the tropey and unimaginative writing. Each person has his or her characterization and everything they do revolves around it with no nuance or surprises. It's totally predictable at this point.
  7. She said on the original show (or was it the first movie) that she likes the smell of library books.
  8. David Eigenberg did such a great job with the material he was given. My favorite part was him asking Miranda "can I have my hand back." He didn't have it in him to fight, but he also wasn't going to just sit there and feed her illusion that he's A-OK with everything. The thing that bothers me the most about the "new" Miranda, aside from the way she treats Steve, is that's she gets really stupid around Che. SATC Miranda was never this stupid about anything or anyone. I hope she gets a huge wake-up call when she gets to Cleveland. Judging by the opening scene of the episode, they're
  9. That was a fun episode, especially the nerd debate on the bus and Sheldon defending Wil Wheaton. I thought Lost In Space did get remade though? Or was it later in the 90s? Jason Alexander's character was really gross with his misogynist tropes and aggressive selling tactics. I liked him much better as the drama teacher.
  10. I don't think it's that since she told Randall that not being allowed to visit Malik in Boston would be a problem. If they broke up, then not being able to see each other would not be a problem. I think the show is going to double down on how "in love" they are and the "controversial news" is that they're engaged and Deja wants to move to Boston to be with him.
  11. Well, for the show's purposes we only need one. I hope Sicily draws a more interesting set of characters than Hawaii did. Shane, Rachel, the Mossbachers, and Paula were all pretty bland. I have high hopes for F. Murray Abraham, and look forward to seeing Jennifer Coolidge again.
  12. Deja is in med school in the flash forward, so at least we know that whatever she ends up doing with Malik will not permanently derail her education. The most ridiculous part was that her hair was still curled. I've had babies throw up in my hair, and let me tell you, whatever style I had my hair in before did *not* survive the baby-vomit. (BTW, I hate that curled hair style on her. When she was first introduced in S1 she had long, straight hair, which looked much better than the curled bob.)
  13. I don't blame Kate for not moving right away. Last season they said Toby would only keep the SF job until he finds another one in LA, and Kate has her mother, brother, and only best friend in LA. If Toby ends up loving the job and getting a huge promotion and more competitive salary than he could get in LA, then it would make sense for Kate and the kids to move.
  14. I don't think she necessarily married badly, but she's making the wrong choice by going along with all of Randall's whims. I absolutely hated that conversation she had with William years ago when he told her she was supposed to be a background musician to Randall's lead, or some such BS. Randall is like a kid who needs boundaries. If Beth were better at setting and enforcing boundaries, they would have a much happier and more stable family life, IMO. I agree with this 100%, there's no need for any kind of custody battle. I'm sure if Kevin told her that he wanted some structure now that
  15. I'd like that too, but if that had been the case, I doubt Toby would have been welcome at Rebecca's deathbed. Any non-Pearson who wronged a Pearson would have been permanently banished. I'm guessing they didn't bring her back because of the comments she made last year in support of Bill Cosby. Which is fine by me. Her character did little except make condescending comments to Beth.
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