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  1. Both People and Marie Claire articles about her say that she wants to get a PhD. Which, to me, sounds like she's not even enrolled in a program yet. If she was currently enrolled, I'm sure her Bachelor job title would be "PhD student" and not "orthodontics assistant".
  2. I think the reason he didn't leave was that he was looking for cash to be able to buy drugs that same night. He'd have had to wait until the next day to pawn/sell the jewelry. If he had found cash in the same place he found the jewelry he probably would have just taken it and ran. He didn't strike me as someone who was looking for an in-person confrontation, he was just desperate for a fix.
  3. That would be a very unsatisfying marriage indeed. 😉 Technically it's "Du hasst", which means "you hate". "Du hast" means "you have". Exactly, anyone who pretends to be scandalized that someone might be thinking of "opportunities" other than being F1 is more "fake" than the person they are accusing of being fake. Same with Brad 2.0 (38) and Ick Vile (37). And all of their F1s were women in their 20s. Apart from Ick, none of them had women over 30 in their top four. Back when I was a kid in the Eastern Bloc in the 80s, the stereotype was that people who smile for no particular reason must be idiots. Because if you're smart, you know that life is shitty and there's nothing to smile about.
  4. Ugh, I sat through a double episode waiting to get closure on Alex, and instead had to put up with the badly written Station 19 characters and some "suspense" whether a bunch of interns I don't care about (or in Brody's case, remember) will make it or not. What a waste.
  5. I loved the continuity of Randall calling Kevin when he needs help, but hated that he lied to Kevin about the LA trip. I’ve had that dream multiple times where a deceased family member “acts” alive and I keep telling them that they’re dead, and it leaves me shaken for days afterwards, so I can relate. Absolutely loved Darnell opening up to Randall about therapy, he saw that Randall was struggling and chose to help him despite their differences. (I’m glad he left his shrew of a wife at home.) It was a throwaway comment, but I loved that three-year-old Kate made Rebecca sing her Wham! *and* Queen songs as lullabies. No little kid songs for her!
  6. You know Kim is serious about studying law because she's given up her daily massages for it: https://people.com/tv/kim-kardashian-late-father-so-proud-studying-law/ She apparently also changed her phone number and told many of her "friends" she'll talk to them again in four years. At least she still takes time for family vacations with Kanye and the kids, phew!
  7. I think it's very realistic for someone who's never had to worry about money to think that it doesn't matter, I've known several people like that. She's always come across as very sheltered to me, and even when she and Jack had financial problems (when they found out they were having triplets, when they wanted to send Randall to private school) it never seemed to occur to her to get a job or otherwise bring in money. It was always Jack who came through, usually at a high personal cost (asking his abusive father for money, giving up his dream of starting a company), and she didn't bat an eye. It was only after Jack's death, that she finally had to step up. Maybe, when she tried to get a marriage license to marry her fiancé, she found out that her and Kevin's divorce was never properly finalized? (I hope not, that would be too soapy and surely lead to more of Kevin's romantic escapades.) The reason is that the show loves to mess with the audience. I was about to say that she's done a lot for Kevin, but then I remembered that she was his paid assistant.
  8. Looks terrible. I expected better from both of them.
  9. They did sign up for the counselor, but then Kate dismissed her five minutes in with a Pearson speech, saying that Baby Jack "is going to live a life without limitations". Which made me really angry because all the counselor was trying to do is make the house safe for him. You know, to maximize his odds of living to adulthood and doing all of those things that Kate wants him to be able to do. As for the intruder, it didn't occur to me for a second that it was a hallucination. It looks like a junkie was hanging around a nice neighborhood at night trying to figure out what he could steal, saw Randall go into his house without locking the door/arming the security system, and snuck in behind him. That kind of thing is pretty commonplace in cities. I also think it's meant to be a Karmic bitchslap for Randall; he chews out Miguel for not taking good enough care of Rebecca, but it turns out he can't even keep his own family safe. ETA: I think the issue with Rebecca's clock drawing is that most healthy people would draw the ticks for 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock first, then fill in the rest. That automatically makes the spacing more or less even. Rebecca's approach showed that her brain is not doing the "spacial strategizing" (not a scientific term) that healthy people's brains do. At least that's how I interpreted it. 2nd ETA: Looks like @ShadowFacts and I are thinking the same thing.
  10. And I'm sure the rest of the season is going to be just like HIMYM with the show dropping misdirects left and right. Two in one episode! I know John Legend is/was on The Voice and NBC is cross-promoting him, but would the real, EGOT winning John Legend really drop everything on a moment's notice to sing for a former soap star who's been in one successful movie? I cheered when Miguel told Randall off, but then of course he had to ruin it by groveling after the diagnosis. And I thought it was beyond obnoxious that Randall insisted the appointment be kept secret from Kate and Kevin, especially since they live in the same freaking city and are just as much Rebecca's children as he is. I'm not surprised Kate and Kevin stopped talking to him. Toby's feelings about Baby Jack are completely normal, but he and Kate need counseling. I'm sure Baby Jack's doctor can refer someone. Of course, that will not happen, and we'll get overwrought, Kate-driven angst instead.
  11. Hannah Ann has a pancake face and her modeling poses are straight out of 80s catalogs. She may not be a champagne stealer, but she sure used the incident to her advantage to play up to Peter how "bullied" she was. Cried all night, my ass! Janice Dickinson, once and for all, you are not the world's first supermodel. True, she was gorgeous in her modeling days, but she's made a complete joke of herself with the terrible plastic surgery and reality TV appearances. I'm surprised it took this long for Revolve to be featured on the show. Revolve pretty much exists for the sole purpose to dress Bachelor Nation. The kissing of absolutely everyone, connection or not, has reached unprecedented heights. I hope Peter at least swishes some mouthwash in between women.
  12. Her "I'm so insecure" spiel must be how she attracts the married men; they probably think she's being vulnerable and needs reassurance. Doesn't absolve anyone from cheating on their spouse, of course. As for the ending, I think the show will be milking the wholesome Madison vs. cunning Hannah Ann edit, and Peter will have to "choose between his head and his penis heart" or something similarly banal.
  13. Gag is right. Ick Vile is the reality TV version of Leonardo DiCaprio.
  14. I'm happy for America and her family, but I really don't want another pregnancy storyline on this show (or any show, for that matter). There have already been three. Plus, Amy has said she doesn't want any more children. Just once I'd like to see a woman on TV refuse to have (more) children and stick to it.
  15. Don't Glenn and Jerusha have a large number of adopted children, in addition to baby Rose? And it doesn't seem like Jerusha works outside the home. $109k is not that much if it's supporting a very large family, potentially including college for all of the children.
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