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  1. So Dana Sue didn't notice the puke bucket, the aspirin on the nightstand, and the vodka smell coming off Annie? She's a chef, she's supposed to have a strong sense of smell.
  2. Both Dan and Linda seemed perfectly happy to leave his sons with the housekeeper for several weeks. Apparently to them, only the children they'd have together would be deserving of proper parenting.
  3. And then he bitches about how Maddie potentially dating the coach would affect Ty. I loved Noreen's silent reaction, she's been portrayed as really stupid so far, but in that moment she clearly realized what a loser Bill is. I haven't read the book, so this is pure speculation, but since there've been hints in earlier episodes about Helen wanting to start a family, I think Ryan is going to get her pregnant and move back to San Francisco, she will eventually get together with Eric, and he will raise the baby as his own. That's the kind of stuff this show seems to go for.
  4. Brad was the Bachelor twice; the first time he didn't pick anyone. Did they say which of his seasons they'll be airing?
  5. Noreen really is something else. The tone-deaf baseball cheering, acting like Ty is her son, and, to top it all all off, telling Maddie how she wants to be surprised by the baby's sex and rambling about nursery paint colors as if Maddie is an old friend who wanted to catch up! Why so much secrecy around the backstory with Dana Sue's ex-husband? Her character is not nearly intriguing enough to pull this off; her story already became tedious in episode 2. If the show wants us to think that she has many layers to her personality, they need to show us, not tell us.
  6. This kind of show is normally way too saccharine for me, but there's not much else on, and I liked JoAnna Garcia in The Astronaut Wives Club, so I'm giving this a go. It's watchable enough, but I'm having problems with it glossing over some important details. For example, last episode it sounded like Maddie needed a paying job in order to provide for herself and her kids after the divorce, but now she's going in on a business that presumably requires her to put up an investment and won't generate a steady income until it's profitable. It sounded like Helen and Dana Sue bought the property, but it still requires renovation, purchasing equipment and supplies, hiring staff, etc. The startup cost could easily go into seven figures. Helen and DS can probably get a line of credit since they're both successful business owners already, but what does Maddie bring to the table other than a marketing degree she's never used? It would make more sense if it was Helen and DS owning the business and hiring Maddie as an employee. I agree, and the worst part is, there's no explanation why she acts that way (another example of the show glossing over important details). She's a successful businesswoman with a lovely daughter and great friendships, so her life can't be *that* miserable. I also got the impression that she's supposed to be simple, mostly because Bill is the kind of guy who feels threatened by intelligent women. It doesn't make sense that the show made her a nurse though, since nursing requires a college degree.
  7. Forbes are not refuting the valuation of KKW Beauty at $1B, they're just pointing out that Kim didn't own 100% of the company before the Coty deal. They're saying Kim now owns 72% and Kris 8%, which - since Coty bought 20% - means it was 90% Kim and 10% Kris pre-money. Kim's net worth could still be over $1B since KKW Beauty is not her only business.
  8. But isn't a prenup only to protect assets acquired before the marriage? My understanding is that in community property states everything acquired during a marriage is to be divided equitably in a divorce. I'm not sure how interest/dividends/appreciation earned on premarital assets during the marriage is handled - the prenup may also cover that - but Dan would have still earned plenty during the marriage if he continued practicing law.
  9. IIRC, she was never shown as being pressured by her family. She told Dan that, at a family function, her family asked her if she was seeing anyone and she couldn't look her father in the eye and tell him she was seeing a married man. This was her way to try to pressure Dan into leaving Betty so she, Linda, could be with him "officially". To those of you seeing ridiculously expensive books on Amazon, those are out-of-print editions and the sellers - not Amazon - are jacking up the price since they only have a few copies to sell. Look for editions that are in print and sold directly by Amazon, those are usually reasonably priced. I thought the actress who played the support group brunette lady looked familiar; I was trying to place her and it finally occurred to me that she played John Meehan's first wife on the first Dirty John season. Then I went on the show's cast page on IMDB, and there are quite a few actors who've appeared in both seasons. Jeff Perry (aka Thatcher Gray/Mr. Katimski) the expert witness psychiatrist on this season, played a lawyer last season, and the actress who played Doug Savant's character's wife also played John's sister Denise last season.
  10. He's probably really bored since he's not able to practice his two main activities, playing ball and partying, due to COVID-19. As soon as the world goes back to normal, he'll be back to his old ways. As for Khloe herself, I think she wants another baby really badly and since she doesn't exactly have NBA players lining up to be the next baby daddy, she's getting back together with Tristan - for now. She knows as well as everyone that it won't last; she's already posting pseudo-profound quotes on social media in preparation for the next breakup.
  11. On another thread I told people about openlibrary.org where you can read it for free. I see it's checked out, but you could be put on the waitlist. https://openlibrary.org/works/OL17735327W/Until_the_twelfth_of_never And if you don't want to wait, you can get in on Amazon for $10 (Kindle version) or $18 (paperback).
  12. Houston couple: did I understand correctly that he saw her on a reality show and chased her for years afterwards? Sounds like she didn't want anything to do with him at first and eventually settled, but maybe I'm reading too much into it. Also, men who say they have to get a deal on *everything* are a huge pet peeve of mine. I'm all for living within one's means, saving, investing, etc., but I will not have my whole life ruled by money.
  13. I'm pretty sure Dan's lawyer was mocking her. He was essentially saying if she's able to appear pro se in her divorce, she's able to get a job and support herself. I wondered about that as well. Lawyers are a competitive bunch, and Dan was not exactly a nice guy, so I'm sure there were plenty of lawyers in San Diego who would have loved to go up against him and win a big settlement from him. Unless Dan retained all of them, which I don't think he did. Like someone said upthread, Betty's reputation as a difficult/irrational/non-paying client was probably a much bigger deterrent than Dan.
  14. I forgot about the implied comparison between Mussolini and Bush. I don't know whether Daniel was referring to George H. W. or George W., but it's a hilarious comparison either way. I want an entire show of Daniel stack-ranking historical heads of state.
  15. chocolatine


    Just finished watching this (2+ years late, I know). Does anyone know if Social Services were ever involved before things escalated with ATF & FBI? If one of the concerns about the cult was child abuse, wouldn't it be for Social Services to investigate? The show made it look like Thibodeau fake-marrying Michelle completely resolved that issue, but there were dozens of other children living in that compound, including other underage girls Koresh had raped and impregnated. Was the child abuse just a red herring, and the real objective was getting to the weapons stockpile? If they'd at least had Social Services remove the children from the compound before the siege, the outcome would have been much less tragic.
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