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  1. Happy birthday, @saber5055! Will you accept this virtual birthday rose?🌹 There was also that short scene of Tayshia sitting alone in her room fretting about something or other, and there were two margaritas and some chips and guac on the coffee table in front of her, completely untouched. Maybe there was supposed to be another heart-to-heart with JoJo that ended up being cut. I'm pretty sure she's also had a(nother) nose job. The plastic surgeon made it too thin and it doesn't suit her face, IMO. Not as bad as Bennett's "connotates" (I couldn't even finish typing this without my computer trying to force-auto-correct it). At least Noah doesn't have a Harvard cred to uphold. I'm the least artistic person in the world, so I would have been terrible on that art date. I noticed that one of the puzzle pieces in Ivan's self-portrait had "money" written on it. That seemed a bit shallow to me, and I would have thought a smart guy like Ivan would have the sense to write something less crass, like "career" or "professional fulfillment." I said last week that Ben gives me the creeps, and his spontaneous stripping did nothing to change that. Bulimia is a terrible disease, and it must be even more difficult for men since it's so rarely talked about, but I think there's something else "off" about him.
  2. "Might I request we do it like privy councillors? On our feet, to keep it brief." - I'm totally going to use that next time someone wants to have a conversation and I don't.
  3. I agree that Tess should have to do chores and community service, but not as punishment. It's normal for children her age to have responsibilities around the house (when I was her age I had to make dinner several nights a week because both of my parents worked multiple jobs). And seeing how important community service is to Randall, he should be involving all of his daughters in it, not just Tess. That could give Tess a way to channel her activism more productively.
  4. Maybe not so much expecting them to clear up a difficult subject, but expecting them to voice their opinions and feelings on this subject just because they're Black, but that's just as insulting. I remember when I was a university student in Germany and the UK, it was de rigueur for European intellectuals to criticize Israel's policies. So every time one of my fellow students found out that I'm Jewish and have family in Israel, they would ask my "take" on the situation in the Middle East. I always felt put on the spot and like I was expected to justify my existence in those moments, and my answers were far from eloquent.
  5. It's probably that Tess gets to use her computer for school and homework - and any interaction with her classmates that is necessary in that context - but once homework is done in the evening she has to hand over all of her devices to her parents so she can't have social interaction. So she has to fill her free time with other things, such as interacting with her family or reading. I don't think that's "isolating" since she does get to interact with her friends during the day, and she always has her parents and sisters to talk to. But it's enough of a punishment for her to contemplate what she did wrong and maybe think about how she could have handled the situation better.
  6. That's correct, but the conversation still took a jarring turn to George Floyd/BLM, in my opinion. Ivan was initially talking about trying to be a role model for his younger brother, who had been incarcerated for four years but is now apparently getting his life back on track and reuniting with his daughter. A lot of talk about how much Ivan loves his brother and his niece and tries to be there for them in any way he can. Then, out of left field (or at least it was edited that way), Ivan started talking about his brother getting beaten in prison and drawing parallels to George Floyd. I can't blame Tayshia for being caught off guard by that; I would have been too.
  7. I really loved that because it was such a tiny gesture, but must have meant a lot to Diana considering how coldly and disdainfully the rest of the RF treated her. I criticize Philip a lot, but he does have some redeeming moments. I thought it was especially rich of her to make the "revolving door" and "in and out" comments considering that earlier in the season she begged the Queen not to reassign the equerry with whom she, Anne, was having an affair while still married to Mark Phillips. I thought both of Diana's performances were cringeworthy. They would have been somewhat acceptable if she had been a world-class dancer or singer whom to watch perform would be considered a gift, but she wasn't very good at either. I wonder what the professionals (dancers, orchestra, Lloyd Webber) *really* thought about having to work with her.
  8. I used to live in Scotland, so I'm well aware how the word is used in Britain. I was still shocked to hear it used by a royal prince. YMMV.
  9. I was taken aback that the negotiation about an acceptable substitute word for "sanctions" seemed to be played for laughs, considering what was at stake and the later fallout. That montage felt like it belonged on a different show. And I'm sure there was also the practical concern of needing to earn money. The manuscript he dropped off at the beginning of the episode didn't sell and his agent encouraged him to write something more "commercial" even before he was fired. I have to admit I was shocked to hear Edward use the c-word. I thought the Royals (and the British upper classes in general) had perfected the art form of delivering the most cutting insults very eloquently, without using foul language.
  10. I'm not saying Kate has an easy time at her current weight, I'm just saying that if she wants to have an easier time, it's within her power to lose weight. Whereas people who suffer from illnesses/conditions that they cannot change (Baby Jack having been born blind, for example) truly deserve sympathy.
  11. For the vast majority of obese individuals, obesity is a result of poor lifestyle choices and can be prevented or reversed by making better choices. If it's *really* important to someone to be able to fit into a regular airplane seat, that's usually within their power to accomplish. There are many tragic, incurable illnesses, but obesity isn't one of them.
  12. Can you image if this Bachelor season had dates like the current Bachelorette season, i.e. the women were asked to play strip dodgeball, oil wrestle, bring Matt breakfast in bed, and simulate orgasms over the hotel intercom? Something tells me that would not go over well with Bachelor Nation.
  13. I take statements like that with a bucket of salt. Everyone involved with this show always talks up what's to come, and then it turns out to be underwhelming and predictable. We, as viewers, will be the ultimate judge of whether the writing is or isn't elegant.
  14. The struggle is real. I've been working from home since March, and only wearing leggings around the house, since nobody can see my bottom half in video calls. Until about a month ago I would put on jeans to run errands, but now that it's colder I put on a long coat and knee-high boots over the leggings. So leggings are my "good pants" now.
  15. She said she had Filipino friends in high school, she'd just never met anyone who was Filipino and Black before. Which I haven't, either, so it didn't strike me as odd. It was so jarring how Ivan brought that into the conversation. One minute he's talking about his brother's struggles, which sounded genuine and heartfelt, then he's suddenly comparing his brother to George Floyd, and it sounded like he was reciting a speech he had memorized. I'm not saying that Ivan doesn't have genuine feelings about George Floyd/BLM, but I don't think he would have brought it up as part of that conversation if he hadn't been prompted. That's Ben. I know some of the posters here were already saying last week that he seems creepy and controlling, but I didn't pick up on it until this episode. The way he talks gives me chills, and not in a good way. I'm so sad she didn't keep Joe! I know she doesn't have chemistry with him, but she seems to have even less chemistry with resident idiot Ed, so why not throw us viewers a bone and keep the handsome, well-spoken, self-deprecating doctor for another week?! I was looking forward to seeing Sydney because I remember her being striking with a very distinct look, but she seems to be morphing into Ashley I with the plumped-up lips and caked-on makeup. And I thought that entire date with Sydney and Becca was horrible. The smoothies were obviously fake - there's no way TPTB would have raw animal ingredients sitting out in the desert heat for any length of time and risk sending everyone to the hospital - and the phone orgasms followed by the habanero proposals were humiliating like so many of the other dates this season. Noah is either not very bright or he doesn't really care about Tayshia (not mutually exclusive, I know) and is just there to stir things up.
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