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  1. "I couldn't tell the difference between shlemiel and shlimazel, so I'd play it safe and go with shmuck." A shlemiel is somebody who often spills their soup and a shlimazel is the person it lands on. But I'm verklempt that he tried. :D
  2. What you're describing are the working poor ("Service, low-rung clerical and some blue-collar workers. High economic insecurity and risk of poverty. Some high school education."). Lower middle class are "Semi-professionals and craftsmen with a roughly average standard of living. Most have some college education and are white-collar" - sounds like Jack and Rebecca to me. Upper middle class are "Highly-educated (often with graduate degrees), most commonly salaried, professionals and middle management with large work autonomy," like Randall and Beth. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lower_middle_class#Social_class_in_the_US_at_a_glance
  3. No, he was not offered a scholarship. Jack was about to quit his foreman job to start his own business - Big Three Construction, I think it was - but when the private school thing came up he took a project manager job with Miguel so they could afford the tuition. I know I criticize Jack a lot, but I was impressed that he gave up his own dream without hesitation, and never complained about it. I don't think Randall should be grateful for being adopted, but he should definitely be grateful that his lower-middle-class parents sacrificed to give him the best possible opportunities in life.
  4. He's not *that* old, and there are plenty of people in their 40s in tech. It's after 55 where I see a sharp drop-off. Also, the "tech dude look" is a myth. I've been in the tech industry for 15 years and worked at two FAANG companies as well as a few startups and mid-size companies, and haven't met a single tech person who cares much about looks (their own or anyone else's). In my opinion Toby isn't getting hired because he comes across as needy. In the tech industry there's actually no shortage of jobs despite the pandemic, and good candidates usually get multiple offers, so a candidate who admits that he flunked 30+ interviews and seems desperate for the job raises red flags.
  5. I'm happy for him that he's finally found the courage to come out, but nothing excuses the stalking and he needs to take full responsibility for that. I haven't seen the interview yet - did Robin mention the stalking at all?
  6. Of course, because Randall cannot be expected to take on the burden of being his brother's best man unless Kevin comes to him and atones for all the "sins" he committed as a child.
  7. To really redress the balance, we should hear from a group of people who wish they had been adopted instead of growing up in their biological families.
  8. Completely ignoring the obvious fact that staying with birth parents who aren't willing or able to parent would be far more harmful to far more people.
  9. I'm neither a psychiatrist nor an adoption expert, so maybe I'm missing something, but the "ghost kingdom" sounds like a terrible idea. How is wallowing in self-delusion supposed to help anyone? While Randall was imagining the idyllic dinner scene, I was imagining William and Laurel passed out in a flophouse and little Randall licking their heroin spoons because he hasn't been fed all day.
  10. I don't know about "awful." Sounds like Rachael thought they were back together and exclusive, and for Matt it was a more casual, "come out to visit and let's see where this goes" type of thing. Happens to millions of people.
  11. I think that was a tracker the FBI put on his car. He probably searches his car for those things on a regular basis. When he found it, he immediately suspected Beth, which is why he had her undress - he wanted to check if she was wearing a wire. She wasn't because she took it off after he didn't show up to their arranged meeting. So he doesn't have 100% proof that she's working with the FBI, but he has strong suspicions.
  12. Dakota was born in S2, so he should be a toddler by now. That story served no purpose whatsoever. Are there no curvy body doubles in Hollywood? The scene of Beth undressing in front of Rio was ridiculous with the switching back and forth between Christina Hendricks and her size 4 body double. Was "that's what the gun is for" supposed to be a sly Mad Men reference? I, too, found this episode confusing. What happened with the girl who didn't want to pay, and why did Beth go back to give her the gun? Why was mustache guy trying to steal a baseball bat and what happened between that scene and the one of him sitting in an alley with a black eye? Did Stan go to the hotel room of the woman with whom his boss wants to "do business," and if the ugly yellow tote bag was a gift for her, why didn't he just give it to her? It seems like the show was trying to be edgy with all of the omitted scenes, but it didn't work. ETA: I'm pretty sure Rio knows that Beth is working with the feds, which is why he has her doing the "banker" job. "All they'll see is you," indeed. And if he doesn't already know, he'll get suspicious when he finds out that Dean is out of prison.
  13. If he's going to talk his siblings into taking the $75k offer, get a place big enough for him, Tami, Fred, new baby, and Liam, and put food on the table, he'll be lucky if he has a few hundred dollars left to trade with. And no, he won't get rich from that. If that was supposed to be the endgame for Lip, they should have had him make at least one good decision this season. Everything he's done has been impulsive, petulant, and selfish. Those are not the qualities of a patriarch who is "firmly on the ground."
  14. Maybe some kind of affirmation or "fake it 'til you make it" sort of thing? It was weird, but I liked it better than mopey Toby ruining sushi night.
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