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  1. According to the article, it's actually "Obesity Not 4 Me," but either way, nobody should let a business with that kind of name perform surgery on them.
  2. No, I meant that after not living somewhere for a long time you tend to lose that accent entirely rather than develop a fake one, like Masha seems to have done.
  3. That's ridiculous. There was nothing mentioned about her speaking seven languages on the show (or in the book). Masha on the show said that she left Russia after her daughter died, so she was an adult. And with the Russian lines she had, it was obvious that she never spoke Russian fluently at any point in her life. I'm actually the kind of person Kidman alleges Masha is: spoke only Russian as a child, then moved around various countries and now speak multiple languages. I don't have a Russian accent at all anymore, but when I speak Russian, I still speak it fluently.
  4. Frances and Tony also ended up together (married, actually) in the book. And with Lars they didn't change his ending, but they did change his storyline quite a bit with the investigative journalism thing. He was a divorce lawyer in the book.
  5. I think Linda blamed Kathleen for "stealing" her White House job. Remember in the first episode, they interviewed together, but only Kathleen was hired.
  6. The book is not a literary masterpiece by any means, but it does have the things you listed. The way the show changed things made everything incoherent.
  7. Masha "I grew up watching American television" - no, you didn't. Masha is in her late 40s or early 50s, and supposedly grew up in the former Soviet Union, which means she didn't have access to western TV shows until she was a teen or young adult in the early 90s. They weren't broadcast on Soviet television, so you could only watch them via bootlegs, which most people didn't have access to, on a VCR, which most people didn't own. I found it hard to believe that everyone lied or minimized the events to the police in order to protect Masha. Maybe the Marconis, but not any of the other guests
  8. I feel like Ivan got a little desperate after Jessenia dumped him for Chris. He tried to make out with Kendall when she was clearly upset watching Joe and Serena profess their love to each other, then after Kendall left he realized there was nobody who would give him a rose so he started making moves on Chelsea.
  9. I thought the same thing. The convention scenes showed a lot of overweight women, and most of the women who were interviewed were also on the plump side. Nobody was model-thin. That's why I was confused by the story about Deanne pressuring the women to have WLS in Mexico. (I'm not saying it's not true, but it makes no sense.)
  10. I really don't believe that there was this international conspiracy to deny Monica a job or a husband. Marriage and children aren't in the cards for everyone who wants them, even for "regular" people. And a lot of people who have family money choose not to work a traditional, full-time job. Monica could have withdrawn completely from the public eye if the fallout from the Clinton affair was that traumatizing for her, but she didn't, so obviously there are some aspects of media attention that she enjoys.
  11. "Thin and hyper" could also mean she was doing drugs. Because I don't think WLS alone makes a person hyper.
  12. Just to clarify, Axe didn't "give" Wendy $25M, he bought $25M worth of her Mason Carbon shares, with a verbal agreement to sell them back to her at par once she's more liquid. That, plus Wendy telling Taylor that she is the only person Axe would never screw over, probably means that he *will* screw her over regarding those shares, especially if Mason Carbon's valuation goes up. Regarding the eggs scene, was anyone else bothered by how Chuck was cooking them? It was like he couldn't decide whether he was making scrambled eggs or an omelette. They came out looking overcooked. Maybe that was
  13. Not everyone who's working on (or has) an advanced degree is intelligent. Case in point, Pieper on the current BiP season.
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