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  1. His side-eye to Maggie when she was monologuing about her personal life during the angiogram was priceless. It absolutely is grounds for termination especially in an at-will employment state like WA, where you don't even need "grounds" to terminate someone. When someone who is very junior and doesn't have much clout mouths off to their boss how they don't want to work at their job unless X condition is met, they are asking to get fired.
  2. But most adults know that it takes several weeks of eating well and exercising to start seeing results, even if they wish it didn't take that long. I think kid Kate genuinely believed that she would start losing weight immediately after her first workout.
  3. I know Kate has a lot going on, but when her neighbor first confronted her about the car on the sidewalk, he had his cane, so it wasn't hard to figure out why he was upset. To me it was another example of Kate being all about herself and her problems. The scene at the restaurant was so contrived. I'm in the tech industry, and would find it extremely unprofessional if a sales executive brought their spouse to a work dinner. Sales dinners are meant to woo clients, so you bring along someone like a solutions consultant or account manager to show the client that they will be in good hands after they sign the deal. And you can't tell me that Kate's self-pitying presence is so charming that it makes people buy database solutions. When Kevin was going on and on about turning down movies and "jowl city", I was wondering if it's acceptable to mock someone in an AA meeting. Then Cassidy and Nicky started laughing and the meeting leader admonished them, so I guess it's not acceptable. The kid Big Three story was centered around Randall and Kevin, but there was a throwaway moment when Kate hopped on the scale after doing the workout video with Rebecca, and her face crumpled, that broke my heart. It's such a kid thing to think that if you do something to lose weight you will see instant results.
  4. The way Beth was fretting about Tess's haircut, I thought Tess was going to come out of that salon with a half-shaved head. I think the cut she got looks adorable. Can we talk about how impossibly cute the little kid Big Three in the pool montage are? It was a very brief shot, but I hope we get longer scenes with them this season.
  5. So much for Mike being a gentleman: https://people.com/tv/the-bachelorette-mike-johnson-demi-lovato-kisses-really-well/ Sounds like being on MTV has made him an even bigger tool.
  6. Until EJ said that his father died before he was born, I was sure that he was Oscar's kid. Same dweeby personality, and way too invested in other people's business. But Oscar was alive as of last season, so unless there's a retcon, EJ can't be his kid. As to the speculation that EJ is Eddie, technically Vik was still alive when Eddie was born. And why would Eddie become obsessed with the Lockharts of Montauk if he grew up in LA and doesn't have any relationship to them at all? Even if he had a relationship with Helen growing up, I doubt she talked about the Lockharts much. I feel bad for Joanie's husband.
  7. Even though the Mateo scenes in last season's finale were well done, I think the show has written itself into a corner with that storyline. I have no interest in seeing scenes at the detention center every week, but if Mateo is released quickly and given his job back, it wouldn't be at all realistic. $2.99 to download a shopping app? Yes, Cloud 9.0 is going to be a roaring success. [sarcasm] I thought she deserved to be shut down when she tried to make her engagement announcement at the candlelight vigil for Mateo, but I agree the other times it was just mean. And I wonder what kind of sabotage Carol is up to - I don't believe for a second that she'll just let Sandra and Jerry be happy.
  8. I got really burned out on the Randall and Kate/Toby storylines last season, so I, for one, enjoyed the new characters. If anything, I was annoyed by the Jack/Rebecca backstory (except Jack meeting Miguel), because (a) it was full of cliches, and (b) we already know they end up together, so there is no suspense. Future Baby Jack seems to be in his late 20s/early 30s in the flash-forward. After it was revealed who he is, I was expecting a shot of aged-up Kate and Toby at FBJ's big show - Kate would be in her late 60s and Toby in his early 70s. I hope that doesn't mean they died before they could see their son become successful. I am dreading the Deja dating a young single dad storyline a little bit, but hopefully Omar Epps and the adorable little girl will redeem it somewhat. YMMV, but I think that's less sad than teenage parents dropping out of school.
  9. Mike also demanded that Blake apologize to Caelynn for text-gate. This situation wasn't about him at all, and it seemed like he was only siding with Caelynn to make himself look good to the largely female audience. He seems calculated and fake.
  10. Yeah, I'd be surprised if poor Eddie makes it to his first birthday. I hope with her new-found acting success (which came seemingly out of nowhere), Sierra can hire several nannies who can watch Eddie around the clock. I don't blame Helen for ignoring Priya's request. It's 100% not her problem that Priya has a bad relationship with her brother and thought the harebrained scheme of introducing Helen as the mother of Vic's child would be the only way to fix it. In my experience, you have to firmly enforce your boundaries with people like Priya, or they'll keep making more and more unreasonable demands.
  11. Except to go to Stagecoach and to the weddings of other BIP people.
  12. I thought she did at some point. The interlude with Furkat was pretty brief as far as I recall, and she's 24 now, so she must have done something in the intervening years.
  13. I think Joanie's POV must be not too long after. It looked like the house hasn't been touched since Cole's death, and Joanie was finally ready to clean it up after a period of grief/denial. There were many prescription pill bottles, which suggests that he died of an illness. Also, IICR, Joanie was born in 2015, so she would have been 38 when Cole died. Anna Paquin is 37 in real life, and I don't think Joanie is supposed to be significantly older than that in her POV. Whitney's story is just so cliche. Why must every college-educated, 20-something woman on TV be struggling in a creative field? It would be so refreshing if she had gone for a high-paying field so that she'd never have to depend on her dysfunctional family's money. She's always been disdainful of Noah even before he left Helen for Alison, why is she now so devoted to a man who is just like Noah? And biggest WTF of all, Helen claiming she worked in a "bagel factory" in Europe to support Noah when they were in their 20s. I've lived in several European countries and traveled to most of the others. Bagels were not a thing in Western Europe in the 90s.
  14. I saw her model clothes on https://www.revolve.com a few months ago. Modeling on retail websites is today's equivalent of catalog modeling (i.e. the opposite of "supermodel"), but it's pretty well-paid if you can get it as a steady gig. I loved the editors having some fun with Connor and Whitney - every time either of them talked about the "great conversation" they had at the wedding, TPTB spliced in clips of them having the most mundane small talk imaginable. I want more of that and less of the overwrought angst that's dominated the season.
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