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  1. I guess NBC is trying to stretch out whatever new content they have left so it doesn't dry up all at once. But I agree, it's annoying to make us wait three weeks for one episode that's not even a real season finale.
  2. @Peace 47 I was in a very similar situation. My employer sent an email in the first week of March "recommending" that everyone who can WFH do so until March 13th. I thought no big deal, it will be over before we know it. Then a week later came the email that the company was shutting all their global offices indefinitely, and that we had a day to get whatever we needed/wanted from our desks before the closures. By then I was so spooked that I decided there was nothing I couldn't do without, though in hindsight I probably should have picked up my monitor.
  3. Reading something not too thought-provoking or suspenseful usually helps me drift off after 30-45 minutes.
  4. To be fair, Elena told Bill she was going to the drugstore for a pacifier and didn't come back until morning. I'm sure he was frantic with worry and probably called Linda to help him find Elena more so than to help him deal with the kids. Bill reluctantly took a job in a private law firm because Elena really wanted them to buy a single-family home. Law firms are brutal for associates even now, and it was probably worse in the 80s. I'm sure he had to work upwards of 60 hours a week to make partner. Bill alluded to it on the phone when Elena called him about the water, that he couldn't just leave early. Back then there was no tolerance for men wanting work-life balance and being more hands-on fathers (not that we always have it now, but we've made progress). While I sympathize with Elena - raising four children so close in age must be hell - she couldn't have a husband who both brings in a lot of money and does his fair share at home. She was the one who pressured him to take the law firm job, so she had to deal with the consequences of that choice. She went to her doctor to get an IUD, which is how she found out she was pregnant with Izzy, so she did try to get birth control, just not in time. And when she told her mother about the pregnancy and that she had choices, her mother laid a guilt trip on her that women of means aren't supposed to get abortions. Yes, it was still Elena's choice, but I can see how that kind of guilt trip messed with her head when she was already overwhelmed and hormonal.
  5. That was a good episode. I thought the young actors did a good job matching the older actors' mannerisms. I didn't miss any of the teenagers (nor Kerry Washington, if I'm honest). It makes me sad to think how many women had children they didn't want either because they didn't have a choice or were pressured not to.
  6. I'd like to add Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel to the list. It's about a civilization-ending pandemic that starts with one infected passenger on a flight, which I thought was a bit far-fetched when I first read it a couple of years ago. Fast-forward to this January, I was flying home to Seattle from a business trip and got the news alert that the first COVID-19-infected US citizen had recently gone through SeaTac airport coming home from Wuhan. This book was the first thing that came to mind.
  7. I'm glad she did that because her portrayal of Brian, referring to his parents as "Cliff and Clair", was cringeworthy enough.
  8. It could have been gifted to her by the artist or given as "payment" for posing if the artist wasn't rich and famous when the photo was taken. Like any material goods, works of art can transfer ownership.
  9. I'm originally from the former USSR, and I remember grocery shopping always being a tactical maneuver during my childhood. I was hoping not to have to revisit those days again, but I'm OK with it if that's what it takes to get the pandemic under control. Try placing an order with the credentials you used to create your account. It could be that your information was written to the customer database - i.e. your registration was successful - but something happened to the email job queue and the confirmation didn't get sent. It happens sometimes, especially if a system is experiencing a much higher load than usual and doesn't have auto-scaling enabled. I had a mini-meltdown last night because the reality finally hit me that if something happens to my parents or brother in Germany, I will not be able to go there and see them. I started questioning all my life choices that led me to living so far away from them, couldn't fall asleep for hours, and woke up looking like shit. Trying to think positive thoughts and get a good night's sleep tonight so I look presentable on my work video calls tomorrow.
  10. But kids with strict parents rebel and misbehave all the time, sometimes even more so than kids with lenient parents. Even if Michelle had made her daughter leave the house with the helmet on, there's no guarantee she wouldn't have taken it off because she wanted to look cool in front of her friends. This sounds like a terrible, tragic accident, not a failure of parenting. I hope Michelle realizes that at some point, otherwise she'll spend the rest of her life in self-recrimination.
  11. It was somewhat explained via Elena's research spree that triggered the trip to NYC. The montage of Elena making post-its with pieces of information, overlaid with Izzy's violin rendition of You Oughtta Know, so not the clearest way of explaining it.
  12. The photo was taken by a famous photographer, Pauline Hawthorne, which is why it commanded so much money. Mia was just the model. Anita was essentially saying that Mia's own work would never fetch as much.
  13. I know the show needs to move Amy far away so that Jonah can't easily follow her, but I had to laugh at the new job being in Palo Alto. I know Zephra is headquartered there, but they would have continued to run Cloud9 from its original headquarters in the Midwest and moved Amy there. Whatever raise they give Amy is not going to make up for the gut-punchingly high cost of living in the Bay Area. A modest 3-bed 2-bath home in a decent neighborhood costs at least $2M there. Even if they triple or quadruple her current salary, she won't be better off. It's also hard to believe she'd move her children 2,000 miles away from their father, especially with Parker being so young. I thought Jonah's brother's open derision of Jonah was too on the nose. In families like that the insults are usually much more underhanded. I did love the customer safari as well as Dina and her boyfriend. I hope he is her endgame. I don't think Dina and Garrett will ever get together because she'll never forgive him for the birds.
  14. IIRC, she hadn't even met Bill at that point. Jamie wanted her to move to California with him and lead a hippie life. She decided to stay in Ohio and go to college. She met Bill in her first week of classes and they've been together ever since, and she did end up having her perfectly planned post-college life by moving back to Shaker with Bill after graduation. I think the show made a big change by putting the Jamie relationship into senior year of college instead of senior year of high school, because that made it much more serious as an alternative path for Elena that she possibly regrets not having taken. In the book Elena didn't seem to regret her choices.
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